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Hello everyone and welcome to yet another great edition of the Carnival. Just wanted to let everyone know that with next weekend being Easter – the next edition will actually be posted on Saturday, April 9th with the last submission for the week being on Good Friday at 11:00pm EST. I’ll be taking off Easter Sunday to celebrate with the family. With that being said – enjoy!


Terri Choate presents On Throwing Money at the Problem posted at Plum Duff…not your ordinary gruel!.

A very excellent and detailed look at the problem with our education system and the government “reforms.”  Our education system happens to be one of my soapbox items.  Whenever the government and politicians stick their nose in anything it just makes it worse.  As you pointed out, both Aristotle and the guy in the Detroit school district were right – more money won’t make a difference if the system is broke.

Selkirk presents What It Means To Be A Liberal posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America.

Another good post Selkirk.  I did a similar list last year.  The one’s that you have listed are similar to a couple that I mentioned as well.  Those liberals make no sense at all do they?

David Lamb presents Playing with Fire: President Obama, Rick Wagoner, and the new responsibilities posted at Killer Buffalo, saying, “After a November meeting with the Senate Banking Committee forced General Motors (GM) chief-executive Rick Wagoner to accept a no bonus $1 per year salary starting in 2009, President Obama and his auto industry task-force have decided that Mr Wagoner’s services aren’t worth a greenback.”

David – welcome back from wherever you were!  Can we say “fascism?”  I’m just wondering when Obama is going to demand that Gettelfinger resign as well – after all – the union is just as much at fault.

lsm presents DUI Gone Mad. posted at awaken the elephants blog.

This is freakin’ ludicrous – to use your term as well – more government gone amok.  While I’m all for taking drunk drivers off the road – this law is just preposterous.  At least this guy was responsible enough NOT to drive.

The Gnome Lord presents My Political Positions In Plain English posted at The Gnome Lord . com.

Simply Awesome!  I share many of these same positions – I just haven’t been able to put them as poignantly as you have.

Selkirk presents A Letter from Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao Requesting President Obama’s Resignation posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America, saying, “Reworking the speech the President gave regarding the auto industry.”

That’s a pretty scary letter – but – if China ever decides to do what our country has done to private industry – that is exactly the letter that will be written and received in D.C.


Angus Stocking presents Stop It, You’re Torturing Me posted at Belief Systems & Other BS, saying, “A personal reason for disliking torture.”

Hey Angus – I guess you’re going to have to define what you think torture is for me.  This country of ours does not torture.  I’ve been through worse during airborne survival training school than any detainee at Gitmo has ever been through.  Waterboarding is not torture.  It is very uncomfortable – but – I wouldn’t consider it torture.  I know several people who have been through it during training – and – they came out of it okay.  I agree with all those other methods you mentioned seeing on TV and in movies, etc – but – those torture techniques were always ones that have been used on American soldiers by other nations.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Republican Road To Remedial Math posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Well – no numbers is better than the numbers the Dem’s have proposed.  I’d rather a budget that contains ZERO spending and cuts all across the board than that disaster the Dems want to throw at the American public.


Banquet Manager presents Congress ‘Hypocrisy’ on Company Trips Irks U.S. Hotel Industry posted at So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager….

Is that a picture of Champion’s Gate?  It looks real familiar.  This is a great post – it points out the hypocrisy of our government leaders.  Freakin’ idiots.  It’s “do as I say, not as I do” with those idiots.  I think they are determined to really destroy every sector of this economy.

C. E. Dowalt presents Who stole the money: Congress posted at Money Confidential.

It would be nice if the MSM would actually start doing their jobs and reporting the truth, wouldn’t it?  Why does it seem that nobody is willing to pin the blame where it belongs – on the politicians.  They screwed up this economy – not private organizations, not me, not you, not the banks.  It was the politicians with their idiotic manipulation of the free market system with their assinine regulations that fucked everything up.


nickel presents The Worst 401(k) Plans posted at

Given this is tied directly in to the economy and the mess our government has gotten us in – I can see how this can fit here in this carnival.  All I can say is I’m glad my company isn’t on this list.  Actually, I saw this mess coming.  I moved all of my assets in my 401k to the fixed account at a 3.5% rate in November 2007.  While everyone else lost, I’ve been earning a nominal amount – but – earning.

Credit Card Addict presents Outlawing Retroactive Interest Rate Changes posted at CreditAddict.

Let’s hope the legislation going through Congress will also outlaw this practice.  At least Maryland got one thing right!

Steve Patterson presents Renter Foreclosure Alerts. What? posted at, saying, “Some landlords creating more regulation for all.”

Considering that the mortgage failures are at the forefront for the failing economy – I guess I’ll let this one by.  This is a good public service message.

Len Penzo presents Stop the Bailouts and Let the Bankruptcy Process Do Its Job posted at Len Penzo . Com, saying, “Rick Wagoner goes to Washington DC with hat in hand and ends up getting punked by Barack Obama. There’s a lesson there for every private company that’s on the ropes and fearing the stigma of a potential bankruptcy filing.”

