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Or is it 4? Frankly it’s getting hard to keep up with the number of failed green companies that sucked billions of dollars out of the Federal coffers (AKA you, the hapless taxpayer).

In case you haven’t been paying attention here’s the green economy touted by President Obama’s partial score card.

Solyndra : Bankrupt – Loss of 535 Million in Federal Grants

A123 : Bankrupt – Loss of 240 Million in Federal Grants – now being bought out by a Chicom company meaning that we fellow taxpayer – just gave the Chinese a bunch of really expensive manufacturing equipment – dirt cheap.

Abound Solar : Bankrupt – Loss of 70 million in Federal Grants.

Ener1 : Bankrupt  -  Washington pledged up to $118 million in stimulus funds. Another $80 million in state and local incentives was dedicated to help Ener1 produce cutting-edge battery technology for electric cars and the U.S. military. Now that technology is owned by a Russian tycoon.

Read more here in the link below:

In a January report, Sheryl Attkisson of CBS News counted at least 12 clean-energy companies that were having trouble after collectively being approved for more than $6.5 billion in federal assistance. Five had filed for bankruptcy: the junk bond-rated Beacon Power, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt, AES subsidiary Eastern Energy and the now-infamous Solyndra. Now we have a sixth — Abound Solar.

 So I stand corrected…its now Six failed Green Energy  companies and 6.5 Billion dollars – that’s Billion with a “B” gentle reader and exactly .. Z-E-R-O in return.
Well perhaps not exactly ZERO – after all most of these failed companies have a very common thread. They are all Obama Campaign contributors…. So somebody got a return on his investment…that would be: Obama, a Russian Tycoon, and a Chinese Communist.
Hey …..Loosing your home? Lost your job? Economy  sucks? Gas costing you 6.00 bucks a gallon and taking food out of your kids mouth?? Electric Bill sky rocketing?
Don’t fret …. at least Obama, the CHICOMS, Russians, and his fellow Green Democrats like Diane Finestien and Steny Hoyer are sleeping well knowing that they are leading the charge to “protect the environment.”
Aw, comon now …Admit it – don’t you just get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you’ve worked a full 4 months of the year away to pay your federal income taxes and that money is going to such wonderful programs? Better yet it’s going to fill the pockets of Communists and the Russians?
What? You’re not warm and fuzzy? You’re cold and shivering?
Maybe this has something to do with it?
“Hindsight is always 20-20,” Obama told George Stephanopoulos of ABC News after Solyndra closed its doors. “It went through the regular review process. And people felt like this (Solyndra) was a good bet.”
I’m sorry …do I live in Las Vegas? Where and when did the American taxpayer authorize this fool to “bet” on anything? Hey Jackass!! That isn’t your money you moron…that is the TAXPAYERS money and you just pissed away billions on unicorn farts, fairy tales, and pixie dust!! High Crimes and Misdemeanor anyone?
But then again – I guess the green snot screwball in chief can always claim he told us so….
“Under my plan … electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”
“If somebody wants to build a coal-fired power plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them,”

Yep….Even after 6 turns at bat…..Obama is still…..the ….WORST.PRESIDENT.IN.HISTORY


Well if there was any doubt in the first place concerning the intelligence of some Obama supporters this should serve nicely to dispel that…


Obama should be allowed to use a Teleprompter to debate

Really? After watching that I could only think of one thing….


“Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to speak out and remove all doubt”.


Abe Lincoln 16th President of the United States.




There is absolutely no doubt in my mind now that GWB is an absolute brainless idiot! Yes, I’ve had a few disagreements with him in the past, but, for most of his tenure as the President I’ve been pretty supportive.

I just came across this story from Breitbart TV: Bush says sacrificed free-market principles to save economy. This is just absolute proof this moron has no freakin’ clue what the hell he is doing!

“I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system,” Bush told CNN television, saying he had made the decision “to make sure the economy doesn’t collapse.”

What? This country has survived and became the great nation that it was BECAUSE of the free-market capitalist system!  You have ensured the collapse of capitalism as we know it.  Any first-year college kid taking ECON-101 knows you don’t use socialism and institute a nationalist system in order to repair the free-market system.  This just means you’re an idiot and you just don’t get it.

