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Yesterday I posted up the Obama Joker Poster on my blog.  Well, within a few hours one of my lefty commenters stated the following:

The only thing missing is the noose. I never took you to be a racist, BoBo. I guess I was wrong?

Hmm…he must have read the L.A. Weekly just before he came to my blog – here’s what they said about the poster:

The poster, which bears a very superficial resemblance to Shepard Fairey’s famous Obama Hope illustration, has been pasted on freeway supports and other public surfaces. It has a bit of everything to appeal to the drunk tank of California conservatism: Obama is in white face, his mouth (like Ledger’s Joker’s) has been grotesquely slit wide open and the word “Socialism” appears below his face. The only thing missing is a noose.

Emphasis is mine.  Seems like the loonies are out in full force on this one.  How the hell is that poster even remotely racist?  Why is this image from Vanity Fair last year acceptable

- but an Obama dissenter doing it becomes racist?  Same old double standards.  H/T to John Kaduk of The Right Wing for sending me a link to this – it touches on this very subject – great cartoon.

So, not only do we have Vanity Fair with that picture up there – the very same L.A. Weekly up there is the same one that had a cover depicting Bush as Dracula.

And then there were the BusHitler Posters -

So – because we do the same kinda shit to a “black” President that has been done to every freakin’ President in modern history – now we’re racists?  Is it necessary to point out that Obama is not actually “black”?  He’s biracial – a mulatto to be more correct.  You guys on the left are morons and no one is buying your shit any longer.

Here’s what I see when I look at that Obama Joker Socialist poster – The fact the artist puts him in Joker makeup is symbolism for Obama’s complete lack of concern over other people’s money.  It’s all about power.  This is exactly what Socialism is.  If you remember from Dark Knight – the joker was stealing everybody’s money.  Once he amassed a whole shitload of it – he burned it all.  It was never about the money – it was always about the power.  Putting Teh Obamessiah in Joker makeup is very appropriate, it is satire, and it most definitely is not racist.  This is a Freedom of Speech issue – and the only one’s who ever seem to be attempting to stifle that freedom are you idiots on the left.  You make every attempt to shut down those who disagree with you.  Well – forget it – the silent majority is no longer silent – and you can thank that idiot Obama and his fascist policies for that.

You guys played that “you’re a racist” card one too many times – get the fuck over it already!

Okay, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of July 18, 2009 there are 43,771 reported cases of Swine Flu in the United States and 302 deaths (see table below).  In epidemiological terms this is just the tip of the ice berg.

Additionally, according to the CDC

“Nearly 100 percent of the influenza viruses being detected now are novel H1N1 viruses.”

This should be disturbing to everyone. The incubation period for H1N1 is typically 24 – 48 hours and symptoms can last for at least 7 days.  Generally, the morbidity and mortality rate is 10% of total cases confirmed.  What this means is that for the 43,771 thus far confirmed, there may actually be over 430,000 cases in the U.S. – there may actually be 3,000 deaths related to the swine flu that have been unconfirmed.

When you take in to consideration that the first case of Swine Flu was actually reported in late March 2009 in Mexico – it reached a pandemic status in just a matter of three months.  Here we are 4 months later from the first confirmed case in the U.S. with 302 known related deaths and 43,000 confirmed cases.  This thing is spreading like wild fire.

States and Territories* Confirmed and Probable Cases Deaths
477 cases
0 deaths
272 cases
0 deaths
947 cases
15 deaths
131 cases
0 deaths
3161 cases
52 deaths
171 cases
0 deaths
1713 cases
8 deaths
381 cases
0 deaths
2915 cases
23 deaths
222 cases
1 death
1424 cases
3 deaths
166 cases
0 deaths
3404 cases
17 deaths
291 cases
1 death
165 cases
0 deaths
204 cases
0 deaths
143 cases
0 deaths
232 cases
0 deaths
145 cases
0 deaths
766 cases
4 deaths
1370 cases
5 deaths
515 cases
9 deaths
670 cases
3 deaths
252 cases
0 deaths
76 cases
1 death
94 cases
0 deaths
313 cases
1 death
467 cases
0 deaths
New Hampshire
247 cases
0 deaths
New Jersey
1414 cases
15 deaths
New Mexico
232 cases
0 deaths
New York
2738 cases
63 deaths
North Carolina
483 cases
5 deaths
North Dakota
63 cases
0 deaths
188 cases
1 death
189 cases
1 death
524 cases
5 deaths
1960 cases
8 deaths
Rhode Island
192 cases
2 deaths
South Carolina
244 cases
0 deaths
South Dakota
45 cases
0 deaths
283 cases
1 death
5151 cases
27 deaths
988 cases
16 deaths
59 cases
0 deaths
327 cases
2 deaths
658 cases
7 deaths
Washington, D.C.
45 cases
0 deaths
West Virginia
243 cases
0 deaths
6222 cases
6 deaths
111 cases
0 deaths
American Samoa
8 cases
0 deaths
1 case
0 deaths
Puerto Rico
20 cases
0 deaths
Virgin Islands
49 cases
0 deaths
TOTAL (55)*
43,771 cases
302 deaths

