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BoBo Award

Hi All, I know it’s been a while since I’ve given one of these out – but – this is a very special one!  This is a brand new blogger – and – she’s a perfect example of what has gone wrong with this country and why Obama won the election.

This is also a special award because this is a collective award – it also goes to her commentors as well (I’ll link those blogs here as well so you can see who these people are).  The name of the blog is My Obama Inspired Blog and she gets the award for this post:  Socialism isn’t all that bad is it?

This is the very first post on her blog – that’s how new she is.  I figured if she’s going to start off her blogging career with garbage like that – let’s give her a welcome she won’t soon forget.  I found her through EntreCard.  She’s dropped on me a couple times – so – I was going to let it slide since she’s new – but – ever since I read that post and the comments she’s received – I couldn’t let it go.  So – She gets The BoBo of The Week Award.  Let’s see what she had to say:

Hi everyone.  This is my first blog and my first blog posting ever – so – if you haven’t already done so, you can read about me by clicking on that about tab up there.  My hubby calls me a “noob” which I guess means newbie or something like that.  I figured I would do my first posting about something that is on the lips of every neo-con out there when they talk about Obama – Socialism!

Hi Sarah – Welcome!  With a first post like this – I would have to agree – you most definitely are a noob!

It has been said that you are only as strong as your weakest link.  Likewise, the strength of a nation can be measured by how it treats the least advantaged among them.  I don’t really know a whole lot about the whole governmental structure regarding “socialism.”  But, what I do know is that it involves more government involvement in helping to make sure the poor and least advantaged are taken care of.

Well, Sarah – since you admit you don’t really understand Socialism – then perhaps you should not have started off your career with this kind of trash!  You do at least understand the fact that Socialism means more government control over your life – but – you think it’s only for helping the poor and disadvantaged.  Oh how wrong you are!  I noticed that you at least had a few commentors with some sense that tried to talk you down off of this ledge – you should pay attention to what they are saying.

Here are the commentors who disagreed with her. If I’m going to recognize those idiots who agreed, the least I can do is recognize those smart bloggers and commend them for their attempt to teach her the facts:

Gaming Tips (well, that’s the name he used) from Gaming Tips – A Guide to Gaming

Wan Kong Yew from Call to Reason

Buzzirk from Global Verge.  You will need to read his comment.  I’m not entirely sure which side he’s coming down on, but he does mention that fact that Socialism produces two classes:  The government elite and the poor (workers).

and last – our friend Paul from Paul’s Health Blog and Political Conservatives.

Kudos to the lot of ya for trying to talk this woman down! So, let’s get back to her post:

Obama has said that he wants to insure everyone in this nation or to at least make sure everyone has access to healthcare.  Those neo-cons call it Universal Health Care.  I have read the stories about the Cuban, English, and Canadian Health systems and from what I understand – it really is not as bad as those guys on the right are trying to make it out to be.

I saw Sicko by Michael Moore.  It was a very compelling look at our free-market healthcare system compared to Cuba’s health care system.  While I do admit that there could be problems with elective surgeries or other elective procedures in those other countries – the fact of the matter is that EVERYONE at least has access to the most basic of preventative medical services.  Preventative care is the key to keeping a nation healthy.  I for one am willing to pay more in taxes if it means making sure our poor, working poor, and those who can’t afford health insurance are ensured access to preventative health care.  If this is considered socialism – then I’m all for it.

It seems to me that our free-market health system only benefits the rich, the health care providers, the health insurance companies, and the pharmacy companies.  Sure, we have Medicare and Medicaid – but that only takes care of a select few individuals.  I like Obama’s plan to either make employers offer health insurance to all employees or have a government plan to make sure everyone has access to health care.

Well, Sarah – you need to look at your messiah’s plans.  If he institutes this plan, over 50,000,000 people in this country will lose their employer-based healthcare.  If the government is going to a.) provide health care to everyone who wants it, and b.) attempt to force private businesses to provide health insurance coverage – employers are going to opt out from providing that coverage and let the government do it. know what, Sarah?  It IS Universal Health Care.  We are just calling it what it really is.

