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I will say that it is always a good thing to teach our children about the way government works and about American history.  There is a plan by the Federal government to use your kids in the 2010 census:

Students’ take-home assignment:  Census kits.

The school effort is more ambitious than in 2000, the last time the government set out to count everyone. At that time, teachers had to request the material and it was available only in print. Now, the kits and lessons will arrive in every school and lesson plans can be downloaded online, where they will be available in 28 languages.

Okay – still not entirely bad.  I think the kids need to understand the census as it relates to apportionatement of representatives.

The Constitution mandates a complete population count every 10 years. The tally — down to the city block — helps redraw political boundaries and determine states’ representation in Congress and the distribution of more than $400 billion in federal funds to state and local governments every year.

Well – that’s correct also – it should ONLY be a population count.  But, given what we learned earlier about the plans for the 2010 Census – which is to also count the number of toilets, TV’s, and cars in your home in addition to asking such things as what time do you leave for work and when do you get home – these are entirely unconstitutional questions.

The warning for all of you out there with children in public schools – when your kids do come home with these kids – look through them very carefully.  Teach your children what the constitution says about the census and make sure they understand the constitution only allows the government to ask how many people live in the home.  The government is not allowed to have any information beyond that.  Please make sure your kids don’t answer any of the other questions – and – if the teachers try to pressure them, make sure you have a little chat with your kids’ teachers as well.

Just one more time for your information – here is what the Article 1, Sec 2 of the constitution states:

(Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.) (The previous sentence in parentheses was modified by the 14th Amendment, section 2.) The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.

20 Responses to “Your kids may be the next census takers!”

  • Never fear, I have no intention of telling the census takers anymore than how many folks live in our home.  That’s all they are getting from us.Have a terrific day.   :)

  •  There going to turn our kids into little snitches for the government…Now Johnny does your father talk bad about the government…How long does your dad spend on the John he reading pornography?

  • TFT:

    You folks are really paranoid!

    Fortunately, most people are not as clannish as you, and don’t fear “the other” like you do.

    Do you really think providing census information is dangerous?

    Do you really think the liberal commie Obama gives a crap about what porn you read?

    Remember, he’s a commie liberal! He must love porn!

    Seriously, you claim to be American. Americans aren’t afraid of a census.


  • @TFT – its a matter of constitutionality, which you apparently do not care about.  As a teacher, I would certainly hope that you teach your students about the constitution and the limitations it places on the government.  I don’t fear the census – in fact – I was a census taker in 2000.  However, the government is not constitutionally allowed to ask any questions other than how many individuals live in the household.  Anything beyond that is unconstitutional and is a violation of privacy.  This has nothing to do with Obama or this administration.  I would hope that regardless who is president – no individual in this country would provide information beyond enumeration – total number of people in a household.

    The government has no need or right, with regards to the census, personal income, number of cars owed, number of toilets in the home, number of TV’s and appliances in the home, etc.  There are 5 additional pages added to the 2010 census that asks these types of questions and more.  I would hope you would not provide answers to any of these questions.

    You guys on the left were so afraid of Bush and the Patriot Act because you felt it violated your privacy rights.  Why aren’t you on the Obama administration for it?  Why aren’t you after the Obama administration for it’s violation of Privacy written in to the HITECH Act and this current version of the health reform bill?  Why aren’t you concerned about your privacy rights with regards to the census?  Seriously, you are only concerned about your rights when it is the “other side.” 

    Since you are new to following this blog – you obviously don’t realize that I have also railed against the previous administration for violations of our constitutional rights.  I am not a Republican.  I am a Conservative.  There is a difference.

  • Bobo,

    I have talked about it before on this blog and on my mine, but you should check out the Libertarian platform. Its fiscally republican with a love for our rights!

    But on to TFT,

    Why shouldn’t I just let them tap my phones? I am not doing anything wrong, right? WRONG! Our distrust of gov’t is what America is all about lol. Do you dare call Madison, and the other writers of the Federalist papers unAmerican? Their distrust is legendary, and they founded the Country. If you have never read the federalist papers:

    Check them out they are inspiring.