There currently is no known vaccine available – see this past week’s Carnival – we had a submission from Lavender at News for Freedom Daily regarding the deadly vaccines coming out.  Here’s what I would like to know – why aren’t these numbers being reported by the media?  Why are they giving Obama and his administration a pass on this?  Apparently, the Obama administration was not prepared for this pandemic outbreak and there is no immediate relief in sight.  In the aftermath of Katrina – it is reported there were approximately 1,300 deaths as a result.  Within days of this NATURAL disaster – one of the worst Hurricanes ever seen in this country – the lefties and the media were all over the Bush administration blaming him not only for the lack of response by the Mayor of New Orleans and the lack of response by the Governor of Louisiana but also for not being prepared for this.

So – why is no one blaming the Obama administration for their lack of preparation?  Why is no one blaming the Obama administration for not anticipating the impact to the U.S. immediately following the first confirmed case?  Why did the Obama administration not have any swine flu vaccines stockpiled?  If Bush and his administration can be blamed for a natural disaster that could have been prevented if every President before him and every Mayor of New Orleans and Governor of Louisiana before them built stronger levees – then why are we not blaming Obama and his administration for this current outbreak and their total lack of response and lack of foresight and preparedness?

My dissertation will be on the H1N1 and looking for correlations and/or disparities among gender, race, ethnicity, age, and geography of those infected.  I’ll bet I’ll find that the majority of those infected and those who died are from low income areas with low socioeconomic status.  In my mind, the swine flu is indeed Obama’s Katrina.  Only this time, he gets a pass for letting blacks die on his watch – with no real plan to contain or stop the spread.  I hate to say this folks, but I believe that by the time this is over, and it won’t be any time soon, we will top more swine flu related deaths in the U.S. than the number of individuals who died in Katrina.  Where is the outcry from the left now?

I guess deaths of U.S. citizens only matter when there is a Republican administration.

UPDATE!!!!! Apparently, Ashton Lundeby is a punk kid that makes prank phone calls regularly – and his mother knows it.  Here’s the updated story from  At this point – the mother has lost all credibility and the kid can stay under lock and key for as long as the feds want.

I apologize to my readers – but – when I googled this story yesterday – and the fact I originally found it from an MSM news website – I did not find anything at that time that disputed what was reported.

Still – after searching all the links given in comment section from several people (mostly, Anok) – I still am no longer supporting The Patriot Act.


My apologies to Barry Broom.  While he and I both agree that we don’t trust our government – I was willing to give the government the benefit of the doubt with regards to The Patriot Act.  Very interesting, I was just stating to Barry Broom – in response to his submission to the last Carnival of Politics that I was in support of The Patriot Act – and I asked him to name one instance where an American citizen has ever been held in violation of their rights.

Well – I found it – today.  This is absolutely disgusting what the government has done.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about – here’s the full story – you’ll have to go read it and come back here as it is fully copyrighted – I can’t pull it over to here.

Mom says Patriot Act stripped son of due process

I’m sorry – but this is an absolute abuse of the power given to the government.  This is a 16 year old – homeschooled kid – and absolutely no evidence has been found to support the government’s case.  It sounds to me like the mother’s account is correct.  I also have to agree with her that this is abuse of the power given to the government and this was not the intention of The Patriot Act.

This is America for crying out loud.  We don’t just go raiding homes in the dark of night and abduct 16 year-old kids from their homes without justification – do we?  Oh – wait – didn’t the Clinton Administration do the same think to a young Cuban kid – 5 year-old Elian Gonzalez?

I hereby revoke my support of The Patriot Act.  Had this been done under the Bush administration you can bet this would have been headline news all across the country by now.  Our government has gotten way out of control – and Obama is just continuing his march towards complete and total control over this country.  You guys on the left – is this the change you wanted?  Surely, you can’t possibly agree with Obama on this one can you?  You guys were screaming the loudest when The Patriot Act was first enacted.  Funny, isn’t it?  This kind of abuse of power using the Patriot Act NEVER occurred during Bush’s tenure.

You guys on the left need to WAKE UP and get over your freakin’ crush on Teh One.  You guys have become his useful idiots.  Stop carrying his water and actually do what it is that you guys do best – speak out against abuse of power – EVEN when it means its your guy that’s doing it.  This is no longer a left versus right thing – this is about American citizens against our abusive government.

UPDATE – Thanks and a big h/t to Barry Broom for finding this.  The following is a VERY detailed account of what happened – this kid has a very clear and air tight alibi – so what’s going on here?

