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It was one thing for Obamadinajad to not accept he was rejected here in the U.S. on November 2nd – but – do you think his ego will allow him to realize the WHOLE industrialized world rejects him as well? He is getting his ass handed to him at the G-20 summit.

Laurence O’Donnell – you know the one – the MSNBC host who has clearly stated he is a socialist and he hates liberals and progressives – well – even he admitted that Keynesian economics is socialism. Keynesian economics do not work as it definitely leads to socialism.  For the past 4 years with congress under Democrat control and then put in to hyperdrive after the election of Obamadinajad – the Keynesian economic model as been employed as a potential measure for preventing collapse of the U.S. economy.   The basic theory behind Keynesian economics is that the Federal government at all levels (monetary, regulatory, and fiscal) has a greater role than the private sector.  In other words – growth of the economy is directed by the Federal government and deficit spending is a key component of that strategy. Essentially – it is an anti-capitalist theory that moves asset ownership to the government (socialism).  There are three key events that happened that prove our federal government moved this way – The auto industry bailout where the U.S. assumed controlling ownership of GM; TARP where the federal government is shutting down and assuming ownership of banks all across the country; and the Federal Reserve policy to monetize our debt and keep interest rates artificially low whereby devaluing our dollar.

Well – it appears the industrialized world has completely rejected Obamadinajad, the Keynesian pro-government interference and anti-private sector growth model for a more conservative pro-private sector growth with limited government growth and austere cuts in government approach.

Obama’s economic view is rejected on the world stage

Oh – poor Obambi!  Has his ego been deflated?  Probably not!

After five largely harmonious meetings in the past two years to deal with the most severe downturn since the Depression, major disputes broke out between Washington and China, Britain, Germany, and Brazil.

The result was that Obama repeatedly found himself on the defensive.

Each rejected core elements of Obama’s strategy of stimulating growth before focusing on deficit reduction. Several major nations continued to accuse the Federal Reserve of deliberately devaluing the dollar last week in an effort to put the costs of America’s competitive troubles on trading partners, rather than taking politically tough measures to rein in spending at home.

Oh boo hoo.  He got his ass handed to him here in the U.S. and now he’s getting served overseas as well.

We read earlier this week that China will probably overtake the U.S. within 2 years as the world economic leader.  Imagine that – a communist nation who solidly accepted a pro-capitalism position in economics – overtaking the country that essentially showed the world how it was done.  They now are buying a stake in GM (gee, I wonder who they bought from?) and they are in perfect position now to tell the U.S. to go to hell. They are the number 3 owner of all American debt only behind #2 Investors and #1 The Federal Reserve.  When P-BO tried to get China to value their currency appropriately to balance the trade deficit – do you think China backed down?

Chinese officials later archly reminded the Americans that as the issuers of the dollar, the main global reserve currency, they should consider the interests of the “global economy’’ and their own “national circumstances.’’

Nope – didn’t think so either.

Even England gets it and they have become one of the largest socialist governments in the world – When P-BO tried to insist that the best way to spur economic growth was through additional government spending and debt – England had this to say:

“You do hear the argument made sometimes: If you have a deficit, put off the action to deal with it because taking money out of the economy will reduce your growth rate,’’ Cameron said at the meeting. “I simply don’t accept that.’’

Remember the Wiemar Republic?  So does Angela Merkel of Germany – of all countries – Germany is the one with the most experience with devaluing currency and deficit spending – she had this to say:

“I am not one, and Germany is not one, who says growth and fiscal consolidation are contradictory,’’ she said during a lunchtime address in Seoul. “They can go together, and it is essential to return to a sustainable growth path.’’ She also suggested that it was the job of deficit countries — like the United States and Britain, although she diplomatically avoided citing them — to increase their competitiveness rather than put limits on countries that had figured out how to get the world to buy their goods.
Very well said Mrs. Merkel. I think when it comes to looking to other nations for answers regarding how NOT to run an economy – Germany knows best. Will Obambi really hear and listen to any of this?  Probably not.  But, he won’t have a choice beginning in 2011 when the GOP – hopefully – actually starts proposing some serious austere cuts in government spending and reducing the size of government.  We have a SPENDING problem in D.C. – not a revenue problem.

Guest post from Vulcan’s Hammer

Hold the celebrating. Here’s the sobering news:

Stock markets dropped sharply Friday and the euro slid to a new four-year low against the dollar after U.S. government figures showed lower-than-anticipated jobs creation in May…

The DOW closed at -323.31. Fun times.

