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\ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi-\
Italian fascismo, from fascio bundle, fasces, group, from Latin fascis bundle & fasces fasces

1.often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
2: a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

After the latest government takeover of private industry – I am no longer stating that Obama is leading us towards socialism. He has in fact proven that he is following in Mussolini, Hitler, and FDR’s footsteps and moving this country towards Fascism at a speed that is almost uncontrollable. While FDR certainly was moving towards Fascism and was a great admirer of Mussolini – not even FDR has accomplished the feat that Obama has in less than six months.

It has now gotten so bad in this country that we have China, Russia, and Germany telling us to stop heading towards socialism. Of all the countries to warn the U.S. about it’s socialist tendencies right now – Russia and China? I think they have it wrong anyway – Obama is a Fascist – not a socialist. Socialists take over private business and run everything and make all the decisions for the benefit of the collective. Fascists “partner” with private business and will provide an allusion that the private organization is in control – but in the end – makes all the business decisions – not for the good of the people – but for the good of the government elite.

You guys on the left kept calling Bush a fascist because he supported big business. That just means that you really did not understand the definition of Fascism nor did you study history and the rise and fall of Mussolini and Hitler. These guys were the epitome of Fascist. They took over all private business. Left the corporations in place – but partnered with the CEO’s of those businesses. All production was to the benefit of the government. Under a socialist regime – all production is for the benefit of the people and work and profit are equally distributed.

I want you to really look at what has happened to our auto industry, finance industry, and insurance industry. The government has taken ownership of the largest of these corporations (GM, Chrysler, Bank of America, AIG, etc.) Those banks that took the TARP money are not even allowed to give it back now. If Obama wasn’t in the business of nationalizing our financial system – why aren’t the banks now allowed to become private businesses again? Look at what Obama did to Chrysler – He fired their CEO and also made cuts to their advertising budget. That is the definition of fascist government control over private industry. Same thing for AIG – he feigned outrage over the bonuses – yet – he had complete control over the fates of every single individual working at AIG. He knew all the details – yet – he needed to demonize the industry for the people to cry out. This allowed Obama to take over AIG – no questions asked.

Obama says he doesn’t want to run the auto companies and said on Monday that government will only be involved in the “fundamental decisions.” People – wake the hell up! The most fundamental decisions of any business IS the business. He plans on being involved at every level of decision making with GM. If that weren’t true – then why the hell does he have some totally unqualified 31-year-old kid with absolutely no economic experience, no private industry experience, and no auto-industry experience controlling the fate of GM?

Next on the horizon for Obama’s fascist takeover America is our healthcare system and energy sector. The latest poll states that 80% of Americans are satisfied with their insurance coverage. Why the hell would we allow the government to control of something that the majority of Americans are actually happy with? Once government takes over health care – they can now dictate every aspect of our life – if you don’t believe me – just ask anybody who has been through the Canadian or British Health Systems. Your ability to access healthcare will be based on your health – are you a smoker? are you obese? do you eat more red meat than you should? How old are you? etc. Socialized medicine is based on a system of rationing and there are very strict guidelines as to who will be covered under that system. I urge you to google it yourselves – I could give you thousands of links of examples of this. I have a British family living next to me and the wife is a former nurse for the BHS. She is now a nurse here in the U.S.. Since my wife is a nurse as well – we often have lots of discussion regarding a comparison of the BHS and our system here. She felt stifled as a nurse under the BHS because while she really wanted to provide care to her patients – the government had strict control over what care could be provided depending on the individual’s socioeconomic position and general health.

If you don’t think this is possible – just read the provision of the new HITECH Act under the ARRA. This will require that EVERY physician and health care provider be on electronic medical records by 2014. As part of that requirement – a national database will be created and maintained by the federal government. EVERY EMR system in America will be linked to that national database. You want to talk about “Big Brother!” You will no longer have health care privacy in America. The government will have access to and will maintain every piece of health information about you. This system will also have real-time capabilities for the government to direct your physician during your visit. The government will be deciding your course of treatment – not your physician. Do you still think that Obama is not a Fascist? He will now decided what kind of car you drive, who gets loans from the banks, who gets insured, and who gets appropriate health coverage. Having control over the health care system – he will also be able to control what foods we eat. He will use the FDA and EPA to regulate the national food supply. Don’t believe me? How many times have you read something in the news about one of those lefty states trying to regulate through food taxes or placing bans on certain foods? The FDA and EPA will ensure those bans because the national healthcare database has provided evidence that supports their bans.