Free Ashton Lundeby – from

You all may have noticed that I was absent yesterday.  Well, I decided to celebrate Earth Day the only way this flat-earther, global warmongering denier possibly can – I cut down 5 palm trees and discarded several CFL and other flourescent light bulbs in the garbage.

Yes!  I did cut down those trees.  You see, I have had palm trees behind my house around my pool screen room that was blocking the view from the conservation area behind my house.  In addition to that – they were totally ruining my screen room – turning the screen green and all kinds of other stuff.  So – I got rid of them.  Bwahahaha.  I had a great time knowing that I was probably pissing off some greeny somewhere.  Besides, they were also a haven for black racers (snakes) and black widows.  Sorry, but – the safety of my children come first and I was also getting tired of pressure washing the damned screen room every 3 months or so because of those trees.

Don’t get me wrong – I love trees!  In fact, I have two beautiful magnolia trees in my front yard that I planted 2 years ago.  They’re in bloom right now.  But – when snakes, spiders, and possums start making a home under my trees – they’ve got to go!

Regarding those CFL’s – just to show how stupid our government is for making these damned things mandatory – I went down to Lowe’s and bought myself a 4-pack.  Damned those things are expensive.  Anyway – as soon as I got home – I threw them in the trash along with some old flourescents I hadn’t yet thrown away.  Why the hell did you do that – you might be asking yourselves.

Well – to prove the hypocrisy of our government.  Did any of you know that these so-called environmentally friendly light bulbs contain mercury in them?  BTW – I put up a post about these idiotic light bulbs last year – you can find it here.  Anyway – we all know that just about everyone will just end up discarding all of these light bulbs in the regular garbage anyway.  Did you also know that the EPA has special instructions for discarding these light bulbs?  Did you also know that the EPA considers one of these broken bulbs to be a HAZMAT condition? Check it out here.

Once everyone finds out the entire process they need to go through to discard one of these bulbs “properly” they’ll just end up in the landfills anyway.  It’s bad enough that we already have toxic levels of mercury in our landfills – mostly because of discarded batteries and regular flourescent lightbulbs – but – after 2012 – I guarantee you we’re going to have quaranteed communities. Mercury is a liquid heavy metal.  When it gets heated – it actually vaporizes and gets in to the air.  Vaporized mercury is even more lethal when inhaled than mercury that is absorbed transdermally.

Another hazard regarding mercury and our landfills is that it also separates – and leaches in to our aquifers and other water sources.  But – the government – Bush – in his infinite wisdom – has decided to make these damned lethal things mandatory.  After 2012 you will no longer be able to buy your regular incandescent lightbulbs anywhere!

Now – here’s the real kicker – the ONLY manufacturer of these CFL’s is CHINA!  That’s right – CHINA.  It’s bad enough they are killing our pets and children with contaminated products – now – the ENTIRE freakin’ country will be contaminated with mercury – intentionally – by our government.  Where is the largest manufacturer of incandescent lightbulbs you might ask?  Right here – in our own country – in that great state of Kentucky.  So – you see people – our government is forcing us to buy poisonous products from our enemy instead of buying non-lethal lighting from an American company.  What kind of sense does that even make?

And for what?  It is estimated that one of these freakin’ lightbulbs uses 75% less energy and lasts 10 times longer than an incandescent lightbulb.  So – let’s see – an incandescent lightbulb uses 100 Watts (we’ll use the highest output here for the example).  According to this great website – if used continuously for 8 hours a day – for 31 days – that costs you $3 a month!  So – a 75% savings on that is $2.25 a month.  The fact of the matter is that the majority of us actually use 60 Watt lightbulbs.  In reality – we are really only saving $1.25 a month per light bulb by converting to CFL’s.  The CFL equivalent of a 100 Watt light bulb is 25 Watts and the 60 Watt equivalent is 18 Watts.  Do you realize just how LITTLE energy that is?

Why the hell would I want to jeopardize the safety and health of my children and this country for freakin $1.25 a month?!?!?!?!  Those assholes in D.C. and those idiot global warmongering greenies are gonna destroy this country – and they’re getting our enemies in China to help us do it.

What more can I say?

So sorry for the delay – it’s been a very long day and I had a lot of posts to get through.  I’m quite sure you will all enjoy these – Wenchypoo dominated the Carnival this week with 6 submissions – WTG Wenchypoo!’s one to start with – it wasn’t submitted to the Carnival – but – our good friend Irate-Nate sent me to this – you have to see this!  Obamalism


Wenchypoo presents A Faith-Based Nation (L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket, saying, “Helping you drive the loony left loonier since 1963.”

Really?  A L-O-N-G post from you? Who wulda thunk it! ;)   Actually, it wasn’t any longer than many other posts I’ve seen around.  Besides – I think you are right on the “money” with this one.  People are no longer putting faith in God – they are putting their faith in the government to do what they should be doing for themselves.  Excellent post.  And…I appreciate you helping me to drive them loony.

