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Of course, when it has to do with P-BO’s buddies at ACORN – they would decided to find an interpretation of the Constitution to their liking

ACORN Can Be Paid, Justice Department Says

I found this little tidbit to be very disturbing – yet informative as it relates to this administration and their agenda

Mr. Barron said he had based his conclusion on the statute’s phrase “provided to.” This phrase, he said, has no clearly defined meaning in the realm of government spending — unlike words like “obligate” and “expend.”

Citing dictionary and thesaurus entries, he said “provided to” could be interpreted as meaning only instances in which an official was making “discretionary choices” about whether to give the group money, rather than instances in which the transfer of money to Acorn was required to satisfy contractual obligations.

Since there are two possible ways to construe the term “provided to,” Mr. Barron wrote, it makes sense to pick the interpretation that allows the government to avoid breaching contracts.

Moreover, he argued, requiring the government to cancel contracts with a specifically named entity — “including even in cases where performance has already been completed but payment has not been rendered” — would raise constitutional concerns best avoided by interpreting the law differently.

If you recall, during the auto bailouts – the auto industry had actual obligations to pay out bond holders and those with preferred stock first.  Instead – they gave control of the companies to the Unions ahead of investors.  There is a constitutional and contractual obligation to pay these people out first or to give them first rights of refusal.  Given what the AG said above – how is it not unlawful then what they did to the investors?  I know it went through SCOTUS and SCOTUS ultimately decided to side with the administration – but – isn’t this now contradictory to that ruling?

I really hate politicians.  All I can say is that we are now less than 1 year away from the 2010 elections.  I will be actively campaigning against all those who oppose the constitution – whether Republicans or Democrats.

I’m just glad to see that Darrell Issa is still on the case. Go get ‘em Darrell.  Challenge this and keep pushing against it – there is no reason that a corrupt organization like ACORN should ever get taxpayer funding to continue their illegal activities and racketeering.

“Taxpayers should not have to continue subsidizing a criminal enterprise that helped Barack Obama get elected president,” Issa’s statement continued. “The politicization of the Justice Department to payback one of the president’s political allies is shameful and amounts to nothing more than old-fashioned cronyism.”


From Merriem-Webster’s

Main Entry:
\ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi-\
Italian fascismo, from fascio bundle, fasces, group, from Latin fascis bundle & fasces fasces

1.often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
2: a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

After the latest government takeover of private industry – I am no longer stating that Obama is leading us towards socialism. He has in fact proven that he is following in Mussolini, Hitler, and FDR’s footsteps and moving this country towards Fascism at a speed that is almost uncontrollable. While FDR certainly was moving towards Fascism and was a great admirer of Mussolini – not even FDR has accomplished the feat that Obama has in less than six months.

It has now gotten so bad in this country that we have China, Russia, and Germany telling us to stop heading towards socialism. Of all the countries to warn the U.S. about it’s socialist tendencies right now – Russia and China? I think they have it wrong anyway – Obama is a Fascist – not a socialist. Socialists take over private business and run everything and make all the decisions for the benefit of the collective. Fascists “partner” with private business and will provide an allusion that the private organization is in control – but in the end – makes all the business decisions – not for the good of the people – but for the good of the government elite.

You guys on the left kept calling Bush a fascist because he supported big business. That just means that you really did not understand the definition of Fascism nor did you study history and the rise and fall of Mussolini and Hitler. These guys were the epitome of Fascist. They took over all private business. Left the corporations in place – but partnered with the CEO’s of those businesses. All production was to the benefit of the government. Under a socialist regime – all production is for the benefit of the people and work and profit are equally distributed.

I want you to really look at what has happened to our auto industry, finance industry, and insurance industry. The government has taken ownership of the largest of these corporations (GM, Chrysler, Bank of America, AIG, etc.) Those banks that took the TARP money are not even allowed to give it back now. If Obama wasn’t in the business of nationalizing our financial system – why aren’t the banks now allowed to become private businesses again? Look at what Obama did to Chrysler – He fired their CEO and also made cuts to their advertising budget. That is the definition of fascist government control over private industry. Same thing for AIG – he feigned outrage over the bonuses – yet – he had complete control over the fates of every single individual working at AIG. He knew all the details – yet – he needed to demonize the industry for the people to cry out. This allowed Obama to take over AIG – no questions asked.