  • TFT:

    Your distrust is baffling though.  Of course I am against warrantless wiretapping.  But the census?  Against the census?And bobo, there have been changes to the law.  This year, everyone fills out a short form.  You should be happy!

  • Raider Steve:

    I have no problem with the census. I am more than happy to answer Question 1 and mail my form in. It’s all good!!

    Off the census subject a little. Congresswoman Watson from Los Angeles made some pretty inflamatory remarks at her healthcare town hall. According to her, Repbulicans want Obama to fail because he looks like her. She also thinks the Cuban healthcare system is great and Castro is a great leader. Check it out here. It is truly unbelievable.

  • @RaiderSteve – I saw that on Breitbart today as well.  And they wonder why I have a problem with the census.

  • Matt:

    As soon as I read this, I started thinking about how the Nazis encouraged kids to snitch on their parents.  I know it might be a stretch, but it’s all incremental for the left.  it starts as one thing, and evolves into another.  Scary stuff. 

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  • TFT:

    What do you all do behind closed doors that you don’t want the government to find out?

    Or is this just your “slippery slope” argument taken to its logical, right-wing extreme?

    Kids won’t be filling out any forms.

    Kids may be taught about the Constitution using the census as a starting point, because of its proximity, as I did during the election with my students.

    I taught about elections, not who to vote for!

    Seriously, your fear and paranoia make you all sound very, well, cowardly!

  • @TFT – if you really are a teacher – then you should have gotten your kit already.  I found the one they are using for K-4

    This is pure bullshit.  It does nothing to teach the children about the constitutional requirement.  It just provides more lies for the liberal public school system to use to indoctrinate the kids.

    You can go to this website for other resources –

    Clicking through all the stuff for kids I found this:

    It’s a word search that just continues with the lies – it tells the kids that the census is used for business, construction, housing, foreign trade, and a whole host of other bullshit uses.  Sure – the census might be used for that – but – those are all unconstitutional uses of the census.  The census is ONLY for counting people.  If you don’t understand that – I feel real sorry for you.  That means you have given up and don’t understand what makes this country great – the individual – not government. for your very first statement – what I do behind closed doors is my own business anyway. I have nothing to hide from anybody – but – it is not the government’s business. The 4th Amendment provides us our privacy protection and very clearly states the government has no authority to intrude -and the census as it is written is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment.

    If you consider upholding the constitution as being right-wing – you are forever lost. It is for that very reason that I send my children to private school – so they aren’t indoctrinated by the likes of you.

  • TFT:

    It’s a word search that just continues with the lies – it tells the kids that the census is used for business, construction, housing, foreign trade, and a whole host of other bullshit uses.

    Sure – the census might be used for that – but – those are all unconstitutional uses of the census.

    The census is ONLY for counting people.

    If you don’t understand that – I feel real sorry for you.

    That means you have given up and don’t understand what makes this country great – the individual – not government.

    In one breath you claim the word search is filled with lies, then you say those lies aren’t really lies, just unconstitutional because the census is only for counting people (as if the number is all that mattered–moron). WTF?

    Why is there a census? Your answer is that the constitution says there should be a proper accounting of how many people live here. I couldn’t agree more!

    Now, why would the founders have wanted to count the people? Hmm….So they could say “There are 12,349,031 people living here!”? I doubt it. I assume they wanted a count so they could determine congressional representation, determine how land should be used, what kinds of resources we may need to trade for, and some other rather important determinations.

    Now, maybe you think that is just bullshit (you said as much). I, and most thinking people disagree with your assessment.

    That is why there is a census.