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The BoBo of The Week Award

The BoBo of The Week Award

H/T to Greg at for bringing this to my attention.  This guy was a contributor to The BoBo Carnival of Politics.  Greg did a little more digging around on his blog and found this “wonderful” post.

(CONTENT WARNING:  Contains language that may be offensive to some.  Continue at your own risk!)

Fuck the troops!

Okay – other than 9/11 deniers I really really hate these unpatriotic passivist little twits.  The one’s in that group that I detest even more are those bastards that dare to lambast our military members.  As a third generation servicemember (now ex-servicemember) and having a step-son currently serving in the Army – these assholes really rub me wrong.  So – it is for his post – and I’m sure it will boil the blood of some of my readers – this dickhead gets this week’s BoBo of The Week Award.  Even though he wrote this piece in May of this year – the fact I just found it still makes it a candidate for the weekly award.

I’m going to skip past his intro into his rant against the troops – it just contains bullshit about him being a long-haired hippy freak in 1990 when he was protesting the first Gulf war.  Funny – I thought the hippies was the 70′s generation?  But – that just proves my point – he’s an idiot.  He goes in to a diatribe about the use of that oxymoron (and moronic) use of “Oppose the war: Support the Troops” and why they chose then (and continue now) to use it.  Sorry, dude – that slogan does not fool any pro-military pro-troop individual or our troops.  So – from there – let’s get in to this thing:

It always bothered me, though, this “support the troops” idea. Sure, it was a smart strategic play, but in stark conflict to the rest of what we thought we were doing. We were here to bring the truth to an ignorant, deluded or sleeping public, and the whole truth, nothing but. That truth must have necessarily included the realization that these amorphous “troops” we were enjoined to support were actually individual, thinking, morally responsible men and women. It must have included the knowledge that each and every “troop” currently engaged in mass murder in our names had volunteered. And we knew, as they should have, that the murderous, destructive, obscene organization they volunteered to serve, hadn’t conducted a legitimate “defense of America” since at least WWII, and maybe as far back as the War of 1812, depending on whose Pearl Harbor narrative you believe.

This just proves his ignorance and disdain for both our country and our military as well as the fact that he remains blind to the ills of this world.  He blames this country for what is wrong with this world.  He doesn’t see that terrorism and islamofascim are the true evil ideologies that have been at play for thousands of years.  Even Thomas Jefferson had to deal with those evil bastards who wanted, even then, to destroy our country.  Not only have we been in defense of America for the last 200+ years, we have also been in defense of democracy around the world fighting against these assholes who want nothing else but to kill you for not being muslim.

His assertion that WWII was the last time we were defending America proves he didn’t and still doesn’t understand communism and the proliferation thereof of that ideology.  We were in Korea and Viet Nam to help defend democracy in those countries that were invaded by their northern communist neighbors.  America is an ally to ALL Democracies you idiot.  To defend the democracies of other nations is to defend the democracy of the United States.  If you allow communism, socialism, and islamofascim to take hold in democratic countries – it is harmful and is a threat to the United States.

They weren’t conscripted, they weren’t shanghaied, they weren’t tricked into signing up and donning the uniform and picking up the gun. They sought out the role, they agreed to follow orders, they signed the papers, and nowhere along the way did they somehow become transformed from individual human beings, morally responsible for their individual acts of violence and destruction into those collectively romanticized “troops”. Some small number said, “I didn’t sign up for this,” and did the only moral thing possible, which was to desert. The rest marched freely onto the planes and ships and deployed, the willing agents of empire. Certainly in many, the thought was there afterward: “We didn’t sign up for that,” but still they went, perhaps finding their own moral cover in the notion they’d been tricked. Likely, most found no moral problem with going at all.