But here is the real kicker:

The U.S. economy added jobs in May at the fastest pace in a decade, but the gains were inflated by temporary government hiring for the 2010 census and weren’t enough to bring unemployment down much.

The May figure was boosted by the hiring of 411,000 temporary workers for the census. Only 41,000 private-sector jobs were added.

The headline unemployment rate dropped to 9.7% from 9.9%.

So according to the BLS 431K jobs were created in May…41K were in the private sector and 390K were temporary government census workers. This is hardly good news particularly since this temporary bump will be short lived.

Based on employment patterns for the 2000 census, nearly all such census employment gains should reverse out of the data by the end of September, with June payrolls reflecting the first outright contraction in the reversal of current hiring.

Let’s face facts, the “stimulus” was a very expensive joke that taxpayers are going to have to pay back with interest to countries that buy our debt like China—fifteen months have gone but since it’s passage and we have little to show for it. Furthermore, it should be obvious to anyone that doesn’t accept this administrations usual pabulum, that the stimulus was chock full of wealth transfers and paybacks to state public sector unions. Mortimer Zuckerman pointed out the following in the WSJ recently:

It is not an accident that in framing the national stimulus program in 2009 Congress directed a stunning $275 billion of the $787 billion as grants to the states to support public-service employees in health care, education, etc.

That won’t create jobs in the private sector, that’s a wealth transfer.

The cold hard fact is that Obama’s economic plan is not working and is not going to work: it’s all a wealth transfer scheme while printing dollars in order to evoke the Philips Curve. But this time, unlike other times, the coming (and current) tax burden to businesses and citizens due to massive debt is dampening economic growth.

Expect leaner times, friends.

A Guest Post By Vulcan’s Hammer

The American economy is on the rebound. There are a slew of positive indicators every where we look: durable goods orders have increased for a third month, the Dow is closing in on 11,000, and best of all, the conference boards leading economic index is on the rise. All of this is as welcome as breaking sunshine after a brutal hurricane.

And as the economy edges into positive territory, we will start to hear from Democrats and liberals that the uptick in the economy has a lot to do with the economic policies of Barack Obama and his administration. We will hear more about the alleged effectiveness of the $800+ “stimulus” package, even though from what I can tell, and leaving the absurdity of “saved” jobs aside, it seems that the “stimulus” has done more to increase employment in the public sector than the currently desperate private sector. We will hear more about how all of the bank bailouts aided banks out of certain doom even though it seems that banks used most of the funds provided by taxpayers to pad their capital requirements, acquire other banks, and pay bonuses to their executives.

Meanwhile, we have the federal reserve keeping short term interest rates at historic lows as it attempts to re-inflate the economy out of the doldrums—more easy money shenanigans. Add to all of this, chairman Bernanke has been blessed with a stroke of luck as the Dollar strengthens due to the plummeting value of the Euro as it grapples with the Greek crisis. A bit of luck coupled with the seemingly right dose of economic policy certainly seems just what the economic gods ordered. Right?

I’m sorry to say that this is all a sham, my dear friends. The recent high economic-growth numberssee here.) Sadly, this is the kind of economic expansion that does not constitute genuine economic growth. What happens when all of the stimulus funds run out? Or better yet, what happens to all those employed in state jobs when their respective states (most of which are running deficits) can no longer keep their jobs going and the federal pork that has shored them up has run dry? Then what? The economic growth we are currently experiencing is not real growth. It is growth spurned on by aggregate demand thanks to Uncle Sam, his credit card, and an easy money policy from the Fed. How much faith do you have in all of that? After all, an easy money policy brought us the housing bubble and the subsequent collapse. And now the Fed is using an easy money policy to prop us up again; it’s their favorite tool to wield in a very lean tool box. for the United States, is just one more deception in a long series of deceptions that have inflicted policy makers, investors and the average American. The present economic expansion is brought about by massive government stimulus policies and their subsequent mal-investments. (If you don’t know what I mean about mal-investments,

It’s not as if we have not witnessed this sort of fiscal strategy before with its subsequent grave results: Japan practiced fiscal and monetary expansion on a massive scale since its economy entered a recession in the early 1990s, and the result? Stagflation. Before Japan, the 1970’s taught us a lesson that seems to have been forgotten as stimulus policies in Europe and the United States resulted in crippling stagflation.