Obama says he doesn’t want to run the auto companies and said on Monday that government will only be involved in the “fundamental decisions.” People – wake the hell up! The most fundamental decisions of any business IS the business. He plans on being involved at every level of decision making with GM. If that weren’t true – then why the hell does he have some totally unqualified 31-year-old kid with absolutely no economic experience, no private industry experience, and no auto-industry experience controlling the fate of GM?

Next on the horizon for Obama’s fascist takeover America is our healthcare system and energy sector. The latest poll states that 80% of Americans are satisfied with their insurance coverage. Why the hell would we allow the government to control of something that the majority of Americans are actually happy with? Once government takes over health care – they can now dictate every aspect of our life – if you don’t believe me – just ask anybody who has been through the Canadian or British Health Systems. Your ability to access healthcare will be based on your health – are you a smoker? are you obese? do you eat more red meat than you should? How old are you? etc. Socialized medicine is based on a system of rationing and there are very strict guidelines as to who will be covered under that system. I urge you to google it yourselves – I could give you thousands of links of examples of this. I have a British family living next to me and the wife is a former nurse for the BHS. She is now a nurse here in the U.S.. Since my wife is a nurse as well – we often have lots of discussion regarding a comparison of the BHS and our system here. She felt stifled as a nurse under the BHS because while she really wanted to provide care to her patients – the government had strict control over what care could be provided depending on the individual’s socioeconomic position and general health.

If you don’t think this is possible – just read the provision of the new HITECH Act under the ARRA. This will require that EVERY physician and health care provider be on electronic medical records by 2014. As part of that requirement – a national database will be created and maintained by the federal government. EVERY EMR system in America will be linked to that national database. You want to talk about “Big Brother!” You will no longer have health care privacy in America. The government will have access to and will maintain every piece of health information about you. This system will also have real-time capabilities for the government to direct your physician during your visit. The government will be deciding your course of treatment – not your physician. Do you still think that Obama is not a Fascist? He will now decided what kind of car you drive, who gets loans from the banks, who gets insured, and who gets appropriate health coverage. Having control over the health care system – he will also be able to control what foods we eat. He will use the FDA and EPA to regulate the national food supply. Don’t believe me? How many times have you read something in the news about one of those lefty states trying to regulate through food taxes or placing bans on certain foods? The FDA and EPA will ensure those bans because the national healthcare database has provided evidence that supports their bans.

Lastly – well, as far as what we know right now to be lastly – with the Cap & Trade scheme that Obama is proposing – the smart grid will also control your thermostats in your homes. You will no longer have control over your own home. Obama said it himself – check that link. This Cap & Trade will also be utilized to dictate policy over the auto industry that the government controls. They will be able to use these regulations to push cars on us that we don’t want.

I know this sounds a bit conspiratorial – but – you have to look at the evidence so far. None of this can be blamed on Bush any longer. Obama has now spent more in 6 months than every administration in the previous 30 years. How the hell can you blame that on Bush? Obama has tripled the national debt in less than 6 months and this year alone plans on borrowing $2 Trillion!!!!!! He had a budget deficit of $850 Billion when he came in to office. You can no longer blame this on Bush. While I did not agree with much of what Bush did – he certainly did not push us in to economic failure of this magnitude. CMBlake has another good link to illustrate this point as well.

I don’t know what the answers are – but – I do know one thing – if this continues – we won’t make it to the 2010 elections to change it. We’re on a path towards Fascism with Obama controlling every aspect of our lives. He is in the process of destroying capitalism and the greatest country in the world. If you didn’t click on that link for the article from Russia – I highly recommend you go back up there and read their dire warning. The politicians are in his pocket – Dems and Republicans. There are now reports out there that even the MSM is scared to oppose Obama – that’s why we don’t see any negative news coverage about Obama and that’s why the MSM will never ask him any hard questions.

Is it any wonder that Chavez had no problem walking up to Obama and giving him that “present?” Chavez recognizes Obama for who he is – a bird of a feather. Obama is doing the same thing Chavez did – But on a grander scale! Is it any wonder that Obama goes around the world and tells foreign leaders what a horrible country America is? Is it any wonder that Obama sides with the Palestineans over Israel? Does it surprise anybody at all that Obama now supports Iran obtaining nukes?  Does it surprise anybody that even today Obama stated to a muslim audience America is “one of the largest muslim countries in the world.”  WTF?  We are not a muslim country – we are a nation built on Christian principles with a Constitution upon which our laws are based – not freakin’ Sharia law. Irate Nate weighs in on this issue as well.

