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So sorry for the delay in publishing this – as some of you know I had a pretty scare incident on Sunday – and – well, yesterday I ended up crashing early.  I am now done with all my book lurnin!  I finished the last of my classes towards working on a Ph.D.  I’m at the “everything but the dissertation” stage now.  I guess yesterday evening my body finally crashed from the relief and release of the stress.  I’m not even really sure what time it was when I fell asleep – but it was pretty early – somewhere between 9 – 10pm I think.

Anyway – enough of that.  I am very proud to present this latest edition.  As always, I am amazed at the number and caliber of submission.  I’m sure you will enjoy them too.

Welcome to the belated August 23, 2009 edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics.


Banker Saver presents TARP Bailout Funds: How Have Banks Used Taxpayers’ Money? posted at Banker Saver, saying, “How have banks been using TARP (taxpayer) money?”

Hey Banker – welcome to the carnival.  I’m sure you also heard about the really big banks – like Goldman Sachs – that sent millions over to european banks – kind of a back door bailout for the europeans on our tax dollars.  Given that Geithner has pretty much created an Oligarchy with his ex-GS friends who are now in very high places in the Fed, Treasury, and other departments in our government – I would say someone in the government gave that money to GS specifically to pay off the european banks.  The other thing you should research is the fact that almost all of these banks still have all the toxic assets on their books.  TARP was supposed to buy those toxic assets – well – it didn’t do that at all.  There stands the chance of another major meltdown in the financial sector because of this.  I thought this bailout stunk when it happened, and I think it stinks even worse now.

Investing Toolkit presents How The SIPC Protects Investors From Broker Bankruptcy posted at Investing Toolkit, saying, “When brokers go bankrupt, what happens next?”

IT – welcome to the carnival.  Very valuable information given the economic situation we’re in.  I don’t use a stock broker.  I have all my brokerage accounts through BB&T which is one of the solvent banks right now.  I moved all of my stuff in to CD’s, gold, and treasuries about 2 years ago, just before everything went south – saw this coming.  I’m not ready to jump back in – but – I’ll have to check to see if BB&T brokerage accounts are covered by SIPC.  Thanks for the info.

Norbert Sluzewski presents Know Your America – The 16th Amendment posted at Naked Liberty.

Norbert – Thanks for the history lesson.  The only thing missing was that Congress promised income tax would never go above those initial limits that you mentioned.  Looks like Americans throughout history have been gullible.  This is one amendment that needs to be repealed and power given back to the states.

Brian presents “Jim Wallis, Fascist?” – Humane Pursuits posted at Humane Pursuits, saying, “Cliff May has a piece on NRO today on fascism, in which he argues that if we want to talk about modern fascism, we should really be talking about Osama bin Laden (not George W. Bush or Barack Obama). However, while May is fairly persuasive linking “Islamists” like bin Laden with the Nazis, I think he falls far short from linking them with fascism itself (which is far from synonymous with Nazism).”

Excellent points, Brian.  I had not even considered tying in fascism with religion.  When I think of fascism I think of a statist form of corporatism – something that this administration is currently headed towards.  Thanks for this submission.  I learn something new every carnival.

Scott Spiegel presents Scott Spiegel | It Depends On What the Meaning of the Word ‘Screech’ Is posted at Scott Spiegel.

Scott – I don’t know if you purposely are interjecting humor in your posts – but – this is pretty funny stuff.  I like the way you so elegantly point out the hypocrisy of Pelosi and the left – and the repeated surgery references…bwahaha.  good post as usual.

The Smarter Wallet presents Gold Chart Update: Where Is The Gold Market Headed? posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “CPI data shows a decrease thereby affecting gold prices. Have we tamed inflation for now?”

I’ve been following these charts very closely as well.  I don’t listen to those commercials from Gold Line and others that say gold is going to be at $2,000 – they’re just trying to market their products.  I was fortunate enough to buy in to it a couple years ago at around $450/oz.  When things started going haywire I was thinking about getting in – especially around December when it was floating at $700.  It skyrocketed to just under $1,000 in 4 weeks after that.  It has been holding pretty steady for the last 6 months.  It only broke $1,000 one day and his been stagnant since then.  I don’t also follow The Warden Market Report – he uses Fibonacci as well and puts out gold updates to his subscribers. I don’t know if I agree with the 924 spot.  Seems to me If you didn’t get in earlier – you really aren’t going to make anything off of it and it really is not the hedge against inflation at this point that they are saying it is.  BTW – I follow it on also.  Thanks for the great graphics and analysis.

