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So, we lose an ambassador and three consulate staffers in addition to injured service members in Libya – and now we find out that the POS POTUS we have hasn’t read a single security briefing leading up to the attack. Not only that, but we knew 48 hours in advance there was going to be an attack on this consulate – and it turned out to be a coordinated attack – not some idiot uprising as the result of an anti-pedophile prophet youtube movie as this idiot administration would lead you to believe.  AND – they deny that this major anti-American uprising has absolutely nothing to do with America or our policies!  WTF?  This is the MOST inept freakin administration this country has ever known.

So – as shown above there was intelligence 48 hours in advance, the President hasn’t reviewed the security briefings in two weeks leading up to the attack, and a local Libyan security official even warned the ambassador that his security was lacking.  In fact – there wasn’t even any U.S. Marines protecting this facility – it was protected by Libyan security forces who actually aided and abetted the mob that killed our Ambassador and staffers. We also have learned that as early as September 4th the U.S. was provided intelligence that there would be major uprisings and attacks on U.S. and Israeli embassies in Cairo.  Do you suppose if POS POTUS had actually read the security briefings and connected the dots that this could have been prevented?  Of course it could have.  Yet, this administration is trying to cover their asses and are now claiming they HAD NO INTELLIGENCE and could not have prevented the attack!  BULL SHIT!!!

This POS POTUS and administration, as is the usual motive, rather than stand firmly and condemn the attacks on our sovereign soil and citizens – went right out and apologized to the terrorists!!! Now, they’re trying to backtrack the whole thing and deny there was ever an apology made and they did not clear the statement coming from the Cairo Embassy.  Well, in case this POS POTUS has forgotten – the buck stops with him.  HE and HE alone is responsible for ALL of his administration, their actions, their statements, and every policy regardless of whether he personally was involved.  The POTUS IS RESPONSIBLE.  But, the inept dipshit that he is – lays blame, deflects blame, and accepts no responsibility for anything.

We have to get these damned progressive socialist apologist shitheads out of this administration immediately!  We get an opportunity in November to change the course of this country. Never in the history of this country has America been as weakened and seen as weak by the international community as we are now.  You know, its gotta suck when the previously most inept POTUS in this country has to correct the current most inept POTUS.  Carter even corrected Obambi that Egypt is an ally. Me, personally, after the Islamofascist Brotherhood took over Egypt – they should never ever be considered an ally ever again. Their status as a non-NATO ally needs to be revoked immediately.  The entire middle east has become one big Islamofascist anti-American hotbed of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.

I guess one of the biggest surprises, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise at all, is that this idiotic mainstream media that we have, rather than act as true journalists and the “Fourth branch of government” acting as the watchdog over our government has decided to aide this POS POTUS in covering up his idiocy and ineptness over the Libyan consulate attack and uprising in the middle east rather than press him for answers.  The MSM has become complicit in the deaths of our citizens abroad.  Romney made a forceful speech and condemned the attack as well as condemn the Obambi administration for their apology.  Rather than stand behind Romney – they attacked him for his attack on this administration.  They should be out there pressing this administration – not attacking a man who gets it.

Here’s the headline:

Democrats launch attack on insurer exemption

Here’s what they are trying to repeal:

The McCarren-Ferguson Act

Here is what this act does:

a United States federal law that allows state law to regulate the business of insurance without federal government interference.

This law was passed in 1945.  It expressly gives the states the authority to regulate all lines of insurance – not just health care.  The reasoning behind this is that the business of insurance is not commerce and therefore does not fall under the interstate commerce clause of the constitution. The federal government is only allowed to step in under federal anti-trust laws when there is a boycott, coercion, or intimidation or when the state is not actively regulating the insurance industry.  This Act upholds the 10th Amendment rights of the state as it reinforces that this is not a power given to the federal government and therefore it remains the rights of the states to regulate.

Once again, the Dems are trying to do everything and anything they can to grow the size of the federal government.  There is not a state in this country that does not currently regulate the insurance lines of business.  If the Dems can repeal this act they will have total control over the health insurance industry and will be able to regulate them out of business.  This is a backdoor approach to a single-payer government run universal healthcare system.

