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You have got to be fucking kidding me!  When I first heard this morning, I thought it was a joke.  I thought there was going to be a punchline.  What in the hell has P-BO done to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

All you loons on the left, I want you to really think this through – here is a short list of past Nobel Peace Prize recipients:

In the nine months that P-BO came in office, North Korea has moved closer to nuclear weapons, Iran has moved closer to nuclear weapons, we are still at war in Afghanistan, we are still at war in Iraq, Gitmo is still open, we are still at war with terrorists in our country and around the world, Russia still occupies Georgie..and on and on and on. It seems to me that the world has become more dangerous because of P-BO.

All P-BO has done so far is gone around the entire world apologizing and telling the world that America sucks.  To give him the Nobel Peace Prize – the most prestigious award known to man – is an absolute joke.  Giving this prize to him has completely devalued the award. But, then again, when I look at this list – what I have provided shows that out of the last 20 years, 10 awards were obviously given out as jokes.

The citation on his award states:

“for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”

What?  So, I guess if you go around telling the world that America sucks you can get this award?  Guess what – after seeing him and the others I listed – who would want to be a recipient of this award knowing it has become an absolute joke since the 1990′s.

Hi All, I know it’s been a while since I’ve given one of these out – but – this is a very special one!  This is a brand new blogger – and – she’s a perfect example of what has gone wrong with this country and why Obama won the election.

This is also a special award because this is a collective award – it also goes to her commentors as well (I’ll link those blogs here as well so you can see who these people are).  The name of the blog is My Obama Inspired Blog and she gets the award for this post:  Socialism isn’t all that bad is it?

This is the very first post on her blog – that’s how new she is.  I figured if she’s going to start off her blogging career with garbage like that – let’s give her a welcome she won’t soon forget.  I found her through EntreCard.  She’s dropped on me a couple times – so – I was going to let it slide since she’s new – but – ever since I read that post and the comments she’s received – I couldn’t let it go.  So – She gets The BoBo of The Week Award.  Let’s see what she had to say:

Hi everyone.  This is my first blog and my first blog posting ever – so – if you haven’t already done so, you can read about me by clicking on that about tab up there.  My hubby calls me a “noob” which I guess means newbie or something like that.  I figured I would do my first posting about something that is on the lips of every neo-con out there when they talk about Obama – Socialism!

Hi Sarah – Welcome!  With a first post like this – I would have to agree – you most definitely are a noob!

It has been said that you are only as strong as your weakest link.  Likewise, the strength of a nation can be measured by how it treats the least advantaged among them.  I don’t really know a whole lot about the whole governmental structure regarding “socialism.”  But, what I do know is that it involves more government involvement in helping to make sure the poor and least advantaged are taken care of.

Well, Sarah – since you admit you don’t really understand Socialism – then perhaps you should not have started off your career with this kind of trash!  You do at least understand the fact that Socialism means more government control over your life – but – you think it’s only for helping the poor and disadvantaged.  Oh how wrong you are!  I noticed that you at least had a few commentors with some sense that tried to talk you down off of this ledge – you should pay attention to what they are saying.

Here are the commentors who disagreed with her. If I’m going to recognize those idiots who agreed, the least I can do is recognize those smart bloggers and commend them for their attempt to teach her the facts:

Gaming Tips (well, that’s the name he used) from Gaming Tips – A Guide to Gaming

Wan Kong Yew from Call to Reason

Buzzirk from Global Verge.  You will need to read his comment.  I’m not entirely sure which side he’s coming down on, but he does mention that fact that Socialism produces two classes:  The government elite and the poor (workers).

and last – our friend Paul from Paul’s Health Blog and Political Conservatives.

Kudos to the lot of ya for trying to talk this woman down! So, let’s get back to her post:

Obama has said that he wants to insure everyone in this nation or to at least make sure everyone has access to healthcare.  Those neo-cons call it Universal Health Care.  I have read the stories about the Cuban, English, and Canadian Health systems and from what I understand – it really is not as bad as those guys on the right are trying to make it out to be.

I saw Sicko by Michael Moore.  It was a very compelling look at our free-market healthcare system compared to Cuba’s health care system.  While I do admit that there could be problems with elective surgeries or other elective procedures in those other countries – the fact of the matter is that EVERYONE at least has access to the most basic of preventative medical services.  Preventative care is the key to keeping a nation healthy.  I for one am willing to pay more in taxes if it means making sure our poor, working poor, and those who can’t afford health insurance are ensured access to preventative health care.  If this is considered socialism – then I’m all for it.