Having this type of manufactured growth is very popular with politicians who portray themselves as having “done something” while targeting select groups with all sorts of high profile pork projects. And in this downturn, it’s no secret that being a union memberhas had its benefits. The Obama administration knows that the business cycle and very low interest rates, will move the economy forward into growth. (How much is anybody’s guess.) When it does, the administration will then claim that all of the programs that it initiated have been a great success. But in truth, the administration is simply kicking the can down the road past the 2012 elections. Don’t be fooled.

Fiscal conservatives should not be easily convinced by the coming arguments, no matter how much liberals drum it up; they should be ready to disabuse those that hail the heavy handed government practice of “priming the pump.” America’s economic recovery rests on glass pillars formed on unsustainable levels of public debt (bailouts, stimulus packages) and excess reserves in the banking sector, which could explode at any moment into a surge of inflation when the Fed is finally forced to raise interest rates.

So if the economy “recovers,” it would be wise to take it with a very large grain of salt and prepare for the next rounds of deluge.


Good lord, people!  The Federal Deficit is now at $1,420,000,000,000.00!!!  Last year at this time it was at $459,000,000,000.  Do you libbers realize that Obama has TRIPLED the deficit in just 9 MONTHS!

I wasn’t exactly pleased with some of Bush’s policies – however – the man did not crash this economy.  Bush did not spend this country beyond oblivion to the point where our dollar is now at a 14 year low.  Unemployment is now at its highest rate in 25 years.  Gold is now at its highest level EVER.  The Yen and the Euro are currently being positioned to be the reserve currency of the world.  Do you not realize that the American dollar has been the global reserve currency since the end of WW ONE!  Obama has single-handedly devalued our currency to the point that what we built up in almost 100 years – he destroyed in 9 months.

Come on, folks – wake the hell up!  Does anyone here realize that China has been buying up commodities (precious metals, natural gas, oil, etc.) to levels above our own?  Does anyone understand why?  Here’s the deal – once China feels comfortable they have enough in their own reserves – they will be calling in our debt.  China can bankrupt this country with the stroke of a pen.  They currently have almost as much gold in their reserves ($100 Billion) than we have in Fort Knox and they are holding $2 Trillion (not including the gold) in their reserves.

According to the latest estimates – assuming it is still actually there – all the gold in Fort Knox is only worth $137 Billion.  Our national deficit right now is 10 times that amount.  According to the latest reports, as of 2009 there is approximately $2.585 Trillion in circulation (take a look at that number and do the math (see above China reserves) – a little over 20 times the amount of gold in Fort Knox.  Since we moved from the gold standard in the Nixon era – what this means is that there is absolutely NOTHING backing our dollars right now.  Our national deficit is now 1/2 of the total currency circulating.  This means that as our deficit goes up and for every dollar in circulation that is above our deficit – it devalues that currency even further. I wonder just what that means if China is holding $2 Trillion of all the total dollars in circulation?  Ponder that for a while.

In addition to the $2.585 Trillion in circulation, the Federal Reserve is still holding on to $2 Trillion.  That is potentially $4.585 Trillion American dollars that could end up on the market.  If the Fed lets that money go – our economy will absolutely crash.  Part of the reason that our dollar continues to go down, other than our huge deficit and abundant amount in circulation, is the fact that we have that other $2 Trillion ALREADY PRINTED and ready to go.  This scares all those other countries who currently hold American treasuries and trade in the dollar.  Essentially, we monetized our debt by holding so much printed currency.

There is only one way to reverse the decline of our dollar and boost our economy again – QUIT SPENDING and lower the freakin’ deficit.  Our government has become too bloated and those asshole politicians don’t give a shit.  They have lifelong retirement at 100% of their current pay and benefits at our expense.  Now is the time to get real conservatives back in government.  We need some true Americans who understand economics, business, and budgeting and will adhere to fiscal conservative principles.  The Republicans have  become Tax and Spend Democrats – and – well – the Democrats haven’t changed.  They are ALL to blame for this mess.

There are a helluva lot of government organizations that are doing absolutely nothing.  Government is a consumer, not a producer.  Now is the time to start shutting things down and get rid of those outrageous entitlement programs.  What the hell, they’re going bankrupt anyway and we taxpayers can’t afford to continue paying in to them.

Anyway – just my weekend wakeup call to my fellow Americans.  Read this again and let it sink in.  Whether you are liberal or conservative – these figures should disturb you.

