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Hey all – I sure hope everyone had a great Halloween last night.  My kids made out like bandits – which means – so did daddy!!!!!!  Bwahahaha.

We have some great posts this week.  Please make sure you visit these bloggers and let them know your thoughts and opinions of their posts.


Jared Rhoads presents Health Reform Tea Party posted at The Lucidicus Project, saying, “The Tea Party movement needs to argue FOR capitalism, not just against socialism.”

You’re absolutely correct on this.  Wish I had been there to here the speech in person.

Scott Spiegel presents All Roads Lead to a Dead End posted at Scott Spiegel.

As always, Scott – another great post.  I hope my libber readers and contributors here will stop by and take a look.  This faux “health care reform” bill is probably the worst legislation in the history of this country.  Our country and economy can ill afford the price tag.  Not only that, but we taxpayers can’t afford the penalties, fees, or taxes they plan to impose on us.  Just more of the same old tax and spend democrat policies of the old.

Scott Spiegel presents Para-Constitutional Activity posted at Scott Spiegel.

Great post, Scott.  I’ve pointed out some of those as well since January.  Unfortunately, what it will take is some representative in Congress to push it to SCOTUS.  But, will SCOTUS have the balls to overturn all those bills?  Probably not, given the fact they supported the Unions over the bond holders.  That decision alone turned our constitution on its head.  Apparently, despite the fact that we do appear to have some conservative judges – they don’t want to buck the Obama machine either.  I hope the elections of 2010 and 2012 will see some significant changes that will put this country back on track and perhaps put D.C. in line with the constitution again.  We’ll see.

Steve presents Blame it on Rio « My Informed Report posted at My Informed Report.

Welcome to the Carnival, Steve.  You know it was Bush’s fault!  It will always be Bush’s fault.  I bet the 2012 elections will focus on just how much everything was Bush’s fault and that the four years that Obama will have had in at that time wasn’t enough time to fix everything that Bush screwed up.  Not only that – but – anyone who has continued to stand in his way will always be labeled a racist.  Nice post – but – it would be a pipe dream for any of us who oppose him to ever think he will accept the fact that he alone is destroying this country.  Bush opened the door -but Obama is the one who actually walked through it.

BWL presents Another 10 billion to be spent on the extention of the home-buyer tax credit! posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, “Is it really a good idea to extend the homebuyer tax credit?”

This is freakin’ ridiculous!  We can’t afford these kinds of policies.  If people have the money – they would buy a home regardless of the tax credits.  This isn’t going to boost the market in any manner whatsoever.  If it was – it would have worked already.  The only reason this administration continues to throw these bones out there is to continue to try to enslave Americans to the government.  There is always a catch with this administration.  I’m just getting sick and tired of seeing my taxpayer money going to others for stupid crap like this.


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Bystander President? posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Personally, for the sake of this country and our economy, I hope he does remain on the sidelines.  Apparently, what you guys on the left forget is that a public option ultimately leads to a single payer system – which will ultimately destroy this country.  If you don’t believe me – just ask anyone from Europe.  Their economies are so bad – and a lot of that has to do with their government run health plans.  In case you haven’t been paying attention – Canada and the rest of the European Union are all moving towards privatized medicine.  Why do you think that might be?

Madeleine Begun Kane presents A Limerick For Traitor Joe posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Oooh.  The Dems completely betray him in 2008 and you consider it a “favor” that Dingy Harry gives the most upstanding man in Congress a seat on a committee?  At least Joe always goes with his convictions instead of whichever way the winds blow as the Dems and Repubs currently do.  You shouldn’t be so hard on him.  You should actually do a “special” limerick for those idiots that re leading the house and senate.  They’re gonna be the downfall of Obama and the Democrat party.


Len Penzo presents It’s Time Unemployed People Start Working For Free posted at Len Penzo . Com.

