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H/T to Trey for sending me the link to this blog – It’s a blog from a Lawyer – a Democrat Lawyer at that. He has filed a lawsuit against Obama and the DNC stating that Obama is not a naturalized United States citizen. I discussed this in a previous post. This guy seems to have the goods on Obama -

Phil J. Berg files motions to expedite resolution in Berg v. Obama

The name of this guy’s blog is Obama Crimes.  I suggest anyone who has any doubts about Obama’s status as a naturalized citizen should go there for some answers.  Based on what he has produced – it appears that Obama was not actually born in Hawaii.  There is also breaking news over there now that by Obama and the DNC not responding to the petition – he has legally admitted his birthplace is Kenya.

Go check it all out.  You’ll find it to be very interesting.

Related story from My Daily Outrage:

Berg v. Obama (08-cv-04083), or “The Illegal Immigrant Who Would Be King”


This doesn’t surprise me at all – another liberal judge threw out this case:

Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

He tossed it stating that Berg doesn’t have standing in that

saying any harm from an allegedly ineligible candidate was “too vague and its effects too attenuated to confer standing on any and all voters.”

What bullshit!  It is NOT vague and it’s effects on any and all voters is HUGE if he is indeed ineligible to be President!  I hope Mr. Berg appeals this decision as high as the Supreme Court.  This needs to be resolved once and for all!

UPDATE Part 2!

Mr. Berg has appealed the decision as he should and he comments -

Berg said, “I am totally disappointed by Judge Surrick’s decision and, for all citizens of the United States, I am immediately appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court.

This is a question of who has standing to uphold our Constitution. If I don’t have standing, if you don’t have standing, if your neighbor doesn’t have standing to question the eligibility of an individual to be President of the United States – the Commander-in-Chief, the most powerful person in the world – then who does?

So, anyone can just claim to be eligible for congress or the presidency without having their legal status, age or citizenship questioned.According to Judge Surrick, we the people have no right to police the eligibility requirements under the U.S. Constitution.

Good luck, Mr. Berg!

14 Responses to “Lawsuit filed against Obama and the DNC – Obama not an American Citizen”

  • This could be huge but chances are the judge is a liberal or just won’t have the cajones and will side with Obama.

  • @John – considering this isn’t making any play on any major media outlets – I would say you are correct.  Nothing will come of it…and…even if the facts truly bear out that he is not a naturalized citizen, you know those Dems will try to find a way around the constitution just as they have with all of our other rights.

  • Raider Steve:

    In addition to this, has the controversy over his birth certificate been solved?

  • @Steve – that is what this whole lawsuit is about – the fact that what he has provided is a Certification of Live Birth versus an actual Birth Certificate.  The contention is that Obama was actually born in Kenya and was flown back home later with his mom to Hawaii where they got the certification.  That is also why he was travelling internationally on an Indonesian passport – because his step-father adopted him later on.

    Phil Berg is a former State’s Attorney General and has filed this lawsuit seeking absolute proof of Obama’s birth.  Inquiries have found that the hospital that Obama was supposed born in does not have any actual records of his birth.

  • Len:

    Let’s recap, shall we? Barack Obama was born in Hawaii two years after it became a state. John McCain was born in Panama two years before the law making children of American citizens born in foreign countries naturalized citizens. And you all are screaming that Barack is not a citizen? Please.

  • Another liberal who ignores facts.  John McCain was not born in Panama, he was born in the Panama Canal Zone at a U.S. military base.  The Panama Canal at that time was controlled by the U.S. effectively making it part of the United States.  In fact this was brought up earlier in the year and a unanimous decision by a bi-partisan Senate committee declared him a natural born U.S. citizen.  The controversy about Barack is that he will not release his original birth certificate despite everybody else being perfectly willing to do so.  He will only release a copy.  Maybe the accusation that he was born out of the country is hogwash but he could easily prove this by releasing the original and not a copy.  The article you link to only had a copy, not an original, and the St. Petersburg Times is a well known liberal newspaper.  Having them run a site called Politifact would be like having Obama running a website called Capitalism Rules.