Wesley Messamore presents 76 Reasons to Audit the Fed (and End the Fed) posted at The Humble Libertarian.

Welcome to The Carnival Wesley.  You only found 77?  Actually, I was hard pressed to think of any more and hadn’t even thought of several of your reasons.  Either way – they need to be shut down.  It’s funny how P-BO announced today that he is “reappointing” Bernanke because he got us through one of the worst recessions.  First – the President cannot reappoint the Fed Chairman – he can only nominate.  Second – given that the OMB is predicting even higher unemployment and greater debt – how the hell can he say Bernanke has gotten us out of this recession.  Political payback if you ask me.

Scott Spiegel presents Obama Throws House Democrats Under the Bus, Backs Over Them posted at Scott Spiegel.

Man, that P-BO is willing to throw anyone under the bus to advance his agendas isn’t he?  You mentioned his grandmother – which he did again – after throwing her under the bus during his campaign.  He threw Ayers under the bus, Reverend Wright, Farrakhan, ACORN, and a whole host of others just to become Prez. Nothing this guy does surprises me any more…although it should.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents How To Avoid Foreclosure: Keep Your House In Troubled Times posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “What can we do to avoid foreclosure? What is the government doing to help homeowners who are facing foreclosure?”

Good advice as usual for those who are in trouble.  However, I am strongly opposed to having my taxpayer money bail out boneheads who got in to an ARM in a home they couldn’t afford in the first place.  Also, I sure hope that judges will never be able to modify a mortgage.  These are contractual obligations and the banks are entitled to the money owed them under the good faith terms of those contracts.  Judges modifying contracts goes against the constitution.

The Smarter Wallet presents Money Advice For Senior Citizens: An Economic Survival Guide posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “How are seniors faring during this economy? The older generation is facing tough times right now.”

Ummm…do you think I’m a senior citizen? ;)   Actually, I do know that I have a few readers that could actually benefit from this advice. For those of you out there – and you know who you are – I suggest you check this out and bookmark it or print it out.  Great information here for ya.


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Tantrum Politics posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Ummm…did you do any such limericks when the loony lefties were doing the same thing the last 8 years?  If you think what we conservatives is so outrageous – why didn’t anyone say anything about those idiots at Columbia that threw the podium and turned over tables when the head of the minutemen was there to speak?  What about the violent protests by ACORN out in front of banks where they were turning over cars?  I could go on and on.  Just proliferating the double standard I guess.

Madcap presents Open Discussion- Jesus is one of many Solar Messiahs: What is really going on? posted at Thoughts On God, Politics and Man, saying, “Religion in politics”

I’ll bite!  I actually went on my own personal journey to determine what I really believed.  I went from believer, to agnostic, to atheist, back to believer.  I have read the King James version of The Bible, the Air Force taught me Hebrew, and I read the Torah in Hebrew – not the translated versions.  I haven’t read all of the Koran, but many passages of it.  I studied Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology.  I have read the Krishna Bible (actually did get one of them passing through an airport years ago) and I have spoken with several Messiah’s Witnesses.  My thesis paper in college (I went to a Presbyterian college during my agnostic years) was a comparison of the various mythologies and the Christian Bible and posited that Christianity and Judaism were just other myths for explaining the creation of earth, man, and animal.  I got an A on it – but also a frown from my professor for the idea.  I have studied many sciences (biology, chemistry, botany, and geology, to name a few) which coincided with my atheist years.  I can’t say I had an epiphany or anything.  I just took stock of everything I learned and then realized that this all came about from one Creator – and therefore am now a believer in Him and all that he teaches.  All the pieces finally fit one day and I haven’t turned back.  If I were to explain the entire process – I would end up writing a book.  I think you have presented a poser there – but – only those who have doubt will be swayed.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Open Limerick To President Obama posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Mad Kane – and I thought you were a little more moderate than that and a real thinker.  Do you really advocate forcing more government down the throats of Americans – when reports have come out that conservatives out number liberals 2:1 and 65% of Americans oppose the bill and government takeover of our health care system to insure just 3% of the population?  What you are advocating would mean a quick death to the democrat party and would surely ensure P-BO one term.  Oh – wait a minute – keep pushing for it!

vjack presents Perhaps Bush’s Invasion of Iraq Really Was a Crusade posted at Atheist Revolution.

