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We’re kicking off 2009 the right way here with this first collection of 2009.  Make sure you stop by each of these blogs and leave a comment.  These are all some worthwhile posts.


Doug Ragan presents How YOU Can Help Save The Economy posted at I’m A Pundit Too, saying, “Who’s going to save us from our failing economy? Do you really think that Congress can save both big business and you at the same time? It is obvious to everyone that the economy is in big time trouble. But what everyone doesn’t understand is how to put it back together. There is much debate about fixing the economy, bank bailouts (thanks Paulson), auto manufacturer bailouts (thanks Bush), freezing foreclosures (thanks Fannie), expansion of government programs that take jobs from the private sector(thanks Obama), the list goes on. One of the interesting things about this very long list is that it mostly seems to be about what the government can do to fix the economy, instead of what the individual can do. The government has a habit of trying to tell business what to do, then trying to prop business up to keep it from failing. This has created problems that won’t be fixed by more of the same. If you really want to talk about “Change” then you need to talk about what individuals can do to put the US economy back on track instead of what the government is going to attempt to do.”

You have some excellent ideas there Doug – great visuals by the way.  Also – 11%?  Holy shit – those people are really behind the ball.  They should have modified their loan years ago!

lsm presents There must have been a Deal posted at awaken the elephants blog.

Excellent summary of GWB’s last 4 years.  I’ve been scratching my head as well.  I recently had a similar rant regarding his auto industry bailout.  Everyone has to make concessions but the UAW.  You’re right – he bailed out the UAW – not the auto industry itself.

Cmblake presents Just got done with CNN Politics. *AHEM*! posted at Cmblake6′s Weblog.

Nice little rant there Chris – I don’t get it either.


U.S. Common Sense presents Blagojevich and Democrats on Collision Course posted at U.S. Common Sense, saying, “Both Blagojevich and the Senate Democrats have made up their minds. Blagojevich has nominated Burris, and the Senate Democrats are planning to block him from being seated. Who will win?”

Hey U.S. – thanks for the submission.  When I heard that Reid already stated he will refuse to seat Burris – I knew the shit was gonna hit the fan given they have no constitutional authority to deny seating him.  As I stated in an earlier comment to a related post – Blago just spit in the face of the Democrats and Obama.  That guy is as defiant as ever.  I appreciate the fact you also provided some historical reference in your post.  I had not realized the Dems attempted this very thing and failed several years ago.  Did you know that Charlie Rangel is now holding Powell’s old seat?


SpkTruth2Pwr presents Leading Within Democracies posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “The beauty of democracy for the people is that everyone’s voice matters. The problem of democracy for people is that everyone’s voice matters. This is what confuses our leaders when it comes to making decisions in the interest of the people. A look at public policy, and how to always make the most efficient or fair decision.”

Hmmm..sorry..can’t comment on this one.  When I went out there – there was no post – just a void where there should be a post.  I’ll leave the link here in case it gets fixed – or in case it’s just me! Although – based on your statement with the submission – our constitution set Congressional decisions based on majority rule.  If they need a majority to pass any bills – then – it only goes to follow that their votes should be based on the majority in their states..that is the only fair decision.


BH presents Israeli Gaza Operation effective in Military and Propaganda Wars posted at Bangladeshi Hindu, saying, “Analysis of the recent Israel-Palestine conflict”

BH – thanks for submitting this most detailed, un-biased, and historical post regarding the current conflict.  I think your conclusion may be correct – Egypt mislead Hamas on this one!

Megan Casto presents Ignorance Combined with Arrogance and Hatred posted at Amid Clutter, saying, “It’s not perfect and there are so many more details needed but I figure it’s the best post I’ve written so far that would qualify for your carnival. :) Keep up the great work!”

Hi Megan – welcome to the carnival!  Based on what I’ve read previously at your *new* site there – I would say that any one of those other posts are worthy for submission.