Lastly – well, as far as what we know right now to be lastly – with the Cap & Trade scheme that Obama is proposing – the smart grid will also control your thermostats in your homes. You will no longer have control over your own home. Obama said it himself – check that link. This Cap & Trade will also be utilized to dictate policy over the auto industry that the government controls. They will be able to use these regulations to push cars on us that we don’t want.

I know this sounds a bit conspiratorial – but – you have to look at the evidence so far. None of this can be blamed on Bush any longer. Obama has now spent more in 6 months than every administration in the previous 30 years. How the hell can you blame that on Bush? Obama has tripled the national debt in less than 6 months and this year alone plans on borrowing $2 Trillion!!!!!! He had a budget deficit of $850 Billion when he came in to office. You can no longer blame this on Bush. While I did not agree with much of what Bush did – he certainly did not push us in to economic failure of this magnitude. CMBlake has another good link to illustrate this point as well.

I don’t know what the answers are – but – I do know one thing – if this continues – we won’t make it to the 2010 elections to change it. We’re on a path towards Fascism with Obama controlling every aspect of our lives. He is in the process of destroying capitalism and the greatest country in the world. If you didn’t click on that link for the article from Russia – I highly recommend you go back up there and read their dire warning. The politicians are in his pocket – Dems and Republicans. There are now reports out there that even the MSM is scared to oppose Obama – that’s why we don’t see any negative news coverage about Obama and that’s why the MSM will never ask him any hard questions.

Is it any wonder that Chavez had no problem walking up to Obama and giving him that “present?” Chavez recognizes Obama for who he is – a bird of a feather. Obama is doing the same thing Chavez did – But on a grander scale! Is it any wonder that Obama goes around the world and tells foreign leaders what a horrible country America is? Is it any wonder that Obama sides with the Palestineans over Israel? Does it surprise anybody at all that Obama now supports Iran obtaining nukes?  Does it surprise anybody that even today Obama stated to a muslim audience America is “one of the largest muslim countries in the world.”  WTF?  We are not a muslim country – we are a nation built on Christian principles with a Constitution upon which our laws are based – not freakin’ Sharia law. Irate Nate weighs in on this issue as well.

Elections have consequences – and – now we’re all suffering because of ignorance at the polls.

19 Responses to “Obama driving the U.S. towards Fascism at record pace!”

  • Unfortunately, it’s not the only place he’s driving us. I notice now he admits he drove us broke, yet he claims it is because he hasn’t spent enough money yet.

  • @Steve – I know – WTF kinda logic is that? Gee, we’re in debt up to our eyeballs – lets spend more to get out of debt. This guy is a freakin’ idiot and definitely dangerous for this country and the rest of the free world.

  • I believe that a better (although a bit simplified) definition of fascism is “corporate control of the government”. We have had that at least since the Federal Reserve was founded at the beginning of the 20th century.

    What Obama seems to be heading towards is either socialism, or he is following (like every president during the last 100 years) the orders of his masters – namely the corporate world.

  • I personally think Hitler is the best comparison for Dr.O because he is also engaging in the take over of society on a social level. Are you familiar with the AmeriCorps Program? I’m sure you have. He is using this program to recruit America’s youth to serve his owndivisive political agenda. And he gets to fund this with American Tax dollars.

    Cracked Worlds last blog post..GM Bankruptcy Bad for America

  • @Politicus – you’re confusing “corporatism” with Fascism. Corporate control of the government would fall within the definition of corporatism and your example of the Fed is a good one. Here’s the definition – This is VERY distinct and separate from Fascism.

    However, look at the definition of fascism up there – it is government control over corporations. Check out Mussolini’s “Fascismo Manifesto.” You can google that and find a copy. Mussolini was the primary driver of Fascism. If you compare what Obama is doing now to what Mussolini and Hitler did – you will see the similarity. It is the opposite of what you have described.

    @Cracked – Yes, I do know about AmeriCorp. I also know his new service program is an extension of that program. AmeriCorp used to be a great service organization – until it was taken over by socialist interests. Unless we find a way to reverse all of this – I’m afraid we’re on a path that will be hard to make a u-turn on.

  • Did you guys realize Obama will be choosing about 12 of the 13 GM board members. He will directly choose 6 and is holding over another 6 from the current board.

