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constitutionshredded1Today I weep and mourn for our country.  Tomorrow begins the revolution.

As we all woke up this morning we learned that those bastards voted in the biggest socialist program in this country’s history

House Passes Health Care Bill 219-212.

there was an uneasiness creep across this land.  I now have a very queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach – almost on the verge of nausea.  That is the feeling that something very wrong has happened.  That is a feeling that our country has been severely crippled.  That is a feeling that I am sure millions around this country are feeling now.  I now fear for the lives of my children and grandchildren.  I fear they will never know the freedom that I did growing up.  But, that fear is what will keep me fighting this radical takeover of our country. It is that fear that I am sure I do not feel alone. It is also a feeling that the feeling of nausea may also be enough to put a fire in the belly of those who were sitting on the sidelines and are now having the same realization that millions of us already knew. A realization that they were lied to and that realization that they just witnessed a historic event – the complete overthrow of our country from within.

You’ll note the new page on my header bar titled “Traitors.” This will take you to a page that lists all 219 traitors who voted to destroy this country as well as the 60 traitors in the Senate who voted for it in December.  Never forget any of these names and make sure you vote these people out in November.

Our government has been infiltrated by socialists, communists, and marxists – and they now run the entire country.  Our country is being destroyed from within and we can blame the Democrats.  The Democrats have allowed their party to be hijacked by radicals – and you idiots who only vote party line helped to ensure the destruction of your party and of this country.

This bill represents the largest wealth redistribution scheme in history.  This bill does absolutely nothing to control health care costs and it does nothing to ensure access to quality care.  As a student of Public Health and having 20 years in the private sector of Health Care – I can tell you that the only way this program will operate is by rationing care.  Our seniors will lose access to vital services and our critically ill newborns will only be provided comfort measures  – not life saving care.  Rationing is a necessary evil in a socialized health care system – if you don’t believe me – just check out the universal health care systems in Oregon, Massachusetts, Canada, Cuba, England – etc… In order to keep costs down in a universal health care system – our lives are all now placed on a bell curve and care is rationed by our worth to society and the costs of health care to keep us productive members of that society is scrutinized through a cost benefit analysis.

This bill has now placed America along side the rest of the third world countries where the value of a human life is determined through the government lens of cost containment.  In case you forgot – here is what this new bureaucracy will look like:


You may need to click on it to enlarge it to view the whole thing.

All we can do now is hope to gain control of our government with true Americans – not those lilly livered RINO’s, not those middle of the rode moderates – and not those socialists, progressives, marxists, and communists.  We need true Americans that love this country, our people, and our U.S. Constitution and will defend all with honor and dignity.  We need to put REAL Americans in place who will serve the people.  We need to take back this country in 2010 and continue that momentum through 2012 and reverse this damage before it is well too late.

God bless this country and may He open the eyes of those who have been asleep. I have faith in the American people. This is now an all out war to save our Republic against those who wish to destroy it and I do believe we are now in it for the long haul. Once this bill begins to kick in – those who have been blinded will see again and will understand exactly how this bill, this President, and this administration have sought to destroy the greatest country in this world’s history – and God have mercy on the souls of those in power now as it won’t be pretty when we take back our country – by any means necessary.

Take The Pledge to Support Those Who Will Pledge to Repeal This Monstrosity!

12 Responses to “Welcome to The U.S.S.A.”

  • Rob:

    You are not alone, my friend
    I stayed in front ov my television last night and watched as they drove us off a cliff.
    The great uniter is now responsible for the Country dividing itself again. This bill, this attitude in Government, and the shear blindness of the Obama followers is something that needs to he stopped.
    Thanks for sharing the link to the pledge, I will also put a link at my site
    Good luck to us !