Holy Shit, Len!  99 Weeks?  I hadn’t realized it had gotten that bad.  What the hell are we doing paying unemployment benefits for almost 2 freakin’ years?  When I found myself on the unemployment line back in 1990 – the maximum was 6 months. know what – that was quite a motivating factor to find a job – knowing that after 6 months was up – there would be absolutely no income coming in at all.  Once again – liberal policies creating slaves to the government.  How the hell do we turn this around? I had to report in to the office once a week in person and provide proof that I had been job seeking.  I had interview cards that had to be completed by myself and signed by the employers I had interviews with.  I had to have at minimum 3 a week to continue to receive benefits.  I like your proposal – but – I think it needs to go even further than that.  There needs to be at least one job interview per day and provide proof in person at the unemployment office at least once a week.  This is bullshit.


Taft Babbitt presents Big Government is more dangerous than Big Business posted at American Sage.

Hey Taft – welcome!  The 6 points you provide are spot on a should be a primer for any libber who believes government is the solution.

Chuck presents President To Support Chris Dodd posted at Straight Shooters.

I agree Chuck – we should always vote out incumbents.  Those idiots in DC will obviously never vote in term limits.  Congress was never supposed to be a full-time career.  Our representatives were citizen representatives until the late 1800′s when they started voting themselves in pay raises.  Let’s get rid of all these long-term career politicians.  They are the one’s who ruined this country – not we good citizens.  Although – there are a lot if ignorant electorate out there who just continue to vote the flow.  Let’s hope there are enough who have woken up now to take a stand in 2010 and 2012.

Chris presents The Martial Artist’s View of Freedom posted at Martial Development.

Awesome post.  I have nothing further to add to this at all.  Your last sentence says it all.

Thinker presents President Medvedev on Stalin posted at Desire for Thought.

Thanks for this post, Thinker.  The good news is that at this time, those socialist believers are in the very minority.  The bad news about that is that very minority is actually who is in charge of our government right now.  I only hope enough people wake up and realize what this means to the future of our country before it is too late.  Perhaps if they hear a modern-day Russian speak out against it – some of those on the other side might realize they’ve been duped.


jim presents Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 (HR 1207) posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, saying, “This is a bipartisan issue that I think we need to get more publicity to. We need more accountability and transparency in the “quasi-public” Fed.”

Thanks for posting this here Jim.  I had planned on doing a post myself – now I don’t need to.  You are absolutely correct – this is a bill that all sides need to get on board with.  The Fed (a private owned corporation) has waaay too much power over our financial policies.  It’s time for the people to know EXACTLY where our money is and who is getting it.

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So sorry for getting this out late today.  I had a “honey-do” list like you wouldn’t believe.  I finished it just before 4pm – which gave me just enough time to take my shower and get settled in to watch the Steelers play the Bears.  Can’t believe Reed choked TWO TIMES!!!  Oh – well.  In between all that – it was BoBo’s time to cook dinner tonight – I made Steak Sirloin Poivre with a dijon reduction with sweet peas and a baked potato as sides – so – that obviously took some of my time away as well.  But – here I am!

I want to let everyone know that I have been given notice from Blog Carnival that this edition will be featured on their front page on Tuesday, September 22, 2009.  We have a boatload of submissions this week – so – if anyone comes here through Blog Carnival they will get a large selection of diverse views on politics that they won’t get anywhere else.  Thanks to all who contributed this past week. As you all know, I generally like to add my two-cents when I can.  Unfortunately, due to the delay and deadline – I won’t be able to get to them again.  However, for those of you who did submit – just so you know – I do read every one of them when I get the submission notice through the e-mails.

For those of you who are coming by to see your post – and don’t – that’s probably because it had nothing to do with politics.  You know who you are. ;)   I will be glad to add your submissions – even if you have a blog that has nothing to do with politics as long as the post you submit actually does have some relevance.

With that being said – let’s get to it:


Len Penzo presents The 10 Most Overpaid Jobs posted at Len Penzo . Com, saying, “The bulk of the political commentary applies to the number 1 job topping this list.”

Scott Spiegel presents It Doesn’t Matter What This Column Says—You’ll Call It Racism Anyway posted at Scott Spiegel.

smrtas1 presents Another Lie Joe Wilson Missed in Obama?s Health Care Speech posted at Conservative Patriot HQ.

smrtas1 presents Insurance Companies and The Profit Myth posted at Conservative Patriot HQ.

SVB presents Federal Minimum Wage Through History, Plus Sundry Thoughts posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “I discuss the fed minimum wage.”