Hi All – we’ve got a lot of great submissions this week!  I hope you get a chance to get through them all.  Before we get this thing started – I gotta say this – GO PENGUINS!!!!!!  For you Red Wing fans – so sorry – too bad! Bwahahahaha!  Also I wanted to point out there will not be a Carnival next Sunday – it’s Father’s Day and I plan on spending the whole day with the kids.  However, you can still put in submissions for the following week – June 28, 2009 Edition!


John Kaduk presents Chicago’s Summer Games: Murder posted at The Right Wing.

Great stats John.  It’s very interesting that we don’t hear that in the MSM – 509 murders a year in Chicago compared to 314 soldiers killed in Iraq.  I don’t think they’ll get the Olympics either.

lsm presents Russia Warns Us. posted at awaken the elephants blog.

Thanks LSM for breaking this down for us.  I touched upon this briefly last week – but – you’ve done a great job of covering the entire report out of Pravda.  Imagine – a formerly Communist nation telling America how to be Capitalist and warning us we’re on the path to Socialism.  Well – I hope no one out there is surprised considering bloggers like myself and you tried to warn America BEFORE the election!

Eric Gargiulo presents Don’t Apologize For Me Mr. President! posted at, saying, “President Obama has elevated the art of national self-loathing to new heights, and seems to delight in prostrating the most powerful nation on the face of the earth before its critics and rivals, especially on foreign soil. The Obama worldview revolves around the central premise that the United States must be humble and “engage” and work with its enemies through the application of “smart power”.”

Eric – my sentiments exactly!  Nicely put.

Selkirk presents Shocker: The Left Distorts the Truth to Justify Health Care Bill posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America.

Selkirk – thanks for submitting this and doing some background research.  In addition to the lies perpetrated regarding bankruptcies – I also want to point out the myth behind the 47 Million without insurance.  First – they never mentioned that as of 2007 the U.S. Census Bureau has actually adjusted it to 45 Million.  Sure, that seems like a lot – but – you actually have to look at the real numbers.

17.8 Million make $50,000+ income/year.  They can afford their own healthcare, they just choose not to buy it – which to me is irresponsible.

8.6 Million are under the age of 18 – they qualify for Medicaid, SCHIP, or what is called a Share of Cost coverage based on a sliding scale of parents’ total income.  Their parents just have not applied for it – which is irresponsible.

550,000 are age 65+ and are eligible for Medicare – again – they just need to apply.

10 Million are not U.S. citizens – they aren’t eligible for any government insurance assistance anyway.

When you break it down – we really only have 35 Million Americans that are uninsured and out of that – 27 Million could really be covered – but, due to their own irresponsibility – are not insured.  What this leaves is 8 million without coverage that would require assistance.  Another interesting statistic is that out of the total 45 million uninsured – 35 Million are White.  The government tries to say that there is a racial disparity and that it is mostly minorities that are uninsured and we need to help them.  Bullshit!  Here’s the source for all these numbers – straight from the U.S. Census Bureau – don’t take my word for it – you guys are smart enough to read through these numbers yourselves.  This is a huge con job on America to push nationalized healthcare because they don’t think we’ll actually look at the real numbers:

Garrett Oden presents 10 Most Common Arguments for Abortion « Forever Christian posted at Forever Christian, saying, “My personal thoughts on abortion with some fact mixed in. The addition of my short article would be beneficial to your carnival! Thanks =D”

Garrett – thanks for this submission.  I don’t buy their arguments either!  You’ve done a great job of dispelling each one of them.

Michael Bass presents Is Haley Barbour running for President? posted at South Mississippi Campaign For Liberty, saying, “His recent veto of eminent domain abuse here in Mississippi should give Republicans a good reason to pause and examine his legislative record carefully.”

Well – if he is – he’s in good company with Barack Obama supporters then!  Thanks for bringing this to the forefront.  Hopefully, the RNC will be smart enough to know that real Republicans and Conservatives do not support lefty RINO’s.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Stock Market Predictions From Bad News Bears posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “What are the economic pundits telling us now?”

Digerati – I like the varying “experts” you provided for detailing the various “opinions” out there.  I have to agree with you – there is nothing better than doing your own research and data gathering before you make a decision.  Additionally, the reasons why people invest are varying and personal.  Some are risk-takers and others are conservative – and everyone in between.  It still all boils down to what your investment goals are.  The market has always been a risk-reward system.  The greater the risk – the potential for great rewards – but – with that also comes the potential for great loss.  You’re right – the truth is somewhere in between and we ultimately need to decide for ourselves what is right for us.  You’ve provided some great information for helping to make those decisions.