That was a stretch, even for you vjack!  But, nice try.  I give you an “A” for effort. Given that you also reported his “crusaders” are getting money from the Obama administration – can you still seriously call this a Bush Crusade?


Wenchypoo presents Fat, Drunk, and Stupid is No Way To Go Through Life posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket, saying, “A article from Prudent Bear Investing.”

Dammit, Dammit, Dammit! I got the Fat part down – gave up the drunk part – trying to shake the stupid part.  I was ready to head down that path until I read this.  You (or Prudent Bear) are absolutely correct.  Our government has so dumbed down our public education system it is painful.  My kids graduated high school without ever learning the preamble to the constitution and couldn’t even tell you when it was enacted, who constructed it, and what the amendments were.  That’s just the American history aspect.  Since I had a second chance with a second marriage and two more kids – they’re in private school where I know they will get a real education.  You don’t know how many arguments I’ve had over the years with teachers who refuse to teach – or – because they are teaching social skills and graces rather than reading, writing, and arithmetic.  I’ve had to fight with teachers to assign homework – and they refused to.  I can’t even begin to tell you everything I’ve been through with the public edumakayshun system.  Two of my kids graduated with no more than a 10th grade education and two of them dropped out and got GED’s – which amounted to a 9th graded education.


lsm presents Live or Die? Check the Graph. posted at awaken the elephants blog.

Ezekiel Manuel and his LIVES system scares the shit out of me.  I’m 45 now.  Based on the graph, I only have about 10 – 15 productive years left before his theology rules me out of getting any serious health care.  Given he is P-BO’s healthcare CZAR and advisor – I have no doubt if this bill passes – we will see some serious rationing.

Olive Farmer presents World War of the Soul posted at Olive Farmer.

I can see your point.  Jesus was a non-conformist.  Those who follow blindly are..well..blind.  Great thought provoking post.  Welcome to The Carnival.

Bob Brooks presents Cliff Notes Version of Health Care Bill ? Welcome to Canada posted at Bob Brooks – Prudent Money Blog.

Couldn’t get past the first 500 pages?  Bwahaha!  This whole bill is a stinker.  This is a great resource for conservatives to counter the baseless talking points coming from the loony left.  Unfortunately, I too have cited pages and provided links on many liberal blogs – they just blow it off.

Mikkal Travvis presents Fascism On The Farm: H.R. 2749 – The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 posted at The Truth, saying, “Please add The Truth to your blogroll:”

I will add you to the blogroll this weekend.  Thanks for the submission.  This doesn’t surprise me at all.  Another government takeover passed in the darkness of night.  It was in fact a Supreme Court ruling (Wickard v. Filburn) another farm related case – that pretty much shut down the 10th Amendment once and for all – and we’ve been fighting hard for years to have that reversed.

Martha Jackson presents 25 Most Infamous Crimes In Modern History posted at Best forensic science schools.

Great list.  One of the main one missing is Ted Kennedy for the murder of Mary Jo Kopecki.

Taft Babbitt presents Energy Policy Common Sense posted at American Sage.

Signed the petition!  Living in Florida – (and before I read this post) I too mentioned it was idiotic that we have Russia drilling 70 miles off our coast – yet we’re restricted to 125 miles…WTF is this government thinking?  Also – if you didn’t see it, P-BO is giving $2 Million to Venezuela for Venezuela to explore and extract its own oil off its own coast.  Aaargh.  My head’s gonna explode already.


Wenchypoo presents This Just In: Study Names 4 Common Ways to Cut Disease posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket, saying, “I added a fifth way: WASH YOUR HANDS! Now you’re probably wondering why I sent this article here–to prove the colossal health care debate is a huge, unnecessary uprooting of our health care system as we know it just to give social justice to a few. Let’s just wash our hands of all of it, shall we?”

Wenchypoo – being in the healthcare field – this is always number one on the list for stopping the spread of communicable diseases.  In fact, I’ve had a few hand washing classes believe it or not.  Just running your hands under the water is not washing your hands.  It is recommended that you wash – actually wash – with soap and water for 30 seconds or more.  Thanks for the public service announcement. ;)

Banquet Manager presents French Travelers Are The World’s Worst posted at So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager….

Well – not really related to politics – but – I found this very funny.  I’ve had some really bad experiences with the French – a couple times while visiting Strassbourg – and then again when my ex-father-in-law sponsored a French family to immigrate.  OMG!  What you reported doesn’t surprise me at all.

