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When we think of enemies of the State and of America – one would normally conjure up images of Russians, Chinese, Muslim terrorists, Iran, North Korea, and just about any other foreign state backed organization that would fight to harm America and our allies.  It now appears that anyone who opposes Obama and his communist agenda are now enemies.

Obama tells Latinos to punish his enemies

The president said: “If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies, and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us’ — if they don’t see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election — then I think it’s going to be harder. And that’s why I think it’s so important that people focus on voting on November 2nd.”

When in this country have we EVER had a sitting President refer to other Americans as “enemies?”  I guess all of us who oppose this radical leftist’s agenda are officially enemies of the State.  Well, it is time we truly acted like his enemies and do everything we possibly can to oust this true enemy.  He is the enemy of democracy and freedom.  He is the enemy of liberty.  He is the enemy of individualism and the spirit of American ingenuity.  He was born an enemy to this country and he was radicalized by enemies of this country.

It is now time to vote out all enemies of freedom beginning this November 2nd.  This means progressive RINO’s as well.  It is now time for a complete conservative resurgence in this country and time to put this country back on track and to take it from the true enemies of this country.  November 2nd is just the beginning.  We need to continue to ride this wave through 2012 and beyond (if it requires such).  We’re tired of compromise.  It is now time to gridlock our government until we can put in enough true fiscal conservatives to bring this government to its knees.  We need to undo 100 years of progressivism that has destroyed this country.  Progressives like this President have been our real enemies – we just didn’t see it until now.

Mr. Obama – thank you for continuing to be so candid in your hatred for this country – we now know who the real enemy is – and he is you!
UPDATE – Apparently, Teh Obamadeenajad is “backtracking” on his statement:

Obama, in an interview with talk radio host Michael Baisden, said, “I probably should have used the word ‘opponents’ instead of enemies.”

Hey, Obumbler – it’s too late.  See, when you’re off teleprompter – the American people get to hear and know what you REALLY feel.  We already knew you thought of America and Americans as enemies.  Now, you’ve actually stated it.  Sorry – can’t backtrack this statement.  You FAIL!

12 Responses to “I am now officially an enemy of the State!”

  • If only he talked about al Qaeda the same way!

  • Oh you evil American!  How dare you not fall in line with Fearless Leaders plan for global harmony?  Off to Gitmo you go.  You will be found guilty for you lack of patriotism, and sentenced to 40 grueling years of punishment (though only to be transferred to Canada to serve 8).

  • Cool…I wanna be an enemy of the state too!

    I guess the grand pote-n-tate forgot about New Mexico while making that speech. They are about to vote a Latino in as governor…a Republican Latino.
    Edisto Joe´s last [type] ..This Tuesday Vote RepublicanMy Profile

    • Well, EJ – if you are a support of the Constitution and love this country – and are against Obummer’s big government agenda – you too are an enemy of the state! :)

  • Bobo,
    You just made the CIA’s list. Everyone is entitled to a slip of the tongue. Look how many times Bushy put his foot in his mouth. Anyway, this one was pretty stupid.
    Ndfenceofobama´s last [type] ..Newt For PresidentMy Profile

  • Voting, at its core, is based on a magical illusion.

    The premise for voting is to choose capable leaders to rule those incapable of ruling themselves.

    By what transformation or magic are those who are deemed incapable of self-rule suddenly manifested with the capacity to choose their betters upon entering the polling booth? If these voters were truly capable of choosing capable leadership, would they not also be capable of leading themselves?

    We have not gotten to this most disappointing state of affairs, you’ve described, in the last 2 years, the last 4 years, the last 8 years, or the last 16. This point in our downward spiral has been a work in progress for the last 200 or so years.

    Voting, as a vehicle to arrive at or maintain liberty, has been a dismal failure. The evidence is overwhelming.

    A much better paradigm to achieve and maintain liberty would be that each individual rule over their own affairs. As much as that paradigm would appear to be Utopian, at this juncture, it is much less of a pretense than voting for a new warden every four years while pretending not to be incarcerated.

    Our thinking about such things has to morph into something a bit higher than what got us to this point if we ever hope to rise above it. Continuing to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Voting is insanity.
    Steven and Debra´s last [type] ..If God Says Civil Government is Oppressive- Haughty- and Abusive Why Do Religious Institutions Promote It AnywayMy Profile

    • Wow! You sound a bit disillusioned there with the process. :)

      While I can’t entirely disagree with the premise – as that essentially is what has happened to our process – we need to go back and look at the founding of this country and the founding of our form of government. Our founders essentially agree with what you have stated. We are a people of, for, and by the people and we were not electing “wardens,” “rulers,” or any other form of individual to govern our lives. We were free to rule ourselves within bounds as outlined within the 17 enumerated powers of the Constitution. We elected true citizen representatives that actually represented the will of the people and the state from which they were elected. They were not beholden to the Federal government and the Federal government had no reign over the individuals or the states.

      The 17th Amendment and progressive movement of the early 20th century changed all that when Senators were no longer selected by the state legislator and gave them 6 year terms when the constitution was originally set up that they had alternating 2 year elections.

      The progressives decided that the people needed to be ruled and started governing as such and created laws that created rulers rather than leaders and citizen representatives.

  • Steve and Debra have it all wrong. We are the greatest, longest lasting republic ever. To vote is more about securing and maintaining our rights to choose and our rights to freedom than it ever was about who we choose. The Constitution challenges each of us to throw the bums out when they dont adhere to governing according to the rule of law, and that is the problem. We need to do more to hold those elected officials accountable when they overstep the authority that had been vested in them, and we need to put the God our country was founded on back in the country. The Humanist thought says everyone can rule themselves, what fallacy! name one successful government ran that way?
    Ndfenceofobama´s last [type] ..Newt For PresidentMy Profile

  • Agree with your stance but between Bushonomics andr Obamanomics…the latter seems a tad better.


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