The Smarter Wallet presents Can A Housing Assistance Program Prevent Foreclosure? posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Thanks!”

I don’t have anything to add to this – as I don’t have any personal knowledge or experience.  What I can say is that you have once again provided some very valuable information to our readers.  Hopefully, if we have anybody out there reading this that falls in this unfortunate situation – they will come to your blog and find the information they need to get out of the rut.


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Liz Cheney’s Song posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Interesting – but – who really cares about Liz Cheney and what she is saying?  NO real Conservative or political junky pays any attention to her anyway.

Fortuitous Observer presents Walking Contradictions posted at Soul Thumping, saying, “Seeing humor in politics”

While I can see why you find humor in what you think are contradictions – it just goes to show how out of touch Liberals are with Conservatives.  The fact of the matter is that Conservatives are indeed great activists for personal liberty and freedom.  It makes perfect sense that a conservative supporter of Palin would also be in support of free Tibetans.  But – I will have to give you the one regarding the Greatful Dead.  Never did like their music in the first place – very over rated.

The problem is that Liberals only tend to hang out with other Liberals and only read Liberal blogs and watch the Liberal news media.  You guys are so boxed in you don’t see the real world for what it is.  Before you decided to go off on me – this comes from a study straight out of Ohio State. Conservatives are actually more open-minded and greater supporters of Liberty and Freedom than Liberals.  We believe the way to personal freedom is personal responsibility – not government interference.

And..I guess you have never heard of the term “South Park Conservatives.”  There are those of us out here that are very Conservative – but – open minded enough to enjoy themselves and not take things too seriously.


C. E. Dowalt presents President Obama: Groveler in Chief, Dhimi Version posted at Money Confidential.

C.E. – it appears there is something wrong with your blog.  I got an error message from your host stating it is unavailable and for you to contact them as soon as possible.  There is a phone number there for you to call them.  I hope you get this back up again soon.  I’d really like to read your posts. Let me know when you’re back up and running again.

Mar Matthias Darin presents Obama Indicted by Two Hundred Member Grand Jury posted at The Matthias Chronicles, saying, “Forget the seat belt, we’re going to need battle armor soon… This is going to be one wicked roller coaster ride!”

Mar Matthias – I hope one of my commentors – Orchid – comes back again to see this.  That commentor thinks this is all about racism.  When 200 jurors from 8 Grand Juries hand down indictments around this country requesting the birth certificate be presented as he may be usurping power and became the President illegally – I would say that is significant evidence that this issue is gaining steam around the country.  If he really were an American citizen – why is he spending so much money ($1 million) in legal fees to battle it?  Thanks for posting this up!

Sarah Scrafford presents 100 Open Courses to Learn More About the Middle East posted at Rated Colleges.

Nice list Sarah.  Given that the President recently called the U.S. a Muslim Nation – I think people should get to understand just what that means.

C. E. Dowalt presents Checkmate in Asia posted at Money Confidential.

See above.

J.D. Bell presents Barack Tells Congress To Get Off Their Pork-Filled Butts posted at It Takes Work, saying, “Mr. Obama is getting a little impatient with his Legislative backup singers.”

First – I see where you’re going with this J.D. – and I can support some of your points.  However, you’ll see that I provided some statistics in this carnival regarding the so-called “uninsured.”  That’s a scam.  Regarding healthcare costs being way to high – that’s not entirely true either.  You have to look at what is driving up healthcare costs – one of the largest portions of that being out of control lawsuits.  If you want to bring the cost of healthcare down – there needs to be tort reform first.  Hospitals and physicians have to carry multi-million dollar policies as a result – these costs are passed down to patients.  Additionally, built in to these costs are technology.  As technology becomes more widely used – the costs come down.  But, overall – the greatest cost to our healthcare system are illegal immigrants.  They are costing us billions of dollars each year.  Their care falls under what is termed “indigent care.”  They are uninsured and as a result of EMTALA – cannot be turned away because they are illegal.  These costs to care for illegals are passed down to everyone else – which makes the cost of healthcare increase significantly.

As for quality of healthcare – not sure how you come to the conclusion it is “wayyy too low.”  I have been involved in the healthcare industry in every aspect of it for over 18 years.  I have seen the improvements in quality.  The quality of our healthcare is superior compared to the rest of the world.  We are number 1 in quality of care – it is for this reason that many foreignors come to this country for their health care needs.  You didn’t provide any evidence.

We don’t need the kind of healthcare reform that Obama and the Dems are pushing.  What we need is for our government to enforce the laws already in place to bring costs down and to implement tort reform.  Great discussion though!


