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You have to wonder just why the NYT is publishing a story out there trying to insinuate that blogging and bloggers are a dying breed.  After reading their article – what it appears to me is that they were only concentrating on the teenie bopper bloggers and how they are losing interest.  That doesn’t surprise me at all – anyone else out here have any teenagers?  Have you ever known any teenagers to keep an attention span of anything they do for more than a minute or so? LOL

So – evidence of the death of blogs is due to the fact that the youth are turning more to facebook and twitter -

Blogs were once the outlet of choice for people who wanted to express themselves online. But with the rise of sites like Facebook and Twitter, they are losing their allure for many people — particularly the younger generation.

As I was reading through the rest of the article – I couldn’t find anywhere where they mentioned that as social networks such as the above have evolved – so have blogger applications that take advantage of these social networks. I have my blog connected to both Facebook and Twitter. Whenever I put up a new post it automatically places a link on both of those networks.  It seems to me what this so-called tech writer for the NYT is missing is the fact that perhaps those teeny boppers haven’t realized they can still reach larger audiences through these applications.  I also have blogging applications on my smart-phone so that I can blog, tweet, and update status whenever and wherever I’m at.

I’m not entirely sure how this writer can say that bloggers and blogging is waning – he contradicts himself:

The Internet and American Life Project at the Pew Research Center found that from 2006 to 2009, blogging among children ages 12 to 17 fell by half; now 14 percent of children those ages who use the Internet have blogs. Among 18-to-33-year-olds, the project said in a report last year, blogging dropped two percentage points in 2010 from two years earlier.

and then he writes this:

While the younger generation is losing interest in blogging, people approaching middle age and older are sticking with it. Among 34-to-45-year-olds who use the Internet, the percentage who blog increased six points, to 16 percent, in 2010 from two years earlier, the Pew survey found. Blogging by 46-to-55-year-olds increased five percentage points, to 11 percent, while blogging among 65-to-73-year-olds rose two percentage points, to 8 percent.

So – we have a demographic that spans a 15 year age range dropping 2% – but we see a demographic that spans 39 years with 6, 5, and 2% increases respectively.  How is that evidence that blogging is waning?  What that tells me is that the more serious, more mature bloggers are sticking with it and moving with the technology.

I think the NYT has a different motive for publishing this article – I think they’re hoping to shape the future of blogging and get more people to move away from blogging since it is affecting their business.  In 2009 overall newspaper readership declined by 10% and the NYT readership declined by 7.3%. In 2010 overall circulation declined by another 9% and the New York Times reported another 3.6% decline.

So – one has to ask – what is the real motive behind this article?

Hey all – this is one of those posts where I elevate the education level a bit for my readers.  I’m suspending my political diatribe today – although there is plenty of fodder given that bogus healthcare summit today.  P-BO pretty much had his ass handed to him on a silver platter – and – he showed his true arrogant colors.

Anyhow – Adie’s Pupil – WTF is that you ask and why should you care?  Well – not that you really should care – but – it is something that I have just been diagnosed with.  You’ll note that I haven’t been posting much recently.  Check out this picture:

Adie's Pupil

Yes – those are my baby blues. I know this pic is a little fuzzy – but – you can still see what it is I’m talking about.  Check out my right pupil  (left side of screen) compared to my left pupil (right side of screen).  You’ll see that my right pupil is larger than my left.  It has been like that for about 3 weeks now.  The obvious side effect to this is that my vision is blurred on the right side. My pupil will contract in the dark but will not constrict in the light.

One of the primary signs for brain injury or stroke is a single dilated pupil <—- that is your education piece – keep that in mind for the future. However, the major difference between that symptom and what is going on with me is that I had no other symptoms and it has lasted at least 3 weeks now.  If related to brain injury or stroke – the pupil is fixed and dilated and generally the damage will happen within 2 hours after this particular symptom – so – brain injury and stroke are out of the question.

I saw an opthalmologist on Monday. I was in the office for over 5 hours having every visual exam you can think of – all came back normal.  Today I went in for an MRI and a carotid doppler.  I fell asleep in the MRI chamber :)   Based on comments from the techs – it appears these are also normal. Techs aren’t allowed to say anything – so – I have to wait for the radiologist and the ophthalmologist to confirm the negative results.