But – you are correct – this is a most excellent post regarding the recent conflict in Israel.  However, my understanding is that the Palestineans of today are the “Phillistines” mentioned in the bible.  They are nomadic Arabs – essentially – gypsies without a country.  As far as I’m concerned, Israel never should have given back the West Bank or Gaza.  As for bombing the tunnels to Egypt – it was well known they smuggled contraband and weapons in and out of those tunnels.

I highly recommend this post to others and to read BH’s post which is related to this same topic.  Together, they both add some perspective on the conflict that the MSM won’t provide.


Ron McKie presents Happy Birthday posted at Phuck Politics.

My my Ron!  That’s quite a list.  I do have to agree with you on The Real World/Road Rules one..but..what do you have against the Cyrus’s?  Oh, you kill my achey breaky heart with that one!

Lisa Spinelli presents Bush Signs Gay Rights Bill Protecting Retirement Benefits for Gay Couples posted at Greener Pastures: Personal Finance.

Wow..I didn’t even hear any of this on the news anywhere.  I think you might be right – he didn’t know that provision was in there and didn’t know what he was signing.  Personally, I just think it’s more government interference in to private business.  I don’t see how you can force banks and other financial institutions to change their rules.  Besides, there is a beneficiary provision to all private 401k’s where gay couples could pass it on to another.  If this is in reference to government employees – then – I say – not on my tax dollar!  If it has to do with private businesses that still offer retirement programs – again – it should be up to the businesses to make this decision – not have the government force it on them. I’m going to look in to this a little further – but – I don’t even think I as a married man have the ability to choose to roll my 401k into an IRA for my spouse for her to avoid taxes if I pass on.


Isaac Yassar presents Never Trust 100% posted at Isaac Yassar .com, saying, “Politics are full of dirty tricks. You’ve got to make friends with the right ones. But still, be careful, prepare for the worst. You should never trust 100%”

Okay – I’ll let you have this one!  Not entirely related to politics – but given the news of recent weeks regarding all the crooks in government – I’ll let this one go.

GrrlScientist presents Farewell to The Worst President in History posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “Read the fine print, if you can (and you really aren’t expected to be able to read it), then tell me what you think of the current resident of the White House.”

Welcome back GrrlScientist.  However, as history goes – they’re already saying that in years to come he will be looked upon as one of the better Pres’s.  Besides – there is no one that could be worse than Carter.  As for one of your responses listing scientific reasons why you think he’s one of the worst – global warming denial – I would say you are in denial as it has been proven we have been in a cooling spell for the past 7 years and we will continue to cool for another 3 at minimum.  You’re the scientist – you know that this is all natural and cyclical.  The top scientists and meteorologists in this country have all come out saying man-made global warming is a hoax.  Sorry – can’t give you that one.

Stem Cell Research – again – no proof.  All the research on that one is strictly theoretical.  There are still several samples remaining that can be studied.  No use in killing more babies or cloning human cells to advance research that is still in it’s theoretical stage.  Once you guys can prove that stem cells do everything you think they can – then I’m sure it will open up some more.

No Child Left Behind – I agree with you 100%.  That’s pure bullshit.  I’ve ranted on that one myself.

Healthcare for all? – We are a democratic Republic – not a socialist state.  Our constitution does not grant the government power to provide healthcare for all.

Forcing NASA scientists to change/alter reports? – Actually – that was only stated by one disgruntled ex-NASA/Government employee.  There was no proof other than a he said/he said that it actually occurred.

ID versus Evolution – If theory can be taught in public schools as fact even though it is simply a theory – why not teach the other side and let the kids decide for themselves?  Besides, being a Catholic myself – both fit together.  If it weren’t for ID – there would be no plant or animal life to evolve – doncha think? ;)

SpkTruth2Pwr presents I’m Blago…I Can Do What I Want posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “Corruption, ethics, politics, selfishness. Is this what Blagojevich is about? In spite of laying low and waiting for the castigation to blow over or prove his innocence, he is continuing his job like it is business as usual in Illinois. The announcement of an appointment is selfish and places Burris in an uncomfortable position.”