Smarter Wallet presents Cut Postage Costs With Email: Will This Close The Post Office? posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Should the government think of cutting work hours for the post office?”

lsm presents The Second Branch Falls. posted at awaken the elephants blog.


DWSUWF presents Racism increases 67% since January posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “Here are the facts. Racism has been rising steadily over the last few months. In recent polls, President Obama’s job approval number has dropped from 70% to 50%. This means the percentage of racists in this country has risen from 30% to 50% – a 67% increase in only eight months! Even more alarming, close to one out of two Americans are now racist. We have reached a tipping point. If this trend continues, the racists will soon be in a majority.”


Rick Foreman presents Where?s the Cognitive Dissonance posted at Waiting for the Singularity.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Mark Sanford, The Not-So-Frugal Traveler posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Rick Foreman presents Some Possible Health Care Solutions posted at Waiting for the Singularity, saying, “some sarcastic humor”


Chuck presents Tea Parties and Town Halls posted at Straight Shooters.


Joanne presents 45% Of Doctors Might Quit If Obama Care Passes posted at Left And Right Politics.

RAYN presents Karma is a BITCH! posted at The Den of Psychosis, saying, “A little bit of small fry Canadian Politics. Murder and Intrigue.”

BWL presents Could the Homebuyer tax credit be increased to $15,000? posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, “Apparently the $8000 tax credit for new home buyers wasn’t enough spending, now there is another bill on the table to extend it, increase it to $15,000, and open it to everyone! If it happens it could cost taxpayers $100 Billion…”


TheConservativeJournal presents Fireside Chat: An Interview with Someone Inside The 9/12 Project Rally in DC posted at The Conservative Journal, saying, “I got this interview with Mike after his trip to the big rally in D.C. and I thought it was pretty interesting. It’s something different that other’s might enjoy. Thanks”

Joe Garecht presents The #1 Tip for Republicans Running in Urban Districts posted at Local Victory – Your Guide to Winning Elections, saying, “This is a “how to” political article we just published detailing how Republicans can win elections in big cities.”

Emma Taylor presents 100+ Excellent Open Courses on American History, Politics, and Culture posted at Online Degree Hub.

Susan White presents 25 Inspiring Biographies Everyone Should Read posted at Online

Shannon Wills presents Sarah Palin’s Stand on Special Education posted at Nurse Practitioner Schools.

Rodney Sutton presents Happy Hog Speaks!: Hmmm…. posted at Happy Hog Speaks!.

Terri Choate presents The New English posted at Plum Duff…not your ordinary gruel!, saying, “a look at the Baucus health care plan”


Basically Law presents Rush Opposes a Third Party Without Realizing He Turned the Republican Party Into One posted at Stupid Right Wingers.

BLW – Okay – I have to comment on this one too – What?  I read this – and – I don’t see it.  What he is calling for is the Republicans who were supposed to be conservatives to get back to their conservative roots and for those of us who are leaving the party or considering third parties not to.  There are way too many RINO progressives in the Republican party.  If that party ever wants to succeed again – they need to get rid of the RINOs.  I am no longer a member of the Republican party for that very reason.  I think Rush is wrong on this one – but – I don’t see what you’re saying.

Basically Law presents House Republicans Plan To Curb Health Care Costs Is Clearly Unconstitutional posted at Stupid Right Wingers, saying, “The Republican call for federal medical malpractice reform has one major snag – it is unconstitutional.”

BLW – I had to comment on your posts – actually – ALL entitlement programs coming from the Dems are unconstitutional as well.  I have to admit – reading your stuff definitely had my blood boiling.  This isn’t a Republican thing.  This is a big government thing regardless of who is in power.  Anything that goes against personal liberties and freedom to choose and to earn a living without government interference is unconstitutional.  Going back to the early 20th century when progressives started permeating our government – that is when our constitution really took a trampling – and every administration since Woodrow Wilson has taken more and more of our freedom away through big government and forced charity through programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Unemployment, SCHIP, etc.  NOTHING in the constitution allows for any of that. You rightfully point out that tort reform is a Tenth Amendment issue – but – so are insurance (health, auto, home, etc); unemployment; education; intrastate commerce; and a whole other list of things.  But – you missed the big picture – our government has been implementing unconstitutional programs that violate the 10th amendment for quite some time now which no judicial challenge.  What makes you think this one would ever make it to SCOTUS?

