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Yesterday I posted up the Obama Joker Poster on my blog.  Well, within a few hours one of my lefty commenters stated the following:

The only thing missing is the noose. I never took you to be a racist, BoBo. I guess I was wrong?

Hmm…he must have read the L.A. Weekly just before he came to my blog – here’s what they said about the poster:

The poster, which bears a very superficial resemblance to Shepard Fairey’s famous Obama Hope illustration, has been pasted on freeway supports and other public surfaces. It has a bit of everything to appeal to the drunk tank of California conservatism: Obama is in white face, his mouth (like Ledger’s Joker’s) has been grotesquely slit wide open and the word “Socialism” appears below his face. The only thing missing is a noose.

Emphasis is mine.  Seems like the loonies are out in full force on this one.  How the hell is that poster even remotely racist?  Why is this image from Vanity Fair last year acceptable

- but an Obama dissenter doing it becomes racist?  Same old double standards.  H/T to John Kaduk of The Right Wing for sending me a link to this – it touches on this very subject – great cartoon.

So, not only do we have Vanity Fair with that picture up there – the very same L.A. Weekly up there is the same one that had a cover depicting Bush as Dracula.

And then there were the BusHitler Posters -

So – because we do the same kinda shit to a “black” President that has been done to every freakin’ President in modern history – now we’re racists?  Is it necessary to point out that Obama is not actually “black”?  He’s biracial – a mulatto to be more correct.  You guys on the left are morons and no one is buying your shit any longer.

Here’s what I see when I look at that Obama Joker Socialist poster – The fact the artist puts him in Joker makeup is symbolism for Obama’s complete lack of concern over other people’s money.  It’s all about power.  This is exactly what Socialism is.  If you remember from Dark Knight – the joker was stealing everybody’s money.  Once he amassed a whole shitload of it – he burned it all.  It was never about the money – it was always about the power.  Putting Teh Obamessiah in Joker makeup is very appropriate, it is satire, and it most definitely is not racist.  This is a Freedom of Speech issue – and the only one’s who ever seem to be attempting to stifle that freedom are you idiots on the left.  You make every attempt to shut down those who disagree with you.  Well – forget it – the silent majority is no longer silent – and you can thank that idiot Obama and his fascist policies for that.

You guys played that “you’re a racist” card one too many times – get the fuck over it already!

23 Responses to “That didn’t take long! I’m a racist.”

  • RE:

    awwww Bobo..I’m suprised at you.why would you do that and piss so many folks off unneccessarialy ?here lets do this, we can do the bill and kimmy thang -you give me your location, Me and Ms Daisy will roll bywith that fanblade with yo name on it, and pick ya up.whatcha say bout Midnite Good for Ya Bobo ?

  • The lefties can dish it out, but they can’t take it.  Simple as that.  There are two issues they use and they are both getting old.  You are either a racist or you’re uneducated.   They do need to get over it.You are right on the money as always BoBo.  Have a terrific day.   :)

  • jana:

    Sandee says: There are two issues they use and they are both getting old. You are either a racist or you’re uneducated.

    Don’t forget “But, but Booooosh!!!!

  • The term “racist” is the most overused attack in the lefts playbook.   The morons on the left have overplayed their collective hand and the American populace are now seeing it for what it is.  Crash and burn comes to mind when I think of the liberals and socialists agenda.  The state controlled media are not reporting the discontent that is brewing under the radar and the fact that the populace is awakening from the Kool Aid hangover.

  • @RE – fanblade? thanks! :)

    @Sandee/Jana – they have nothing new.  It’s the S.O.S. over and over.  Blame Bush for everything (even 7 months out of office), All conservatives are racist, and anyone who disagrees with Obama is a neo-con fearmongerer.  We’ve been hearing this crap forever.  It’s just more proof that there has been absolutely NO CHANGE in D.C. – same old politics as usual.  Tax and spend democrats.
    @Casey – The MSM can continue to not report for all I care – it just helps to fuel the fires in this country. The less it gets reported on, the larger our groups get and the more transparent those idiots become. That’s why journalism as we once knew it is now dead. People are starting to turn to the new media – talk radio and bloggers – for the truth since the old news won’t do it. Better for us all in the long run. Teh Obamessiah will be a one and out.

  • For a Liberal, using the term “racist” is kind of like a dog scratching itself because of fleas… it’s an automatic reaction.

    Saying it is “racist” to have Obama made up like the Joker is absurd. Len can’t deal with differing opinions is all.

  • Stix:

    Well today I learned that I am getting paid by Big Pharma and Lobbyists in DC because I do not believe in the Obamacare Bill.   So I had to turn myself into the Administration because we can  not have any dissent.  And I am still waiting for that check.   Did you get yours???

  • How Obama being made up as joker is racist is BEYOND ME.  Especially since the exact same thing was done to Bush (as you’ve documented here).  The only racism not allowed in this country is right against left.  Left can be racist and sexist against conservatives because, well, we’re conservatives gosh darn it!  Two words:DOUBLE STANDARD.

  • Raider Steve:

    Whatever happened to political humor in our country? I think this is just plain funny and has a great point. But I suppose even without the Joker makeup, Obama is funny and the joke is on the American people. I am laughing all the way to the bank so I can withdraw all of my money and give it to the government…very funny…hahahahaha!!!

  • Jan G.:

    Thanks Bobo for speaking out and not taking crap from the Radical Loons… I’m sick of Washington, sick of politicians, and specifically, sick of Obama’s lies. He says one thing to one faction, and something else to another. He has promised so much that he, himself, cannot remember what the #@#*$ he has said to the Nation. Now we have a “computer” czar who is supposed to “squash” any blogs or rumors of this administration… Oh Pleeeeeeeze… A bunch of Communist thinking radicals trying to take over our United States of America!! It makes my blood pressure shoot off the chart! Keep up the good work Bobo.. Let’s show these morons they are no longer being listened to by anyone but themselves! “WE THE PEOPLE” have had enough! I cannot wait until elections begin.. I will be the first in line!