Go figure!  Sure, he’s innocent until proven guilty – but – he just spit in the face of Obama and the entire DNC with this appointment.  You’re also right regarding Burris – even if he is a stand-up guy with no blemishes – his appointment is tainted.  Burris would be an idiot right now to even consider accepting the position.

Greg presents Feds coming after ?clunkers??time to take action!! posted at, saying, “More feel good claptrap by the Donks that will do more harm to the economy thy are “saving” Hey BoBo..Do I get credit for the “Foist” submission of 2009 ??!? ;-p”

Sorry, Greg – there were 3 others submitted before yours – although – you do get credit for being one of the FOIST to submit on the FOIST!

Pelosi is an idiot!  She obviously has never been to a classic car exhibition otherwise she would know that there is huge money in the scrap and aftermarket business.  But, then again, she does come from San Fran. I don’t think they have classic car exhibitions there…only exhibitionists!

Raymond presents My Stock Market and Real Estate Predictions For Year 2009 posted at Money Blue Book.

Raymond – I think I would have to agree that part of the downfall of the economy has to do both with the government interfering in private industry as well as overzealous consumers.  I also agree with all of your predictions except for 1 – #3.  Based on what I’m seeing – even though the government is saying we are in a recession headed towards a depression – people are still out spending like crazy.  I live in the Tampa area and I can tell you – having been to the zoo, Busch Gardens, and Disney these past two weeks – the parks were still as crowded these past two weeks as they ever have been in the most recent years.  People are still travelling from around the country to visit these places.  I saw crowded malls and stores before, during, and after Christmas.  It sure didn’t look like people are hurting!

RE Ausetkmt presents Yow, The Liecentric Posse deh bout; somebody call the Drop Squad posted at BadGalsRadio Daily Blog, saying, “this blog is a part of five blogs about Different Posses’. this particular piece is about a leopard who pretends to change his spots; but alas the spots are his skin.”

Hey! Welcome back! Hmmm…interesting – are you actually promoting support for the Black Panthers in this post?  It also sounds like perhaps you are proving that Kwanzaa is just a made up sham and should not be a recognized holiday – if it ever is.  Although quite a long post – I learned quite a bit.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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20 Responses to “The BoBo Carnival of Politics – The New Year Edition”

  • Ta for linking me. Miserable idiots fail to see(YET) how badly the pooch is about to be screwed. Ah well, let’s hope that the military remembers their oath. Ah, let me refresh:

    cmblake6s last blog post..I said it before…

  • Good round of submissions this week. I just might have to go visit the Science site to see what is posted.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    U.S. Common Senses last blog post..HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • BH:

    Nice carnival! went through all the submissions and enjoyed them all except the one about crooks on government. Not sure if it fits into a political carnival.

    happy new year everyone! hope u had a good weekend.

    BHs last blog post..A Hindu Minority was beaten nakedly by the Awami League Supporters in KuliarChar.

  • Hi. Thanks for including my post in the carnival. I appreciate it. I have put some links to your carnival and homepage. Check it on my website, on the particular post and my references page. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • @Cmblake – anytime!

    @US – grrlscientist always has some good ones to comment on.

    @BH – thank you for your submission as well. You are right – I cut him a little slack this time.

    @Isaac – thanks – much appreciated

  • Very helpful this, thanks man, I am certainly checking these out.

    Greetings from a Zimbabwean political blogger

    Denfords last blog post..Jestina Mukoko Implicates Tsvangirai and the MDC

  • Johnny Walker Purple:

    @There must have beena deal:
    Do you do any research before you start towing that party line? The UAW made massive concessions and only walked away from the table when they were asked to give up benefits that even non-union workers enjoyed.

    @Bush Signs Gay Rights Bill Protecting Retirement Benefits for Gay Couples:
    You don’t see how you can force business to change their practice? Are you saying you don’t approve or don’t understand the mechanism involved?

    Not on your tax dollar? You don’t think gay and lesbian federal employees should be allowed to pass on their hard earned savings to their partners?

    It should be up to the business? So you’re fine with a business that says, “We are not going to allow you to pass on your hard earned savings because your black.” Discrimination is discrimination.