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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…in ALL 50 states according to the latest Gallup Poll.

So – the next question would naturally be – how the hell did the Democrats takeover all of the Congress and the White House then? Because of party politics people.

Now is the time to shed the parties.  It has become abundantly clear that the Republicans have screwed over their Conservative base – and apparently – there are a boatload of Conservative Democrats as well – but may not have woken up to the fact that they’ve been screwed over by their party also.

Now is the time for Conservatives to unite and get rid of the two-party system all together.  We as Conservatives combined would outnumber the Democrat and Republican parties.  Either register as independents during the next election cycle – or join The American Conservative Party.  Whichever you choose, just choose to vote for the Conservative candidate whether that individual be a Democrat or a Republican.

This country is being dragged through the mud because of party politics.  They have intentionally driven a wedge between Dems and Repubs.  Once you become independent and look at your actual values versus that of the party – you will see that they have not been representing you for a very long time.  You might actually find out that the individual who was of the opposite party than you might actually share more in common with you than you thought – but never knew because of the two-party division.

The Gallup Poll linked above indicates that this is the highest number of individuals who have ever self-identified as Conservative versus Liberals.  Now is the time for Conservatives to take back our country from those left-leaning liberal socialists who are bent on destroying the morals and very fiber of America through their immoral policies and agendas.  Get out and vote in 2010 and let those arrogant bastards in D.C. know that we aren’t going to take it any longer.

They kicked God out of our schools, public meeting places, public parks, and shoved Him out of the public eye in general – and now look where that has gotten us.  How is that workin’ out for America?  When I was in school no one had any fear of guns being brought on to the property nevertheless being used to slaughter everyone.  We all knew who the “heads” were and they were shunned.  Now, all the freakin’ kids in school are users.  It’s hard to find a good kid who’s not doing drugs.  Being on Honor Roll was the highest achievement you could get and only the top 5% of the school qualified.  Now – 60% of the school is on the Honor Roll and their greatest achievement is that they can roll their own.

Kids no longer respect the law, the officers who enforce those laws, the soldiers who fight to defend the laws and the rights, their parents, their bosses, their teachers, or anybody that tells them they actually might have to work to earn something.  This country has raised a bunch of losers looking for handouts – and you can blame the liberals and their “progressive” and socialist agendas.

Conservatives WILL begin our takeover starting in 2010.

I’m not really sure what prompted this post today – but – nonetheless, it came to mind.  I’m sure all of us at one time or another have either said to someone else, or have had it said to them, “Great minds think alike.”  I’m not entirely sure that is applicable in today’s society and American culture.  I’ve been following Divided We Stand, United We Fall for quite some time now – he contributes to The BoBo Carnival of Politics frequently.

The premise of his blog is that we should keep the Federal government divided.  We should in no way ever allow a supermajority in the government as it will cause this great nation to fall, and fail.  No time like now has this ever been proven to be more correct.

Getting back to the original topic – if all “great” minds were to think alike we would never get anywhere, innovation would be stifled, and this country would not be as great as it is.  Think about it, what do you think would happen if everyone always agreed with everything?  There would never be discussion or debate about anything at all.  Sometimes, we might all reach an agreement on a subject that could be successful for all those involved.  However, the downside to everyone agreeing on a subject could just as well have negative consequences for all – i.e., cap-and-trade and global warming.

If the debate on global warming truly was over as Al Gorebecile would have us believe the thousands of scientists that were previously shunned wouldn’t be coming out now and providing all the evidence and proof that man-made global warming is nothing more than a hoax to advance the socialist agenda and to take American independence and freedom from us.

What I’m getting at is that the two-party system that has evolved in politics has now gotten to the point where no matter which party is in control – they are all thinking the same.  Our elected politicians no longer have the needs of America as their first priority.  The only thing that both the Democrats and Republicans care about is their own power and getting re-elected.  They will say and do anything and make all “promises” just to be re-elected so they can get their cushy jobs.

