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This is a very important question to be answered. This came up in the past primarily because bloggers around the ‘sphere were saying he was muslim and held allegiances elsewhere. That is not what this discussion is about. I don’t believe he is a muslim. I do in fact believe he is a Christian and I do believe he was born in Hawaii – even if he first provided a fake birth certificate (for whatever reason) and then his real birth certificate came out.

But, in order to be the President of the United States one must be a “natural born” citizen of the United States. Now – you say – “but, you already admitted he was born in Hawaii, doesn’t that make him a natural born citizen?” Here’s the answer – not necessarily.

Go check out this story: Obama Admits Dual Citizenship [Update] over at TD Blog.  For a discussion regarding what a “natural born citizen” is – check it out here:  Constitutional Topic: Citizenship.  The section you want to really pay attention to as it relates to Obama falls under “Losing your Citizenship” – in particular – this line: Swearing an oath of allegiance to another country.

So—why is that so important with regards to Obama?  He hasn’t sworn allegiance to another country has he?  That is what is at the heart of the discussion over at TD Blog.  There is factual evidence that Obama does indeed have dual citizenship – in Indonesia.  The way the Indonesian citizenship rules work is that you don’t need to renounce your other citizenship as you do in other countries, he has to actively renounce his Indonesian citizenship – which – apparently, he has not done.  Obama was also considered a Kenyan citizen at birth since his father was a natural born citizen to Kenya.  Since Obama did not declare his citizenship to Kenya when he turned at 21 – it automatically expired.  However, it has been surmised that after his step-father – a natural born citizen of Indonesia – adopted him – Obama became an Indonesian citizen.  Obama has travelled on an Indonesian passport as an adult – supporting the fact that he does have Indonesian citizenship.

From TD Blog -

He’s lied about Kenya, at least by omission, for months/years, so why should I assume he isn’t lying about Indonesia? Note Kenyan Citizenship automatically lapses if it isn’t renewed at age 21, Indonesian Citizenship doesn’t. If he was an Indonesian Citizen he would have to actively repudiate that Citizenship. Did he? Has he? Because if he hasn’t, Senator Obama is Dual National Indonesian at this moment, subject to the Laws of BOTH Countries, equally.

That is true under US Law, Indonesian Law and International Law and until LAST YEAR Indonesia DID NOT Recognize Dual Citizenship and the USA did not Recognize that one could be a Dual US/Indonesian Citizen. It does not matter that the Senator was not Responsible for the change of Citizenship because he was a child when it happened.

At this time, Obama absolutely refuses to provide any documentation that proves he has actively denounced his Indonesian citizenship.  If he does not renounce his Indonesian citizenship – by Indonesian and U.S. law – he has indicated an allegiance to Indonesia – whereby – his status as a natural born citizenship is taken from him – whereby – he is no longer eligible to run for President in this country.

Why won’t Obama produce the necessary paperwork that proves he has actively denounced his Indonesian citizenship?  Where do his true allegiances lie?  Given the fact that he and his wife hate this country, associate with the most far left radicals in this country, and are scholars of the marxist doctrines, I don’t truly believe he has this country’s best interests at heart.  Is there no wonder that he announced to the German citizens in Berlin that he is “a citizen of the world” first!

Before all you guys on the left start thinking this is a red-herring – go check out the blog and  Obama has admitted he has dual citizenship which disqualifies him from being allowed to run for President under our U.S. Constitution.  So – which party is undermining our constitution now?  You too should be concerned about this.  Put your hatred of Republicans and Bush aside and look at the true issue here – is he indeed actually qualified to be President constitutionally and if so, with these questions out there that are valid – why won’t Obama answer them and provide the proof?

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25 Responses to “Is Obama a “natural born” citizen of the United States?”

  • your site wont remember my info..arg! no one has the guts to stand up to this cretin except for Sarah and well..YOU!

    Angels last blog post..Yom Kippur

  • Just trying to do my part, Angel! ;)

  • The irony of this situation is that everyone who questions anything about Obama is instantly racist.  I believe there are many questions that need to be answered and the liberal media is deliberately preventing such questions from being asked.

    Mar Matthias Darins last blog post..Global warming or global cooling

  • Hey more pics please, you must balance the text and the pictures :D

  • Raider Steve:

    I know Obama considers himself a Christian and he supposedly practices Christianity (although I wouldn’t consider Rev. Wright a Christian) but do not be so quick to dismiss Obama being a Muslim.
    In Islam, a Muslim male can marry outside the Muslim faith but a Muslim female cannot. This is because the passing on of religion to children falls on the father. So when a Muslim male marries a Christian woman for example, in Islam the children are Muslim. When a Muslim female marries a Christian male, the children are considered Christian.
    Obama’s father was a Muslim, so in the eyes of Islam and Muslims, Obama is a Muslim. In the Islamic world, if elected, Obama would be the first Muslim President of the United States.

  • Interesting post, The Bobo, I wonder why the media hasn’t covered this yet. You would think, since they love scandal, that this would have been mentioned.@Raider Steve: While Obama’s lineage might be that of a Muslim, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that he self-identifies as christian. If the terrorists want to think he’s one of them, that’s fine for them. The important thing is that he isn’t.

    Uriels last blog post..The Ultimate Criminals II

  • The more I think about this, the more I realize I don’t have enough info to draw a conclusion.  I would need to see the passport in question to see if it has Sorento’s son listed as a citizen of Indonesia or not.