Elections have consequences – and – now we’re all suffering because of ignorance at the polls.

Hi all – sorry for the delay once again.  As it turns out – this was Stars Wars Weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Formerly MGM).  As the geek that I am, I couldn’t resist taking my family over there this weekend.  Given that I finally finished my semester and got all the exams out of the way as well as the papers, I just couldn’t find myself bringing the ‘puter along this weekend.

Yes, I left the date as yesterday – don’t want to throw the carnival off.  Anyway – before we get in to this past week’s submissions, today is Memorial Day.  Today is a day of remembrance and of thanks.  Today we should all take a little time out to remember what makes this country great and the sacrifices made of all the soldiers before us that gave their lives for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY in defense of the American way.  We are the greatest country in the world despite what the Obamessiah and the O-bots are trying to do to us.  We will overcome the attempts by our socialist leaders to bring us down.  One thing to remember today is that when Americans (we the regular citizens of this country) have our backs up against the wall – we fight back.  We haven’t forgotten what we believe in and we will do what we need to keep our liberties and to ensure that our children and grandchildren can have the save liberties and freedoms that we enjoyed.

Let us not forget the unnecessary death of thousands of lives on 9/11.  Let them not die in vain.  It seems that many in this country have returned to a 9/10 mentality.  Keep their memories alive on this day as well.  Let us remember our history and all that has made this country great and let us not forget it.  For, if we forget it, the Obama sheeple will have won.

Finally, if you see a servicemember, not only today, but on any given day, please be sure to tell them thanks.  They are today’s defenders of freedom.  The need to hear they have the hearts and thanks of regular citizens.  They never hear the truth in the media – which often times is their only link to the outside world – especially for those on deployment.

With having said all that – Welcome to the Carnival!  There were not very many submissions this past week – but – the ones whe did get are all great.  Make sure you visit the contributors and let them know what you think.


John Kaduk presents CAFE Kills posted at The Right Wing.

John – what are you doing?  You’re actually using facts, man!  Don’t you know that facts and truth don’t mean anything these days?  This post goes along with the one submitted by Steve Farber down there.  Make sure you check his out.  I’m sure you’ll have some comments for him.  Yours is a factually based response to his emotionally based support of the CAFE standards.  It seems to me he supports them to help reduce carbon emissions and get people of out their cars – or – maybe – I just totally misread him.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents How To Kill Your Credit Instantly With Mortgage Fraud And Subprime Borrowing posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “I wanted to spotlight how mortgage fraud has impacted our nation.”

I would say that you accomplished that with this post.  I think your pointers are good info for the uninformed and vulnerable.  However, I still have no sympathy for boneheads who got in to homes they knew they could not afford.  They should lose them.  For those who are thinking about buying homes – this post is helpful.  Also, I would hope anyone buying a home now would absolutely have to go through the entire vetting process – verification of employment, verification of income, verification of identity, and a minimum 20% down payment. I’m sure if this process was still in place, that family you mentioned would not have had $100,000 to put down and never would have found themselves in that predicament.

The Smarter Wallet presents How A Swine Flu Pandemic Affects Our Economy posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “What could happen if a pandemic hits? How will it affect our nation?”

You should also look at the economy during the 1918 pandemic.  You’ll see that this does indeed affect our economy.  This epidemic is not anywhere near done.  Being a public health scholar at this time, I can tell you that with a mortality rate of 1,000 people – this means there are at least 100,000 that have been infected.  This will be a full-blown pandemic within the next 6 months.  Otherwise – I think you are spot on with your assessment.


Madeleine Begun Kane presents The “We Did Nothing Wrong, & Nancy Should Have Stopped Us” Song posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Actually, this is pretty good.  I realize this is supposed to be sarcasm – but – your words actually ring true whether you really meant it or not.  We don’t torture and we did not torture.  Sorry – but – waterboarding is not torture no matter what you guys on the left think.  It doesn’t even come close to the definition.  But, given the fact you guys on the left actually believes it is – then surely, Pelosi should also be your enemy now as she knew every step of the way.  She is a liar and needs to step down.


C. E. Dowalt presents The Rape of Chrysler and the New Progressive Mafia posted at Money Confidential.

C.E. – great post.  I’ve been searching for the right term – and now I have it – The New Progressive Mafia.  You have done an excellent job of defining it using real-world examples.  We’re gonna have to put those crime bosses in Washington out of business ourselves.  They don’t believe in the sanctity of contracts – what more do we need as proof this madness will just continue?