Archvillain presents Rumors of War posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, “War is bad for business. Let’s hope China thinks so, too.”

Thanks for the history lesson Archvillain.  I always learn something new from your posts.  As with you, I hope China truly understands the threat from N. Korea and will do something about it.  Given the way we’re all tied in economically around this globe – a war could truly be devastating for us all.

James J. Gormley presents One flu over the cuckoo’s nest? Phony Swine Flu products are dangerous posted at The Gormley Files, saying, “Swine flu swindlers take consumers for a ride.”

James – thanks for bringing this up.  At this time – there is not even an effective vaccination for the Swine Flu.  They are still in the experimental stages. If there is no vaccination – there certainly are no “supplements” or dietary treatments or products out there either.


Phil B. presents The Fall of China « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “Some guesses on how China could collapse.”

Phil – this was a very interesting read.  Personally, I see China coming out ahead for decades to come – they are becoming what the U.S. used to be because they have a very strong Capitalist economy.  Not only that – but – they are buying up the world’s supply of gold, natural gas, oil, copper, silver, and other industrial metals.  They are positioning themselves to be the next true superpower.  I do agree with you that them doing a large portion of business in the U.S. at this time could be harmful to them.  Overall – great article.

B. Forrest presents Let’s get stimulated! posted at Pay Attention Moron.

Excellent Econ 101 lesson.  Unfortunately, it seems that only Conservatives really understand this.  I keep coming across too many Obama sheeple that actually believe this idiotic stimulus plan will work despite the very real and apparent evidence that proves otherwise.  They’re willing to buy the line that it’s all Bush’s fault.  I’m just wondering at what point they will finally wake up and see that this was caused by liberal policies and Obama is just continuing the economic destruction of this great country with these foolish whims of his.

Isabel Rodríguez presents Please, pay more money to children who want to stay at school posted at Trying to keep an open mind and an open heart, saying, “I live in Mexico and in this country, it is not unusual to see children working, who do not attend school. In fact, you see them EVERYWHERE. You see them in street corners, cleaning windshields or selling candies. You see them cleaning houses. You see them in car repair shops. You see them in an unlimited number of places. What to do about it?”

Isabel – Thank you so much for this submission.  I hope there are some readers out there that see this and understand what an education means for our children through the example you have provided us.  The only labor that children should be engaged in IS school!  Unfortunately, here in the U.S. – many parents are no longer teaching their children that education is the basis for success and we have a crisis of our own here – we have a national dropout rate of 4.7% with some states having as much as 10%.

I think the program in Mexico is a great start – but – considering the economic turmoil you guys are facing – I can see why many parents are forcing their children in to day labor instead of education.  I don’t have an answer for you either – except – you guys have a lot of corruption in your government.  Until your political elite stop catering to the drug cartels – I don’t see the economy ever turning around in Mexico to sustain a permanent education system that will keep kids in school there.

Terri Choate presents Here’s to Holes in Water posted at Plum Duff…not your ordinary gruel!.

“Holes in Water” – I like that analogy!  This is a great post.  The era of Calvin Cooledge is practically dead, unfortunately.  It amazes me that too many people these days are looking to the government to solve their problems rather than doing the responsible thing and being independent.  Being a Public Health scholar right now – I have learned that the vast majority of all of the illnesses in this country are the direct result of risky behavior (as you pointed out).  While you named a few examples – risky behavior actually encompasses a very wide variety of activities.  What it all boils down to is acting responsibly and taking responsibility for your actions – which seems a foreign concept today.  Great article.

Bob Brooks presents Another Story of Possible Government Corruption That Goes Under-reported posted at Bob Brooks – Prudent Money Blog.

Hmmm…never even heard this story in the media anywhere.  Obama just seems to surround himself with corrupt people doesn’t he?  It doesn’t surprise me at all that Geithner is involved in this.  More political payback!  Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Super Saver presents Next Generation Bailout Acronyms posted at My Wealth Builder.

Bwahahaha! Tackling a serious issue through humor.  Love those acronyms!  But, unfortunately, the detail you provided is probably spot on!

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Hi all – sorry for the delay once again.  As it turns out – this was Stars Wars Weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Formerly MGM).  As the geek that I am, I couldn’t resist taking my family over there this weekend.  Given that I finally finished my semester and got all the exams out of the way as well as the papers, I just couldn’t find myself bringing the ‘puter along this weekend.