Rick Foreman presents Let the Numbers Tell the Story posted at Waiting for the Singularity.

Rick – that’s odd – this didn’t show up in my e-mail notification.  You have suggested some egalitarian solutions – I would say – get an education and go in to business for yourself – this is the greatest country in the world because anybody who wants it – can be rich.  You just have to work hard and take the risks.  We shouldn’t rely on others to take care of us.  This country switched from being self reliant and independent to slaves of corporate America – and now we complain that our slave masters aren’t treating us well.  If you’re not happy being a slave (you can thank Hoover, Wilson, and FDR for that) – then get out on your own.  What you propose comes from the communist playbook.  Workers Unite and all that jazz.  That is not the true American way.  If you really want to be successful and level the playing field, we need to get government out of the way and let capitalism and the free market work the way it is supposed to.  As it is, the government laws benefit the corporations more than it does the small employer.  In a true free market system, the small business has just as much a chance of growing and being successful as the mega corporations.  In fact – there wouldn’t be mega-corporations if it weren’t for government intervention in the early 20th century.

DWSUWF presents The Audacity of Axelrod posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “Hey Bobo, I’ve missed a few carny’s so hop eyou don’t mind me submitting two posts. Just pick the one you like best. – The mainstream media is finally starting to take a closer look at David Axelrod. It’s way past due. Axelrod is a very smart guy. He knows how to cover his tracks. He knows how to walk the line. That is why it is so surprising that he still chooses to walk so very very close to the ethical edge. Maybe it’s a Chicago thing. I think he has crossed the line more than once. Barack Obama would be well advised to put some distance between himself and his favorite political adviser. While this latest appearance of impropriety may not be enough spark to light the fuse, eventually the Axelrod time bomb will go off, and there will be collateral damage.”

DW – keeping both of them here!  Welcome back.  I think you’ve said it all there – I don’t need to add anything else.

Rick Foreman presents On The Way To Becoming a Third World Country posted at Waiting for the Singularity.

Rick!  Where ya been man?  Glad to see you back and submitting again.  If only I could be one of those super rich – then I wouldn’t give a shit either!  The only way to stop this is to get rid of the IRS and that 20,000 page tax code and move to a flat tax.  At that point, we all pay an equal share.  10% is 10% no matter how much you make.  But, to do that – we need to get rid of those power hungry career politicians and put real Americans in there that understand the Constitution and will actually represent the people – as our Congress was intended.


The Chicken’s Scrivener presents Minor Political Parties, Part 1: Prohibition Party posted at At The Chicken’s Dictation, saying, “In this article, The Great Chicken (a rubber chicken who has transcended human measures of wisdom) analyzes the obscure Prohibition Party.”

Welcome back Chicken – it’s been a long time!  BWahahaha.  This is pretty funny actually.  I did not know this party even existed – despite the fact it is the oldest minor party.  Great information.  Looking forward to more about other minor parties.

Brian presents Healthcare Costs Of The Obese posted at How To Live a Longer Life, saying, “Politics aside: Until we start spending less on marginal life extension and start focusing on the obesity epidemic in America healthcare costs will continue to rise regardless of future reform.”

Brian – I’d like to pose an interesting scenario to you.  I learned about this during one of my Ph.D. residencies – America doesn’t actually have an obesity epidemic.  It has been manufactured in order to increase funding for Public Health and to put money in to C. Everett Koop’s foundation.  If you look at historical records – we did not have an obesity “epidemic” unti about 6 months before C. Everett Koop retired as the Surgeon General.  Just before he left, he changed the standards for obesity in this country.  People who previously were not considered obese suddenly found themselves as falling in that category.  Additionally, they began using different metrics within the BMI.  The BMI has proven to be fallable as it doesn’t take muscle mass in to consideration.  Body builders suddenly found themselves in the obese category.  Just before he resigned under Bush 41, he created The Koop Foundation that is “dedicated to fitness, education, and research initiatives to promote the health of U.S. citizens.”  The biggest initiative at his foundation…obesity.  He manufactured the whole thing to his benefit and it has put more money in to the government coffers to fight something that really doesn’t exist to the extent the government is trying to say it is.  He has become a very wealthy man fighting obesity.  The metrics used in the BMI changes regularly to meet the needs of the government to continue this lie that we have an obesity epidemic in the U.S.  FYI – there was a study in 2005 – 426 NBA players were measured against BMI – 50% of them were found to be obese.