It seems to me that our free-market health system only benefits the rich, the health care providers, the health insurance companies, and the pharmacy companies.  Sure, we have Medicare and Medicaid – but that only takes care of a select few individuals.  I like Obama’s plan to either make employers offer health insurance to all employees or have a government plan to make sure everyone has access to health care.

Well, Sarah – you need to look at your messiah’s plans.  If he institutes this plan, over 50,000,000 people in this country will lose their employer-based healthcare.  If the government is going to a.) provide health care to everyone who wants it, and b.) attempt to force private businesses to provide health insurance coverage – employers are going to opt out from providing that coverage and let the government do it. know what, Sarah?  It IS Universal Health Care.  We are just calling it what it really is.

Read the rest of this entry »

Holy cow! I don’t know what to say! Thanks to all of you who submitted to the carnival. Without you guys – this carnival would not be the success that it is. There were 20 submissions this week. All of them excellent – and – yes – I do actually go read them all before I allow them to be published.

That way – not only do I make sure I keep this carnival spam-free, but, I also get to learn more about those bloggers who are submitting – plus I feel I’ve learned a bit more after having read the submissions.  I usually will comment here on what I’ve read over there – but – given the total number of submissions that are here – as much as I would love to comment on ALL of them – I would be up forever and probably miss deadline.

In any case – be rest assured – I have reviewed all of these submissions.  There are some I would really love to provide commentary on here – but – that just wouldn’t be FAIR to the others that I don’t comment on.  Oh, Crap!  I think I sounded like “That One” for a moment – I probably shouldn’t be reading those liberal blogs as much as I do! LOL.  Please do go check these all out.  They are all excellent – some you will agree with – others I guarantee you won’t – and since this is a mish mosh of submissions – whether you are liberal, conservative, or libertarian – what I said above still stands true!


Jon Swift presents Great Moments in Election-Year Blogging posted at Jon Swift, saying, “The conservative blogosphere deserves to win a collective Pulitzer Prize for its election-year coverage.”

Curry Kenworthy presents The Fairness Doctrine and global warming posted at Curry Kenworthy, saying, “A conservative blogger tries out the Fairness Doctrine approach while discussing global warming with his liberal co-host.”


Madeleine Begun Kane presents McCain & Palin: The Not Ready For Prime Time Duo posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.


Peter Midnight presents Voting for President is Not Worth the Paper it’s Printed on by Peter Midnight posted at Official Home of the Real Mr. Controversy Peter Midnight “The Black Horse”.


Alli presents The Abomination of Government Marriage posted at The Smoking Argus, saying, “With Election Day less than one week away, voters in 3 states, Florida, California, and Arizona will again be voting on whether same sex couples should be allowed to “marry”. The debate regarding whom can marry is yet another example of politicians creating and fostering a wedge between Americans.”

Matt presents Obama Worship: Like Letting Your GPS Steer You Into A Lake? posted at Matt-Speak.

Greg presents Divided we fall posted at


Ron McKie presents Giving credit where credit is due posted at Phuck Politics.

taucan62 presents AIG Bailed Out? Not Even Close posted at rjjrdq’s America, saying, “Looks like AIG blew through that bailout money. They need more…”

BeThisWay presents The Lynching (in effigy) of Sarah Palin posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.


DWSUWF presents Barack buys an election? posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “At some point, we have to step back and try to grasp the sheer enormity of what Axelrod and Obama have wrought. We can just look at it and admire it as a spectacle, as a force of nature, much like staring at Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon. The Axelrod/Obama campaign has spent as much selling the Barack Obama brand as McDonald’s spends selling hamburgers. Obama is spending $293,000/hour to win the Presidency.”

Alli presents The Fairness Doctrine: Internet Censorship Coming Soon to a Web Page Near You posted at The Smoking Argus, saying, “In past conversations with colleagues and friends, I have often commented that some day soon the internet our generation has come to know, the wealth of information available via the click of a mouse, will cease to exist. That in the place of this unfiltered and uncensored access to information, will come a government controlled, censored version of the world wide web under the auspices of the FCC or some other bloated failure of a bureaucracy.”

Phil B. presents Confusing Voting Ballots « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “I recently received my official sample ballot for the General Elections. And once again, I can only scratch my head when reading the new proposed laws that I am suppose to vote for.”