    @Farewell to The Worst President in History:
    Who is saying Bush is one of hte better ones? World net daily? One news now? Little Green Footballs? Jesus man, if you are going to say something that contrary to widely establuished fact then you need to source it.

    Almost all climate scientists agree that global warming is occuring. A majority believe it is anthropogenic. So it doesn’t bode well for your credibility that you are just making stuff up. Also nature is not cyclical, it’s linear. There’s no reason to believe it’s cyclical unless you just really want to thinkk reincarnation is true. Stop pretending to have the upper hand, you are LITERALLY making stuff up.

    Stem cells aren’t gathered by killing babies. They are gathered by destroying fertilized eggs before they even have a chance to split.

    Being a democratic republic just means that we elect our respresentatives, it doesn’t say anythign about helathcare. Also the constitution is the foudning document not the ending document. There’s something called legislation and common law that build on the constitution, they don’t stop with it.

    And again you show that yo don’t understand science. Gravity is a theory as well because the word theory in scientific terms is the same as law in mathematical terms. The wrod theory in colloquial terms is the same as hypothesis in scientific terms. Evolution is a proven fact, ID has been proven wrong again and again. ID is religion not science and we don’t teach religious belief in science class.

  • Carnivalia…

    read. learn. enjoy. and go kick ass of one of the blog carnival’s hosts! GRR!!…

  • Johnny Walker – Bonehead!

    UAW – next time – check your own sources. I followed all those links. The so-called story about the concessions is dated September 27, 2007. – so – the original story is still the same – the UAW made absolutely no concessions during this last bailout.

    Regarding Bushing signing in gay law – ummm – perhaps you should go read the constitution again. The federal government has no constitutional powers to force any such regulations on any private organization. The constitution under Article 1 Section 8 only gives them authority to regulate commerce – which this is not.…gay federal employees should not be allowed to pass on their benefits (except as beneficiaries) to their gay partners. Gay marriage is not federally recognized and therefore they should not be allowed to roll over any benefits to an unrecognized gay partner according to the law in order to avoid taxes as a beneficiary.

    Using the race card is a bullshit rebuttal. It’s apples and oranges. The federal government has no authority over private industry. As stated previously, there is no constitutional authority for them to do so.

    Regarding Bush and history – straight from CNN “Historians, beginning to examine Bush’s legacy, note that the 43rd president could end up with a better reputation down the road — something that happened to Harry Truman.”

    Global warmongering – you’re so full of shit it’s not even funny. Name one of your so-called credible climate scientists that state it is anthropogenic? I can tell you that the most prominent experts disagree – William Gray (, John Coleman ( and many many more are now reversing their positions ( You need to jump off that bandwagon and start reading the real science instead of listening to Gorebicile.

    Also – sure, nature might be linear – but – climate is cyclical – again – apples and oranges. I know that as the earth revolves around the sun, as we approach the apex of the elipse – our globe gets cooler. As we circle back around, it gets warmer. I think we call these cyclical patterns – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall and since it occurs every year – by definition – it is cyclical. Likewise, solar flares and sun spots wax and wane in predictable patterns – “generally on an 11-year cycle” ( which also affects cooling and heating of our planet. Dude – seriously – while I might not initially source everything I write – it’s not from ignorance – but – it does some you operate from ignorance.

    “Stem cells aren’t gathered by killing babies. They are gathered by destroying fertilized eggs before they even have a chance to split.” Did you really contradict yourself in that statement? Depending on the point of view – which mine is that life begins at conception (fertilization of an ovum by a spermatazoa) – when you “destroy a fertilized egg” you are killing life – forget the fact that a scientist intervened to stop it from becoming a zygote artificially.

    “Also the constitution is the foudning (sic) document not the ending document. There’s something called legislation and common law that build on the constitution, they don’t stop with it.”

    You cannot build on the constitution unless it is amended and ratified by 2/3 of the states. What you call “common law” can be deemed unconstitutional. It IS THE ENDING document from which ALL judges are required to compare any decisions before applying law. The only “common law” is one which is in line with the constitution. Socialized medicine is not authorized by the Federal government under our constitution. You really should read that document. You just might find out just how much the government is has overstepped the boundaries.