Wenchypoo presents The Protectionist Plastic Police posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

When I first heard about this proposal – I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.  However, the more I learned about it – the more I began to hate it.  Those guys on the left will say we on the right only want to protect this big corporations.  What they don’t understand is that this new bill undermines our constitutionally protected rights to enter in to contracts.  Again, as you so rightly pointed out, this is the Obamessiah coming to the rescue of those idiots that don’t want to take responsibility for  their own actions.  Anybody who gets a credit card without reading the contract is an idiot and doesn’t deserve a credit card.

This law needs to be repealed.  It is a direct assault on the constitution and once again keeps people from learning how to be responsible with their money.  Those fees and increased interest rates were punishment.  Where I grew up – if you broke the rules – you got punished.  You deserved to be punished and you took the punishment knowing exactly why.

The best way to avoid punishment is to not break the rules.  The best way to avoid this problem altogether is not to get a credit card and not to go in to debt.  I now live by a cash only rule.  If I don’t have enough money in the bank to buy it and if I can’t pay for it in cash – I can’t afford it.


Wenchypoo presents Piety is No Substitute for Technique posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Awe Wenchypoo – let’s call a spade a spade – they are losers!  Your assessment of the Obamessiah and his sheeple are 100% on spot.  But, given the fact that since his election the number of Independents have grown and both the numbers of Dems and Repubs have fallen – I would say he is a one-termer and people are starting to wake up.  Great post.

Steve Faber presents How We?ll Be Forced To Drive the Most Fuel Efficient Cars – Even if We Don?t Want To posted at super gas saver.

Howdy Steve – a very excellent discussion.  I realize you are probably very serious about your discussion and you actually support the legislation that the Obamessiah admin is about to force down our throats.  However, I see a huge revolt going on in this country.  We Americans will not stand idly by while our government forces socialism down our throats.  We will not allow the government to dictate our choices – not even which cars we want to drive.  What you will see  happening around this country is that more and more people will be holding on to their cars longer to avoid purchasing these idiotic killer machines that the government wants us to drive.  You will see a huge used car market opening up.  You will see mechanics becoming more popular and more widely utilized to keep our cars running longer so that we can keep our larger more safe cars.  We will see Americans as a whole rise up against the government and tell them Hell No!  We’ll vote out idiots like Waxman, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, McCain, and any other idiot politician that goes along with these socialist plans.  We regular every day citizens are a helluva lot smarter than what those idiotic elitist politicians give us credit for.  As I stated in a previous discussion – we are Americans and when our backs are put up against a wall – we come out fighting.  We’re already being pushed – it’s not going to be too much longer before we’re up against that wall.

Wenchypoo presents Now I’M Changing the Marketing Plan posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

All I can say to this is – Bwahahahaha!

Eric Gargiulo presents The future of America? We Need To Look Else Where, Fast! posted at, saying, “So now the republicans want change? They seem to have a new leader in the form of ultra conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Since when did he become such a powerful force in the Republican Party? That is scary.”

Welcome to the Carnival Eric.  I read this post and I read your about page – still can’t figure out where you stand politically.  I guess that’s a good thing.  The only one’s who are saying that Rush is the leader of the Republican party are those in the lefty media.  For regular Americans out here like myself Rush is just another talking head.  Sure, he makes some great points as far as conservatism goes – but – he’s an entertainer.

Here’s the deal – We actually know how to use our brains.  We can actually listen to people like Rush, Hannity, Beck, and O’Reilly and make up our own minds.  We agree with a lot of what they say and we can also disagree with those things they say that are way over the top.  Unfortunately, those on the left that listen to Olbermann, John Stewart, Maddow, and Maher actually believe those idiots and absolutely everything they say.  The difference between those of us on the right and those on the left is that we actually use our brains and we can discern the difference between over-the-top entertaining, rhetoric, and truth.  Rush is an entertainer and a lot of what he says is just to drive those guys on the left out of their minds.

Allen Scott presents Piracy posted at Journey Across the Sky, saying, “The more things change the more they remain the same. From the halls of montezuma to the shores of tripoli once again our navy is sent to fight pirates on the high seas but we at home are called upon to fight piracy on the sea of commerce.”

Allen – I love this analogy!  I must say this is probably the must read post of the week.  I think you’ve nailed it.  There will be a lot of wings sprouting soon.