  • @TFT – geez louise.  If you are a teacher, either you are not observant, don’t pay attention, can’t interpret correctly, don’t understand history, or none of the above.  Please go back to the original post – I have Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution up there.  The founding fathers clearly pointed out that the census was ONLY for counting people ONLY for the purpose of determining representation.  Obviously, what has escaped you is that at that time all the rights were with the states and the states made the determination of what to do with their resources which was not based on the U.S. Census.  States rights have been stripped since 1942 as the result of SCOTUS decision in Wickard v. Filburn.  Since that time – the federal government has intruded and trampled on the states’ decisions.  The census was never intended for the additional purposes you mentioned.  As a scholar, I would hope you would go back and read your history and more on the founding fathers.  You might have a better feel for the constitution, States rights, and what it means to be liberal.  You do know that our founding fathers were the original liberals right?  This goes to show just how far left modern day liberals have gone.

  • TFT:

    Oh, so it’s a “state’s rights” thing now?

    Every utterance of your well rehearsed litany of nonsense betrays your absolute inability to hold a meaningful or cogent thought in your head.

    Why do you want to limit the ability of your government to understand the country’s contents and how the American people are impacted? Do you hate information? Are facts to difficult to accept due to your lifelong, familial requirement that you believe in fantasy, therefore rejecting fact?

    Are you familiar with the term “cognitive dissonance”?

    Maybe that is your problem; you know you are wrong, but your milieu requires that you tout it anyway, causing you cognitive dissonance, and necessitating your meandering from one “reason” for your stance to another.


  • @TFT – Bwahaha – good one. You blame your inability to follow a discussion on me?  Typical liberal.  You start to realize that you’re outmatched, outclassed, and just plain ignorant, so you try to turn the tables and change the subject or find some other off-the-wall thing to fling at the messenger.  But, to blame me because you yourself can’t follow a discussion is, to use your word, pathetic.

    I have been on the same path since my initial post.  You are the one that keeps throwing shit on the wall to see what sticks.  I pity your students for you truly must be inept at your profession if you can’t even follow one simple discussion about the constitution and the census.

    If believing in the constitution is wrong and wanting to make sure that our constitution is not trampled on by the likes of you and this administration, then – I guess I’m wrong.  I guess the more than 45% of this country who are conservatives that believe in this country are wrong.  But, hey – that’s okay.  My grandfather, my father, my brother, myself, and now my stepson – have all fought and served this country in the military so idiots like yourself can continue to have the freedom to speak against it. 

    I know – it’s an American thing – you won’t get it.

  • TFT:

    With each post, you make my case.

    The last 2 responses show you admitting such!

    First you claim the census is only to count people, then you have to change that to agree that it it a bit more than that.

    Then you say you are against the census because of state’s rights, or something.

    Now you are calling me unAmerican and that I can’t follow a discussion.

    Then you ad hominem your way to telling me about your military (militaristic, warrior-class) background. As if I didn’t already know! It oozes from your tinfoil hat-wearing scalp.

    You are not entitled to a fact-free discussion just because you descend, like me, from folks who served this country in uniform.

    It is time to leave the uniform behind, BoBo, put down the clownieness, and pick up a brain.

    Yours might even be good enough to salvage!

  • TFT:

    I didn’t even notice that you “believe” in the constitution. A relic from your childhood of indoctrination?

    I read it.

  • @TFT – good lord!  I only hope you are acting like this to attempt to get a rise out of me.  If you are, fine.  If you are serious in your responses – I feel real sorry for anybody who tries to hold a conversation with you.  I have been on point the whole time.  I never brought up states’ rights.  I said the original intent of the constitution and founding fathers is that the rights remain with the states and that any resources to be used were based on the needs of the states.  The census was and always has been about apportionment based on enumeration.  Anything beyond a simple count of the total number of individuals living in the household is unconstitutional.

    The fact that the census is used by the government for all the other crap does not negate the fact that it is unconstitutional – which is the whole point.

    Follow along, man!!!

  • [...] Posted by wecogitate on February 2, 2010 Teach your children what the constitution says about the census and make sure they understand the constitution only allows the government to ask how many people live in the home.   Continue [...]


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