Bankruptcy should have been the first option for any private organization.  There never should have been a bailout.  Despite the fact that GM took the bailout – that still did not give Obama the authority or the right to tell Wagoner to step down.  Wagoner should have just gave him the finger and told him to fuck off.  If the board wants Wagoner out – it’s the board’s decision – not Teh One’s.

Greg Laden presents Greg Laden’s Blog : From Graduate School to Prison: What is the rational argument for ELF or ALF? posted at Greg Laden’s Blog.

Greg – excellent post.  I have nothing more that I can even think to add to this post.  Thanks for sharing your personal experience with us all.


brislo2003 presents Forgive Student Loans for Economic Stimulus, Bank Stability, & Direct Help posted at Topics Of Conversation, saying, “$550 billion would eliminate all student debt increase consumer spending dramatically.”

From a personal standpoint – I can stand behind this.  I have a huge student loan that is killing me.  However, I took that loan on and agreed to the terms and agreement.  While I get where you are coming from – there is no way I can possibly shirk my responsibility and saddle the rest of the country with my debt.

brislo2003 presents Kill the Bonus Tax | Topics Of Conversation posted at Topics Of Conversation, saying, “Killing the bonus tax should not be a political decision but a decision based on reason.”

I agree with you on this one 100%.  There is no way in hell that government should ever be able to dictate to private business what their salaries and bonuses are.  I don’t care if that company did get a bailout on taxpayer dollar.  While I’m pissed that government bailed them out and the fact those private businesses took the bailouts – the fact of the matter is they are private organizations.  Once government gets in the mix and starts dictating how private businesses are run – we’re down the path to fascism and following in Hitler’s and Mussolini’s lead.

NotYourDaddy presents Taxpayer Tea Parties All Across the Nation posted at Government is not your Daddy., saying, “If the founding fathers could have even imagined the plethora of laws, regulations, ordinances, taxes, licenses, permits, fees, etc. that we are subject to today, and which are constantly increasing, they would roll over in their graves.”

I agree – they probably are rolling over though. You are spot on with the questions there.  I posted up a table earlier this week for people to find tea parties in their states – I got that from  I think everyone needs to find a party and join it.  I will be.

Eric Michael Johnson presents Bodyguard of Lies posted at The Primate Diaries.

While I agree that we should not allow special interest groups to dictate our policies in government – you forgot to mention that former Ambassador Charles Freeman was the director for a Saudi funded Middle East advocacy group and has a conflict of interest.  That is the main reason he was turned down.  Considering he has been getting paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last few years to lobby on behalf of Middle East interests – I don’t see how he could be the right choice for National Intelligence in this country.  I wouldn’t want him to have access to our national secrets either knowing they could possibly be givne to our enemies. I don’t trust the man.

Jared Rhoads presents It’s not about “effectiveness” posted at The Lucidicus Project, saying, “Jared M. Rhoads writes that despite the temptation to support “responsible stewardship of public funds,” government should not be funding research to determine which medical treatments we will all receive.”

I agree 100%.  Being that I’m in the healthcare profession and have been for the last 18 years – it would be absolutely disastrous for government to stick their fingers in to private healthcare.  Government should never be allowed to dictate medical treatment – and – it is a waste for them to even conduct research in this area.  The research has already been done – look at any nationalized healthcare system.  It’s a disaster.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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10 Responses to “The BoBo Carnival of Politics – April 5, 2009 Edition”

  • Bobo,

    You are so right about The Messiah’s chutzpah regarding his perceived authority to go in and remove Rick Wagoner from GM. Still, it was a terrible miscalculation on Wagoner’s part to believe that such a scenario would never occur.


    Len Penzos last blog post..The Best of the Best in Money and Personal Finance

  • @Len – you’re right – but – would any CEO of any company in the great country of America ever think that there was the possibility that the President would tell him to step down? I know I never would have thought it. I think he was shocked that it even happened.

  • I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  • Carnivals…

    Carnival of Space 98 is here. Carnival of the Blue 22 is here Down Under Feminist Carnival is Here. The BoBo Carnival of Politics – April 5, 2009 Edition……

  • Thanks for including my post in this carnival. I’ll be back.

    banquet managers last blog post..Wow, The Chef’s Been Really Nice To Me Latey

  • Puke puddle has got to go. Have you been about the sphere seeing all the stuff he’s done to Americas view in the world? Gotta go.
    p.s.: Testing “Safari”.

    cmblake6s last blog post..Pure genius!

  • Octodog:

    I’m a liberal. I’m very liberal as a matter of fact. So liberal that you would probably call me names ;) Yet I don’t believe a single thing that is on that list. Nor do any of my liberal friends. I used to work with someone who believes a few of those and I’ve met a couple of people who don’t like western civilization but by and large that list looks like it was pulled directly out of the author’s nether regions. Could you provide a link to your post. I would love to see whether you went for cheap laugh or actual understand of what us flaming leftists believe.

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