SpkTruth2Pwr presents Dear Cheney: Torture is NOT a Path to Jusitce posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “A blog about why Cheney should have spoken publicly while VP or forever hold his peace…especially on the issue of torture”

I can answer the question as to why Cheney is speaking out now – it’s because Obama and his administration have openly and directly accused him of committing “war crimes.”  They have called him out by name while he was attempting to live his retirement on the sidelines.  The lefty loonies in D.C. forced him to defend himself and the policies that he supported.  In those immortal words of Rambo – they “drew first blood.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Okay everyone – you need to make sure you come back tomorrow for an April Fool’s day reveal.  I had actually intended on keeping this thing going until NEXT year (which I will go in to more detail tomorrow) – but – due to some changes at EntreCard – it kinda put the kibosh on the whole thing.

If you aren’t currently subscribed to my feed – make sure you do so on the right over there in my sidebar so you won’t miss it or you can follow me on twitter or on facebook (see those links further down on the sidebar) since I will be updating over there tomorrow as well.

In the meantime – I’ll leave this as an open thread.  My topic of discussion would be around the socialism of this nation by Teh One considering our government has nationalized our financial institutions, and essentially by order the resignation of one of the Big 3 automakers – has made an attempt now at nationalizing our auto industry.  Since when does the President of the U.S. have the authority to tell any CEO of ANY private organization they have to resign?  Considering GM is a publicly traded company – doesn’t that mean that decision is up to the elected Board of Directors?

Are all those people who voted for Obama still supporting him?  Do you think they are now beginning to realize that we were right about him and that he is a true socialist?  For crying out loud – we’ve now become more socialist than Europe – even England, German, France, and Switzerland are telling Obama to stop it.

You can opine and continue with my discussion – or feel free to add your own here.

I can definitely tell many have already moved in to “holiday” mode!  There were only 13 submissions this week.  Still not too shabby, but expected.  Also, I received word this weekend that The BoBo Carnival of Politics will be the featured Carnival again over at Blog Carnival on Monday, December 29th.  So, make sure you guys get your submissions in this week for the December 28th edition as that will be the one seen by everyone that comes by and checks it out.  That will be the last carnival of 2008!  I’m not expecting too many at all that edition anyway considering it’s right in between Christmas and New Years.  Hopefully, there will be enough bloggers out there that have a real life and will be on vacation – unlike this BoBo!

So, without further adieu – here is this week’s edition:


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Why Caroline Kennedy? posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

I’m still wondering just what exactly her qualifications are for being a Senator considering she has no experience in politics at all.  I too am in agreement with Kuby.


ANTHONY PHIRI presents Leaders And Commentators:Views Of A Maverick Intellectual posted at AS Online Journal & Top 10 Website Rankings Index, saying, “It’s all about free speech and meaningful argument, nothing else.”

Interesting blog you have there Anthony.  You might want to check the page you linked to.  Your adsense banner ad cuts right through the middle of your last post, your page bottom banner actually cuts right through the following post, and it appears that something is missing from the top of same article.  Other than that, I enjoyed your discussion on Caroline Kennedy.  But, I would have to disagree with your conclusion – she is in no way prepared to be a Senator in THIS country.

David Lamb presents Mr. Keynes Finds a New Home: The exportation of American economic policy posted at Inside Government.

Another excellent post by those guys over at Inside Government (no, I’m not biased or anything).  Looks like other nations who were against lowering rates during a recession and increasing deficit spending just might be seriously considering it.  David lays it out very well in this discussion.


debergerac78 presents Was Governor Blagojevich really that stupid? posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, “The Illinois governor’s attempt to peddle a Senate seat for money or favors would have Lincoln spinning in his grave.”

I wouldn’t say he is that stupid – I would say that he’s that brazen.  Given he grew up in Chicago politics where corruption is the norm – to him he truly believes he didn’t do anything wrong. Hell, he even challenged the FBI just days before he was arrested. Fortunately for the rest of us and Illinois – this politician is about to find out just how wrong he is and just how wrong and fraudulent those Chicago politicians – like Obama – really are!

Bradley Hankins presents In Response To Part 1 posted at Kayloo.

Ah yes.  I referenced this in a previous post this week related to the bailouts.  Bradley actually has 3 parts to this series with an expected 4th.  There is some idiot out there calling for a boycott of the state of Alabama because of the foreign auto manufacturers there.  These are various responses from Bradley to some of the most ridiculous crap found on that other site.