Wenchypoo presents I Think I Have Figured It Out… posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

I would say you did!  Great analysis and good forward-looking thinking there.  You might be on to something.

Gavin R. Putland presents Democracy as we know it makes cronyism inevitable posted at The Putland Tribune, saying, “Convened-sample suffrage banishes money from election campaigns.”

Yup – same ol’ shit here in the U.S. too.  They’re all corrupt.  Your solution – convened-sample suffrage – is very interesting.  I don’t know exactly how that would work with a representative democracy – but – it is worth thinking about.

Taft Babbitt presents Support Those Who Fight For You posted at American Sage, saying, “This article reminds everyone that they need to support those who are fighting for the values they hold. We cannot sit by and go unheard on everyday but election day!”

Hey Taft!  Didn’t you submit something here a while back?  Thanks for this great submission. I’m actually a financial supporter of 5 of the groups you listed in addition to The Disabled American Veterans, The USO, Support Our Troops, Help Hospitalized Veterans, and AMVETS.  Sorry – just had to plug a few of my favorites as well.  You are absolutely correct in your submission – if you don’t act – you have no voice.  I was with you until about 5 years ago…just going along with the flow.  It wasn’t a conversation with a friend or anything that got me involved – I found blogs and blogging.  Since then I’ve been entrenched in this stuff and will no longer sit silent about anything that I support.

DWSUWF presents Sales 101 – A primer for the Salesman in Chief posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “The President’s ineffectiveness selling his health care reform package should not be surprising. The President has never been in sales. He has never been in business. The president is trained as a lawyer. He is not selling, he is trying a case. This is a teachable moment Mr. President. Welcome to Sales 101.”

Bwahaha – good one.  The only thing this guy is good at is throwing others under the bus and stepping over people on the way up.  Hell, he can’t even have a cogent thought of his own, nevertheless try to sale something.  He royally screwed his chances when he went off script and compared his health care program to the USPS, accused general practitioners of cutting out kids’ tonsils unnecessarily, and accusing family practitioners of cutting the feet off of diabetics unnecessarily.  Give this guy more rope – he’ll hang himself. (Note to my lefty readers – no – that is not a racist lynching reference – get over it!)

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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5 Responses to “The BoBo Carnival of Politics – August 25, 2009 Edition”

  • Wenchypoo:

    I join you in the “having fat down” department!  :)   Coming from a family of drunks, I can’t even stand the SMELL of booze, let alone the taste.  As for stupid, I remedied that by coming to this carnival….as well as hanging out at the public library for 20-some years.My youngest BIL also messed his edumacation up and ended up with a GED, because he didn’t want to graduate ahead of his girlfriend (now wife).  A STOOPID reason for delaying high school, don’t you think?  Even with the delay, he never graduated.  The missus, meanwhile, went on to college and got a useless degree in Biology, and now works as a paper-pusher for WA state.My other BIL has a wife who went to college, got a teaching degree (and the debt to go with it), and ended up being a stay-at-home mom.  Her hubby went to law school, is now a judge, and is killing himself trying to pay off both their student loan debts.What does youngest BIL (with GED) do now?  He’s owned and run a comic book store for the last 20 or so years, and hasn’t made enough profit in a single year to justify the store’s existence.  Good thing his wife has a state job–otherwise, he and his sprogs would starve!I share your family pain, Bobo.  I was in jeopardy of not graduating myself, but busted my ass to do it…and on time!  Hubby and I both graduated, got some college under our belts, and are doing just fine–no wasted money on over-education, and no need for more education.  I got the majority of my useful education at the library and not the classroom.Go ahead–ask me anything within the 332 section of the Dewey Decimal system (my specialty).

  • @Yeah – its good to have an edumakayshun – but – if you’re not going to do anything with it – why bother with getting yourself in debt over it?  That’s some crazy stuff there.

    Okay – quiz time – what is a system of currency that is given value by a government but has no exchangeable commodity to back it up? ;)

  • Emm:

    You know, you put such a lot of effort into this carnival and youtdo it so often too! Well done. I’m happily clicking away at a couple of these.

  • @Emm – I’m sure my contributors will appreciate your visit.  I figured if I was going to start a carnival – I should do it right.  Besides, I use this carnival as an opportunity to visit sites I might not ordinally visit – and I learn something new each time.

    @Banquet Manager – my pleasure


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