Adie’s Pupil is considered a diagnosis of exclusion – meaning that all other causes get ruled out – and – when everything else is ruled out then the only thing left is this condition. It is also very rare in men.  Apparently, it manifests on its own and will also resolve on its own within 6 months.

Unfortunately, what this means is that until this resolves itself – my blogging may be limited because of the visual discomfort.  I can only sit in front of a computer screen for so long before it really starts playing havoc with my eyes.

Now – as a side note – if any of you watched the opening of the summit this morning and heard P-BO talk about his daughters – you will recall that he stated that when he took his children to the ER – and especially when talking about his daughter who had meningitis when she was a baby  and had to have a spinal tap – his initial thought was:

“In each of those instances I remember thinking while sitting in the emergency room what would have happened if I didn’t have reliable health care”

What a bullshit lie! I’ve had meningitis.  I’ve had the spinal tap.  I was out of work for 3 months because of it.  I can tell you that my first thought was not that I had reliable health care.  My initial thoughts were – “God this hurts.  When will it end?”  If his first thoughts were about reliable health care and not about the health of his daughter – he’s a freakin’ idiot and a bad father. Not once during this entire process going through the diagnostic phases did I ever think about what would have happened if I didn’t have reliable insurance – knowing that what I had going on was signs of brain trauma or stroke – THAT is what was on MY mind.

When my daughter was 2 and fell down the stairs and broke her arm and we rushed her to the ER – we were not thinking about reliable health care.  We were scared for our daughter and we were very empathetic to her pain.  Not once during the 5 month ordeal with the casting, resetting, and cast removal by a pediatric ortho specialist – not once did we ever think thank God we have reliable health care.

Even if we didn’t have “reliable health care” we still would have done anything and paid anything to take care of our daughter.  When I had meningitis I would have paid anything and done anything to be healed whether I had insurance or not – why? Because it is the responsible thing to do.

When I had my second child – I was not insured.  Not once did I ever complain about not having insurance.  Did I go broke over the 10′s of thousands of dollars of bills that I paid over that 9 month period? Nope.  I worked out payment arrangements with the physicians and hospital.  Why? Because that was the responsible thing to do.  I took care of my family and my children.

For P-BO to claim that what his primary thoughts were on the day his baby was having a spinal tap because she had meningitis was about what would have happened if he didn’t have “reliable health care” instead of doing what was necessary to comfort his child and concentrate solely on his children is that he is either a big fucking liar or he has no feelings whatsoever.

Hi All!  Welcome to yet another edition of the carnival.  This is a little different this weekend.  I normally read through all of the submission and add some commentary or teasers for our readers.  However, I am not quite done with my last term paper (25 pages minimum not including title page, abstract, tables, references, etc.).  So – I’m not able to comment this week.

I will fulfill my obligation and make sure this gets published – and – I promise that next week we’ll have a much better and more in depth carnival.  In the meantime – you may recognize some of our contributors this week – and – you will see there are some new ones.  Please go visit their blogs and comment on their posts.  These look very interesting.

Also – I will be back up and running full steam again beginning tomorrow!  Yee Haw!


Curry Kenworthy presents So now it’s time for unity? posted at Curry Kenworthy, saying, “Where was the beautiful unity and brotherhood all this time during the last eight years?”


SpkTruth2Pwr presents Be Careful Who You DON’T Surround Yourself With… posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “This email is about being a great leader and how to surround yourself with a great group of people to organize around change and social issues.”


Steve Gillman presents The New Ideas Blog » Blog Archive » Am I Represented? posted at The New Ideas Blog.

DWSUWF presents Monday Miscellany – Special Bear Market Blues Edition posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “To solve a problem that was created by too much government spending, too much government debt, too much easy government sponsored credit, and a market distorted by massive government intervention we are now given to understand that we need to increase government spending, government debt, and create more market distortions with more government intervention. That strikes me as insane.”


Ben presents Building a Sustainable Economy posted at Grown Ass People, saying, “How can we build a more sustainable and equitable economy from the global financial crisis?”

Dana presents Nebraska’s safe haven law posted at Principled Discovery.


Matt Urdan presents Beyond Proposition 8: The U.S. Gay Marriage Ban Amendment posted at Inside Government, saying, “An in depth and non-partisan look at the California amendment, the history, and federal precedence leading up to this vote.