Wenchypoo presents The Law of Unintended Consequences Part 4 posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Ah yes – the sequel.  You brought up some excellent points in this one.  Many of them I myself had not realized yet.  Been too busy to get through all of the other stuff in there.  I was not aware that the welfare benefits only last as long as the funding in this bill.  There will be some seriously pissed off people.  However, what I see this as is a setup come the next election cycle.  “I promise of you vote for TEH ONE, I will extend those welfare benefits in my next term.  My opponent plans on cutting those benefits.”

Wenchypoo presents The Pelosi-tariat and the Totalitarian Temptation posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

You got that right on the money.  Obama is the puppet and Pelosi is the puppetmaster.  She proved that with the spending stimulus bill – she pretty much told Obey to put everything in there that can stick – and forced the vote by going on vacation.  Obama is just following her lead.  Great post.

Selkirk presents Why Are We Funding This Stuff? posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America.

You got me there, Selkirk. I’ve been asking myself the same thing.  But, in case you missed it in the carnival a couple weeks ago – Jason Zuckerman submitted this post:  Stimulating Art Stimulates the Economy. He made some good points – but – I’m not entirely buying it.

Selkirk presents Question of the Week: All About Failure posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America.

I believe you nailed that one on the head Selkirk.  Indeed, Obama’s success will lead to America’s failure.  I would like to see him fail as well.

Curry Kenworthy presents Never give in posted at Curry Kenworthy, saying, “Remember who you are: a free citizen of the American Republic, not a slave and worshipper of a liberal empire.”

I couldn’t have stated any of this better myself!  As for your suggestion to seek out like-minded individuals – Glenn Beck has a “We Surround Them” event going on that will culminate this coming Friday, 3/13/09 in which he is gathering millions around this country and getting people together who share the same values and principles.  The point is to show the politicians that WE have the power and we won’t give in.

Chris presents This person points to intellectual inadequacy of TEH ONE post at Cmblake6′s Weblog.


Joe Manausa presents First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit | Tallahassee Real Estate Blog posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, “In case you did not hear the good news, the American Recovery And Reinvestment Act of 2009 (which President Obama signed into law last week) included significant improvements to the temporary First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit. While many might view this as a great benefit aimed only at the first-time homebuyer, the reality is that it will help stabilize the housing market by bringing more buyers into an inventory-laden problem in need of more demand.”

Joe – thanks for this resource and the summary page.  However, I have a problem with one of the definitions – “First-time home buyer” – seems to me that would be self explanatory.  How can one qualify as a “first-time” buyer if they’ve owned a home before?  How can they possibly call someone who owned a home for twenty years – sales their home – rents for 3 years – then buys a new home as a first-time buyer? Hmmm.


Sam Swinton presents My Take on the Stimulus Plan: Jobs posted at Tru US Politics.

Welcome to the Carnival Sam.  Very interesting blog you have there. You’re right – if it weren’t for the fact you submitted this post to the carnival – I might have clicked the “X” – I’m glad I didn’t.  Just a little piece of advise – the U.S. government is a great propaganda machine…I wouldn’t necessarily believe they will be creating or saving 3 – 4 million jobs.  We’ve lost just a little over 1 million since Obama took over.  We’ll see how it goes.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Ode To GOP Grovelers (Song Parody) posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Damnit Mad Kane – now I got that freakin’ Mickey Mouse tune stuck in my head! M-I-C, See you real soon! K-E-Y, Why? Because we love you! M-O-U-S-E.  Freakin’ hell!


Wenchypoo presents Is Libertarianism a Sign of Mental Illness? Harvard Says YES posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Great link to the Cato Institute.  Those guys in Harvard are just elitists that think the rest of us don’t know how to take care of ourselves.  Idiots.

Rick Sincere presents Trends of the New Economy posted at Rick Sincere News and Thoughts, saying, “Who knew there was a link between Ayn Rand and cube steak?”

Good one, Rick.  Actually, I bought a copy of Atlas Shrugged : New Edition myself a few months back.  Well worth the read and the parallels today are very eerie.  As for the cube steak – that would seem to make sense as we continue to contract – it’s a very cheap and versatile cut! LOL.

DWSUWF presents Dear Libertarians, We’re just not that into you. Love, Democrats posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “You don’t need a political synthesis, if you think you are holding all the cards. This is where Brink, Will, Mark and other “Liberaltarians” are kidding themselves. Today there is no one in the Democratic Party or the left that are even vaguely interested. There are no allies… There is no synthesis… There is no relationship… They are just not that into you. As it stands today, the “liberaltarians” are just libertarians playing with themselves.”