Here is the out for Congress that would give them the ability to repeal this act:

“In short, while not changing the opinion of prevailing law, the Court stated that the conclusion that insurance was not commerce under the law rested with Congress, and that the Court would follow the lead of Congress.”

So, essentially, all Congress would need to do is pass a law that says the business of insurance is commerce.  Once they do that, then the next thing they do is repeal this act.

Keep an eye on this folks.  They may not need to pass this economy killing faux health care reform bill if they can repeal this act.  It’s bad enough that since Obama was elected 30% of all private profit is now controlled by the federal government – why would anybody want to give this fascist government any more control?

Which leads to one more point – what the fuck is wrong with you libbers?  You call conservatives fascist because we believe in the free-market system and competition.  Yet, it’s your guy that is in bed with big business like no other president before?  He’s the real fascist and you are all in bed with him.  When you wake up one morning and realize you no longer have the freedom to choose what car you want to buy; what temperature you can set your thermostat at; what insurance plan you want; what foods you can eat and what beverages you can drink; what movies and television programs you can watch and what video games your kids can play; what radio programs you listen to; and what you can do and say on the Internet – you just remember – this was your choice and your own doing.

UPDATE: Check this out – California appears poised to be first to ban power-guzzling big-screen TV’s

Yup – now the government is going to tell you what kind of TV you can buy.  What will be next?  And – you know what the payoff is for banning big-screen TV’s in California?

“The payoff could be big for TV owners, said Ken Rider, a commission staff engineer. Average first-year savings from reduced electricity use would be an estimated $30 per set”

Whoop-de-fucking doo!  With today’s economy and with hyperinflation and increased interest rates coming around the corner – that $2.50 month savings can’t even by a loaf of bread! This is really getting out of control people.

UPDATED UPDATE: And you thought I was kidding about TV – here’s today’s headline:

Leaked Network Memo Revealed: Obama Controls Your Television Set

A neat little story of how from Oct 19 – 25th there will be over 60 network shows that incorporate the administration’s message of “service.”  I’m telling you…this administration is all about “Big Brother” and they think they know what is best for you.  For the next week the major network shows and newscasts will be incorporating all of this administration’s agenda in to the broadcasts.  When have you ever heard of any administration controlling the entire freakin’ television and entertainment industry like this?

This is just un-freakin’ believable.  A police officer in Virginia targeting a protester and stifling free speech – check out the video – We’re in some serious trouble people.  This police officer obviously is not a member of The Oath Keepers.

If you’re wondering and you couldn’t see the poster real clearly – here is what he was holding up that the officer said was not allowed:

Pay attention to that last part of the exchange:

The protester said – “This used to be America”

Officer Cheeks said – “It ain’t no more, OK?”

This officer needs to be held accountable.  The attempted argument is that because the protest and town hall meeting were being held on school grounds – the rest of the public is held to the same standards as the day time students where their free speech rights are squashed.  That is rubbish.  These are not students; there were no classes in session; and this was not an official school board function.  At the point this protest was held after school – it just became another meeting place.

Yesterday I posted up the Obama Joker Poster on my blog.  Well, within a few hours one of my lefty commenters stated the following:

The only thing missing is the noose. I never took you to be a racist, BoBo. I guess I was wrong?

Hmm…he must have read the L.A. Weekly just before he came to my blog – here’s what they said about the poster:

The poster, which bears a very superficial resemblance to Shepard Fairey’s famous Obama Hope illustration, has been pasted on freeway supports and other public surfaces. It has a bit of everything to appeal to the drunk tank of California conservatism: Obama is in white face, his mouth (like Ledger’s Joker’s) has been grotesquely slit wide open and the word “Socialism” appears below his face. The only thing missing is a noose.

Emphasis is mine.  Seems like the loonies are out in full force on this one.  How the hell is that poster even remotely racist?  Why is this image from Vanity Fair last year acceptable

- but an Obama dissenter doing it becomes racist?  Same old double standards.  H/T to John Kaduk of The Right Wing for sending me a link to this – it touches on this very subject – great cartoon.

So, not only do we have Vanity Fair with that picture up there – the very same L.A. Weekly up there is the same one that had a cover depicting Bush as Dracula.