  • Hans:

    You can talk what you want BoBo, but you just joined the free and civilized world..))
    Are you setting up committtees who are Real americans, like in the good old McCarthy times?.)
    And…are you leaving the country too now, like that moron Limbaugh with his Goebbels tactics?
    ride on baby..))
    .-= Hans´s last blog ..Ayaab Hirsi Ali wins prize =-.

    • Hey Hans – first – Rush didn’t say he was leaving the country – again – your socialist newspapers only report half the truth – what he actually stated was that if this passes – he would go to Costa Rica for his health care since it would be cheaper there. He didn’t say he was moving out of the country.

      As for “free and civilized world” – there is nothing free and civilized about a nation of people being FORCED to purchase a consumer driven product nor is it free and civilized to force individuals to pay for other’s health care – this is pure wealth redistribution. Health insurance and health care are not rights. They are personal responsibilities that each and every individual should take their own responsibility for taking care of. It is not the duty of any government to provide health care or insurance to the people. Our U.S. Constitution does not provide for socialized medicine. Our U.S. Constitution clearly states individuals have the power and authority to make their own decisions and choices. Our federal government does not have such authority to force this on the people. It is for this very reason that 38 states in this country are now in the process of suing the Federal government over this bill since it is against our laws.

      Free and civilized countries are governed by the people – not by the politicians. Free and civilized countries do not take wealth from one class of people in order to give it to others. Charity comes from the heart – not at the end of a gun.

      Oh – and regarding McCarthy – I do believe we need another such committee to ferret out communists, socialists, marxists, progressives, and any other politician out of our government who seeks to overthrow and undermine our Constitution.

  • wow bobo, don’t You feel that the people who didn’t have healthcare matter ? especially since you are of course in healthcare for over 20 years.hmmmm ? that’s kinda a big contradiction my friend.So Bobo Are You FOR Healthcare for Everybody Or Not ?I hope you are feeling better these days.

    • Hi Re – don’t put words in my mouth ;) I never said that people who don’t have health care don’t matter. What I said is that health care and especially health insurance are personal responsibilities. One segment of the population should not be responsible for taking care of another segment through forced taxation.

      We are the most charitable nation on this planet. We give freely of our time, treasures, and talents. Look at what happens any time there is a national disaster – we all freely jump on board and give all that.

      I admit that there are problems with our current employer based system – but – that doesn’t mean we overhaul the entire system – we only fix what needs to be fixed – not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

      I’ve been preaching from the beginning – this bill does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to provide access to affordable health care. While P-BO and the Democrats continued to demonize the insurance industry – what they failed to really point out to everyone is that there is $350 BILLION going directly to health insurance companies and additional $Billions in other subsidies directly to insurance and pharmaceutical companies to support this bill.

      All this does is provide insurance to everyone – this does nothing to address the rising costs of health care. I work in the industry – I know what is keeping our costs up – and – it isn’t insurance. It is constant frivolous litigation – unending federal legislation that changes each year requiring us to put more money in to meeting those changes – it is constant and changing federal regulations on pharmaceutical companies driving up the costs of our medicines that we provide to our patients – it is continues cuts in federally mandated reimbursement rates forcing physicians and hospitals to raise costs elsewhere to make up for those losses.

      This is just a short list of a very long list that drives up the costs. Health insurance to everyone will do nothing to bring these down. This is nothing more than a government takeover to force private insurance out of business for the sole purpose of instituting government run and controlled socialized medicine.

      All you people who support this bill are so misinformed and do not understand the real cost and real intent of this bill. It will indeed destroy the American health care system and private health insurance. Private health insurance is not the demon here – government is. The government already determines the maximum reimbursement rates for private insurance companies. Private insurance companies only realize about 5% in profits annually. There is no way they can keep up with these new government mandates and stay in business. WE WILL ALL LOSE our private health insurance under this bill. WE WILL ALL LOSE our ability to choose what insurance we want.

      The problem is – we have too many freeloaders in the system that see this as just another freebie from the government without realizing this is not free – it costs other Americans their hard earned money for them to get their free insurance. When people are down and out – they need a hand up – not a hand out. This bill is 100% pure hand out at the cost of a free republic.