Anna Callahan presents Fight Fire with Water: How Obama Won the Presidency posted at Indie Times, saying, “Was it Bush’s low approval rating? Obama’s stance on Iraq? McCain’s VP pick? Obama’s funding? Nope, nope, nope, and nope. Find out what viral message Obama used to bring millions of people to his aid and to inoculate himself against all Republican attacks.”

Jayson Gibson presents Hope for Homeowners Act of 2008 ?What’s At Stake? posted at New Homes Section Blog, saying, “Information about the Hope for Homeowners Act of 2008. Details about problems in our current economy and how each problem relates to the Hope for Homeowners Act of 2008.”

debergerac78 presents Secretary Paulson refuses to apologize … but he should! posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, “The U.S. Treasury Secretary deviates sharply from the bailout plan, the economy suffers, and still he refuses to accept responsibility.”

Kia Kanpa presents America, Capitalism, and a general ramble. posted at KiasWorld Blog, saying, “Just a general political ramble.”

Allen Scott presents Pay No Attention to the Man behind the Curtain posted at Journey Across the Sky, saying, “We all wear masks of some sort, putting our best foot forward when we are attempting to persuade others to follow our plans or objectives. It is really evident when applying for and interviewing for a new job or position. We dust off our resumes and make every attempt to put the best face on our past failures while underlining our accomplishments. We want others to see us favorably, regardless of who we really are.”

Scott Mahler presents How Will an Obama Administration Help the Housing Market? posted at Mahler & Associates Appraisals, saying, “Barack Obama has a lot on his plate, now that he has won the presidential election. Between rising foreclosures and falling home prices, housing issues are probably the number one thing on many American’s minds. Because of the continuing crisis in the housing market, it is likely that President elect Obama will hit the ground running once he takes office, and for many people in the current real estate market, it will be none too soon.”

Bhupendra Khanal presents Obama Could Become a War President posted at Analytics Bhupe, saying, “Obama is the change. But will he change US is yet to be seen.”

The Edjumakator presents Citizenship through Community Service posted at The Edjumakator, saying, “Participate in the political world through service!”

Erika Collin presents 57 Awesome Things You Can Find in the (Public) CIA FactBook posted at Online

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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What?  BoBo – you must be out of your freakin’ mind!  How the hell do you figure that?  Obama won a clear majority of the votes.  Republicans got their asses handed to them again in Congress.  Republicans barely held on to a filibuster proof minority!  Oh – I get it – you’ve been hittin’ that sauce a bit too hard since the election ended.  You need to sober your ass up and join us in the real world!

Okay – now that we’ve gotten that out of the way.  Here’s why I am saying that – I came across two really good posts at some lefty blogs today: (well this appears to be a lefty blog – can’t quite figure this guy out) – Fearless HistoryOn Conservatism and the other post comes from Left of CenterDissention in the ranks?

Fearless History goes on to point out the differences between classical conservatism versus the neoconservative.  I would have to agree with his assessment – in doing so – this puts me staunchly and squarely in the classical conservative category.

Left of Center discusses the possible fracture of the Republican party as a result of this past election.  He pits the GOP against the Conservative base.  He posits that the GOP will be forever fractured and a new third party of conservatives will emerge as a result.  Based on Fearless’ definition of classical conservative and neoconservative – those that Left of Center believes will emerge as a third party would be those neoconservatives.

Go ahead – check out those two posts – then come back over here and see how these posts brought me to the conclusion that conservatives actually won this election.

Read the rest of this entry »

Okay people – this is the last weekend before Super Tuesday – In an effort to help some of those independents out there to make up their minds – and for some of our liberal readers who still think Obama can walk on water – or as one of my commentors, Thunter77, puts it – it’s all lies and fear tactics – I thought I would put up some of the facts and links and show what some other bloggers are posting up this weekend.

If you haven’t already done so – the deadline for submitting to The BoBo Carnival of Politics is fast approaching!  One hour left!

First – h/t to Greg at for this one – Obama has openly promised on NPR that he will push for a concealed weapons carry ban – You can see that here – Obama audio – I want to ban concealed weapons permits.

Next – this is pretty freakin’ outrageous! You HAVE to go see this one at Pat Dollard | Young AmericansObama’s Mom Posing as Nude Whore Christmas Gift for Communist Leader – seriously – he has the pictures. Other speculation on his blog is that perhaps Franklin Marshall Davis is REALLY Obama’s daddy. Who knows these days? Still – you have to go check this out.