The ONLY way for the free-market system to survive is to let it work – keep the damned government out of it – no interference!  Bail-outs are anti-capitalism.  It prevents a free-market system from doing what it’s supposed to do – fix itself by weeding out companies that aren’t performing properly.  It weeds out the greedy corporations because people will stop using their services or buying their goods.

You assholes in D.C. have been unfairly regulating private business for so long and putting free-market strangling rules and regulations on private businesses to prevent them from operating at optimal conditions that they were doomed to fail..(i.e., auto industry).  Then, you come in and bail out those businesses using MY money WITHOUT MY permission which ensured the collapse of this economy.  Not only THAT – you saw the corruption with Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel, and many many others and their direct influence on this economy and their dirty dealings – and did nothing.  You never once opened up and called for a single investigation in to their activities – which you have the authority to do.  Our government is based on a system of Checks and Balances – you’re supposed to be CHECKING them!  Instead – you let the legislative branch put you on the defense.  You should have been on offense with them this entire time!

NO BUSINESS is TOO BIG to FAIL!  LET THEM FAIL – that is what capitalism and the free-market system is all about!  When one business fails – another comes along to pick up where they left off to make things better.  The idea that you think the only way to save a free-market system is to use socialist policies means you are either a complete blithering idiot or the left has your balls.  I think it’s probably a combination of both.

The most frightening aspect of this whole thing is that by implementing this socialist policy now – you have totally opened the door for what is bound to be the most liberal government in our history.  You have practically handed Obama the keys to capitalism and told him he can lock it away in the basement for good.  Obama will only build on these socialist policies that YOU started and ensure this country heads down the path to socialism and will doom this economy in to a long-term depression.  If you really wanted to help this economy – you should NOT have given out those damned “rebate” checks and you sure as hell should not have bailed out ANY private business at all!  If you really wanted to help this economy you would have forced Congress to repeal that idiotic CRA.  But, no…you’re the damned idiot that extended it and even provided additional federal funding for first time homebuyers knowing there was no verification of identity and income checks.  If you really wanted to help this economy you would have forced Congress to fix the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac issue.  But, no…you just sat on your ass up there and watched it happen.

And don’t go trying to tell me that the President can’t force Congress to do anything.  He can make weekly televised appearances letting the people of this country know what is going on and let the people get involved.  We the people didn’t really know about any of this until it was too late.  The media, which is supposed to be the watchdog of government failed to do their duty by not keeping us informed.  Instead – they joined the anti-war left and all we ever heard about is how much Bush and Cheney are warmongers and gave us the daily tally of our dead soldiers.

You, Mr. GWB will go down in history now as the President that killed capitalism.  You will be the President that goes down in history as having the ability to prevent this from happening, but sat idly by and waited for it come tumbling down around us.  I believe you are going to be ranked right in there with Jimmy Carter now.  Jimmy Carter started this mess over 30 years ago – and you had the ability to stop it.  Instead – you start handing out money like crazy to those who don’t deserve it and you expanded government to a size never before seen in this country.  You should have just run as a liberal Democrat because that’s the way you’ve been governing.  Not only did you abandon the free-market system – you abandoned all conservative values as well.

Related story:

In Response to Parts 1, 2, and 3

Yup – I said it.  I put it out there!  But, really – either you are so far to the left of regular American’s that you hate this country so much that you would vote for a socialist who is a Saul Wilensky and Karl Marx scholar – or you’re just so freakin’ retarded that you drool and make spit bubbles all day long!

Here’s another post you NEED to read from our good buddy John:  Obama’s Membership in the Socialist Party – this is a follow up post that John put up over at The Right Wing.  And..I thought I was pissed off about the main stream media cover up of Obama – check this out from Matt-Speak: Obama Cries Foul, Says Fox Cost Him Points! Huh?

With everything that I have written about and provided factual back links to as well as stuff from other bloggers, conservative talk radio, newspaper articles, magazine articles, etc…regarding Obama’s connections – not that freakin’ “guilt by association” shit – but actual friendships with Ayers, ACORN leaders, convicted slum lord Rezko, that anti-white racist Wright, the radical anti-semite Farrakhan, and on and on and on – your brain has to be filled with nothing but rice pudding to seriously consider voting for someone like Obama.