    As far as the fascism or socialism I think of them alike. Despite their differences they focus on the same thing. Concentrating dictatorial power in the hands of a few while justifying it as a way to “help the masses.” Weather it is partnering with big business, taking over business, killing business, or whatever the hell, it all ends in a dictatorship.

    John Kaduks last blog post..Free Speech Sleeps With The Fishes!

  • Look back a page or so at mine, and you’ll see where I’d linked the Russian comment, and save Pravda to my blogroll. This stupid goat sucking slime WILL destroy this nation unless we stop him. From your definition, socialism wouldn’t be NEAR the horrorshow that he and his handlers are trying to do to this country.

    cmblake6s last blog post..Hyperinflation. Think it’s on the way?

  • As far as I’m concerned Fascists and Socialists are two sides of the same coin—they just have different marketing departments.
    All the egregious government spending will continue to weaken the American Dollar, the reserve currency of the world, and it will drive up commodity prices higher (as investors run for cover from inflation)–like oil (hint, hint)–this will slow our economy even more, of course. Progressives are loving every minute of this since this is exactly what they have always wanted—more government control of our economy to make it “fair.” But the truth that they always avoid is that it also makes us less free.

    vulcanhammers last blog post..Logic Test

  • Actually, Bobo the simplified definition of fascism which I have quoted – the corporate control of the government – comes straight from Mussolini. What better source could one possibly want? An American dictionary, or the ACTUAL founder of fascism?

    politicuss last blog post..Obama Opens Public Dispute with Netanyahu

  • Bobo, by your definition Ronald Reagan was a socialist/fascist because he put banks into receivership during the Savings and Loans crisis.

    phuckpoliticss last blog post..Praise Be To Science

  • @Politicus – here’s the link to the 1919 Manifesto Fascismo – english version – that outlines the original intent: Note that while it originated out of corporatism – by the time Mussolini took power – he radically changed Fascism and destroyed all the copies of the original manifesto because he did not like the corporate governance. Mussolini restructured Fascism so that it became government control over corporations. It may be semantics – but – modern day fascism is not corporate control of government – it is indeed as Obama is currently leading this country. Surely, you as a self-professed libertarian must be against Obama for his governmental takeover of America.

  • @Phuckpolitics – I won’t disagree with you there. There is never any reason why government should interfere in private business. We should have allowed them to fail then as we should have allowed all other private businesses to fail now. Never should taxpayers have to bail out private businesses because of bad decisions made by businesses. However, you also have to look at the Democratic led Congress in the 80′s for passing legislation that allowed the S&L’s to create those idiotic securities in the first place. Any time government gets in the middle of private business it screws shit up. That was not the constitutional intent of government.

  • And he’s in the Middle East getting all cozy with his brothers. He scares me on the front much more than any other front.

    Loved your comment over at ObamaBlog (ndefenceofobama). Shouldn’t that be defense? Just saying.

    Have a terrific day BoBo. :)

    Comedy Pluss last blog post..Poker Face

  • @Sandee – you’ll see that I just put up a post about that too! Re ObamaBlog – that post really irked me – just felt compelled to respond.

  • [...] is an excellent and well researched post from the Bobo Files on Liberal Fascism.  We need more bloggers willing to dig into the history [...]

  • Dave:

    You noticed that Pravda piece too. I commented on it last week at my blog. Pravda lecturing America about capitalism. Folks, we’re through-the-looking-glass here, it’s insane.

  • @Dave – it’s crazy isn’t it? Good post over there. I see a serious revolt at the voting booths come 2010.

  • Doric:

    You people are so stupid its a wonder you can even draw breath. Bush was prepared to dole out just as much money to the banks as Obama is–he organized the first bail-out–morons. Paying off private debt with public funds is fascism. Obama is a right wing fascist just like Bush and you people are only second in line in abysmal ignaorance and stupidity to Libertarians.

    Socialism” intrudes on the 2008 elections

    23 October 2008 

    For the past month, a long-demonized word has been increasingly injected into political discussion in the United States—socialism. The Treasury bailout of Wall Street was initially defeated in the House of Representatives, largely through the votes of the ultra-right faction of the Republican Party, which declared the massive government intervention into the financial markets to be … “socialism.”

    This language was reflected in the media, with descriptions of the bailout, by both opponents and defenders, as “socialism for the rich,” or “Wall Street socialism.” ABC News commentator Sam Donaldson declared, “Socialism has now washed over free-market capitalism.” The Washington Post’s financial columnist, Steven Pearlstein, commented sarcastically, “A little bit of well-timed, well-crafted socialism is just the thing to save capitalism from itself.”