Yes, I left the date as yesterday – don’t want to throw the carnival off.  Anyway – before we get in to this past week’s submissions, today is Memorial Day.  Today is a day of remembrance and of thanks.  Today we should all take a little time out to remember what makes this country great and the sacrifices made of all the soldiers before us that gave their lives for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY in defense of the American way.  We are the greatest country in the world despite what the Obamessiah and the O-bots are trying to do to us.  We will overcome the attempts by our socialist leaders to bring us down.  One thing to remember today is that when Americans (we the regular citizens of this country) have our backs up against the wall – we fight back.  We haven’t forgotten what we believe in and we will do what we need to keep our liberties and to ensure that our children and grandchildren can have the save liberties and freedoms that we enjoyed.

Let us not forget the unnecessary death of thousands of lives on 9/11.  Let them not die in vain.  It seems that many in this country have returned to a 9/10 mentality.  Keep their memories alive on this day as well.  Let us remember our history and all that has made this country great and let us not forget it.  For, if we forget it, the Obama sheeple will have won.

Finally, if you see a servicemember, not only today, but on any given day, please be sure to tell them thanks.  They are today’s defenders of freedom.  The need to hear they have the hearts and thanks of regular citizens.  They never hear the truth in the media – which often times is their only link to the outside world – especially for those on deployment.

With having said all that – Welcome to the Carnival!  There were not very many submissions this past week – but – the ones whe did get are all great.  Make sure you visit the contributors and let them know what you think.


John Kaduk presents CAFE Kills posted at The Right Wing.

John – what are you doing?  You’re actually using facts, man!  Don’t you know that facts and truth don’t mean anything these days?  This post goes along with the one submitted by Steve Farber down there.  Make sure you check his out.  I’m sure you’ll have some comments for him.  Yours is a factually based response to his emotionally based support of the CAFE standards.  It seems to me he supports them to help reduce carbon emissions and get people of out their cars – or – maybe – I just totally misread him.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents How To Kill Your Credit Instantly With Mortgage Fraud And Subprime Borrowing posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “I wanted to spotlight how mortgage fraud has impacted our nation.”

I would say that you accomplished that with this post.  I think your pointers are good info for the uninformed and vulnerable.  However, I still have no sympathy for boneheads who got in to homes they knew they could not afford.  They should lose them.  For those who are thinking about buying homes – this post is helpful.  Also, I would hope anyone buying a home now would absolutely have to go through the entire vetting process – verification of employment, verification of income, verification of identity, and a minimum 20% down payment. I’m sure if this process was still in place, that family you mentioned would not have had $100,000 to put down and never would have found themselves in that predicament.

The Smarter Wallet presents How A Swine Flu Pandemic Affects Our Economy posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “What could happen if a pandemic hits? How will it affect our nation?”

You should also look at the economy during the 1918 pandemic.  You’ll see that this does indeed affect our economy.  This epidemic is not anywhere near done.  Being a public health scholar at this time, I can tell you that with a mortality rate of 1,000 people – this means there are at least 100,000 that have been infected.  This will be a full-blown pandemic within the next 6 months.  Otherwise – I think you are spot on with your assessment.


Madeleine Begun Kane presents The “We Did Nothing Wrong, & Nancy Should Have Stopped Us” Song posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Actually, this is pretty good.  I realize this is supposed to be sarcasm – but – your words actually ring true whether you really meant it or not.  We don’t torture and we did not torture.  Sorry – but – waterboarding is not torture no matter what you guys on the left think.  It doesn’t even come close to the definition.  But, given the fact you guys on the left actually believes it is – then surely, Pelosi should also be your enemy now as she knew every step of the way.  She is a liar and needs to step down.


C. E. Dowalt presents The Rape of Chrysler and the New Progressive Mafia posted at Money Confidential.

C.E. – great post.  I’ve been searching for the right term – and now I have it – The New Progressive Mafia.  You have done an excellent job of defining it using real-world examples.  We’re gonna have to put those crime bosses in Washington out of business ourselves.  They don’t believe in the sanctity of contracts – what more do we need as proof this madness will just continue?


Wenchypoo presents The Protectionist Plastic Police posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

When I first heard about this proposal – I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.  However, the more I learned about it – the more I began to hate it.  Those guys on the left will say we on the right only want to protect this big corporations.  What they don’t understand is that this new bill undermines our constitutionally protected rights to enter in to contracts.  Again, as you so rightly pointed out, this is the Obamessiah coming to the rescue of those idiots that don’t want to take responsibility for  their own actions.  Anybody who gets a credit card without reading the contract is an idiot and doesn’t deserve a credit card.