Kara Sheridan presents Disaboom | KaraSwims | Rock the disabled vote posted at Jeff Charlebois, saying, “People with disabilities represent our country’s largest minority but they are 20% less likely to vote. Read why we all need to rock the disabled vote!”

George Rogers presents Shoes of Power: Are the Potential White House Women Obsessed With Fashion? posted at Trendy Shoes Shop, saying, “Very informative and entertaining article on the fashion tastes and purchasing habits of the women potentially headed to the White House. It uncovers some sparkling (and some potentially damaging) facts about the White House Women.”

GrrlScientist presents I’m a ‘Godless American’ and Proud of it! posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “At one time, I respected — note the past tense of the word — Elizabeth Dole, but after seeing this astonishing ad that her campaign aired in NC against her political opponent, Kay Hagen, I am disgusted. At the end of the ad, there is a picture of Hagen and a voice-over saying “there is no god” — the implication being that Hagen, a christian, actually said this.”

U.S. Common Sense presents I don’t care about the “middle class” posted at U.S. Common Sense, saying, “Both candidates are wrong.”

debergerac78 presents $700 billion for the bailout, but NOTHING for enforcement? posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, “How does the government plan on catching those who committed lending fraud when the FBI’s on a shoestring budget?”


Christine Decourlande presents Republican Votes Obama posted at Frog In North Georgia.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Okay..well…not like I was walking down the street and someone recognized me..but..a fellow blogger has recognized me on his blog and did a write-up about this blog. Ever since this guy started showing up more frequently as one of my EC droppers…I’ve been following his blog too. If you like the stuff I write over here…you should go check him out as well. He has another blog that I did not realize was his that I frequent. Based on what I read at his other blog, it looks like he’s really trying to get the word out on this latest one…so…

This is my public “Thank You” to The Bullshit Stalker for recognizing this blog and for the awesome write-up.

Thanks dude!

I know they call these things awards – and yes, I do get it, they aren’t “REAL” awards – but – nevertheless, it’s pretty cool to get these things. I received this latest one from Nelson of Liberal Journal. You may remember, he was one of my guest bloggers way back when. (as an aside, I do plan on starting that up again – ever since this move, I’m still getting used to the details that is WordPress). So, this latest award is called The Sharing The Love Award

This award was created by Memoirs of a Mommy in honor of the organ donor who saved her son’s life. The idea behind this award is to pass it on to other bloggers and to help raise awareness of the importance of Organ Donation. As an organ donor myself (well – once The BoBo passes on – I’m not crazy enough to donate any organs while I’m still around to perform!) I am very pleased to receive this award and am more than welcome to be able to pass this on to other bloggers. Here are the “official” rules:

The rules of this award are: SHARE THE LOVE!!! Share this award with all those blogs out there that you love. All the people who make you smile. All those that make you laugh. All those that make your day. All those that leave uplifting comments on your blog. **All I ask, is that you include a link to this post with the award and ask your recipient to do the same**

This also is very timely since it gives me the opportunity to show those other bloggers that would have been named as an Honorable Mention for the other Arte y Pico award that I received. Funny, I was going to name Nelson as one of them. So, without further adieu – here are the bloggers (there’s no limits) that I have selected to receive this (in no particular order).

Holly Ord from Menstrual Poetry – She was a guest blogger here once as well. She is the feminist who came here to set us all straight! In addition, she’s also the one responsible for this cool upgraded design.

Bradley Hankins from - He’s still a yung’n but he posts up some really good stuff on his blog – and he likes to come over here and comment as well. It’s a good thing I moved my blog to WordPress – I think the limitations for comments on haloscan was driving him nuts! While he’s supporting Bob Barr now, I won’t hold it against him – like I said – he’s still young! :) But – I do have a question for him – what the heck is Kayloo and Kakura?

Wil Cruz from Vulcan’s Hammer – This guy always has some really good stuff posted up over at his site. He also just suffered through those out of control forest fires in Northern California because of the eco-terrorists obstructionist views about underbrush clearing.

Will Conway from Regarding Liberty – He’s the first blogger to introduce me to community blogging. We post together over at Big Boom Bloggers. I haven’t really posted up there in a while because things have gotten so busy over here lately. But – I will make it over there again soon. He’s another yung’n with his head on straight – considering he’s up in Connecticut. He must be the only other Conservative up there other than Glenn Beck.

Couchmouse’s Corner – He say’s he’s a Republican just fed up with the Bush administration and posts about it – but I sense some liberal undertones in many of his posts. In any case, he always has great stuff on his blog and is always willing to engage in discussions without stooping low.