Could one of you nutjobs out there give me a very clear and cogent reason why you would possibly vote for someone who promises to raise your taxes, institute a European socialist system in America, reinstitute The Fairness Doctrine, retreat and defeat in Iraq, and take away the 2nd Amendment right to bare arms…seriously.  Oh wait – I forgot – it’s not that you actually like Obama – you hate George Bush – that’s got to be it right?

Cuz – surely, no one in their right mind would vote for the most liberal senator in the United States to be the next President knowing that he himself has admitted to being all for “spreading the wealth” or as we know it – WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION – a marxist ideology.  An ideology that goes completely against the ideas of our founding fathers!  Our founding fathers believed in property rights – and – property earned through the hard fruits of our own labors is our property to keep – not to be distributed to others who are not as successful.

From Thomas Jefferson:

“[The] rights [of the people] to the exercise and fruits of their own industry can never be protected against the selfishness of rulers not subject to their control at short periods.” –Thomas Jefferson to Isaac H. Tiffany, 1816.

“I may err in my measures, but never shall deflect from the intention to fortify the public liberty by every possible means, and to put it out of the power of the few to riot on the labors of the many.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Tyler, 1804. ME 11:33

“Our wish… is that… equality of rights [be] maintained, and that state of property, equal or unequal, which results to every man from his own industry or that of his fathers.” –Thomas Jefferson: 2nd Inaugural Address, 1805. ME 3:382

“To take from one because it is thought that his own industry and that of his father’s has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association–’the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.’” –Thomas Jefferson: Note in Destutt de Tracy’s “Political Economy,” 1816. ME 14:466

You idiots, morons, and retards who want to vote for Obama should pay very close attention to the first quote up there. This is exactly what Obama intends to inflict on this country. Obama has his own selfish means for wanting to redistribute the wealth and property of those who are successful – he’s trying to buy your votes – because he thinks you guys can’t succeed on your own..but..hey..if you’re that retarded – then I guess you will fail won’t you?

Hey – moron!  Yes – you – duh!  The one who keeps carrying Obama’s water for him and making excuses for his ever-changing positions – who do you think is responsible for the economic mess we’re in?  Huh?  I see, you can’t think for yourself can ya – you need the Great Obamessiah to tell you what to think.  Obama says it’s the Republicans and greedy wallstreet CEO’s so – its got to be true!!!

I know you’ve heard about the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 that your other God of Morons Jimmy Cahtah signed in to legislation – it’s been all over the blogosphere and in every REAL investigative report out there.  I know you know that this socialist policy that forces banks to give out loans to the poor was the start of the mortgage industry problems right?

I know you can’t be that much of an out of touch pea brain to not know about the socialist revision of the CRA in 1995 by your ultimate supreme God of Blow Jobs Liberalism Billy “What Cigar?” Clinton that then forced those banks to now take on even more risky loans by telling them they no longer could ask for proof of income, proof of employment, or proof of identification.  People like Shmucky Schumer, Chris “I Love Fannie Mae” Dodds, and Barney Fife Frank were telling lenders that if they didn’t give poor people these loans then they were racists.  In fact Obama’s best ACORN friend, Madeline Talbott, hired him to sue the state of Illinois to force the banks and mortgage companies in Illinois to follow this new socialist policy.

You see – it is social liberalism and redistributionist policies like these that started this downward tailspin in our economy.  Your heroes gave the lenders no choice but to take these risky loans – then – they repackaged those loans with good loans and sold them off as security derivatives to other banks who in turn repackaged those with some of their own bad loans..etc etc etc.

One of the biggest freakin’ mistakes that Bush ever made was revising the CRA in 2003 to now take the requirement of a downpayment out of the equation!  Yes, I admit – the Republicans were complicit also…BUT – this is one just one small piece of this whole pie.  The other pieces fall right in to the lap of Obama and his obstructionist dummicrat buddies in congress who refused to reform Fannie & Freddie.  Well – considering Obama and Dodds were the number 1 and 2 recipients of the highest political campaign contributions from these two failed institutions – they were just protecting their own interests.