    Hypothesis, theory, whatever – you are showing your ignorance again. Gonna make me break out the dictionary for this one aren’t ya?


    1 a: an assumption or concession made for the sake of argument b: an interpretation of a practical situation or condition taken as the ground for action
    2: a tentative assumption made in order to draw out and test its logical or empirical consequences

    theory (note, I only provided the ones that apply to math and science – you can follow the link if you want to see the other ones)

    5: a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena 6 a: a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation b: an unproved assumption

    Again – looking at these definitions – I think you get the drift from words like “assumption” and “unproven.”

    Nice try though – come back again when you can provide some valid arguments.

  • Wow Bobo! Great Carnival… I’m too sick right now to check them all out…. but thought I’d drop in on ya… ;) Happy New Year Friend.

    Monicas last blog post..Our Holiday Season 2008-2009

  • Thanks Monica – come back any time – and get well soon!

  • Hey Bobo, thanks for the comment on the Gaza posting at my blog. I think that the Bangladeshi hindu might be onto something, but I think it was far more likely that Iran misled Hamas more than Egypt did, though to be sure Egypt had a hand in this.
    I have to disagree with your assertion, however, that Israel should “grab WB and Gaza back” and that it was more peaceful under Israeli occupation; the fact is it wasn’t – for either Palestinians or Israelis. In addition, Israel will then have an internal insurgency instead of a semi-external insurgency; instead of firing rockets into Israel, Hamas and others will improvise IEDs for synagogues, eateries, school buses, etc. Then what will they do? Round up all the Palestinians and put them into enclaves – or should I say “ghettos” – Won’t they be back where they started then? On top of that, Israel is already expanding into the WB illegally through settlements that are in direct violation of UN resolutions and the Oslo Peace accords.

    Its a mess, but the only power that can do anything about it is Israel; the US would never dream of demanding that Israel adhere to its agreements or dare criticize Israel – it would be political suicide in the States for a variety of reasons (not all of them logical either).

  • Um, BoBo, your list of “the most prominent experts” on climate who dispute anthropogenic climate change is thin, to put it charitably. Bill Gray is an actual climate scientist, true. He got his PhD in 1964, and in the 1980s helped pioneer forecasts of Atlantic hurricane activity. He’s currently 80 years old, and an emeritus professor at Colorado State University. On the global warming question, however, his criticisms put him way outside the mainstream.

    The second expert you cite, John Coleman, is a 74-year-old TV weatherman for local KUSI-TV in San Diego. True, he founded The Weather Channel and was its CEO for its first year, but was subsequently forced out. He’s not a climate scientist.

    The Internet is cool. It makes it easy to cherry-pick facts to support an a priori conclusion. It also makes it easy to fact-check those facts. I think on some level I understand the fun of being an outspoken advocate for a position, but the fact is, global warming is real, and the denialism you’re engaging in is irresponsible.

    John Callenders last blog post..BoBo’s Global Warming Denial

  • The following is what I have posted on Grrl’s site. It’s just an example of how we seem to take a talking point and run with it while ignoring the true complexities of the situation:

    Interesting exchanges, much of which is based upon emotion rather than substance. For the most part, Douglas Ragan is correct. Much of the issues expressed (stem cells, healthcare, etc) are not the responsibility of the federal government.

    Just scrolling through some of the items listed on the image above, SCHIP is the first one that pops out at me. The changes made to SCHIP to provide coverage for adult children (those over the age of 18) was the primary reason that it was vetoed. The Congress wanted the expansion of SCHIP to include adult children to take the burden off of the expansions individual states made to the program. Rather than to scale back the additional programs on the state levels (and risk political blow back), the Congress chose to add the burden to the national level, in effect doubling the price of the program. While President Bush was in favor of a compromise, one that included removing the provision that allowed non-U.S. citizens to benefit from the program, a revision was never passed. However, an 18 month extension to the existing program (which is set to expire in April 2009) was passed and approved by President Bush.