Both parties started off with opposing views and each had their constituents’ best interests in mind hundreds of years ago.  But, hundreds of years ago when this country was in its infancy Democrats were closer more libertarian and the Republicans were just a fraction to the left of them, but, still very much libertarian as far as what the government’s role was.  In fact, our country and its founding documents were based on “liberalism,” hence the term Liberty.  Conservatism, in the early founding of this country, referred primarily to conserving or protecting our culture, property rights, and economic liberties.

Today’s true conservatives and much of the libertarian point of view are closer to those of classic liberals – you know – our founding fathers.  Liberalism was hijacked by the progressives at the turn of the century in the early 1900′s right around World War I.  The Democrats and their general liberal positions were taken over by the radicals of the party.  As the Democrats were losing their true classic liberalism positions to the radical progressives, the Republicans began to adopt the position of the classic liberals and social conservatives at that same time, the birth of modern conservatism.

In my opinion, Ronald Reagan was our last true conservative President.  The only other political figure that remains what I consider to be a true conservative is Newt Gingrich.  (Don’t get me wrong, this is not a plug for Newt). All other politicians who identify themselves as Republicans have moved so far to the left that they may as well call themselves Liberal Democrats.  Essentially, our two-party system has evolved in to a one-party system of socialists that no longer care about America.  They all think alike now.

If you are either a Republican or a Democrat and you have found that your party no longer represents your values – the best solution now is to become an independent.  Many of my Democrat friends here in Florida are very much social and fiscal conservatives and have become disillusioned with their party.  Yet, they continue to vote down the party line because “all good Democrats never vote for a Republican.”  Conversely, many of my Republican friends here have become disillusioned with their party because the Republicans have abandoned their conservative principles.  They too vote down party lines because “We can’t let the Democrats have a majority.”  Theirs is more a vote out of fear.

The solution is to shed the parties and vote as an Independent or find one of the “third-parties” out their that is actually closer to your own values.  The Democrats and the Republicans are both taking America down the same path of destruction and none of them have a backbone any longer.  The two-party system is corrupt.  Regardless of which party may be in control – their votes are controlled by special interest groups.  Our representatives no longer represent the people of this country – they represent whoever gives them the most for their re-election campaigns.

It’s time for we regular everyday Joe Schmoe Americans to rise up and let D.C., local, and state politicians know that we want our country back.  If our votes don’t matter to them any longer they will no longer have our financial support either.  We will show them with our votes at the ballot box and we’ll reject everything they stand for.  We need to make them fear us.  They no longer fear losing their jobs.  Our system of government was not set up to have career politicians.  Those progressives amended our constitution to allow career positions and took the power from the States to be able to recall those Senators and Representatives.

We do have voices and we need to make those voices heard.  We need to put our constitution back in its place and restore State’s rights and the right for the people to recall their representatives back and hold elections to replace those who are not representing us.  The best way to do this at this point is to hold a constitutional convention.  We need to urge our Governors to join with the Governors of other states to hold such a convention.  We only need 2/3d of the states to implement a constitutional convention.  We don’t need the Senators & Representatives in D.C. to amend the Constitution.  We know there is no way in hell Congress would ever vote in term limits, restore state’s rights, or eliminate those freebie life-long benefits they have voted in for themselves.

I’m sure there are many on the ‘left’ who feel the government has overstepped its boundaries.  While we might not agree on exactly the “whats” what we do agree on is that government has gotten too big and too powerful.  It’s okay for us to disagree – that is what makes this country great.  I urge you to contact your governors as well.  Let’s reset this thing and put those in D.C. back in their places – as servants to the people.

Hi All – well – here is the next great installment of the carnival.  One term paper and final exam down – one more term paper and final exam to go! You’ll notice we have a huge selection to choose from this week – I’d like to take credit saying this carnival draws that many in a week – but – since I didn’t put up an issue last week for Mother’s Day – this is actually the result of a two-week “soak.”  I want to thank all of you who submitted an article – and to all the readers who continue to come back!

I’m in the process of putting the final touches on my last term paper – so – I haven’t had time to really read through all of these this week.  However, I promise I will get to all of next week’s submissions as I will be done and on break from school next week.

lsm presents The Cowardly, Canceled Debate. posted at awaken the elephants blog.