Bwahahaha!  That’s a good one DWSUWF.  Libertarian Democrats – is that what Kos classifies himself as?  That’s a good one.  Having been a Libertarian myself at one point and going to the weekly meetings here in my county – can’t say I ever heard about that “marriage of convenience.”  Perhaps it was just in Kos’ little head cuz I sure didn’t see it.  This is a very detailed and indepth discussion regarding all of the players – I had no idea. Great post.

Travis presents I think what we?re all looking for here is some logic posted at News Today.

Travis – welcome to the Carnival – and – congrats again on you being lined from The Washington Post.  Good on ya, Mate.  Regarding your discussion – most excellent.  I disagree on a few little points – but – for the main premise – I give you an A+ and couldn’t disagree with you on it.  We are indeed at a crossroads – and I think Obama is heading us in the wrong direction.  I don’t think leaving a message at the website is going to help any.  Obama has his own power grabbing agenda and he’s just following along with whatever Pelosi and Reid want.  He may have campaigned on change – but – what we’re all getting is the same old tax and spend Democrats shafting America.


Wenchypoo presents Using Your Own Money Against You posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket, saying, “Has to do with money more than politics, but Obama’s causing it.”

Your assertions follow right along with the Kondratieff model of capitalism.  It works on a 60 year cycle broken up in to four parts that he labels using the season.  Recession and Depression are part of capitalism.  Deflation works along with Recession and Depression and the money supply grows with it.  We’re only at the beginning of a possible 30 year cycle.  When we hit inflation again – we’re actually back on the upswing.  Great analysis.

Erika Collin presents 50 Best Blogs for Gun Enthusiasts posted at Criminal Justice Degrees Guide.

Once again, Erika – another great list and resource for my readers.  Your lists are always welcome here! I’ve actually been to a few of those blogs on the list.

nickel presents When Will the Recession End? posted at

Hi Nickel.  IMHO – I think the recession has already ended and that we’re actually at the beginnings of a depression.  I wouldn’t listen to those economists or the Fed – they were wrong for the last 2 years.  Not only has the public lost confidence in our economy – they’ve also lost confidence in those so called economist “experts.”

Wenchypoo presents The Origins of Congressional Pork posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Ahhh! <shakes head in disbelief> Didn’t even know about those projects.  Those few are just as bad as the studies on porn funded by taxpayers.


steven germain presents social policy in a financial crisis posted at Rough Fractals, saying, “Enacting social policy during financial crisis…”

Welcome back to the Carnival Steven – I’m not inclined to think that his funding the banks is noble.  My gut does say let them fail.  We’re supposed to be living in a free-market capitalist society where greed is punished through failure and shuttering the business.  You can’t bail out the banks and push a progressive agenda at the same time.  It will bankrupt this nation.  He needs to choose.  We can’t sustain both.

steven germain presents Rough Fractals: AIG – Behind The Scenes… posted at Rough Fractals, saying, “An inside view and analysis of what went wrong at AIG.”

Very detailed and in depth analysis there Steven.  Did you put all that together yourself or is there really someone named Dan Lowman?  Actually, your analysis flows with what Paul Muolo says in his book $700 Billion Bailout: The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and What It Means to You, Your Money, Your Mortgage and Your Taxes If you haven’t read it yet – I highly recommend it.  Also, were you aware that the government now owns a 80% stake in AIG?  Wonderful.

Len Penzo presents Be Fiscally Irresponsible…Get $5000! posted at Len Penzo . Com, saying, “The dirty details of the Obama administration’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan this week finally went public, and after looking it over I have no choice but to conclude that our President has officially gone “full retard.”"

Welcome back Len – it’s always a pleasure! I watched those same Jerry Lewis movies – they would either follow or precede the Abbot & Costello or Three Stooges movies.  All I could say after reading this article was – No freakin’ way!  I want my $5,000 also then.  Should I risk going in to foreclosure briefly – just long enough to qualify for this incentive payment?  Good lord, man – what the hell is this country coming to?

Matt Urdan presents WSJ Reports Travel Industry Slams Obama for Limits on Business Travel post at Inside Government.

Some more of those unintended consequences of Obama policies.  Seems to be a lot of that happening lately if you ask me.

Brian McKay presents What’s in the Stimulus Bill for You? posted at, saying, “President Obama’s stimulus package is making it’s way through the House, through the Senate, back through the House and through the Senate for a final vote. The final stimulus bill will probably end up costing $787 billion dollars, pushing the nation’s debt level higher.”

Howdy Brian – and welcome.  Thanks for providing this list for all to see.  Personally, when I saw this – being the conservative that I am – I just shook my head.  I see everything there as enslaving the people to the government and making them dependent on the government.  Too bad this bill passed.

Pauly presents So, I wonder how the Jewish Obama voters feel now? posted at Pauly’s Political Rants from The Right.