DD2 from Our World as We See It – What more can I say about this guy’s blog? It started off as a blog to stop Hillary – well, since Hillary is no longer a contender – he has moved on to Obama. He’s a conservative blogger and will be voting for McCain come November – and he lets us conservatives who despise McCain for the way he kicks us around know his point of view on that one! Always good discussions over there as well.

Angel from Woman Honor Thyself – Another conservative blog. She has some excellent discussions and will drop by here every once in a while and leave a few tidbits. She recently went through a difficult time – and I just wanted to Share the Love with her to let her know we’re thinking of her.

Stay at Home Mom & Military Wife – This is a SAHM Mommy blog. I frequent her blog. She always has great and creative ideas for marketing blogs. She started the EntreCard surfring and the new Drop on Top club. Since I grew up as an Army brat and then served in the Air Force myself – I always try to support our troops and their dependents as much as possible. This is my way to show her some support. Oh – and if you’ve never been there before – you have to go there just to see her header. It’s really cool!

Crista from The Domestic Goddess – Another SAHM Mommy blog who is also the wife of a soldier. She posts up stuff about her husband frequently as well as a day in the life of a soldier’s wife. Again – just another way for me to show support!

The Historian from The Real World – Another Independent Conservative blogger. This guy really makes sense at all levels. He considers himself a moderate – but – whether or not he realizes it, most of what he posts up leans more to conservative values versus middle of the road stuff.

Greg from – This is actually a blog about cars – but – he posts up political discussions every once in a while. I met him over at another blog that he and I both frequent. He’s been a loyal follower of this blog since I started it – even when he’s overseas in Q8. This is my way of saying thanks to him.

Blake from Law of Politics – Another conservative leaning blog. I just recently discovered this guy – but – he made quite an impression on this old clown.

Len from First Door on The Left – A very liberal leaning blog. I rarely find anything to agree with him on when he posts up – but – I have developed a cordial relationship with him. I realize that he’s just supporting his liberal causes (as misguided as he is) – but, we can always have decent conversations on his blog. I invited him to be a guest blogger at one point. He wanted to do it but had to decline because he is on a deadline with his publisher – I guess he has two books coming out soon.

SoapBoxGod from The SoapBox Blog – I have to give it to this guy. He’s stuck up in the heartland of Liberaltopia in Minnesota. He’s surrounded by them! I don’t know how he can continue living in the middle of all the political correctness and appeasement without wanting to put a gun to his head and end the misery. But – he keeps plugging away up there and furthering the conservative cause! Just for putting up with those people up that way – I have to pass this on to him.

and finally -

Hans Gruen from WesternFront America and USA Partisan. He has two excellent conservative blogs out there. The former is a collection of posts from regular contributors and the latter is a compilation of posts from conservative blogs from around the sphere. There are always great posts on both blogs.

So – that is my list. The good part about this award is that I get to keep giving it out. So, if I find more worthy bloggers out there – or – if I’ve forgotten someone here – I can redeem myself later! Again, this is for a worthy cause – Organ Donation awareness. I hope these folks will pick this up and pass it on (NO PRESSURE!)

UPDATE! 7/1/08 – Adding two more to the mix here!

Mark from Tampa Pirate – being a hometown blogger, I gotta share the love with him.  You need to check his blog out.  Not everything he posts about has to do with the Tampa Bay area.  His current project is on awareness of pedophiles and protecting the children.  He also puts up some pretty good political stuff every once in a while.

Jason Buckley from Washington Interns Gone Bad - you may remember Jason – he was a guest blogger over here and is an admitted Progressive Leftist.  He posted up a great discussion about bipartisanship and trying to get everyone from both sides to work together – which got quite a lot of comments!  While the spirit was there and there were some great intentions – I think he proved a point that we have become so divided – it is hard to meet in the middle these days.  We all seem to want the same things – but have different ideas about how to get there.  His blog is named after a short video he created that is posted up on his blog.  When you get an opportunity – you need to watch it – it’s pretty good.

I know, I said I was going to post this up yesterday – but – even The BoBo has a “bobo-do” list.  My better half had me painting our circus tent yesterday.  In addition, there has been a new development.  I’ve been given another award!  Go figure!  Time is limited at this moment, so, I will be back later to post up the award and to pass it on to 5 others.  This helps to alleviate that burden and I really won’t need to post up an honorable mentions now will I?  The funny thing is, I got it from someone that I was going to list in my HM’s!  Looks like I might have to create another page just to put them on.


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