C. E. Dowalt presents Crossing the Rubicon with Wilson posted at Money Confidential.

C. E. Dowalt presents Obama and the Fourth “Reich” posted at Money Confidential.

C. E. Dowalt presents Its the Energy, Stupid posted at Money Confidential.


NotYourDaddy presents Freedom is Not a Pendulum posted at Government is not your Daddy., saying, “When government takes power away from the people to determine what’s in their best interests, that power does not swing back to the people, like a pendulum. The balance of power is permanently shifted from the people to the government, making it easier for government to usurp even more power in the future.”

Michael Bass presents The New American Militarism posted at Barry, saying, “America would be far more secure with a more humble foreign policy.”

lsm presents President Lincoln, Where are you? posted at awaken the elephants blog.

Len Penzo presents Inflation: Why You Should Fear It, And Why The US Wants It posted at Len Penzo . Com.

Curry Kenworthy presents Photo Sharing posted at Curry Kenworthy, saying, “We get a closer glimpse of the real Obama in this candid photo.”

Silicon Valley Blogger presents The Causes and Consequences of the Subprime Mortgage Financial Crisis posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thanks!”

John Kaduk presents The Pope Is Living In La La Land posted at The Right Wing.

The Smarter Wallet presents The Current Unemployment Rate: Navigating a Bad Job Environment posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Thanks!”


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Karl’s Roving Standards posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Neil Benson presents Hate and Anger among Right-Wing Conservative Media posted at SENSE AND NONSENSE, saying, “Each day right wing conservative media people such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham, et al. spew forth a steady dose of anger, hatred, vindictiveness, and misinformation.they represent a black bile that promotes divisiveness, discourages cooperation, and contributes to the negative mood of the country.”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Ode To Fresh Faces posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.


U.S. Common Sense presents Taxing Marijuana posted at U.S. Common Sense, saying, “Starting the debate on changing the legal status of marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II controlled substance. This way “medical marijuana” will be technically legal, and therefore allowing domestic production and sale of the drug.”


Kelly Diels presents On Barack Obama and Teachable Moments posted at Kelly Diels . com – Live with Purpose and Passion.

David Lamb presents Play At Your Own Risk: A call for bankruptcy reform posted at Killer Buffalo.

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Jon T. presents Global Warming Debate posted at The Mustang Ride, saying, “Global warming or not global warming? That is a question. So what can we look at in the debate to determine the validity of the GW discussion? We need only look as far as the solutions being put forth to solve the problem.”

Aetius Romulous presents Stock Markets are Not Democratic posted at ScreamBucket.

Wenchypoo presents Keeping Up With the Enemy posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

DWSUWF presents The Arrogance of “Hope” posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “Obama has been compared to many past Presidents. Some see, FDR, LBJ or JFK. He has been compared to Jimmy Carter and even to GWB. Perhaps all of these comparisons are wrong, and the comparison that is most apt, is a comparison to the arrogance of Richard Nixon, as exemplified by the money quote in the Frost/Nixon interview -”When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.”"

DWSUWF presents Friday Flotsam – The “Please listen to what Obama says and pay no attention to what he does” edition. posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “Bobo, I’ve been away, so catching up with two submissions this week. A grab bag of political topics including the auto bailouts and reckless spending by this administration.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Hello again everyone. What a fine weekend this is! Well, at least here in the Sunshine state it is. We’ve had quite a few submissions this week. Given all the news of last week – it doesn’t surprise me at all. We also have a more diverse group of submissions as well to choose from this week. Surprisingly, given this past week was Earth Week and Earth Day was celebrated on Wednesday – not one post about global warming! Thank you for not putting me through that. LOL.  I think you will enjoy them all. If you agree, or even disagree, with what these bloggers have to say – why don’t you head on over to their place(s) and leave them a comment. I’m sure they will appreciate it.

Also – I know I have a tendency to drown out some of the submissions with all of my additional chatter and comments.  I promise I’ll keep them more brief!


Steve Parry presents Obama Focuses On Real Threat… Credit Card Companies posted at The Axis of Stevil.

Those damned evil credit card companies!  I’m sure if the Obama administration waterboarded those bank executives, waterboarding wouldn’t be considered torture!

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Does Achieving Wealth Make You “Upper Class”? Facts About Class posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thanks!”