Now – he’s just starting to warm up now.  This type of downward look over his nose at the troops and those who proudly serve is just the springboard for what is to come.  He somehow things those of us who serve our country proudly were “tricked” in to doing so.  He’s another one of those idiots who refer to this great republic an “empire.”  You are one twisted piece of shit moron!  Not one individual was “tricked” in to serving this country.  They took the oath that specifically states they would protect our country and our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  They knew during basic training when they were being taught hand-to-hand combat with bayonets they would have to fight and kill someone someday to defend this country.  They knew when they were learning how to shoot their M-16′s accurately into silhouette targets that someday they would have to fire a live round in to an enemy against our democracy.  They knew as they were conducting house-to-house infiltration tactics during basic training they would some day be asked to do the same thing in a foreign land.  Those people who you say decided one day to change their mind and say to themselves “I didn’t sign up for this” were cowards.  They knew full well what they signed up for.  These are people I wouldn’t want sitting in the trenches with me any way because they can’t be trusted.

Since you have never experienced taking the oath, basic training, military weapons training, and self-defense as a part of military COMBAT training – you have no freakin’ idea what they had in their hearts as they turned coward.  Plain and simple – they are cowards – not individuals who suddenly had a “moral” epiphany.  Sure, that’s what cowards turn to because they know they will be embraced by the likes of pussies like you – but – there was nothing about their decision to become cowards that had anything to do with a sudden moral understanding – it was the fact they became scared shitless.  EVERY member of the military is told in basic training that no matter their “job” in any branch of the service whether it be a cook, janitor, supply specialist, motor pool technician, or aviation technician – they may be required to pick up a gun and defend themselves and this country.  No matter their job – they are soldiers first.  There is NO excuse for those who at the time of enlistment KNEW they were going to be Infantry, Paratrooper, Gunner, Tank, weapons specialist, explosive technician, military police, etc – without a freakin doubt they would be trained to be killers.  Those who turned coward have absolutely no excuse and no way to possibly defend the idea they were “tricked.”  You’re a moron if you believe them!

Unlike Gulf War I, though, Gulf War II, freshly turned five years old, is an occupation. It is an obviouslyobvious to anyone that a crime had been committed there. A massive, inexcusable, inhuman, monstrous, treasonous crime. immoral war launched on the flimsiest of concocted excuses and conducted with the most sinister of aims. The history of Gulf War I, the suffering inflicted on Iraq by a decade of sanctions, the horror of depleted uranium weapons residues and unexploded landmines and other ordnance from the first attack should have made it

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The BoBo of The Week Award

The BoBo of The Week Award

It’s that time again! So sorry for posting this up so late – you know how it goes – the real world stuff gets in the way sometimes! So – without further adieu – the winner this week goes to:

This guy, Jon from A Lie a Day for this post:  Conservatives are Cowards.  Actually, that’s not the post I was originally going to give him the beat down on – but – when I went back I saw that one and just knew he must have written that just for little ol’ me!!  Here’s the original post I was going to give him the award for:  Time to Reap What we Have Sewn -  The gist of that post was that Ronald Reagan and Dubya were directly responsible for the failures of AIG, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.  I was going to set his ass straight and remind him of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 that Jimmy Cahtah enacted and then was revised by Billy Boy Clinton in 1996 that essentially told any mortgage lenders that if they didn’t accept high-risk loans for the “disadvantaged” they would be considered racists and would never do business in the housing market again – then I was also going to remind him of the 2006 updated to that crafted by Congress, and ignorantly signed by GWB, that allowed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to create the sub-prime loan vehicle.  The Democrats crafted that thing in such a way that there would be absolutely no oversight.  But – that’s not the one he gets an award for – so – I guess I won’t tell him about all that or the fact that the two Managers of Freddie and Fannie who were recently found guilty in a civil suit and have to repay millions back, including fines, are economic advisors to Barack Obama.  (Isn’t it funny how all of Obama’s associates continue to turn out to be criminals?)

So – let’s get down to the post that prompted me to change my mind about the award:

First, Jon, I need some clarification here – the title of your blog – are you publicly acknowledging that you are attempting to spread one lie a day here?  You know, from my vantage point – it appears that is exactly what you are doing. He says:

I have noted before how fear filled the right wing’s bed wetting brigade can act with something goes bump. I have always considered it to be a notable factor in the make-up of many of those on the right.

Well, it appears I was right.