  • Matt:

    Congratulations sir.  A smear from the left indicates that you must be pointing out something they don’t want others to see! 
    If I might, I would submit what I refer to as the rules of politics…
    When Conservatives do it, it’s bad, very, very, bad.
    When liberals do the exact smae thing, IT’S ALRIIIIIIIGT!!!!

  • BoBo, I am so damned grateful that you have the artistic (isn’t that what faggoty left calls it when Bush or an American are displayed in mockery) comparisons.

    I am so damned SICK…of this racist bull-s^%$. Half of the idiots that use the term have no clue as to its true meaning (because they always use it incorrectly). I will give you a correct usage of the word racist: OBAMA is a F%$#ing racist; Wright is a F&^%ing racist; Jackson is a F%$#ing racist; Sharpton is a F%$#ing racist (oops, my bad…that was more than one…sorry). They ought to require a F^%$ing license to use the word. Hell…why not; they make us have a license for everything else.

    Now…all that B.S. put aside; the government and certain black leaders want Americans to remain at each others throats. Why? Simple math…it is called division (maybe some of you leftist’s have heard of it). Divide this nation…bring us to our knees; then…give us the NWO solution. I am not a racist…I think everyone should own a politician.

    BoBo…you keep up the good fight! You are correct…they…are flipping idiots; and deserve what is coming if we don’t stop this madness. I can only hope that the loony left and their children suffer from their ignorance before ours do (though we will ALL of us…suffer). W.B.B. JOHNSON-Patriotickle

  • What is a concern is that the left now has another bullet to use. They’ve been calling anyone who disagrees with them uneducated and unsophisticated for years (yes, you’re a moron if you don’t agree with their enlightened views).Now they can call anyone who disagrees with Obama a racist.The left can stand dissent unless they are the ones responsible for it. Not a damn thing has changed.

  • When you have something substantive, I would love to come back and read it. This whole issue shows immaturity, lack of depth and overuse of the kool-aid phrase. That is what killed folks in Jonestown back in the 1980′s, hence the term. And you are still using it. See, that’s the problem. Republicans are still trying to re-invent themselves. Try substance, not slander.

  • @Cherlock – what are you talking about, man?  What kool-aid phrase?  Do you mean the one that the lefties are using when they automatically call conservatives racist?  Afterall, that is what this entire post is about – the fact that liberals remain the biggest kool-aid drinkers in the country just regurgitating the same stuff over and over ad nauseum. 

    Also, FYI – I’m not a republican.

  • Funny to read all this; the poster was even in the news in Holland… But I totally didn’t see any “racial” thing in it….If they would make a same poster of me; it would just mean “that guy is a joke – a bad joke”….. that’s it and nothing more than that….(nope; I do not share those feelings about Obama… but that’s another discussion – but I do get the Joker part…)

  • Let’s not kid ourselves.  Racism does still exist, and there are moments when it is clouded over by insensitivity, ignorance, or perfectly logical explanations.But this picture most certainly isn’t it.  I recognize the satire as well, even if I do not necessarily agree that it is an accurate portrayal of what Obama is doing.  I do agree that the left and the right throws jabs at one another, and are quick to be hypocritical when something is hurled at them.  But that is politics.Also @Bobo makes an excellent observation in his post.  Many people are so influenced by the media that it isn’t funny.  Rather than using media as a tool to inform, many Americans use it as a substitute for thinking.  My guess is that this person cited racism because a news outlet suggested it, rather than recognizing any hint of it or relating it to discriminatory experiences in their own life.If you want to call it a card, then race gets brought up often to explain micro and macro problems in America.  I do not doubt there are people who uses something legitimate and abuse it for personal gain – people call into work sick when they aren’t, people blame their unemployment entirely on the economy as they sit around the house not actively seeking employment, people claim racism when they do not get hired for a job, when really they came in with a wrinkled suit and sub-par resume, etc.But then there are those people that are sincerely ill and can’t come to work, are struggling to find a job in spite of all the effort put in for months looking, the person with the Ivy League education and booming credentials that sees months later the person hired for the position they wanted didn’t even have the level of education or years of experience they did.  For every false claim of injustice or one off target critique of a social ill, there is an equally just one that goes unnoticed or not honored because some people would rather believe the person is crying wolf than to honestly believe that no matter how hard someone works, or how much effort is put into overcoming an issue, the issue still persists.Is this picture racist? Definitely not.  But let’s not kid ourselves by saying the race card is a tactic, when for so many forgotten people, racism is as real as it comes.

  • My Obama Joker Poster is staying up on my site until the joker is run out of office.

  • I am so tired of the racist bullshit. The real racists are the ones that bring the race card up.

  • @Sjeltur – At least you recognize this poster for what it is – a joke.

    @SpkTruth2Pwr – I agree – there is still racism in this country, I won’t deny that.  However, this country has come a long way and it is not nearly as prevalent as the dems and liberals try to portray it.  I think you are right on – after a while it becomes the little boy  who cried wolf.  Eventually, there will come a time when the race card has been played out and when there is a real event – no one will pay attention any longer.

    @Aresay – good idea – I might do the same

    @Stunatra – Amen, brother!  I’m getting really tired of it too.

  • RE:

    Bobo I dedicated today to You on BadGalSays – please be sure to drop by for your apology.

  • Len:

    So, if you put a white man in black face, that’s racist. But if you put a black man in white face, it isn’t. Interesting.

  • @Len – I know you’re smarter than that and probably just trying to egg me on here.  You know this is not “white face” :D


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