But – NO – You’re a freakin’ retard aren’t ya?  You just don’t get it!  You would rather sit in the corner playing with yourself while looking at your Obama bumper stickers and campaign flyers thinking about how much money he has promised to give you as long as you just keep repeating everything he says without actually thinking about the evidence against him.

Well – while you’re being pre-occupied with yourself he’s laughing his ass off at you idiots for buying his shit.  As I write this – there are news stories everywhere about how he’s degrading the working class – the very people he claims to want to protect.  He and his cronies are now out there mocking Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher.  Obama is a true elitist and looks down on the middle-class as though we can’t succeed without his help.  He besmirched ALL middle-class hardworking individuals with his snide remark in New Hampshire yesterday “How many plumbers do you know that make $250,000?” as if it isn’t possible!  Hey – dumbshit – ever hear of RotoRooter?  How about Drain Doctors?  or maybe Mister Rooter and Midway Services?  Should I continue?  These are all national plumbing companies that started off small there Mr. “I’m better than you” Obama!

Obama will punish success in this country and drive it in to the ground.  In the meantime – here’s what you retards can expect if he comes in to office:

You’re gonna wake up one morning and wonder WTF happened – then you’re gonna realize you’ve been baited and then he’s going to snap that trap shut on your ass…but…what the hell…you’re all


Don’t say you haven’t been warned!  As it turns out – if you don’t voluntarily vote for Obama – they steal it!

The BoBo of The Week Award

The BoBo of The Week Award

It’s that time again! So sorry for posting this up so late – you know how it goes – the real world stuff gets in the way sometimes! So – without further adieu – the winner this week goes to:

This guy, Jon from A Lie a Day for this post:  Conservatives are Cowards.  Actually, that’s not the post I was originally going to give him the beat down on – but – when I went back I saw that one and just knew he must have written that just for little ol’ me!!  Here’s the original post I was going to give him the award for:  Time to Reap What we Have Sewn -  The gist of that post was that Ronald Reagan and Dubya were directly responsible for the failures of AIG, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.  I was going to set his ass straight and remind him of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 that Jimmy Cahtah enacted and then was revised by Billy Boy Clinton in 1996 that essentially told any mortgage lenders that if they didn’t accept high-risk loans for the “disadvantaged” they would be considered racists and would never do business in the housing market again – then I was also going to remind him of the 2006 updated to that crafted by Congress, and ignorantly signed by GWB, that allowed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to create the sub-prime loan vehicle.  The Democrats crafted that thing in such a way that there would be absolutely no oversight.  But – that’s not the one he gets an award for – so – I guess I won’t tell him about all that or the fact that the two Managers of Freddie and Fannie who were recently found guilty in a civil suit and have to repay millions back, including fines, are economic advisors to Barack Obama.  (Isn’t it funny how all of Obama’s associates continue to turn out to be criminals?)

So – let’s get down to the post that prompted me to change my mind about the award:

First, Jon, I need some clarification here – the title of your blog – are you publicly acknowledging that you are attempting to spread one lie a day here?  You know, from my vantage point – it appears that is exactly what you are doing. He says:

I have noted before how fear filled the right wing’s bed wetting brigade can act with something goes bump. I have always considered it to be a notable factor in the make-up of many of those on the right.

Well, it appears I was right.

Me, being the actual researcher that I am and having an insider knowledge of how studies are actually conducted, decided to go check out his links. The first link just references back to a previous post of his that spews some stupid bull shit about how we conservatives are fear mongers and blah blah blah. The second link is to an on-line newspaper article that quotes a University of Nebraska study that was reported in “the prestigious Science journal.”  So – I checked out the Science Journal website – here’s what they say about their journal:

Science is a weekly, peer-reviewed journal that publishes significant original scientific research, plus reviews and analyses of current research and science policy. Our offices in Washington, D.C., and Cambridge, U.K., welcome submissions from all fields of science and from any source.

Competition for space in Science is keen, and many papers are returned without in-depth review. Priority is given to papers that reveal novel concepts of broad interest. We are committed to the prompt evaluation and publication of submitted papers. For the quickest and most efficient processing of your manuscript, please follow the guidelines and procedures laid out in this author help site.