    That is just a sample of how when you look at a complex situation more closely, it isn’t as cookie-cutter as some people wish to make it. And again, SCHIP is an example of a function that was not intended to be provided by the federal government, but it exists anyway.

    Grrl, I might work up a weeks worth of posts on this one graphic. Thanks for giving me something to consider. Keep up the good work.

    U.S. Common Senses last blog post..HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Happy New Year Mr Bobo,
    we had to do ya right, to get it off on the Good Foot !

    check this out – you said :
    Hey! Welcome back! Hmmm…interesting – are you actually promoting support for the Black Panthers in this post? It also sounds like perhaps you are proving that Kwanzaa is just a made up sham and should not be a recognized holiday – if it ever is. Although quite a long post – I learned quite a bit.

    Now We’re Sayin -

    Power to the People – Yeah that’s what we said. and yeah that’s what we mean.
    Kwanzaa is as fake as Ron Karenga and his United Slaves. FAAAAAAAAAAKEE as Japanese Cakeee

    To wrap this bento up, we want to ask you to support the first 09′ MLK Remember The Dream Blog Carnival – hosted on our features page at

    Every Dream needs to be remembered and Lived – We Are The Dream !

  • [...] The BoBo Carnival of Politics- Driving the Loony Left Loonier [...]

  • This won’t be too popular but…

    Boo to MLK! He isn’t the angel everyone thinks he was. Revisionist history and his assassination has transformed him into the “perfect” person as often happens when people die young. I’ve been meaning to do a post on this for a long time, guess I should get on it. Do some real digging (while being careful of all the crap) and you will find some interesting stuff. Like why did Coretta Scott King have a judge seal 845 pages of his FBI file for 50 years in 1977. And why did she say that their release would “destroy his reputation.”

    Just to wet your appetite and get more people mad at me (and accuse me of racism) there is plenty of evidence of his mass plagarism and continuous adultery. Oh yeah, he also once described himself as a Marxist.

    Hopefully I won’t be assassinated for this comment.

    John Kaduks last blog post..In honor of the New Year….

  • @John Callendar – Are you really diminishing Will Gray’s expertise just because he’s 80? Are you really diminishing John Coleman’s experience – you know – in climate? Also – I did check your post..and..thanks for the link back btw…but…seriously, man – you really referenced wikipedia as your end-all source? Dude, wikipedia is banned from academia because it is not considered a scholarly resource. It is severely flawed as anyone can add, delete, and manipulate the information on there.

    I could continue to list more people that are very notable scientists in meteorology, physics, astronomy, geology, and a host of other areas related to climatology – but – considering the count is in the 10′s of thousands right now – that would be an extremely long list that I don’t have the time nor the space to reproduce. People are running away from the IPCC report every day because it is severely flawed and not based in any fact.

    @U.S. – good one. I’ll have to go check it out and see what kind of responses you get.

    @RE Ausetkmt – I’m down with that! I’ll support your carnival.

    @John K – go get ‘em. Personally, I like MLK’s legacy – whether manufactured, manipulated, or parts hidden. But, I’m also all for providing the truth. I really don’t think there would be anything dug up now that could damage what he has started and we have built upon.

  • I believe the message that is associated with him is positive. I don’t think you can argue that equality isn’t good but I don’t believe in honoring the man himself. Honor the lesson, not the man.

    This post won’t be done for a while as I have 16,000 pages of FBI files on him to look at and I can’t even fathom where to start. Thats right 16,000!. Unfortunately as I said roughly 900 are still sealed for a very long time and probably contain the most interesting info. At this moment I wish I was a liberal. In that case I would just say screw the files and post the allegations without evidence, but unfortunately my conservatism still controls my need for evidence, support, documentation, and the truth (no matter if I find positive or negative things about the man).

  • ahhh…thank you so much for including my post! I just get so darn fired up over this issue.

    Hope your year is off to a good start! =)

    castocreationss last blog post..Don’t You Hate It?


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