And then there were the BusHitler Posters -

So – because we do the same kinda shit to a “black” President that has been done to every freakin’ President in modern history – now we’re racists?  Is it necessary to point out that Obama is not actually “black”?  He’s biracial – a mulatto to be more correct.  You guys on the left are morons and no one is buying your shit any longer.

Here’s what I see when I look at that Obama Joker Socialist poster – The fact the artist puts him in Joker makeup is symbolism for Obama’s complete lack of concern over other people’s money.  It’s all about power.  This is exactly what Socialism is.  If you remember from Dark Knight – the joker was stealing everybody’s money.  Once he amassed a whole shitload of it – he burned it all.  It was never about the money – it was always about the power.  Putting Teh Obamessiah in Joker makeup is very appropriate, it is satire, and it most definitely is not racist.  This is a Freedom of Speech issue – and the only one’s who ever seem to be attempting to stifle that freedom are you idiots on the left.  You make every attempt to shut down those who disagree with you.  Well – forget it – the silent majority is no longer silent – and you can thank that idiot Obama and his fascist policies for that.

You guys played that “you’re a racist” card one too many times – get the fuck over it already!

Wow! It’s August already. This year is just flying by. I’m fully expecting to see some Halloween and Thanksgiving holiday stuff out at the stores hitting the shelves real soon. With that being said, welcome to another fine installment of The BoBo Carnival of Politics. We have some great submissions yet again – very timely – and great topics.

Before we get started – I want to bring something to everyone’s attention – Bill Campbell of The Tome of The Unknown Writer has a little project going on regarding the health care debate. Go check it out. He’s asking for stories – good, or bad – regarding your health care experiences. It is a totally non-partisan project. If you’re inclined, check it out, get the details, and give him your stories.

So – let’s get started:

Welcome to the August 2, 2009 edition of the bobo carnival of politics.


Norbert Sluzewski presents Is Meritocracy Dead in America? posted at Naked Liberty.

Well – given the fact that the current SCOTUS nominee has been touted as a great example of affirmative action at work – and that both Barack and Michelle have stated they benefited from affirmative action – I believe that meriticracy in this country is indeed dead.  Not only that, but with one provision of that healthcare bill being that medical schools will obtain funding if they reach increased quotas of minorities enrolled versus enrolling those on merit who actually deserve to be in med school, its just further proof that socialism is being sown in this country.  When social constructs take precedence over merit – society loses.

Scott Spiegel presents Just Make Sure It’s Not a Blue Moon Belgian White posted at Scott Spiegel.

Yeah – and if this summit was all about making nicey nice – then why were there no apologies from Barack or Gates?  Nothing more than a photo op if you ask me.  Absolutely nothing got accomplished as far as race relations go in this country.  It just showed this country that two racist black men can get away with using the race card – if they just give the white man a beer.

Scott Spiegel presents Can We Decommission the Health Care Bill with Sodium Silicate? posted at Scott Spiegel.

This fits in nicely with Selkirk’s and Wenchypoo’s pieces below. Personally, I think we need to decommission our entire government at this point.  One bad idea after another – and we’re the one’s paying for it.

Paul presents Fix Entitlement Programs, Then Fix Health Care posted at Paul’s Political Punditcy.

Couldn’t agree with you more on this one, Paul.  The figures you site are frightening.  If those “Big 3″ (as you put it) aren’t fixed – that will be the only thing we’re all working towards funding.  That’s sheer lunacy.

Anthony Delgado presents Reproductive Technology: Surrogate Motherhood posted at eInquisitive | Giving you something productive to think about!.

Well, Anthony – not entirely related to politics – but – I’ll let this one in this week – it’s a good topic and some of my readers might be interested in it.

Selkirk presents Top 6 Unintended Consequences of ObamaCare posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America.

Selkirk – this ties in nicely with the piece that I did last week regarding my position that health insurance is not a right.  Some of what you have indicated as the unintended consequences fit in with my solutions.  Great post – and – right on target.

Steve Parry presents Sotomayor And Racial Profiling posted at The Axis of Stevil, saying, “In my humble typical white opinion.”