Please pay particular note to the statement “Priority is given to papers that reveal novel concepts of broad interest.” That’s where this study falls. Even though they consider themselves a peer reviewed journal – apparently, not all studies are scrutinized to ensure the data is statistically valid. Here’s what I found in the news article regarding the study:

In the study, 46 volunteers were asked about their political views on such hot button issues as immigration and gun control, which have a strong correlation to voting booth behaviour.

All righty then!!!  One of the key aspects of any study is that you need to do a power calculation to determine the statistical reliability and validity of the sample itself.  The reason for the power calculation is that you need to have an appropriate sample that is generalizable to the target population as a whole.  In any real study you need to have a study group and a control group.  Since this paper gives no details about the study design – and the fact they measured all 46 volunteers – this leads me to believe there were no controls.  Additionally, the newspaper article did not link back directly to the study – so – we have no way of reading the actual report to critique for ourselves.  We also need to know whether or not the researchers controlled for any biases or made corrections for the random/cluster effect or even took in to account for alternative reasons for the results.  Lastly, we don’t know what analysis tool they utilized to determine the statistical validity of the results.

What we need to know is one of the following:  the alpha value, the degrees of freedom, the standard deviation, or the p-value, in addition to confounders.  But – even without knowing any of these, I can tell you with certainty that a sample of 46 volunteers is not a statistically valid or reliable sample given there are almost 150 million registered voters that align themselves as liberal, conservative, independent, and all others in between.  There is no possible way that the results of 46 college students are a representative sample that can be generalized to the entire voter population.

The next question I’m sure Jon might ask me is – how do you know they were college students?  Well, dipshit, this would be one of the very few University studies that wasn’t based entirely on college students.  Where the hell do you think the universities get their subjects?

So – I need to ask you, Jon, why didn’t you include that small little detail in your post?  Is it because when you read it you knew that it had to be bogus?  Was it because libtards like you will take everything out of context and just use pieces of articles that suit your purpose to continue spreading lies?  Why is this the only section of the entire news article that you quoted on your blog?

a new study in the prestigious journal Science says that people with right wing views blink and flinch far harder than liberals when confronted with startling stimuli.

In the first study to directly link politics and physiology, the University of Nebraska led study suggests that people who hold conservative views on things like foreign policy and gun control, are more frightened than those with a more left-leaning bent on those issues.

Let me take a moment here, Jon, to point something out for you – but, given you are such an educated and knowledgeable liberal – I’m just sure you already know this – do you see that part in the article up there where it says “the University of Nebraska led study suggests….” Do you see that word, “suggests”? Here’s what this means in terms of statistical analysis, reliability, and validity – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! This tells me, the guy who actually knows statistics and is in the process of doing my own research and has been published myself in journals, there is no statistical significance to their findings.  If there were, that is exactly how the study results would have been presented to the public.  Rather, what this means is that it is a hack job and is being rushed to print to mislead the public about conservatives and to have USEFUL IDIOTS like yourself continue to distort the truth for them just furthering their liberal agenda.  Here, try this out – I too conducted an observational study, honestly, in which I watched and followed 10 homeless panhandlers.  My study suggests that panhandlers are not homeless, and they are in fact making an average of $60,000 a year from their panhandling efforts.  What do you have to say about that?  Actually, I did observe two of the ten leave at the end of the day, change out of their “bum” clothes into nicer clothing and drove their mid-sized cars, that they retrieved from the parking garage at $12 a day or $65 a month, to go to their homes.  I was able to infer by the cars that they were driving and the homes they drove up to that they would have to be making at least $60,000 a year to be able to afford the cars and the homes.  But, this was an observational study with no statistical significance – but – my findings do indeed “SUGGEST” exactly what I said.

Hey, Jon – you nimrod – learn to read between the lines and quit being a shill for the loony left there. Here’s how he ended this post:

And that is why the Bush administration worked so hard to keep everyone freaked out from 2001 to 2006; It help in their political efforts.

This clearly would not apply across the board to everyone who has conservative views and it does appear to apply to protective issues more than broader issues. That said, this is the first step in confirming a detail that I have long suspected; Many of those on the right who have been screeching the loudest are doing so because they are afraid.