    U.S. Common Senses last blog post..Schumer vs the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

  • @Mar – aint’ that the truth.  However, they are slowly starting to come around!

    @FatLoss – appreciate the feedback!

    @Steve – I get what you’re saying.  I guess in support of your argument – as you are very well aware – the most hated of infidels in the Muslim world are those Muslims who convert from Islam.  The fact that there is not a fatwa on his head and that there has been no outward hatred from Islam towards him kind of supports your idea there.  However, I also have to agree with Uriel here.  He has been a practicing Christian for quite some time – so – I will give him that. But – I can’t entirely discount your theory for my previously stated reason.

    @CommonSense – that’s exactly the point.  The problem is that he won’t produce any documentation to prove otherwise – and it is a very fair question to ask at this point.

  • Raider Steve:

    I understand that he declares himself a Christian and has practiced Christianity and for that I take him at his word. But as we all know, how others view you is important. I only raised the issue in regards to the numerous questions about Obama that continue to be un-asked by the media and thus go unanswered. You raised some of those questions in the post. But you know, he sat in “Rev.” Wright’s church for 20 years and he said he never heard him give any sermons like the ones we all saw on t.v. The worst part is he thinks we are all dumb enough to believe it. So his self-determination as a Christian could be viewed as a question still unanswered (but go back to my first sentence of this post please)
    @Urial – in your reply you used the word terrorists. You may thought I implied terrorists by my use of the word Muslim. I did not mean terrorists at all. 99% of all Muslims are NOT terrorists. It was those people I was talking about.
    But since you brought up terrorists. I would like to point out another question that is finally being discussed but not in this context. Bill Ayers; Obama obviously has a much greater association with him then Obama will admit. Now Obama is running for the President of the United States and thus will have the highest security clearance in the nation. As The Bobo can attest, I had a top security clearance while on active duty and still have it today in my current job. If I were to have associations with someone like Bill Ayers, I would have my clearance stripped from me. If that would happen to me, shouldn’t that disqualify Obama from obtaining such a clearance thus incapable of performing the duties of the office?

  • @Steve – there are just way too many unanswered questions about this guy the media refuses to ask, research, and report.  The fact that the terrorist nations support him would lead others to believe he could be Muslim otherwise they would actually be denouncing him as an infidel.  However, as you are aware – the act of “taqiya” would support him being a Christian and them outwardly supporting an infidel.  They would rather have him in office than McCain.  Once he is in office then all hell would break loose in Islam – I think that is when the fatwas would be proclaimed and their denunciation of him as an infidel.  I believe that if he does get in office – this will just help ignite the Jihad and further bolster their resolve to commit acts against this country and our interests.  I know it sounds a bit conspiratorial – but – it does fit.

  • [...] DNC stating that Obama is not a naturalized United States citizen. I discussed this in a previous post. This guy seems to have the goods on Obama [...]

  • [...] First up – You know I don’t generally subscribe to conspiracy theories – however – there have been some real solid arguments regarding Obama’s citizenship and whether or not he is qualified to serve as President according to our constitution – Reference previous post here and here. [...]

  • I would need to see the passport in question to see if it has Sorento’s son listed as a citizen of Indonesia or not before I think we have enough info.

  • Yes Bebo, it is a concern as it puts a question mark on Constitution. How can American fraternity let it happen? If Obama has accepted that he has dual citizenship, why no action against his Presedential Post?? Who has the authority to look into this matter?? US Citizens does have right to raise their voice, of course!!!!

  • @Acai – we’re trying to answer the same questions!

  • Obama’s father was a Muslim, so in the eyes of Islam and Muslims, Obama is a Muslim

  • I cant see why this is a “huge problem” This is, but I care more for what he is or isnt doing for USA. This is certainly my biggest concern – is he the best man to be in charge right now and is he powerful or smart enough to take USA back to the position it belongs – the position called the most powerful country in the world!

  • @GrowTaller – I can see your point – however – given the secrecy behind his birth certificate and other official records and transcripts – it is a question worth asking!  Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

    As for your concern – it is a valid concern and I personally don’t think he is the right man for the job.

  • what is the deal wit Obama as the joker ?

    • You need to watch The Dark Knight. The joker in that movie is evil and sinister and is the epitome of anti-capitalism. He wasn’t in it for the money – he was only in it for the power. Not only that, but Bush was painted as the joker and published in the New Yorker after that movie came out.

  • I’ve been taking deep breaths everytime I’ve heard another hypocritical
    accusation – such as Cindy McCain’s feigned “chill” when Obama refused
    to vote “yes” on a vet assistance bill. Obama rejected the bill because
    it did not contain a timeline for withdrawal.

  • Obama never had Indonesian citizenship. Perhaps the school felt uncomfortable about having a US pupil and decided to put down Obama’s nationality on his school certificate as Indonesia. That of course does not make Obama Indonesian does it?
    .-= tempo dulu´s last blog ..Obama’s Indonesian school records =-.

    • Dude – you are so wrong!!!

      Citizenship can be passed on to children if a woman marries an indonesian citizen – as was the case when Barry’s mom married mr. soetero. The only thing that changed in 2006 was that now children under 18 can have dual citizenship and must choose upon obtaining the age of 18. Prior to 2006 a child could not have dual citizenship status. I read your post – and – you are so far off the mark it’s not even funny.

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