I like your detailed explanation of the classes.  When I first read this – my first thought was about lottery winners.  If you were white trash before you won those millions – you’re still white trash when you get the millions.  Money doesn’t change who you are – just the amount of stuff you can buy.

The Smarter Wallet presents Positive Personal Financial Planning Strategies During A Down Economy posted at The Smarter Wallet.

These are all great tips.  I’m currently in the process of getting rid of all my debt.  I’ve already cut up my credit cards.  But – one thing I will NEVER do is buy stock in GE.  I don’t care whether they recover or not.  The fact that Immelt is using his assets (NBC, CNBC, MSNBC) to control the message, elect Obama, push Obama’s cap-and-trade initiatives, only to further the advancement of GE and become a quasi-government controlled entity just doesn’t sit right with me.


Yoav B presents Barack Obama’s military history posted at Israeli Soldier’s LIFE & THOUGHTS, saying, “Barack Obama and IDF…. YES YES YES!”

Shalom Yoav and Welcome to the Carnival.  I have a great respect for the IDF unlike Obama.  Unless you meant that comparison as a joke, I really don’t see how you could come to that conclusion.  I do like your blog – an insider’s view of the IDF.  If you understood Obama the way we do – you might take it as an insult to think Obama would ever consider being a member of the IDF.  He hates you guys.


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Rudy’s Family Values posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Wow, Mad Kane – I guess you got it bad for Rudy to bring up old news again! :)

vjack presents Taking a Stand Against War Crimes: Call for a Special Prosecutor and Impeachment of Bybee posted at Atheist Revolution.

First – we don’t fall under “international laws.”  We follow our American Constitution and the laws interpreted as a result of it.  Second – if you start prosecuting administration officials for their advice given to Presidents – all following governments would fail because no advisor will ever want to give any advice knowing they could possibly go to jail at the hands of the following administration that may have disagreed with that advice.  These advisors made their decisions and gave the advice based on their interpretations of the laws and put it in writing.  It’s not like their advise was given without great consideration.  What you are calling for is very dangerous.  Why are you only calling for the prosecution of Bush admin officials?  Why not Clinton’s administration for ordering the bombing of an aspirin factory?  Why not LBJ for Viet Nam?  Why not Carter for…oh yeah – he failed miserably.  In any case – you need to be very careful of what you wish for – you just might get it…and…if you get it this time…our country suffers and becomes impotent as a result.


Lisa Harding presents Real? « Plan “A” posted at Plan “A”, saying, “Adoption”

Well, not exactly related to politics.  However, I think this is a very important message to get out to everyone.  Adopted children are special children and the parents who adopt them are the “real” parents.  Common sense has left many people nowadays.  Thanks for this submission.

David Verjano & Anthony Hernandez presents The Virtue of Restraint posted at Life as (Un)usual.

Two words – I agree!

Joseph presents why I despise liberals posted at conservative joe.

Did you really vote for Obama?  Oh well, we all make mistakes I guess.  But, if you really are a conservative – how could you possibly have missed all the signs that he was indeed going to spend and waste our taxpayer dollars with all of his “share the wealth” schemes.  I do however agree with your assessment about closed-minded liberals who only say make these incendiary statements to be a member of their elitist clubs.  I never did like Garafalo or Olbermann.

Sarah Scrafford presents 10 Most Surprising College Majors in Presidential History posted at Learn-gasm.

Welcome back Sarah – You’re right – I was surprised by this list – Especially Truman.

Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 presents Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 posted at Blog Pemilihan Umum, saying, “Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 mulai 1 Februari sampai 1 Mei 2009. Di tahun 2009 ini Indonesia akan menggelar 2 kali pemilihan umum. Yang pertama ialah pemilihan umum untuk memilih wakil-wakil rakyat yang akan duduk di parlemen Majelis Permusyawatan Rakyat atau MPR. Dan pemilihan umum yang kedua diselenggarakan untuk memilih presiden dan wakil presiden Republik Indonesia. Pelaksanaan pemilu sendiri digelar pada tanggal 9 April 2009 untuk pemilihan umum wakil-wakil rakyat di dewan legislatif Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat dan pada tanggal 8 Juli 2009 untuk pemilihan presiden dan wakil presiden Republik Indonesia”

Umm.  What? :)   Okay – I don’t understand the language – but – I do know how to use the Google Translator.  Given that this is related to politics – perhaps someone who actually does speak this language might find this blog with this post – so – I guess I’ll leave it.