Me, being the actual researcher that I am and having an insider knowledge of how studies are actually conducted, decided to go check out his links. The first link just references back to a previous post of his that spews some stupid bull shit about how we conservatives are fear mongers and blah blah blah. The second link is to an on-line newspaper article that quotes a University of Nebraska study that was reported in “the prestigious Science journal.”  So – I checked out the Science Journal website – here’s what they say about their journal:

Science is a weekly, peer-reviewed journal that publishes significant original scientific research, plus reviews and analyses of current research and science policy. Our offices in Washington, D.C., and Cambridge, U.K., welcome submissions from all fields of science and from any source.

Competition for space in Science is keen, and many papers are returned without in-depth review. Priority is given to papers that reveal novel concepts of broad interest. We are committed to the prompt evaluation and publication of submitted papers. For the quickest and most efficient processing of your manuscript, please follow the guidelines and procedures laid out in this author help site.

Please pay particular note to the statement “Priority is given to papers that reveal novel concepts of broad interest.” That’s where this study falls. Even though they consider themselves a peer reviewed journal – apparently, not all studies are scrutinized to ensure the data is statistically valid. Here’s what I found in the news article regarding the study:

In the study, 46 volunteers were asked about their political views on such hot button issues as immigration and gun control, which have a strong correlation to voting booth behaviour.

All righty then!!!  One of the key aspects of any study is that you need to do a power calculation to determine the statistical reliability and validity of the sample itself.  The reason for the power calculation is that you need to have an appropriate sample that is generalizable to the target population as a whole.  In any real study you need to have a study group and a control group.  Since this paper gives no details about the study design – and the fact they measured all 46 volunteers – this leads me to believe there were no controls.  Additionally, the newspaper article did not link back directly to the study – so – we have no way of reading the actual report to critique for ourselves.  We also need to know whether or not the researchers controlled for any biases or made corrections for the random/cluster effect or even took in to account for alternative reasons for the results.  Lastly, we don’t know what analysis tool they utilized to determine the statistical validity of the results.

What we need to know is one of the following:  the alpha value, the degrees of freedom, the standard deviation, or the p-value, in addition to confounders.  But – even without knowing any of these, I can tell you with certainty that a sample of 46 volunteers is not a statistically valid or reliable sample given there are almost 150 million registered voters that align themselves as liberal, conservative, independent, and all others in between.  There is no possible way that the results of 46 college students are a representative sample that can be generalized to the entire voter population.

The next question I’m sure Jon might ask me is – how do you know they were college students?  Well, dipshit, this would be one of the very few University studies that wasn’t based entirely on college students.  Where the hell do you think the universities get their subjects?

So – I need to ask you, Jon, why didn’t you include that small little detail in your post?  Is it because when you read it you knew that it had to be bogus?  Was it because libtards like you will take everything out of context and just use pieces of articles that suit your purpose to continue spreading lies?  Why is this the only section of the entire news article that you quoted on your blog?

a new study in the prestigious journal Science says that people with right wing views blink and flinch far harder than liberals when confronted with startling stimuli.

In the first study to directly link politics and physiology, the University of Nebraska led study suggests that people who hold conservative views on things like foreign policy and gun control, are more frightened than those with a more left-leaning bent on those issues.

Let me take a moment here, Jon, to point something out for you – but, given you are such an educated and knowledgeable liberal – I’m just sure you already know this – do you see that part in the article up there where it says “the University of Nebraska led study suggests….” Do you see that word, “suggests”? Here’s what this means in terms of statistical analysis, reliability, and validity – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! This tells me, the guy who actually knows statistics and is in the process of doing my own research and has been published myself in journals, there is no statistical significance to their findings.  If there were, that is exactly how the study results would have been presented to the public.  Rather, what this means is that it is a hack job and is being rushed to print to mislead the public about conservatives and to have USEFUL IDIOTS like yourself continue to distort the truth for them just furthering their liberal agenda.  Here, try this out – I too conducted an observational study, honestly, in which I watched and followed 10 homeless panhandlers.  My study suggests that panhandlers are not homeless, and they are in fact making an average of $60,000 a year from their panhandling efforts.  What do you have to say about that?  Actually, I did observe two of the ten leave at the end of the day, change out of their “bum” clothes into nicer clothing and drove their mid-sized cars, that they retrieved from the parking garage at $12 a day or $65 a month, to go to their homes.  I was able to infer by the cars that they were driving and the homes they drove up to that they would have to be making at least $60,000 a year to be able to afford the cars and the homes.  But, this was an observational study with no statistical significance – but – my findings do indeed “SUGGEST” exactly what I said.