As s follow up to this study I think that there is another effect that should be reviewed. I would love to see the effect that ever increasing scare tactics has on how voters vote. I bet it moves them to the right, at least a little, no matter where they are on the political spectrum.

You really are an idiot aren’t you? So – you say you wouldn’t apply it across the board (is it perhaps because you also understood that only 46 people were OBSERVED) but then you go on as if you are some kind of all knowing omnipotent individual to continue the smear yourself by stating that we speak up only out of fear. Actually, if you really understood the conservative movement, you would know we speak out because of lilly livered little pussies like you who want to turn this country in to a socialist state that goes completely against our constitution and what our forefathers intended. We really do believe in protecting this country from enemies. Unfortunately, there are morons out there like you who don’t realize that the threats are real. Iran really is in the process of building nukes. North Korea really did have nukes and are continuing their program again. The islamofascists really do want to kill you and me. There really are bad guys out there that want to harm us and our way of life and want to take that from us. Sometimes, the only way to deal with fanatics like this is to kill them before they kill us. But, you don’t get that because you would rather try to talk to them and get to know how they feel – just before they take that machete to your head.

Regarding your second assertion – the idea that you want a follow up study to determine the effect of “scare tactics” on voters. This just proves to me that you live with your head in the sand. I guess you live in that pre-9/11 world where you think everything was just peachy-keen. Let me tell you about the world I grew up in -as the son of a career Army Airborne Infantry service member – I travelled around the world.  I was living in Germany when the Palestinian terrorists killed the Israeli Olympians in Munich.  I was living in Germany when the Arabs blew up the Abrams building in Frankfurt.  I lived under terrorist alerts as a child.  I’ve seen what those bastards could do.  I remember the images of the Marine Baracks being blown up in Lebanon in 1983.  I remember the images of Leon Klinghoffer being thrown overboard of the Achille Lauro from his wheelchair by Palestinian terrorists in 1985.  I remember the images of one of our Navy seamen being thrown out of the back of a TWA plane on to the tarmac in Lebanon by Hezbollah terrorists in 1985 after they shot and killed him.  I was living in Greece and serving in the USAF when our American ambassador’s car was blown up and his head was found on the street in 1987.  Are you getting the point here?

For this idiotic post just passing on lies and continuing to spread results of a faulty study that has no significant findings and for the fact that you are too stupid to open your eyes to reality – you get The BoBo of The Week Award!  Congratulations – wear it proudly!

This story comes via Larry over at Last Refuge of a Scoundrel – Be prepared to break out the Clue-bats on this one!!!  I’m sure everyone has heard by now about the story of the Canadian man who was slaughtered while he slept on a Greyhound bus.  Do – I really need to go in to the gory details of his demise?  Well, turns out, he was a 22 year old young man returning home from a temporary gig as a booth operator at some festival.  The young man’s name was Tim McLean, Jr.  You can read about him and his family here.

Now – lets’ bring in the real assholes now!  His demise was absolutely horrific and his family is suffering and still trying to get over this tragedy of tragedies.  Well, Pastor “I hate fags” Fred “I’m the biggest douchebag” Phelps and his loonies from the Westboro Baptist Church has decided they are going to picket this young man’s funeral!!  These people are not Christians and they bring shame to the religion.

Oh..nooooo…it’s not enough for these assholes to picket our soldier’s funerals, now they’ve gone international to picket an innocent young man’s interment.  What the flying freakin fuck is going on with these nutjobs!?!?!  What the hell did this young man and his family do to deserve this?  Isn’t it bad enough that he was unlucky enough to sit next to some psychopath on his way home?  Now, his family have to deal with a whole group of psychopaths?  I sure hope there is a group of individuals up there in Canada like the motorcycle ridin’ Patriot Guard Riders who will stand in their way.

Naw..strike that…I hope there is a group of individuals up there willing to bring clue-bats and beat the living snot out of these people.  People like this group of bigoted idiots should be locked away!  Oh…there’s an idea…Canada is all about locking up people for hate speech crimes – perhaps we’ll get the RCMP up there to ride their horses over these assholes a couple times before they throw them in a Canadian clink.

R.I.P. Tim McLean, Jr.


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