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Some of you might remember me, most will not, I was a guest author here a few times.

I’m an old time supporter of the Bobo, we cut our teeth on blogging almost at the same time and our blogs while vastly different in tone and content these days have been supporting one another for awhile.

Bobo’s taken a vacation, and truthfully I had as well for various reasons, and had left the blogging community. But after some discussion on other blogs I found that I missed it, and decided to return to it.

I’m here to help Bobo, light the home fires once more and try to air the place out some while he’s on hiatus.

In a bit, we’ll get the blog carnivel rekindled as well so look for that too soon.

Until then, hope everyone is well and we’ll be able to start some great discussions here at the Bobo.




Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there.  Welcome to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics.  We have some great contributions for this edition.  Please make sure you check out the blogs of these contibutors and let them know what you thought of their submissions.


smrtas1 presents Obama?s Tax The Rich Strategy Will Not Solve Budget Deficit posted at Conservative Patriot HQ.

Scott Spiegel presents Economics Lessons We’ve Learned From Liberals, or “Taxation: A Celebration!” posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “In honor of Tax Day 2011 and Democrats’ impeccably timed renewed push to raise taxes on high income earners, behold the following lessons we’ve learned about economics from liberals.”

Doug Boude presents How We Know Obama Hates America posted at Doug Boude (rhymes with ‘loud’), saying, “After more than 2 years of policies, actions, and rhetoric that has only left America in worse shape than ever, Obama continues on a path of American destruction even now. But WHY? I figured it out. :)

Scott Spiegel presents Where’s Donald Trump’s Long-Form Budget Proposal? posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “If Trump took 1/10 of the time he wastes blathering about Obama’s birth certificate and spent it proposing ideas to help the economy, people might consider him a serious candidate.”


Mar Matthias Darin presents Ever climbing oil prices… posted at The Matthias Chronicles.

Mar Matthias Darin presents All those dreaded taxes… posted at The Matthias Chronicles.

e.m. cadwaladr presents Militant Islam and U.S. Policy posted at e.m. cadwaladr, saying, “The futility of hope.”

Mar Matthias Darin presents The progressive Mike Huckabee for President? posted at The Matthias Chronicles.


LaNell Haydon presents A TRUTH SPOKEN – Revolutionary Girl posted at Revolutionary Girl – Blog, saying, “This is the fictional blog of Elle, a young woman who lived in The United States of America during a time of turmoil and change; during the time of the Second American Revolution in the early 21st Century.”


Braudis Pegram presents Commercial Real Estate Activity posted at The koH Resources Blog, saying, “Perhaps this turnaround, though lethargic, is a result of the parties slowly understanding the direction the economy HAS to go.”


Bleaxx presents Colonel Gadaffi, I salute you posted at Da-SoapBox.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the bobo carnival of politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Hey all – welcome to another great installment of The BoBo Carnival of Politics.  We have a lot of submissions to get through today. Just want to give everyone a “heads up.” There won’t be a carnival next weekend as it is Easter weekend.  I will be spending that time with my family.  The next edition will be on May 1st. While we have some great submissions this week – my recommendation of the week goes to The Raba Review‘s submission of What’s So Bad About Socialism? It is not your normal liberal spewage of how capitalism sucks and socialism works – it is actually a very well, though out, and illustrated discussion.  The conclusion is still wrong (see my response below) – but – it is well worth the read.  Let Mr. Raba know your thoughts as well – and – as always – please go visit the blogs of all of these contributors – without them this carnival would not be successful.



smrtas1 presents Is the US Broke? posted at Conservative Patriot HQ.

Steve – great post.  I saw that video last week.  It’s pretty freakin’ ridiculous.  I recommend everyone read this from Iowahawk: Feed Your Family on $10 Billion a Day.  It is a step-by-step breakdown on our debt and what would happen if we do eat the rich – just how far would that get us in paying for government services.  It absolutely proves America is broke and we cannot possibly afford our government debt and expenses.

Joshua Chandler presents Welcome Back to the Program Everybody posted at Attention Globecans:, saying, “political satire questioning liberal notions of gender identification of children.”

A kitty?  Okay. LOL

Scott Spiegel presents First Rule of Good Governance: Never Negotiate with Democrats posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “Battling Democrats legislatively is like fighting terrorists militarily—you don’t show them how spineless you are; you show them how merciless you can be. They don’t respond to anything else.”