    Over the past week, denunciations of socialism have become a staple of the presidential campaign, with Republican John McCain engaging in right-wing diatribes against the Democratic frontrunner, Barack Obama, claiming that his support for modest tax increases on the wealthy is an example of “class warfare.”
    In the minds of the McCain campaign strategists, this may be nothing more than the thousand and first instance of McCarthy-style red-baiting, a staple of the Republican right for more than half a century. But there are deeper factors at work. The financial crisis which has swept the globe over the past month, centered in the US banking system, has dealt an enormous blow to the official ideology of the American ruling class, which more than any other has elevated worship of the “free market” to the status of a state religion.

    The Bush administration and the Federal Reserve, with the backing of the Democratic-controlled Congress, have mounted an unprecedented series of government interventions into the financial markets–the $700 billion bailout of mortgage-backed securities, a $250 billion government purchase of shares in private banks, sweeping federal guarantees of commercial paper, interbank loans and money-market mutual funds—pledging trillions of dollars. Bush, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Fed chief Ben Bernanke and other spokesmen have acknowledged that the financial markets have failed, and warned that without this government intervention the United States would plunge into a deep recession, and the rest of the world with it. They admit that the profit system faces its greatest crisis since the 1930s.

    The federal bailout of Wall Street—despite the hysteria of the House Republicans—has nothing to do with socialism. The measures could be more correctly characterized, not as nationalization of the banks, but as privatization of the US Treasury, turning over its vast resources to billionaires and speculators.
    The charges of “socialism” demonstrate the degree to which the eruption of financial crisis has confused and frightened the political representatives of the ruling elite. They recognize that the near-breakdown of the credit markets has discredited the capitalist system in the eyes of the working people, the vast majority of the population, and they react nervously to anything that might provide an opening for the expression of anti-capitalist sentiment.
    This political disorientation underlies the latest denunciations of Obama for his endorsement of marginally higher taxes on the rich to “spread the wealth around.” In his radio address Saturday, McCain quoted this comment and then declared that it “sounded a lot like socialism.” Obama has replied defensively, citing his support from paragons of big business like billionaire Warren Buffett, the richest man in America, former Federal Reserve Board chairman Paul Volcker, and a host of corporate chieftains. Obama’s denial of any connection to socialism is the truest statement he has made in the course of the campaign. He is, like McCain, a defender of the profit system and, if anything, the preferred candidate of Wall Street and finance capital. According to a report Wednesday in the Washington Post, some three quarters of the record $600 million raised by the Obama campaign has come from the wealthy and corporate interests.

    It is remarkable that a presidential candidate should stand so brazenly in favor of maintaining the vastly unequal distribution of wealth in America—a country characterized by growing poverty, enormous unmet social needs, declining wages, and rising unemployment. It is equally noteworthy that Obama has sought to dispute the charge that he favors any significant redistribution of the wealth, as though that were a political sin.

    Since it has been given such a prominent place in political discourse over the past week, it is incumbent on the actual proponents of socialism, whose voice is the World Socialist Web Site, to address the question.

    All the campaign talk and media chatter about “socialism” obscures the most fundamental issue: Socialism is not merely a set of technical measures involving state intervention into the economy. All capitalist nations engage in this to one degree or another, depending on circumstances. State ownership does not in any sense define a society as socialist, when the state itself is an organ of class rule controlled by the financial aristocracy. Socialism means the reorganization of economic life under the democratic control of the actual producers, the working people whose labor creates all wealth. It can come about only through the independent political mobilization of the working class, led by a revolutionary party, which establishes a new and far more democratic form of state, a workers’ state, which exercises ownership and control over the means of production. Socialism cannot be engineered through backroom deals between Wall Street bankers and Washington politicians, or through the policies of any Democratic or Republican politician.

  • @Doric – I’ll for give you for being a dolt this time only considering this is the first time you’ve dropped in.  You obviously have not read this blog otherwise you would know that I didn’t support what Bush did either and I even brought up the fact that he was leaving the door open to Obama.

    Marx said all you need to do is kill off 20 – 30% of the population and then you can slide socialism in with no problem.  Right now the government controls 40% of the economy and if they get the energy sector and the healthcare sector they will control 60% of the economy.  Tell me he isn’t moving this country towards fascism by “partnering” with corporations for the benefit of the state.


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