  • BoBo:
    You are correct on every count. This bill is the beginning of more to follow before these Socialists are swept from power. And to all you out there commenting about how great this is, well it’s not. You don’t get the Congressional package. You get the Yugo, the bare minimum allowed. Truth is you people with no coverage would probably be better off the way the system is now. This is pure government takeover of 1/6 of the economy. It’s growing government and repressing freedom. Spreading wealth of hard working individuals to those undeserving with their hands out. No matter what you do or how much you give it will never be enough. Those that passed this will be long gone when future generations are forced to live in the disasterous wake to follow.
    .-= Edisto Joe´s last blog ..THE DEATH OF AMERICA =-.

  • The combined unfunded liabilities of Medicare and Social Security ($107 trillion, seven times the current GDP) and ObamaCare will forever hamstring our economic growth.

  • [...] This bill represents the largest wealth redistribution scheme in history. This bill does absolutely nothing to control health care costs and it does nothing to ensure access to quality care. As a student of Public Health and … and this administration have sought to destroy the greatest country in this world’s history – and God have mercy on the souls of those in power now as it won’t be pretty when we take back our country – by any means necessary. … Vote For Me …This Post [...]

  • Hans:

    first Bobo, I dont read socialist newspapers. secondly: why is universal healthcare working in the real free world aka Europe.I tasted your health institutions and they are even worse than here in a developing country as Turkey..)and why is healthcare insurances so cheap in Europe?go figure out, in the Netherlands the state dont rule healthcare that are the members of the, free of choice, healthcare cooperations, something to difficult to comprehend?anyway, look out for your heart.))

    • Bwahaha! Good one, Hans! Oh – you’re serious? I lived in Europe for 10 years and I know the level of health care provided there. My son was born in a Greek hospital – where should I begin? How about the 2 x 4 piece of plywood they strapped my wife’s arm to so they could put in an IV – or how about leaving her out in the middle of the hallway after the c-section for 2 hours before they started slapping her in the face to wake her up – or how about them feeding my newborn son sugar water instead of actual nutrients? I’ve been to Turkey as well – again – where should I begin – maybe with the slaughtering of cows in the middle of the streets right outside the hospitals? How about the 10 hour wait in the emergency room for my broken ankle?

      As for health insurance being cheaper in Europe? Um – I guess if you mean free because it’s all paid for through taxation – sure – that’s cheaper.

      Dude – there is a reason why the heads of every freakin’ country in the world comes to the U.S. for their health care rather than in their own countries – it’s because we have the best available and most technologically advanced health care system in the world. We have the lowest cancer rates, and morbidity & mortality rates in the world. I have studied the universal health care systems and they are all bankrupting every socialist country in the Western hemisphere.

      Sorry – you can keep your failing health care systems – I prefer to keep mine – as it is – without government interference.

  • Hans:

    Sorry Bobby: the fact that you lived in Greece doesnt mean that Greece is represented for Europe. We all know how nthat marvelous socialist experience of the Greek socialist ends…until this very day in March 2010.
    I had to see N. and N.E Europe.
    No, not tax money but cooperation money.
    I have somwhere a study of an American Republican who lived for 4 years in the Netherlands and it took him at least 1 year to figure out how it works in NL. Now she says: ıts the best system in the world.
    As Bush send people to NL after hurricane Katherina (googler Delta works, the Netherlands), he did the same, and he predecesor, with how the healtcare system works. good luck with yourn’European Greece of the poor seventies or eighties.)

    • I also lived in Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, & Munich) and I have traveled almost the entire continent via train and stayed in hostels as a young ‘un. I understand the system there – it doesn’t matter which country you are in there in Europe – the health care is all the same – and – they are all socialist countries where the government controls the people rather than vice versa. No thanks.


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