C. E. Dowalt presents Jimmy Obama posted at Money Confidential.

Jimmy Obama – that’s a good one.  You make some very excellent points about this administration and how ineffectual it has already become as it pursues this course to socialism and appeasement of evil.  Excellent.


Chris presents Mad Libs With Jackie Chan And The Yellow Press posted at Martial Development, saying, “Everyone is rushing to condemn Jackie Chan for his recent political speech. Methinks they protest too much…”

I think Jackie Chan usually has a level head.  I’m sure your contextual translation is probably more accurate.


lsm presents Cars Smart enough to Kill. posted at awaken the elephants blog.

That’s a big Duh! LOL.  I’m sure we taxpayers paid for that study.  I won’t be giving up my SUV any time soon either.

Mark Couturier presents Grannies’ Protests Against Afghan War Falls on Deaf Ears posted at Independent-American.

I remember reading this and thinking – who listens to people wearing granny panties anyway?

Mark Couturier presents Were the Tea Party Protests Carefully Staged Events, or Did They Represent a Genuine People’s Revolt? posted at Independent-American.

I encourage my readers to go over to this one and respond.  I responded to let his left-leaning blogger know that these Tea Parties were not about Obama and that they were all sponsored by local communities and local individuals.  I got blasted by the loonies over there.  They really are sheep – just parroting the same things over and over that they heard from MSM, CNN, and MSNBC.  They really don’t get it.  I don’t know how Mark attracts them to his site – but – he really gets the sheeple on his site.

Aetius Romulous presents Mark to Market Magic – and Madness posted at ScreamBucket.

We need to bring logic back in to this country.  The suspension of Mark to Market was probably one of the most idiotic moves of our lifetime.  Having worked for one of the Big 5 accounting firms myself at one time – I am very familiar with FASB.  You’re right – when it comes to the government – they have no teeth – but – they will damned sure bear them to accounting firms and corporations.

Mark Couturier presents House Republicans to Napolitano: Get out! posted at Independent-American.

Well – considering she just pissed off the Canadians by declaring that 9/11 terrorists came from Canada, and the fact she allowed millions of illegal immigrants through the Arizona borders while she was their Governor – I would say this woman is in the wrong job.  She needs to go.

Mark Couturier presents Will the Republicans Reverse Their Position on Gay Rights? posted at Independent-American.

As I stated in my comments on your site – given the fact that 73% of this country opposes gay marriage – Republicans are on the right side of this issue.  But – if they were really smart – they would get out of the moral issues and stick strictly to following the constitution.  As a Conservative, I am personally opposed to gay marriage.  However, the Libertarian side of me – and the side of me that follows the constitution – says that government has no reason to interfere.

Mark Couturier presents Book on Great Depression Finds Favor Among Conservatives posted at Independent-American.

I haven’t read the book yet myself – but, from the reviews its getting – especially from the Liberals – it must be spot on.  We all know that when someone comes upon the truth about Liberalism and compares FDR to the fascist ideologies that he espoused – the libs come out from the woodwork to defend his socialist policies.

David Lamb presents When Will Congress Learn to Read? posted at Killer Buffalo.

Bwahahaha!  Good one.  They don’t have time to read the laws they are implementing.  They’re too busy giving grandiose speeches to spread the lies to keep their power.  If they really did care about this country and were doing their jobs – they would read the bills they are signing of on – and that goes for both parties.

Len Penzo presents How Mexico Can Save Its Oil Industry: Sell Baja California to the US posted at Len Penzo . Com, saying, “You can argue that this wild idea is just another example of bald-faced American imperialism, but if Mexico continues to insist on banning foreign investment in its dying oil industry that country may cease to exist as we know it anyway — and those in the US that can afford it will be paying $8 for a gallon of unleaded.”

Well – it’s a good proposal.  However, Americans would be saddled with another piece of resource rich land that the Government will not allow us to exploit.  Unless we were actually allowed to extract the resources – it would be a huge loss for this country.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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