  • Len:

    Another conservative living in la-la land.So the Panama Canal Zone is one of the 57 states, is it?I don’t know what it is with some people. They ask questions and then they argue with the answers. You are so convinced that what you believe is correct that no amount of evidence or presentation of fact is going to convince you otherwise.You really aren’t going to accept the results of this election as legitimate, are you? You guys are just laying the foundation for all of your future arguments against the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency. And what is really hilarious about all of this is that you are the same people who ridiculed those on the left who questioned George W. Bush’s election in 2000 and 2004. Now you’re setting yourselves up to do the exact same thing to Barack Obama. First, he’s not a citizen. Then, the election will have been “stolen” (ACORN, the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Ohio Secretary of State, etc. etc.).The election has not even been held yet and already you’re preparing to question the outcome.Right. I’m the one ignoring facts. Funny.

  • Sorry took so long to respond and contribute here – took my teenage son to Hallowscream at Busch Gardens this evening.

    @Len – as a military brat and a former member of the military myself who had a child born in a foreign country – I can tell you that John is correct regarding McCain.  Any military base outside of the United States is considered U.S. soil therefore, McCain is a naturalized born citizen.  My son was born in a Greek hospital in Greece.  He has a Greek birth certificate and had dual citizenship until he turned 18.  We had to apply through the U.S. Consolate to get him an American birth certificate.  His birth certificate as the U.S. Seal on it. Since he did not formally announce his Greek citizenship nor formally renounce his American citizenship – his Greek citizenship was automatically revoked. Had he been born in an American hospital on an American base in Greece, he would automatically have been a U.S. citizen without any Greek citizenship.

    If you go check out the blog I’ve linked here – it belongs to Phil J. Berg – the former State’s Attorney General of Pennsylvania – a Democrat.  He has found evidence that Obama was in fact born in Kenya – and Obama’s grandmother also stated Obama was born in Kenya.  In addition to that fact – there are several others that he has discovered and included in his legal case against Obama and the DNC.  A judge has already cleared his case to go through. 

    Regarding everything else you stated – I, personally, don’t fall in that category.  If we lose, we lose.  However, the question at issue here is whether or not he is a naturalized born citizen.  He refuses to release any documents.  There are no records of his birth at the Honolulu hospital.  Remember, he came out and said that there were many dinner table conversations about his grandfather liberating Auschwitz – which turned out to be untrue.  What other “tall tales” could his grandmother had told him?  It’s not inconceivable that he truly believes he was born in Hawaii if that is what he was told his whole life…and now it may turn out again that he was lied to.

    The other issue is the fact that his step-father, an Indonesian citizen, adopted him – which makes him an Indonesian citizen.  He traveled on an Indonesian passport to Pakistan – again – irrefutable proof.  He knows he has Indonesian citizenship – again proving he is not a naturalized citizen.

    The lawsuit requires Obama to provide absolute proof of his American citizenship – none of which he has thus far provided.

  • Why don’t they recruit a person that is already running for POTUS that possible would agree to an AMIGAS PLAINTIFF sign on to this lawsuit that will go before the Supreme Court.  That would give the law suit standing in any venue. Clarence Thomas is the perfect Justice to approach, any other would be reason for the democrats to start civil unrest. Side note, Obama was in Hawaii to clean out all records in Madeline Dunham’s apartment while she was confined to bed, only his grandmother know the whole story!!!

  • Michael:

    Just curious, but don’t appeals from the Federal Court go to the Federal Circuit Court before they go to the US Supreme Ct.?

  • @DonnyBrook – It would probably be pretty hard at this point to get one of them to sign on.  However, I am inclined to agree with Berg that we as voters do have standing since it is we the people as voters that determine who the next President is (I know, there is an electoral college in between – but that is based on the choice of the voters).

    @Michael – that is my understanding as well.  At the Federal level you have Federal Court, Federal Appellate Court – then – U.S. Supreme Court.  Perhaps Mr. Berg being a former State Attorney General knows of a way to bypass the appellate and take it directly to the Supreme court in these types of cases?

  • [...] Story: Lawsuit Filed Against Obama and the DNC – Obama NOT an American Citizen Sphere: Related Content submit_url = [...]

  • As everything else, this is blown out of proportion. Nothing will happen, the voters may or may not change their mind on the election, and in the end Obama wins.

  • @Chili – thanks for stoppin in and commenting.  I don’t know if it’s been blown out of proportion – however – what I can tell you is that based on my traffic alone – the most common searches right now are on Obama’s citizenship.  There are real questions out there and attorney Berg seems to have a real good case.  I don’t know if it will change anybody’s mind – but – I think on November 4 it will be on the back of the minds of quite a few voters!


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