Another “convenient” lie for Obama?  His aunt has been here illegally for the past 4 years – and he denies any knowledge?  Obama aunt leak raises questions, as does timing. This report is definitely slanted towards Obama and the MSM once again gives him a pass – but – read between the lines.

Joe the plumber was targeted by Obama operatives – State employee says she was ORDERED to check out Joe the plumber.  Seriously, folks!  This was an illegal action directed by Obama supporters at the highest levels in the state.  Where do you think they got their orders from?  Already, Obama is showing that he will use everything at his disposal to go after his detractors – even plumbers!

With all those lefties trying to paint McCain as an angry old man – well – apparently, Obama has a temper also! Obama has testy moment with the media.

From Did I Miss SomethingMarxist Professors and Half-Breeds. Some direct quotes from Obama that will make your hair stand up!

h/t to Humbled Infidel – From HillBuzz – Confession of an Obama Blogger – this is a MUST see!  It gives all the insider details regarding the Obama campaign and how they have manipulated the MSM, the polls, and everything else to give the appearance that Obama is winning.  Other polls are beginning to show McCain in the lead.  And…as a personal observation in a battleground state – I see twice as many McCain/Palin yard signs and bumper stickers than I do Obama.  There is no way he has a lead in this state as the polls are suggesting.

From The Anti-Idiotarian RottweilerHoly Mother of G_D! – Please go check this out – he has the insider poll numbers that prove McCain is leading – and gives warning not to listen to the MSM and those lefty pollsters.

From Meltwater, Torrents, Meanderings, DeltaSack Lunches – kind of help drives the point home between McCain & Obama as it relates to our honorable service members.  Good one, Matt!

Debonair Dude gives us this one – Questionable Donations and Questionable Voters. If you haven’t heard the stories yet about the all the credit card donations being made on the Obama website and all the security and identify features have been turned off – and Obama has refused to release the donor list – this is a good place to learn more about it.

From The Real World – Allied Leaders: Apprehensive about Obama? – As they should be.  The Historian has a great piece over there.

There are some people voting for Obama for all the WRONG reasons – at least in my opinion – like FREE Gas and FREE mortgages!  Check out this video over at A Disgruntled RepublicanWhat they Expect from Obama.

From Wake up America! – Barack Obama and the Change We Must Prevent – a great editorial.

Another good one from The Common Conservative -Obamamerika- A “Virtue of Selfishness”and “Patriotic Taxes”: Assaults on Liberty

And..from Lee Wilson’s Blog – Obama’s First Act as President to Restore Partial Birth Abortion – see the video on his site and hear it from Obama himself!

Irate-Nate from The Irate Nation – has this – October Surprise – a video from Molotov Mitchell interviewing Phil Berg – from Obama Crimes – this is the guy who has filed the lawsuit against Obama and the DNC that I reported last week. You gotta see this video – all the evidence is laid out before you regarding the facts that Obama is not a naturalized citizen.

And – Finally – two videos for your viewing pleasure – or displeasure as you may have it!

h/t to Wil from Vulcan’s Hammer for this one – How low can Obama go?  His tax plan has gone from cuts to those making below $250,000 to $120,000 – think I’m kidding?  Listen and watch for yourself!

Then – there’s this one – Obama plans on creating a national civilian security force – reminiscent of Nazi Germany and Hitler’s Brown Shirts if you ask me.


I received word that The BoBo Carnival of Politics will be featured at Blog Carnival on their front page beginning Monday, November 3rd.  So – in anticipation – I’m posting up this open call to all political bloggers to submit your best of the week.  If you’re not a political blogger but have written something related to politics – this call is open to you as well.

With the carnival being featured, there will be many people coming to this blog to check it out – so – this is your opportunity to strut your stuff and help bring traffic to your places as well.  As I’ve said before – I’m all for helping to promote the blogging community regardless of which part of the political spectrum you fall.  With it being featured on Monday – I suspect I’ll get a lot more submissions for next week’s edition as well.

The submission deadline for this Sunday’s edition is Saturday, November 1 at 10:00pm EST.  Below is the form that will bring you to the submission page. Make sure you provide your trackback URL in your submission!


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