I already added my say on this in your comment section.  Now we have the NRA out there as well telling the Senators that if they support her they will actively campaign against them.  This is a bad pick for SCOTUS and the United States.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Is The Economic Downturn Over? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Is this economic recession over? Some thoughts!”

Well – that would be nice.  However, I look at the other indicators as well – the GDP, GNP, Productivity, and the housing market – in addition to the ones in your post.  These other indicators are all still down – and – other economists, in addition to the Association of Realtors, is stating there is another wave of foreclosures coming – not only in the consumer market – but as well as in the commercial market.  There has been an increase in delinquent payments from the A-rated borrowers.  Personally, I think this latest volley from the administration trying to say the recession is over is just a propoganda push.  If you say it enough – people will start believing it.  The four indicators I mentioned are still in decline.

The Smarter Wallet presents Euro vs Dollar (USD): Weak US Dollar Ahead? posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Do we have inflation ahead? Forecasting inflation by checking how the US dollar is behaving.”

Another good analysis on your part.  All the indicators would suggest inflation, actually I would say, hyperinflation is just ahead.  With oil being pegged to the dollar, and the dollar still in decline, all other currencies are up on the dollar – I would say you can bet on it.  As for trading for Euro’s – interesting.  I’ve been investing in gold, personally.

NotYourDaddy presents How to Undermine the Economy posted at Government is not your Daddy., saying, “If you wanted to come up with a plan to undermine the economy of the most prosperous and successful nation on earth, how would you go about it? The first thing you’d have to do would be to debase the underlying value system that provides the foundation for prosperity.”

Surely, you wouldn’t be suggesting that our socialist President is putting all this in to place? If you haven’t seen this video already – wow – nevermind – I had a video from youtube bookmarked – it was titled 45 goals for U.S. Marxism – taken from the 1963 congressional record – seems to have been pulled because of a “terms of use violation.”  We already know that google and youtube are in the tank for this administration.  But – with my skills – I was able to find this. It’s the transcripts.  Sounds eerily similar to what you have put forth and to what is exactly happening in this country now.


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Dear Senator Inhofe posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Mad Kane – looks like you’re the only liberal who dared venture in to the carnival this week.  I am actually one of those “birthers” myself.  Until I see an actual true copy of this original birth certificate – I won’t believe me.  The one they continue to show around was printed on a dot-matrix printer – you know – something they didn’t have in 1961 – yet – no one really discusses that point.  However, regarding your limerick and Inhofe – not a really big fan of that guy myself.  He’s as crooked as the rest of the Dems and Repubs up there.


taucan62 presents New York Shipping Out The Homeless posted at rjjrdq’s America II, saying, “It looks like the big apple wants to make homelessness your problem, not theirs.”

Hey, Taucan – welcome back to the carnival.  That was exactly my first thought when I heard about this.  Giving the homeless a one-way ticket out of NY.  What ever happened to those compassionate liberals up there in NYC?  Is this how they really take care of the underserved and underprivileged – by making them the problem of other states?  Freakin’ crazy if you ask me.

SpkTruth2Pwr presents Iran Election: Fraud Allegations Die Without A Trace posted at The Apathy Remedy.

I can’t imagine living in a country like that either where opposition to the government is dealt with by death. It’s no wonder they are backing down from their claims.  Given that our administration didn’t support them, I can understand it.


Norbert Sluzewski presents The Lobbyist Does Not Speak the Peoples’ Voice posted at Naked Liberty.

I like the analogy using the “echo” game.  That does appear to be what is happening.  Lobbyists are only the voice of their clients.  Unfortunately, we the people, who actually should have the power, have no voice.  Our government has resigned themselves to listening only to lobbyists and special interest groups.  In fact, one particular special interest group – The Apollo Project – wrote the last “stimulus” bill.  Whatever happened to politicians actually writing the bills.  When you have lobbyists and special interest groups actually being the designers and architects of our bills – we no longer have a government for the people, by the people.  We need a serious overhaul of our government and we need to start electing representatives that will vow NEVER to do business with lobbyists or special interest groups.  I know Obama said he wouldn’t have lobbyists – but – he also said a lot of other things that he lied about.  Some of us tried to warn the people and to look at his past.  I’m hoping that after seeing his example, the electorate (we the people) will really start paying attention to history rather than rhetoric.  Great post.

