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WTF  is going on with the freakin’ gas prices?  It is getting absolutely ridiculous once again.  The freakin’ middle east is on fire and the price of oil is once again above $100/barrel.  When Obambi came in office oil was under $36/barrel.

Do you remember this?

He clearly wants oil and energy prices to be high.  He has done everything possible to raise the price of gas.  Any good President would have been out front during the Egyptian revolution – it took Obambi 6 days to say anything.  A good President would have been out front during the Libyan revolution – Obambi took 9 days to say anything.  Jordan, Bahrain, Tunisia – and on March 11th – Saudi Arabia are currently in the middle of civil uprisings – all affecting the price of oil.

We import 63% of all of our oil from foreign countries. Here’s where that oil comes from:

America is the 3rd largest oil producer in the world at 8.7mbl/day.  America consumes 21mbl/day. It is estimated we have 150 years worth of oil in reserves. America has 21bbl in proven reserves – which if we produced ALL of our own oil – would last about 10 years.  However, there is an estimated 100bbl/d in unproven reserves.  These are the ones where geologists believe there is oil – but our government refuses to allow us to do any exploratory drilling.  Technically we have about 50 years in reserves if our freakin’ government would just open it up.

This government has done absolutely nothing for 40 years! I remember sitting in the long gas lines with my parents  in 1973. It was ridiculous then and it is even MORE ridiculous now that prices are up.  That idiot Carter created the Department of Energy that was supposed to lead us to energy independence using ALL of our resources.  Instead – we have a multi-billion dollar boondoggle federal government department that has lead us down a path of energy dependence on foreign countries. I was living in Pennsylvania when we had the 3 Mile Island scare – which subsequently resulted in the U.S. halting production of any new nuclear facilities. There hasn’t been a new reactor built in the U.S. in over 30 years. We only have 104 in the entire country and they expect only 2-4 new ones to be on line in 2018. Only 20% of our total energy production is from nuclear. Hell, even France has 75% of their energy coming from nuclear power.

Obambi and the rest of those eco-nutjobs would have us believe that we should shut down ALL coal-fired plants, ALL nuclear powered plants, and shut down ALL oil production and we should only use hydro, wind, and solar power.  Well, that is all fine and good – but – at this time NONE OF THEM are a viable source of energy.  Hydro power 3% of our total energy in this country. Every location that has strong enough currents to generate hydropower are already in production.  9% is the best we’ll get from that source.  Rather than explain it all – check out this chart:

ONLY 8% of our total energy production comes from those renewable sources.  Of that 8% only 1% of that is Solar and 9% is wind. If you do the math – that means that only .008% of our entire energy production comes from solar and .072% of our total energy production is wind.  These ARE NOT viable options yet this freakin administration is pushing solar and wind.  Why?  Even those who are experts and pro-wind power says it is not viable. Just check out the Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center in Nolan, Texas.  It spans 47,000 acres and only produces 210mw of power.  That only provides power for 2500 hours of full load. This is THE largest wind farm in the world and it hardly produces anything.  It costs about $1,2 – 2.6 Million per 1mw of power produced. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, 47,000 acres is 74 square miles.  Talk about a waste of money, time, and land.

Could someone please explain why this administration insists on playing “Where’s Obama” when it comes to doing what is right for this country?  Why is Obambi and this administration so hellbent on destroying our economy?  When gas gets to $4/gal again – we’re going to see this economy tank even further – yet – Obambi does nothing, nothing to alleviate the problem.  He WANTS oil prices to skyrocket – and I think it is so he can FORCE this alternative energy crap down our throats.

That alternative energy ain’t going to mean shit when people out in the real world can’t afford to get to work and can’t afford to buy food to feed themselves and their families.  We are decades away from alternative energy to ever being a viable means of energy production.  What needs to be done is to start drilling everything we got and to start putting nuclear facilities online immediately.  Once we are energy stable in this country – THEN start investing in these technologies.

Just saying


compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly: persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful.

Notice the key words in the definition – compulsive need, habit-forming, withdrawal, harmful.

The connotation of addiction is always negative.  The left consistently points to our use of oil and fossil fuels as an addiction – a negative.  America is NOT addicted to fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels are, in fact, the life blood of our economy.  There is no compulsive use – it is not a habit – there would be no physiological affects of a withdrawal from oil – and – the most harmful thing for America right now would be to stop using fossil fuels.  It would doom our economy and our way of life. We need to change the dialogue and stop referring to our use of fossil fuels as an addiction.  We need to think of fossil fuels as life-sustaining resources such as food & water.  Oil IS the food and water of our economy.  Without it, our economy dies.  Are there alternatives? Yes – but – they are not viable right now.

Oil is akin to water in our economy.  Solar and Wind power is akin to our oceans filled with salt water.  Fresh water is immediately available. Salt water – while abundant – requires a lot of energy and processes to become potable. Same thing – oil – with little refining is immediately available for literally hundreds of uses in our economy.  Solar and wind power requires more refining in order to make it a viable option.  While we do have desalination plants to provide us with potable water from ocean water – they are not the mainstream source for our water yet.  Until that technology is better and more refined – we still get the majority of our life sustaining fresh water from other sources.  Same with oil – until Solar and other alternative powers become more sustainable and the technology cheaper – we need to be tapping as much of our readily available fossil fuels as possible while we move towards those technologies.