Aahz presents Parenting And Politics Don?t Always Mix posted at Philaahzophy, saying, “Passionate political beliefs and proper parenting often clash. But these folx took things WAY too far…”

Welcome back Aahz.  When I read this article on Drudge earlier in the week I was absolutely floored.  Those parents are idiots.  Do you really thinks he believes his own bullshit explanations? I feel bad for those kids.  Once they hit mainstream schools their lives are going to be miserable.  Kids can be cruel to one another. It wouldn’t surprise me if teachers begin to refuse to accept or teach them because they will refuse to call them by there names.

Sammy Benoit presents Governor Patterson PICK ME, Not Kennedy posted at YID With LID.

Hey Yid! Shalom. Mashlomech! You got my vote.  I love that line “Jewish by insemination”  Sure to be a classic. :D

Sammy Benoit presents New York Senator Update-Media Bias posted at YID With LID.

Dude – that really sucks.  If they are going to follow her and Al Sharpton – they should have given you equal time as well.  But, I do have to agree – you are more unqualified that Pamela Geller.  You still have my vote. I also have to point out – an inside curve is practically a guaranteed homerun.

SpkTruth2Pwr presents Blago’s Free Market of Political Representation posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “Corruption and free market goes hand in hand in Blago’s Book. Read on!”

Ain’t that the truth!  It’s just the corrupt politics of the Chicago machine.  As stated earlier – he probably really believes he did nothing wrong since this is business as usual in Illinois.  It still amazes me that anybody would think that Obama isn’t corrupt considering he learned his politics by these same people.  But – I still want to hear Bloggy’s side.  It will make for some great entertainment and interesting blogging!

Ron McKie presents White people win again posted at Phuck Politics.

Well – I’m just going to reiterate something I said in a previous post – GWB is a freakin’ idiot.  The good news is that our representatives listened to us this time.  The bad news is – the President is a freakin’ idiot.  I don’t really buy in to your idea that we’re a nation of pussies.  I think what is happening is that a lot of us out here are trying to figure out what we can do short of a complete pillage and takeover of D.C.


Buck Says presents Auto Bailout: A Horse With Two Ends posted at Buck Says, saying, “The Auto Bailout has politicians lining up left and right with little attention to the possible scary results of their actions”

Welcome, Buck!  Well, as we all know – the good news is our representatives heard us.  The bad news is, President Bush is an idiot. One of the other aspects that you failed to mention is that almost $2,000 of any American built car goes directly to those union organized legacy costs.  The foreign automakers are able to put a heckuva lot of cool stuff in their cars for that extra $2000 which is why they are more attractive and affordable.  I agree with your assessment there – bankruptcy never should have been taken off the table.  It would have forced the UAW to make concessions.  Unfortunately, Bush gave the automakers $17.4B with now strings attached.  They just have to submit a plan by viability plan by March otherwise the loan comes due.  My only question is – what if the plans aren’t worth shit and Congress and Obama reject them – how the heck are we taxpayers going to get $17.4B back from the automakers when they won’t have it?

vjack presents Obama’s Inaugural Blunder: Rick Warren posted at Atheist Revolution.

I thought his choice of Warren was pretty odd myself given Obama’s politics and promises to you guys on the left.  Looks like we right-wingers aren’t the only one’s who will be watching now!  But, what surprises me is that it surprises you guys.  He clearly stated in a debate that he is opposed to gay marriage.  Why wouldn’t he invite a pastor who opposes gay marriage to give the invocation?  The reason why I thought it odd that he invited Warren is the fact that Obama is a follower of Black Liberation Theology – why would he invite an Evangelical?  But, still – we on the right were warning you guys on the left for the last year that he’s not showing his true face.  He was only saying what he needed to say to get the power.  He has lied about his entire history and denied his relationships with far-left radicals.  It doesn’t surprise me that he has done an about face.  It looks like you guys will be left without hope because he has changed.  Is this the change you were expecting?

U.S. Common Sense presents Political Blog Listing posted at U.S. Common Sense, saying, “I still need at least four bloggers to volunteer for a free blog review. Anyone who just wants their site listed is more than welcomed to participate.”