Agreed – everything needs to be on the table – and Ryan’s budget proposal is right on target. I’m wondering whatever happened to the notion that we need to stop all this hateful rhetoric and vitriol?  I seem to recall after Gabby Gifford’s shooting that all those bleeding heart libs were quick to jump all over Conservatives – and what did we see during that entire budget debate?  Nothing but hate coming from the left with some serious hateful, hurtful, and vitriolic rhetoric saying Republicans want to kill women and children.  You’re right – we should show no mercy and just steam roll over them.

Scott Spiegel presents Congress’s $38.5 Billion Scam posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “Congress’s $38.5 billion in cuts consist mostly of unused funds, funds that hadn’t been allocated for specific projects, non-renewals of one-time expenses, and salaries for czars who have already resigned.”

Yeah – $323 Million is a VERY far cry from $38.5 Billion.  This was hardly a “win” for conservatives at all.  This was Boehner playing politics and doing what politicians do best – lie to the people.  He is hardly the leader that we need in D.C. right now.

Dividist presents Ministry of Truth issues Deficit Reduction Plan posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “There is plenty to criticize about the President’s Deficit Reduction Plan above and beyond the doublespeak nonsense. The primary criticism being – it is not a plan. At least not a plan in in the same category as the Simpson-Bowles Plan or the Paul Ryan Plan – both of which offered 70+ pages of detail unsullied by Orwellian euphemism. There are few details offered in the President’s seven page framework, which can be more accurately described as general spending and revenue goals wrapped in partisan rhetoric. The saddest aspect of the President’s presentation is that on that one point, the President is right. Revenues will indeed need to increase in addition to massive spending cuts. However, the point is lost in the absurdity of the presentation.”

Dividist – great discussion.  I have nothing further to add.  Keep up the great work and thanks for submitting this for my followers.


Ryan Raba presents What’s so bad about Socialism? posted at The Raba Review.

Ryan – thanks for this submission – it’s nice to see a balanced discussion without the hate coming from your side of the aisle.  While I enjoyed reading your post – your conclusion leaves one VERY important thing out – Freedom.  What a capitalist system does is provide people the freedom to be who they want and to achieve as much as they want.  Those who are successful and work hard reap the rewards.  Those who are less successful are given the opportunity to become just as wealthy and prosperous if they so choose.  Anybody can be anything and do anything (within legal limitations) they want and are free to choose their path towards happiness.  As you rightfully pointed out in your post – under a socialist system no one is better than anybody else and all “profit” is equitable.  The only winners in a Socialist system are the elite politicians that make the rules.  In a socialist system no one can break out and become successful or choose a path to happiness based on their own merits.  If anyone tries to break away – they are vilified and brought back under control to share their wealth.  This is not freedom as our founding fathers envisioned.

Elena Botella presents A Gluttony of Defense posted at Devil Dems, saying, “Commentary from Duke Democrats about the April 2011 budget proposal that would increase Defense Department spending by $5b, when almost every other department has been hit hard”

Given the dire circumstances this country faces right now – the fact we are going broke at an alarming pace – EVERYTHING needs to be on the chopping block – including defense spending.  We could cut that $5B and more if we just withdrew all of our troops and military resources from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. I say let the middle east light themselves on fire.  We don’t need to be there to stop them.  Perhaps if oil rises enough because of the unrest – this country will finally do what is right and become totally energy independent and use our own resources.  We have the largest fossil fuel reserves in the entire world – and we are only tapping 10% of it.  I’m with you on this one  – no reason to increase the defense budget while we are cutting everything else.


Dividist presents The Dividist is IN! posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “Given the low probability of the Dems retaking the House, and the high probability of Reps taking the Senate majority, the Dividist suspects the only way to maintain Divided Government into 2013 will be to re-elect President Obama. So the Dividist is grudgingly “IN”. The Dividist is simply not ready to give One Party Republican Rule another turn at bat.”

Uhhh…nope, not me.  I do truly see the benefits of a divided government – and I see where you’re coming from – but – I can’t even fathom another 4 years of Obambi – the most incompetent President in history.  I would hope there would be another Democrat contender. Hell, I would vote for Hillary over Obambi at this point.  The GOP hasn’t exactly put up any good candidates right now either – of those who have at least expressed some interest in running.  2012 is going to be another bust election – it will undoubtedly come down to a lesser of two evils again – A RINO or A Socialist – neither are good for this country.