Riversider presents Labour’s Public Spending Cuts Strategy – Asylum Seekers Can Be Hammered First posted at River’s Edge, saying, “The Labour government in the UK are beginning a huge programme of public spending cuts. Who have they chosen to hit first with their cuts? Yes the weakest, poorest and most desperate people around, asylum seekers. Wonder who will be next?”

Riverside – thanks for including this in the carnival this week.  It’s a great look inside the government of our cousins across the big pond.  When the U.S. government makes cuts – they always seem to threaten to cut the services of the underserved and underprivileged – not to mention – vital services like police and firefighters.  I wonder why they never consider cutting salaries of government workers, reducing the size of over-bloated departments, and just flat out getting rid of wasteful spending programs and departments altogether.  We give out hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to stupid things like studying the effect of alcohol on strippers in Venezuela, or giving money to the arts to produce underground pornography – yet – they cut spending on vital services.  Looks like your government sucks as much as ours.

Wenchypoo presents My View on “Cash-for-Clunkers” posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Good one.  The only thing this program will do is force used car businesses out of business using our tax dollars to do it.  Those so-called clunkers that get turned in are required to be scrapped and the engines completely disabled then shredded.  This will create an artificial reduction in the number of used cars in this country.  When supply is down and demand is up – prices go up.  Those once affordable used cars will now be so over-priced and no longer affordable that you may as well get a new car – one that the government will force on us – ones that we don’t want.  Just more government control. They can’t even run this program efficiently and they want to take over health care?

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the bobo carnival of politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Hey all…I’m back!  Okay – not at 100% yet – but – nevertheless – back to blogging and ready to take on those idiots on the left that want to push this piece of shit universal healthcare bill on America.  First, I want to thank all of you who came by and commented and left well wishes.  It is appreciated.

As you all know – the idiots in the house passed the healthcare reform bill out of committee and is expected on the house floor next week for a full vote.  I have the full text of that bill here (H.R. 3200) if anyone else is interested in reading it.  The plan this week is to try to get through this almost 1,100 page monstrosity and report on it here before the vote comes up.

From what I have read so far – this bill does absolutely nothing to reform healthcare in America.  In fact, this is no more than another wealth redistribution scheme, as was the tax and crap bill, to take money from the successful and give it to the slackers who won’t own up to their own responsibility to take care of themselves and their families.  Worst yet, it uses the unions and really big corporate business to shove the costs down to the middleclass taxpayer to saddle the biggest burden.

Hey – Obama – whatever happened to not taxing the middleclass?  So far – every piece of shit legislation that has been pushed through by you socialist bastards taxes the middleclass.  Just as any fascist regime, yours builds up the richest companies and partners with them to make them and the government bigger and richer – meanwhile pushing we middleclass down – trying to “level” that playing field.  Yeah..the only leveling going on here is expanding the government elite and making everyone else the poor to become serfs to the government.

I’m on to you and I’m gonna make sure that everyone else knows what’s in this piece of shit bill as well.

Stay tuned folks – I’ll report back on the most egregious sections of this bill that you need to be made aware of.  I’ll also be posting up some more about what universal healthcare REALLY is.  The lefties just don’t get the fact that they will lose their freedom as well with this bill.  If they think our healthcare system sucks now – wait to European style socialist universal healthcare takes hold in America.

We need to vote this bill down and we need to make our voices heard.  If Obama takes over healthcare, he and the government will have control over 40% of all industry in this country. This will jump to almost 60% if he gets that crap and tax bill paid.  I’ll explain these numbers in a future post. When you figure the Bureau of Labor Statistics has only 19 Labor categories in this country – once I detail it out – you will see how I come to those numbers.

This administration is dangerous and giving them control over our healthcare is a tipping point.  When they control healthcare, they also get to dictate what you can and cannot eat, drink, and will even be able to control your lifestyle.  You can be turned away for healthcare if they deem your lifestyle to be risky.  This too will be detailed in a future post.


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