Everyone should take him up on this.  It’s a great opportunity to get your site listed and to get some good advise regarding your blog.  He gave me some good pointers – which I haven’t implemented yet – but plan on it.  Sometimes its a good thing to get another eye on things.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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As always – we have yet another great carnival this week.  You will see some very familiar “faces” as well as some new ones.  There are 17 to read this week.  Still hasn’t beaten our record of 23 yet!  But, we’re getting close.  Also, considering all the crap that happened this past week with Blogajogawhatever – you’ll notice there are very few submissions related to him.  Which is great considering I’ve had enough of that coverage!


Steve Simbeck presents If you aren’t solid as a rock you will sink like a stone posted at No Mato mi Pavo, saying, “With the potential filibuster by Republicans of the Auto Industry Bailout, this post takes on some additional meaning”

I think your last line says it all!  I think this country would be better off if Congress would just take a permanent vacation!  Excellent post, btw, on a filibuster and what it is.  Personally, I think it’s just a waste of time.  Robert KKK Byrd holds the record for the longest filibuster in history – yet – they still passed the Civil Rights Act despite his racist rant.  It’s just a delay tactic anyway, it doesn’t necessarily change the votes.


Ben Connor Barrie presents Stop Asking, Start Taking posted at Grown Ass People, saying, “A socialist leaning rant decrying workers being left out of the recovery.”

Welcome, Ben!  I probably don’t even have to tell you that I disagree with your proposal and to model it after Argentina.  First – I still don’t understand why you guys are blaming Bank of America for the failure of the company?  The people in that company got screwed by their management – not by the bank.  Also, considering it was a union shop – I can guarantee you the biggest problem that led to the downfall of that plant was the unions and the concessions the company’s management had to make in order to stay in business.  Unions are holding capitalism hostage.  Unions are the epitome of anti-progress in a capitalist system.  In order to operate in a free-market, business owners need to be able to make decisions that move a business forward.  Unions help to keep businesses from progressing by denying management the ability to make the hard decisions that are required on a day-to-day basis.  When unions force management to give them things they don’t deserve and can’t be supported under normal market forces, those businesses are doomed to fail.  While you make your case well, I just can’t see it ever happening here in the U.S.


Wenchypoo presents Interstate 5: The Road to Serfdom (L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket, saying, “Originally written back in 2006, so keep that in mind when you read. Also, I’m doing my best to help Bobo drive the Loony Left loonier!”

I certainly appreciate the assistance Wenchypoo!  BTW – I assume you were a Bugaloos fan as a kid?  Our younger readers may not understand that reference! LOL.  I lived in Monterey for a year while I was in the USAF.  While it was a great party state – man – the locals could drive you crazy!  I’m glad you grew up and came to your senses.  This post is just as relevant today as it was 2 years ago when you wrote it.

Wenchypoo presents Updated: Will The REAL Economy Please Stand Up? (L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket, saying, “Originally written back in January, then updated in September.”

Boy – you do like those long posts don’t you?  But, again – this is great.  I don’t see how you could have stated any of that in a shorter post. Your first paragraph is pretty ironic if you wrote that in September.  Barney Frank just answered that question on Friday – he said the economy is made up of individuals and there are no corporations!  Freakin Idiot.  This is a very detailed and well written post detailing just what our economy is and how it is measured in case anyone needs to be schooled about it if they’ve forgotten any of the ECON-101 classes!


The Mayor presents Mitchieville » Blog Archive » The joy of homelessness, part 4 posted at Mitchieville, saying, “Homelessness-it’s all it’s cracked up to be”

Wow!  I don’t even have any words for that post!  Good one, mate!

DWSUWF presents If they take the bailout – boycott GM and Chrysler. Buy a Ford. posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “In my dreams, Americans vote with their car buying dollars and stop buying products from any company that solicit government bailouts. This might be tough to do with the banking industry which has effectively been nationalized, leaving few choices. But it is certainly something that Americans can do when choosing to buy a car between Ford, Chrysler, and GM. If Ford declines the taxpayer money , Ford deserves the support of American car buyers. If GM and Chrysler take taxpayer money, they do not deserve the support of American car buyers.”

Nothing more to add here DWSUWF – well said!  But, until they kick those unions out – I’ll just keep my Toyotas!


Alvaro Fernandez presents Grand Rounds 5:12 – Healthcare Reform Q&A posted at SharpBrains, saying, “A virtual conversation between Obama and the healthcare blogosphere.”

Very creative!  Those are all great ideas as long as it is not under a national socialized healthcare program.  I think your first round on health insurance nailed it on the head.