Hey, Jon – you nimrod – learn to read between the lines and quit being a shill for the loony left there. Here’s how he ended this post:

And that is why the Bush administration worked so hard to keep everyone freaked out from 2001 to 2006; It help in their political efforts.

This clearly would not apply across the board to everyone who has conservative views and it does appear to apply to protective issues more than broader issues. That said, this is the first step in confirming a detail that I have long suspected; Many of those on the right who have been screeching the loudest are doing so because they are afraid.

As s follow up to this study I think that there is another effect that should be reviewed. I would love to see the effect that ever increasing scare tactics has on how voters vote. I bet it moves them to the right, at least a little, no matter where they are on the political spectrum.

You really are an idiot aren’t you? So – you say you wouldn’t apply it across the board (is it perhaps because you also understood that only 46 people were OBSERVED) but then you go on as if you are some kind of all knowing omnipotent individual to continue the smear yourself by stating that we speak up only out of fear. Actually, if you really understood the conservative movement, you would know we speak out because of lilly livered little pussies like you who want to turn this country in to a socialist state that goes completely against our constitution and what our forefathers intended. We really do believe in protecting this country from enemies. Unfortunately, there are morons out there like you who don’t realize that the threats are real. Iran really is in the process of building nukes. North Korea really did have nukes and are continuing their program again. The islamofascists really do want to kill you and me. There really are bad guys out there that want to harm us and our way of life and want to take that from us. Sometimes, the only way to deal with fanatics like this is to kill them before they kill us. But, you don’t get that because you would rather try to talk to them and get to know how they feel – just before they take that machete to your head.

Regarding your second assertion – the idea that you want a follow up study to determine the effect of “scare tactics” on voters. This just proves to me that you live with your head in the sand. I guess you live in that pre-9/11 world where you think everything was just peachy-keen. Let me tell you about the world I grew up in -as the son of a career Army Airborne Infantry service member – I travelled around the world.  I was living in Germany when the Palestinian terrorists killed the Israeli Olympians in Munich.  I was living in Germany when the Arabs blew up the Abrams building in Frankfurt.  I lived under terrorist alerts as a child.  I’ve seen what those bastards could do.  I remember the images of the Marine Baracks being blown up in Lebanon in 1983.  I remember the images of Leon Klinghoffer being thrown overboard of the Achille Lauro from his wheelchair by Palestinian terrorists in 1985.  I remember the images of one of our Navy seamen being thrown out of the back of a TWA plane on to the tarmac in Lebanon by Hezbollah terrorists in 1985 after they shot and killed him.  I was living in Greece and serving in the USAF when our American ambassador’s car was blown up and his head was found on the street in 1987.  Are you getting the point here?

For this idiotic post just passing on lies and continuing to spread results of a faulty study that has no significant findings and for the fact that you are too stupid to open your eyes to reality – you get The BoBo of The Week Award!  Congratulations – wear it proudly!

Make sure you all come back again tomorrow – found myself another good one!

Also – you’ll remember that I mentioned earlier in the week that I was presented with the Brainy Blog award – I’ve decided who to pass it on to:

Nelson from over at Liberal Journal - He might be liberal, and he might be in school to earn his law degree – but – he is at least reasonable and his posts (whether I disagree with them or not) are very well written.

Marc from The Marc Chamot Reports – He pretty much remains neutral on his blog – he posts up both sides of an issue and does it well.

Bradley from Kayloo – He’s still in high school – and just because he is interested in politics and has his own political blog he most definitely gets a Brainy Blog award!

Blake from The Law of Politics – I like his style.  Actually, if it weren’t for him – I would not have heard about Sarah Palin three months before she was selected as the VP pick.  I did some research of my own on her after reading his post on her.

and finally – Mark from The Tampa Pirate – just passing the kudos around to the hometown blogger.  He has a variety of posts up on his blog.  He’s also an advocate for children by posting up about pedophiles and those who support the rights of pedophiles.  If you haven’t been there before – you should go check it out.