Some very interesting comments on that post, Pauly.  I’m with ya on this one myself.  This is just further proof that Obama is sympathetic to the Palestinians and that he is prepared to turn his back on our strongest ally in the middle-east.  Given, as you said, Gaza is only 125 square miles – unless they plan on building palaces in that small region – there is absolutely no reason to give those terrorists $900 million to rebuild.  I think you’re right – they’re going to use the majority of that money to rearm.  Not only just to rearm – but – to get bigger and longer range missiles to lob in to Israel – probably from Iran.


Mar Matthias Darin presents Stimulus, Omnibus, and related thoughts posted at The Matthias Chronicles, saying, “My commentary about the Stimulus, Omnibus, and gov’t spending”

Howdy Mar Matthias – thanks for the submission.  I saw this coming a couple years ago as well.  We spent down our debt – moved everything in my 401k to a fixed rate account, bought some gold, and moved our cash accounts in to CD’s back in December ’06.  I haven’t lost anything in this downturn – I’ve actually been gaining.  I don’t understand it either how our government thinks going in to more debt could possibly turn this economy around. A recall election would be fine with me.

Learned Genius presents Why You Should Quit Your Political Party and Become an Independent posted at Learned Genius.

I became an Independent during the course of the election.  I was originally a registered Republican – but – after they named McCain as the nominee – it was at that point I realized the party had forever turned its back on the conservative principles that I follow.  I have, however, registered with the Constitution Party recently as they actually do seem to meet and follow the same principles as I.  Given your history, I can see why you remain Independent – and – given the five reason you listed – it certainly makes sense.  This is a great read for those out there still searching for their political identity.  Good one!

Tampa Pirate presents Why Won’t You Listen? posted at Tampa Pirate.

Hey TP – great visual.  I posted up something similar myself.  I have seen way too many lefty bloggers out there trying to say that none of it is Obama’s fault and that the tanking of wall street when he talks is just coincidence.  I hope someone else out there does start listening, soon! Psshh.

Obadiah Shoher presents Politicians vs IDF posted at Samson BLinded.

Welcome to the Carnival Obadiah – you know – I will never understand why the Israeli’s gave the Palestineans a warning to leave before they bombed them.  Israel used to be a very strong and proud country and would defend themselves as they saw fit without worries from the International community.  I think that is part of their weakness now – worrying about what the International community has to say rather than worry about their sovereignty.  Hopefully, with Netanyahu back in there – we might see them go back to being a strong force in the Middle East again.  Great post on the conflict.

Aetius Romulous presents Shock and Awe in Mudville posted at ScreamBucket.

I was actually going along with you pretty good until I came across this: “Americans need health care to the standards of the rest of the industrialized peoples of the world.” What?  Our healthcare system and standards far exceed those of any country in this world.  If you’re referring to socialized medicine like Cuba, Canada, England, etc – it’s a dismal failure in all of those countries – that’s why their political elite come to this country for their healthcare needs.  I’m not real sure what you were getting at with that one. Other than that one little hiccup (IMHO) everything else was spot on.  I think Naomi Kline was right and your linking analysis is spot on.

Mike presents Great Depression Myths posted at Great Depression Version 2: Bear Market and Economic Depression, saying, “With all the comparisons between our current financial and the Great Depression, it is time to dispel some basic myths about the Great Depression”

Thanks for clearing the air on a few of those myths there Mike.  Given the title there says “Version 2″ is there a version 1 of your blog?  Also – I was unaware of the Mexican Repatriation program.  Very interesting.  Given the propensity of our current dimbulbs in D.C. to be pro-Illegal aliens and pro-amnesty – I don’t see that program being resurrected.  It does make sense though.

Mark Couturier presents Osama Bin Limbaugh Calls for a Rightwing Jihad to Take Back America – THE POLITICAL ANIMAL posted at THE POLITICAL ANIMAL.

Mark – welcome to the Carnival and thanks for this submission.  I already stated my piece in your comments section – and – Oldfart is still wrong! ;)

Mark Couturier presents Welcome to Bush Country, Mr. Governor! posted at THE POLITICAL ANIMAL.

This was a really good post here, Mark.  I think the only difference is that despite Bush’s low ratings at the end of his Presidency – history is going to look back on him favorably.  I don’t think Patterson stands a chance of recovery.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Once again this week – we have a lot of great selections and submissions to choose from.  I just wanted to thank all of you who continue to support this carnival with your submissions and also thanks to all of you who continue to come and read them.  Thanks.


Rich Bordner presents Sooo, This is Change we can Believe In? « The Pugnacious Irishman posted at The Pugnacious Irishman, saying, “In this post I comment on Obama’s pushing of the stimulus bill. Nothing fancy, just old school thought applied to the current scene.”

I like the way you think Rich.  We wouldn’t be in this mess if people just used common sense like that.  If we lived our personal lives like the government does – we’d all have been in the poor house a long time ago.  You might want to add – if you can’t pay for it in cash – you can’t afford it.