Jim presents Obama’s 21st Century New Deal: An Economic Stimulus posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Ummm..hasn’t it been proven that FDR’s “New Deal” actually prolonged the Great Depression and because he delayed the economic recovery he was able to institute those socialist programs?  I fear that Obama will do the same thing.  Personally, I don’t see any prosperity in his plans.  What I see is more out of control spending during a major economic downturn leading to another major depression.  If we want economic and financial prosperity – he needs to reduce the size of government and NOT promote more spending.  He should be making cuts.  These sound like good ideas – but – I only hope he waits until the economy has recovered before he spends money we don’t have.  Bushco has screwed us with his spending – we don’t need more of it right now.

C.G. Salgado presents PUERTO RICO IS ABOUT TO EXPERIENCE THE DOWNSIDE OF A LOCAL BAILOUT posted at UP TO THE MINUTE, with C.G. Salgado!!!, saying, “Our local government tried a bailout, but in the long run, failed to provide the help to people who needed it the most.”

Great post C.G. – our own government could learn from this.  But then again – when have they ever learned from failure?  We’re letting the same people who screwed us be in charge of fixing it! Go figure!

Ron McKie presents Tell me again how people take Sean Hannity serious? posted at Phuck Politics.

Yup – that was funny the first time I read this and saw that video at your place.  I don’t know – do you think he was trying to capitalize on Emo week or something?


debergerac78 presents Rendell’s apology for Napolitano comment is a flop! posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, “How NOT to apologize for a gaffe–by pretending it isn’t one.”

I still don’t really see what he had to apologize about! ;)

Super Saver presents Political Ironies from the Financial Crisis posted at My Wealth Builder.

I like all three you mention here.  However, it is the very first one that I like the most.  I’ve been wondering the same thing myself.  Why is one of the main culprits of our economic turmoil now in charge of fixing it?

Edmund Harriss presents Responsibility of Mathematicians posted at Maxwell’s Demon, saying, “How mathematicians should become involved in politics and the wider world.”

Edmund – welcome to the carnival.  Excellent essay on mathematics and the way our world uses it.  Personally, I love math.  I’m one of those linear thinking people that needs logic.  You briefly touched on financial mathematical modelling and how it relates to the mess we’re in and the fact that real mathematicians are not actually involved in those models.  I totally believe that.  What we have now are politicians, accountants, and corporate leaders building these models to suit their needs.  I’m actually a stats geek and I know how numbers can be manipulated to say what you want.  Well, those financial models certainly said what the politicians wanted didn’t they – nevermind what it meant to the people.  I don’t see anything wrong with classical mathematics.  It’s pure in its form when used appropriately and not muddied by politics and greed.  I hope you do find some solutions to some of our world’s problems with your math talents!

Archvillain presents Get Over It! posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, “Will you people PLEASE give it a rest?”

Archvillain – not all of those cases against Obama headed to the supreme court are meritless…and…not all of us are crazy for thinking that the constitution should be upheld, especially as it comes to the status of the individual running for president.  This is an issue that needs to be heard and put to rest by SCOTUS. In fact, the Wrotnowski case went for full review on Friday and the decision is due out tomorrow morning (December 15th, 2008) at 10:00am.  Other than that – sure – I agree.  It’s time to move forward and to kick this bum out of office as soon as possible.  He’s making things worse every day.

Howard Ditkoff presents Publicizing The Threat of Personality Disorders Among Those in Positions of Power posted at Blog, saying, “Recent political scandals – including those involving ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich – awaken us to the dangers posed when sociopaths or those with serious personality disorders use their charm and persuasion to attain positions of power.”

Do you honestly believe that Blogodgdvjsch really is psychotic?  Is it possible they are just trying to set this guy up to make him irrelevant in case he tries to point his finger at Obama?  Hmmm.  Great post!  Hey, if it worked for Hitler, Jim Jones, and Obama Castro – why not for these guys?

Bob O presents Separation of Church and State – Part I posted at Inside Government, say, “A historical look at the First Amendment and the origins of the idea behind the “wall of separation.”

I know – I wrote this one – but – it was my turn in the queue.  Anyway – if you didn’t know, there is nothing in the constitution that says there should be a separation between church and state.  This is a non-partisan look at the origins.  More to follow on this issue.  If not by myself – then one of the other contributors will follow up.

Quisani presents The Disgrace of American Politics posted at The Quisani League.

Agreed, Quisani – I already did my rant on this so I won’t go in to it again!

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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