For all you who I’ve passed this on to – I don’t know what the rules are for passing this on!  LOL.  I followed the trail back from the blogger who gave it to me…and could not find any rules anywhere…so…it’s yours to pass on as you see fit.  Since I have it now – as I come across other brainy bloggers I’ll continue to circulate it.

While cruisin the ‘sphere I came across this great little goody! Evil Clown Generator. That’s right! When you can’t get enough of The BoBo – you can go over there and create your own evil clown! Go..have fun!

Also – just a little reminder – Tomorrow is The BoBo Award of the Week! Make sure you come back and see what we treat we have for ya.

And – make sure to get your submissions in to The BoBo Blog Carnival – here’s the submission link:

BoBo of The Week AwardThat’s right!!!! It’s back! For those of you who may have come in later – this is an award that I give out to the looniest of the leftard loonies that I find while surfin’ this web.  After my migration from Blogger to WP – I took some time to just get used to this new platform.  Now – it’s time to bring it back!  I have found someone who is just so angry, bitter, and just freakin loony.  I’m almost sure we’re going to get some response from this idiot!

This Week’s BoBo Award goes to Jolly Roger from Reconstitution 2.0 for this most brilliant use of vocabulary that only a libtard such as himself could come up with in a single post about the benefits of a universal health care system – Weathering the Storm All Right? Get Sick Just ONCE oh, and in case you’re not really sure of what he’s talking about – this guy even has a Thesaurus for being able to interpret his hate-speech!

So – let’s see what Mr. Jolly Roger has to say (BTW – this guy is far from Jolly.  Perhaps he’s one of those Butt-Pirates?):

I should confess before I begin this post that I am on a warpath against wingtards and their talking points. I no longer even try to restrain myself when I hear GOP-maunfactured stupidity, whether I like you or I despise you. Since I have several wingtard relatives, my increasing unwillingness to just sit and eat it is making me less than a popular figure at gatherings. I don’t give a damn, nor am I likely to start giving a damn. Wingtards are, by default, the enemies of my family and my country.

This is going to be great!  I sure hope this guy comes over here so we can have a little “chat” about those “talking points” he thinks we all have.  I don’t know – I guess our logic just doesn’t get through to their emotional reactions since they have nothing factual to present!

They are downright giddy about destroying any chance my little girls will have for a decent future in this society, and most of the time their willingness to sacrifice the prosperity of my children is for entirely selfish reasons. “TAXES BAD!!!” is the only mantra these wingtards ever seem to be able to come up with, even AFTER you explain to them that Chimpy’s fiscal and economic policies are directly responsible for the death of the dollar and the subsequent inflation that’s caused in America.

Dude!  Really?  Why don’t you freakin’ take care of your own children yourself MORON!  It is not up to this country or this government to take care of you or your little children!!!  It’s called – personal responsibility.  Teach it to your children!  Send them to school and give them an education so they can take care of themselves.

“Chimpy’s” fiscal policies are the cause of our woes?  Really – please provide some solid hard evidence of this that we can source it back to!  Up until your libtard friends in Congress took control – we were doing EXTREMELY well economically!  The dollar was up, gas prices were down, the housing market was flourishing, the IRS was taking in more revenue every single quarter than in the history of the country (as a direct result of Bush’s fiscal policies), inflation rates were lower , average hourly wages were at their highest ever, and unemployment was at it’s lowest ever.  So – dude – you tell me who’s fault it is?  Please provide supporting evidence.  We “wingtards” use our heads to actually think things through versus your emotion based drivvle of pie-in-the-sky, smoke-up-your-butt falsehoods with no evidence to support your baseless rants.

Somehow, a balanced Federal budget and reasonable inflation are worse than runaway inflation that makes the taxation policies of any liberal you can think of look downright frugal in comparison, insofar as what it’d cost you and me. I would much rather pay the tax and NOT face a doubling or tripling of prices for things like food, gas, and medical care. Wingtards seem to be all right with having Monopoly money in their pockets.

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