This law needs to be repealed.  It is a direct assault on the constitution and once again keeps people from learning how to be responsible with their money.  Those fees and increased interest rates were punishment.  Where I grew up – if you broke the rules – you got punished.  You deserved to be punished and you took the punishment knowing exactly why.

The best way to avoid punishment is to not break the rules.  The best way to avoid this problem altogether is not to get a credit card and not to go in to debt.  I now live by a cash only rule.  If I don’t have enough money in the bank to buy it and if I can’t pay for it in cash – I can’t afford it.


Wenchypoo presents Piety is No Substitute for Technique posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Awe Wenchypoo – let’s call a spade a spade – they are losers!  Your assessment of the Obamessiah and his sheeple are 100% on spot.  But, given the fact that since his election the number of Independents have grown and both the numbers of Dems and Repubs have fallen – I would say he is a one-termer and people are starting to wake up.  Great post.

Steve Faber presents How We?ll Be Forced To Drive the Most Fuel Efficient Cars – Even if We Don?t Want To posted at super gas saver.

Howdy Steve – a very excellent discussion.  I realize you are probably very serious about your discussion and you actually support the legislation that the Obamessiah admin is about to force down our throats.  However, I see a huge revolt going on in this country.  We Americans will not stand idly by while our government forces socialism down our throats.  We will not allow the government to dictate our choices – not even which cars we want to drive.  What you will see  happening around this country is that more and more people will be holding on to their cars longer to avoid purchasing these idiotic killer machines that the government wants us to drive.  You will see a huge used car market opening up.  You will see mechanics becoming more popular and more widely utilized to keep our cars running longer so that we can keep our larger more safe cars.  We will see Americans as a whole rise up against the government and tell them Hell No!  We’ll vote out idiots like Waxman, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, McCain, and any other idiot politician that goes along with these socialist plans.  We regular every day citizens are a helluva lot smarter than what those idiotic elitist politicians give us credit for.  As I stated in a previous discussion – we are Americans and when our backs are put up against a wall – we come out fighting.  We’re already being pushed – it’s not going to be too much longer before we’re up against that wall.

Wenchypoo presents Now I’M Changing the Marketing Plan posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

All I can say to this is – Bwahahahaha!

Eric Gargiulo presents The future of America? We Need To Look Else Where, Fast! posted at, saying, “So now the republicans want change? They seem to have a new leader in the form of ultra conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Since when did he become such a powerful force in the Republican Party? That is scary.”

Welcome to the Carnival Eric.  I read this post and I read your about page – still can’t figure out where you stand politically.  I guess that’s a good thing.  The only one’s who are saying that Rush is the leader of the Republican party are those in the lefty media.  For regular Americans out here like myself Rush is just another talking head.  Sure, he makes some great points as far as conservatism goes – but – he’s an entertainer.

Here’s the deal – We actually know how to use our brains.  We can actually listen to people like Rush, Hannity, Beck, and O’Reilly and make up our own minds.  We agree with a lot of what they say and we can also disagree with those things they say that are way over the top.  Unfortunately, those on the left that listen to Olbermann, John Stewart, Maddow, and Maher actually believe those idiots and absolutely everything they say.  The difference between those of us on the right and those on the left is that we actually use our brains and we can discern the difference between over-the-top entertaining, rhetoric, and truth.  Rush is an entertainer and a lot of what he says is just to drive those guys on the left out of their minds.

Allen Scott presents Piracy posted at Journey Across the Sky, saying, “The more things change the more they remain the same. From the halls of montezuma to the shores of tripoli once again our navy is sent to fight pirates on the high seas but we at home are called upon to fight piracy on the sea of commerce.”

Allen – I love this analogy!  I must say this is probably the must read post of the week.  I think you’ve nailed it.  There will be a lot of wings sprouting soon.

SpkTruth2Pwr presents Dear Cheney: Torture is NOT a Path to Jusitce posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “A blog about why Cheney should have spoken publicly while VP or forever hold his peace…especially on the issue of torture”

I can answer the question as to why Cheney is speaking out now – it’s because Obama and his administration have openly and directly accused him of committing “war crimes.”  They have called him out by name while he was attempting to live his retirement on the sidelines.  The lefty loonies in D.C. forced him to defend himself and the policies that he supported.  In those immortal words of Rambo – they “drew first blood.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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