Jeff Bartelli presents The U.S. In Libya posted at Distant Observer, saying, “I hope you love it!”

Good post, Jeff – not all Conservatives are on board with this action.  I was against it from the beginning.  We have no military interest nor domestic interest in what happens in Libya. This was wasteful spending.  Those same NATO allies we are now supporting also fought against our efforts to go in to Iraq and Afghanistan.  I say let them do it on their own.  It is time America stopped being the world’s policeman and let the world fend for themselves.  I’m tired of my tax dollars going towards foreign aide to countries that hate us – and for paying for military interventions in places we have no true interests in.  As I stated above – let the middle east light themselves on fire – we can be energy independent any time we wanted if those idiot politicians would just get out of the way.

Janet presents Are Canadian Politicians Ignoring Small Business Problems with Credit Card Fees? posted at Credit Cards Canada, saying, “Campaigning is well under way in Canada, with politicians looking to come out on top in the federal elections following the dissolution of Harper’s government. However, there is one voting bloc that many politicians appear to be overlooking: Small business.”

Janet – thanks for this submission.  I don’t know much about Canadian politics – so this was insightful.  But, you should be careful what you wish for.  Our government intervened with our credit card issuers stating the same intention – to lower fees and give consumers an advantage.  Boy, did that backfire.  While fees may have gone down and there are some more strict rules with regards to when and how a credit card issuer can charge those fees – credit card companies have increased their interest rates drastically.  I have a 780 credit score – yet – the three credit cards that I did have all went from under 10% APR to 27, 28, and 29%.  I obviously cancelled them immediately.  Hopefully, your people and your government won’t make that same mistake if they take this on.


Safa Samiezade’-Yazd presents Why You Should Give A Damn About Arts Funding posted at Politics for Change.

Hey Safa – thanks for the submission.  However, I’m not with you on this one.  While I do agree that we should also be cutting defense spending – EVERYTHING needs to be on the chopping block, including the NEA, NEH, PBR, and the like.  Lastly, lest you forget, all of these programs are “supposed” to be non-partisan.  Both the NEA and PBR were found to be colluding with the Obama administration to push his Presidency and agenda.  PBR and NEA broke the contract.  When you break a contract – you lose the contract.  They should all be defunded as they have become a partisan arm of the Democratic party pushing a liberal agenda.  If you can prove otherwise – please do.

just4theplanet presents USA: The Grand Old Party (GOP) should be renamed EOE – Enemy of the Environment posted at Just 4 the Planet.

Really?  CO2 is NOT a greenhouse gas.  In fact – CO2 is a basic element that promotes growth in our environment.  Without CO2 – plants, flowers, and trees would cease to exist.  Humans have a symbiotic relationship with our environment – we produce CO2 that helps them thrive, and they provide us with O2 that helps us to thrive.  This whole idea that an executive level branch of the government has authority to regulate all business in the entire country is preposterous.  The EPA has no authority to do this – and only Congress can grant that authority.  The President has no authority to regulate commerce.  That is a legislative branch function – you can read it in the constitution.  The Republicans are right to reign in this executive level branch.  It has already been proven that this whole notion of global warming as a result of increased CO2 is nothing more than a hoax and is a means for wealth redistribution – the director of the IPCC stated so.

Phillip Donavan presents The New Town Square: 15 Best Places for Political Satire on the Web posted at Political Science Degree, saying, “In the olden days before internet or even television and radio, people were forced to walk all the way to the town square to hear the latest pontifications on current events. Because walking, even to the remote, is so yesterday, the town square has grown immensely in not only audience reached but speakers as well.”

The Onion is one of my favorite places to visit.  Might I also suggest adding The Endive to your collection. It is the conservative answer to The Onion.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Ever feel like there is a never ending April Fools joke being played on ya? :)   That’s how this past weekend went.  I won’t go in to details – rather – let’s just get this show on the road:

And thanks to all the contributors – please visit their blogs and let them know what your thoughts are regarding their posts.



e.m. cadwaladr presents Global Warming Reheated posted at e.m. cadwaladr, saying, “An analysis of popular reaction to global warming and peak oil. Not about the mechanics of politics, but very much an example of politics defines public perceptions.”