Cmblake6 presents Qur’an Challenge posted at Cmblake6′s Weblog.

There is a great video up at Chris’s place – you gotta see this yourself.

John Kaduk presents Be Like Sweden! posted at The Right Wing.

John – when I read this earlier in the week – I was hoping you would submit this.  I checked my blog carnival before I left a comment.  Let’s just hope we don’t actually go down that European road – as we can all see – their way doesn’t work either.

Selkirk presents Can We Foreclose on the White House? posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America.

I know I certainly would like to at this point!  Excellent discussion regarding the “mortgage bailout.”  Just FYI – did you know that this bill also has a provision to incentivise mortgage lenders?  You know – the same provisions that caused this mess in the first place?  The bill states that a mortgage lender that provides a loan under this stimulus plan will get $1,000 for every loan completed.  Hmm…how does that do anything but provide incentive for predatory lenders again?

Selkirk presents We Are On The Verge of Revolution Again posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America.

I think so too!  In fact, I’m willing to join in that revolution myself.  I think the final spark to light the flame is when they attempt to take away our 2nd Amendment rights.  The founders specifically put that right in there for the people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government – which it appears we are headed in that direction.  You have provided many examples of catalysts – its not going to take much more if you ask me.


Evan Pfaff presents President’s Day Edition: What Can you Gain From Playing Rec Sports? posted at Who’s In First Blog, saying, “Having a good hoops game helped Arne Duncan secure a spot in President Obama’cabinet.”

Very interesting story there Evan.  By that standard I should seek out a cabinet position as well.  But, what I see missing is whether or not this guy actually has a background in education.  What kind of jobs did he hold before being named to Secretary of Education?  Has he ever worked in the education field?  If not, that’s just plain crazy.  May as well put American education in last around the globe.

Lance Cooper presents Obama?s Stimulus Plan Is A Complete Joke posted at Recession Thoughts, saying, “The presidnet’s stimulus plan is nothing more than government waste, and government waste will not ‘pump prime’ the economy into recovery.”

A most excellent look at the stimulus plan and what we can look forward to.  I like your suggestions for real recovery.  I would have to agree – the plan that was passed is not only a complete joke – but absolutely dangerous for this country. Good one Lance.  Come back again, ya hear!

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Obama?s Foreclosure Bailout Plan: Should There Be Help For Homeowners? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thanks!”

NP!  You’re welcome. My answer is – nope – we shouldn’t be bailing out homeowners.  As you pointed out in your discussion – 90% of homeowners have played by the rules and are not in foreclosure and we pay our bills on a monthly basis.  Why should the majority bail out the minority that were irresponsible?  That is socialism at its best.

The Smarter Wallet presents Will The Obama Economic Stimulus Check and 2009 Stimulus Plan Save The Economy? posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Thanks!”

NP! You’re welcome. Thanks for the brief history on the beginning of “stimulus.”  However, I don’t see 13$/week stimulating the economy at all.  It is such a small amount that it won’t be a noticeable difference and you can’t really buy anything with that.  Given the fact that inflation is on the rise – by the time this year ends – that $13 will be completely wiped out.  As for the other “two bird with one stone” provisions you mentioned – sure – fixing the infrastructure is a good idea – but – as you also pointed out – there are very few “shovel ready” projects and this money does nothing to stimulate the economy immediately.

Great post.


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Ode To Roland Burris posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Once again I find myself agreeing with you.  Another rare moment, but – I would think that everyone on both sides of the aisle sees the need to make sure this guy resigns.

KP Silverman presents Stimulating Thoughts posted at Kpsilverman’s Weblog, saying, “common sense for the new millenium”

Hi KP – welcome to the Carnival.  There are several areas in your discussion that I an agree with – mostly that allowing Pelosi and Reid – the most far left leaning politicians in D.C. to handle the stimulus bill was by far the biggest mistake that Obama made regarding this bill.  However, might I suggest you actually read this bill yourself?  You can see it at or at  You will see that this truly is a pork filled bill and every American in this country should be screaming about it.  The CBO – which is a Democrat majority – has said this bill in its current form will damage this country immensely to the point of no return.  There is more pork in this bill than there is stimulus.  And..yes..Pelosi did actually try to push contraception and STD prevention in this bill.

If you are a true liberal that values privacy and human rights – you should be outraged by this bill.  If you thought Bush and the Patriot Act was “Big Brother” then this bill should outright scare the bejeezus out of you.  The government will now have full access to your entire medical history and your financial information and you can’t stop them. The biggest problem -as you mentioned – is that the media failed us all.  Rather than report in an un-biased fashion and examine just what was in the bill – they were complicit in trying to divert our attentions elsewhere.

Also – you can’t blame this economic mess on “the last eight years” under Bush.  We are in this mess because of both parties over decades of government interference in private business.  The last 8 years didn’t help much with inflating government.  But – this bill has now added 32 NEW government departments and increases the size of government more than the last 8 years – and all done in one fail swoop.