Mike Glover presents What Will the Future of Youth Ministry Look Like? posted at [], saying, “The future of youth ministry, by Terrace Crawford”

Nicole Adams presents Will the Illegal Immigrant Issue Bite the Republicans in Oklahoma? posted at Law Enforcement Training.


Scott Spiegel presents NYT Charges for Content People Avoided When It Was Free posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “With news that Frank Rich and Bob Herbert have left The Times, the selection of my 20 free Times articles a month couldn’t be less affected if Paul Krugman quit.”


Eric Kuha presents Is Rush Limbaugh Insensitive? posted at Spin One Half, saying, “Drawing connections between Limbaugh’s antics and conservative attitudes towards science.”


Eric Bauer presents Picking And Choosing The Winners posted at Vote Bauer.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Hey all – so sorry didn’t get to put too many posts up this past week – things have been pretty hectic out here in the real world this past week – and given what happened last week – I’m expecting more of the same this coming week.  Was last week a holiday or something? LOL.  We only have a few submissions to get through this week – so – enjoy, and as always – stop by the blogs of these participants – without them this carnival wouldn’t exit.

Welcome to the March 27, 2011 edition of the bobo carnival of politics.


Scott Spiegel presents Obama to the World on Libya: You First posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “Obama acts, not because he believes the U.S. has a unique standing in the world and should take the lead on rectifying injustice, but because everyone else is doing it.”


Eric Napier presents Here we go again posted at

Braudis Pegram presents SBA Online & Women?s History Month Event March 31st posted at The koH Resources Blog, saying, “Though you might not like Obama, the SBA is a good thing.”

Always been a fan of the SBA – unfortunately – unless you’re a minority – it is near impossible to get an SBA loan these days.  This is a good idea though – getting more woman-owned businesses in to government contracts.  Right now – it seems that the Indian Nation businesses (I mean the American Indians, not the foreign Indians) have a lock on government contracting right now.

Janet presents The Government Pays Credit Card Fees, Too posted at Credit Cards Canada, saying, “Credit card transaction fees cost everyone. We know this. It costs merchants, and probably contributes, in some fashion, to prices inflation felt by consumers who use credit cards. On top of this, Canadian taxpayers are paying more credit card fees due to the costs to the government.”


Gary Voysey presents Obama?s Lies and Freedom Fries posted at

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the bobo carnival of politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Hey All – welcome to another great edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics. We have a lot to choose from this week. Make sure you check out Mad Kane’s posts, they’re pretty good this week.


Scott Spiegel presents Fukushima Is Not Chernobyl posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “In the wake of the horrific March 11 earthquake and subsequent nuclear power plant accidents in Japan, environmentalists have been chomping at the bit to use this opportunity to relegate nuclear power to the dustbin of history.” presents All Things Ill-Considered: Anti-Intellectualism and Reality’s Jealous Embrace posted at Conservative Refocus.


K.D. Koratsky presents Federal Unionization: A Deadly Societal Cocktail posted at Neo-Darwinian Enlightenment Blog and Forum.


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Broken Priorities (Limerick) posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Aaron Krager presents Is there a Good Samaritan for the Middle Class? posted at Aaron Krager, saying, “Thanks!”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Brace For Another Pounding From Pound-Foolish Policies posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.


Solomon Raju presents Blogger: SHARING – Email Post to a Friend posted at CASH SEEKER 2, saying, “Amazing Love quotes….”

Solomon Raju presents BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS & MUSIC………… posted at SHARING, saying, “Famous quotes….”

Mansoor presents AutoCAD Creating Layers posted at Mansoor, saying, “This blog has many tutorials of auto cad and photoshop”

Scott Connery presents The Green Jobs Fantasy posted at Rational Public Radio, saying, “President Obama, and many other environmentalists promise that a transition to “alternative energy” will provide the energy our country needs and create millions of jobs in the meantime. I do some math, and analyze this claim. *Hint* He’s full of it.”

Carl Andrews presents 50 Historical Figures Who Changed Their Names posted at Online Colleges and Universities.


Tanael presents Putting “Human Nature” To The Test posted at Heal The World, saying, “Lesson learned from the behavior from the quake in Japan”


Gary Voysey presents Where’s the Chief? Obama is MIA posted at

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page


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