Additionally – this is not the largest tax cut in history.  I have provided links on this blog in the past.  The combined 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts are in fact the largest in history.  While Obama’s tax cuts will put $13/week back in your paycheck – the Bush tax cuts put back $90/week.

I like a lot of what you had to say there – but – some of it you just stuck to the Democrat party line.  You need to look beyond your party line and read things for yourself.  This is a stinker of a bill and it is going to hurt us all.


DWSUWF presents Obama Embraces the Bush/Cheney Unitary Executive. Again and again and again. posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “Why do so many on the left greet Obama’s support and active defense of the Bush/Cheney model of the unitary executive with a yawn? It is not the principle of checks, balances and constitutional protections that inform their view of the world. For some (many?) on the left, it is about blind loyalty to a leader and a party. From their perspective, Bush/Cheney executive power is not a problem if Obama is in the White House. Apparently, with the ring of power in Barack Obama’s benevolent hands, the Bush/Cheney executive power will only be used for good. Just put your trust in Barack -not in the rule of law – not in the Constitution – but in the man.”

Good one DWSUWF – I have nothing further to add here.


nickel presents $8,000 Homebuyer Tax Credit posted at

Thanks for this update Nickel.  I’m sure it will be helpful for those considering looking to buy a home in the next few months.


Len Penzo presents I’m Just Askin’: Why Bother Being Fiscally Responsible Anymore? posted at Len Penzo . Com, saying, “President Obama’s $75B “rescue plan” for those who are in danger of losing their home is one more reason why it no longer pays to be fiscally responsible. Long live the People’s Democratic Republic of the United States!”

Bwahahaha!  Good one, Len.  Seriously, if Obama really wants to suggest everyone should live within their means – how can he possibly think that by allowin

g people to take out loans under this plan equaling 105% of their home value as living within their means?  Isn’t this the kind of irresponsible activity that caused this mess in the first place.  You must have liked Rick Santelli’s rant also then! I too would like the answers to your 6 questions.

Abhishek presents The Changing face of Public Opinion and its neutrality posted at Celebrate Technology…, saying, “Public and mass opinion and how it has changed in the current era of user generated content (web 2.0) as compared with the traditional strongholds of mass media including news corporations, TV, newspaper, magazines, rallies, Political gatherings etc…”

Howdy Abhishek – welcome to the Carnival.  Great post regarding the “new media.”  Of importance regarding today’s technology – Obama was able to manipulate and utilize all the new media to his advantage during this last election.  I’m in agreement with you that the Internet will be the dominating means for guaging and changing public opinion in years to come, moreso than regular TV news and print media.

C.G. Salgado presents Puerto Rico Statehood: To Be or Not To Be? posted at Inside Government.

An inside look at the history of Puerto Rico and what is behind the reasoning that they have not yet become a state of our union.  This is a very interesting read C.G.  While it has crossed my mind occasionally, I have never actually pursued looking for the answer.


Aetius Romulous presents The Hunt For The Guilty posted at ScreamBucket.

Welcome to the Carnival Aetius – While I certainly subscribe to the underlying idea here – personal responsibility – there is definitely plenty of blame to go around between Wall Street, large corporations, and government interference – I don’t think all the blame should be placed on those of us who want success and expect to keep what we earned, provided we took all precautions to do what was right and earned our successes honestly.

Riversider presents 85 Ways To Build Community posted at Broadgate Is Great, saying, “85 ways ordinary people can make their communities better places to live, without spending lots of money.”

Well – given the fact that this bill is going to damage our economy further – all we will have left is our communities, friends, and families to turn to.  These are good suggestions – I’ll let this stay!

Jason Zuckerman presents Stimulating Art Stimulates the Economy posted at Jay Zuck’s Sketch of the Day, saying, “I argue in this blog post that the funding of the arts has a direct stimulative effect on the economy and thus it was an integral part of the stimulus bill and not as some contended, pork-barrel spending.”

Hi Jason – sure – I can buy your argument here – however, I might point out that ALL of your information came from the NEA which is a direct beneficiary of the bill.  Do you think it’s possible that there is some bias there and that perhaps they did not report all the facts?  Where has all their past monies actually gone?  Have you as an artist actually benefited in anyway from the NEA? Just saying.


Wenchypoo presents The Pelosi-tariat and the Totalitarian Temptation posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Welcome back Wenchypoo!  An excellent dissertation on Stretch Pelosi.  Unfortunately, it seems we on the right were the only one’s who saw this coming.  It certainly appears she is directing this country right now even more than Obama.  After all, this spending bill got pushed through in a rush to fit HER schedule – even over Obama’s own schedule.  I just hope to God that come 2010 we get a Republican majority again and get her out of that seat.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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