I watched the President’s speech last night and I was just waiting for that term – “addicted to oil” – and sure enough, he did not fail me.  America is dependent on FOREIGN OIL because of Jimmy Carter and his creation of the Department of Energy.  Rather than move to tap our own resources – the leftist eco-whackos through the DOE, in collaboration with the EPA, made it harder.  We even stopped building nuclear plants.  There is a mountain of paperwork that oil companies must go through now just to get approval to explore for oil.  It takes 7 – 10 years to get through the regulatory red tape to bring a single drop of oil in to a barrel.

If the use of fossil fuels is such a national security issue due to our dependence on foreign oil – doesn’t it make sense to tap every existing resource available to break that dependence?  Doesn’t it make sense to bring MORE nuclear power plants on line?  Doesn’t it make more sense to become totally independent as a nation and THEN work on alternatives while we are prospering economically?

America is NOT addicted to oil.  The ENTIRE FREAKIN’ WORLD ECONOMY runs on oil!  We must stay vigilant and not allow our idiot politicians to use the gulf oil spill as an excuse to push a bogus cap-and-trade bill on us that will further harm our economy.  What we need is for some real solid policies that include moving the wells closer to shore to avert future disasters as what is happening in the Gulf.  We need policies that say open up more of the oil and natural gas reserves.  We need policies that will allow more expedient building of nuclear power plants and oil rigs.  If you don’t think this would help our economy – look at all the oil-rich Arab nations.  They are like oases in the deserts.  By having sound energy policies – more jobs would be created, energy prices would come down, and our economy would recover.

Unfortunately, we have leftist eco-whackos running the show in D.C. at this time.  Until we get rid of them – we will continue to have bullshit rhetoric like this and a slow, foreign energy dependent, economy that indeed lends to national security vulnerability.

After the people resoundingly let Congress know we were totally against that crap and tax bill – they were able to pass it anyway – with the help of 8 turncoat RINO’s.  Had they all voted NO this thing would not have passed.  UPDATE – found a better picture – I stole this from The Conservative Cloakroom

But – we would not have been as close as we were without these 44 sane Democrats

* Altmire-Pennsylvania
* Arcuri-New York
* Barrow-Georgia
* Berry-Arkansas
* Boren-Oklahoma
* Bright-Alabama
* Carney-Pennsylvania
* Childers-Mississippi
* Costa-California
* Costello-Illinois
* Dahlkemper-Pennsylvania
* Davis-Alabama
* Davis-Tennessee
* DeFazio-Oregon
* Donnelly-Indiana
* Edwards-Texas
* Ellsworth-Indiana
* Foster-Illinois
* Griffith-Alabama
* Herseth Sandlin-South Dakota
* Holden-Pennsylvania
* Kirkpatrick-Arizona
* Kissell-North Carolina
* Kucinich-Ohio
* Marshall-Georgia
* Massa-New York
* Matheson-Utah
* McIntyre-North Carolina
* Melancon-Louisiana
* Minnick-Idaho (I da ho, you da ho…sorry, couldn’t help myself)
* Mitchell-Arizona
* Mollohan-West Virginia
* Ortiz-Texas
* Pomeroy-North Dakota
* Rahall-West Virginia
* Rodriguez-Texas
* Ross-Arkansas
* Salazar-Colorado
* Stark-California
* Tanner-Tennessee
* Taylor-Mississippi
* Visclosky-Indiana
* Wilson-Ohio

Make sure you let those RINO’s know you will be actively campaigning against them when their time comes up. This will be their last term. Also – make sure you thank those Dems that are on the side of sanity and Freedom. This bill, if passed in the Senate, will strip a lot of our rights and choices from us and will increase taxes like crazy while redistributing the wealth to “low-income consumers” directly in to their bank accounts.

Next we need to focus on the Senators – hopefully we can kill it there.

As one of my astute readers mentioned – the media is definitely in the tank for Obama.  If you look at all the headlines today – they say Obama won it.  I watched that debate intently last night – in my opinion – no one won that debate last night – and the rest of us lost!  Here’s my take on it:

The debate was essentially broken up in to two parts – Economic policy and foreign policy.  I would have to say that Obama just slightly edged out McCain on the economics side -NOT because I agree with Obama on his plans – but – because he was indeed more poised, more collected, and more prepared.  He attacked McCain and he Bush administration consistently and McCain stood there like an idiot through the whole thing.  He never once made an attempt to put the blame where it really lies – on government and administrations of the past and present.  McCain allowed Obama to get away with some serious lies as it relates to this economic mess.  Obama’s plans actually scare the hell out of me – but – because McCain did nothing to support conservative economic principles and could not clearly demonstrate he has a grasp of economics and his energy plan absolutely sucks – I have to give that one to Obama.

However, once they turned to foreign policy, Iraq, Iran, and Russia – Obama was clearly outclassed.  McCain came on really strong and consistently talked over Obama – wouldn’t let him get a word in edgewise.  McCain proved that Obama is weak on war strategy, foreign policy, and not ready to be the Commander in Chief.  Obama made a huge mistake invoking Henry Kissinger.  I did the google search myself – couldn’t find it anywhere that Kissinger ever said he was in favor of heads of states coming together unconditionally.  McCain’s age and experience was his strongpoint here – and – the fact that he actually knows Kissinger.  I get what Obama was trying to say – but – as McCain pointed out – he is just flat out wrong.  Obama started to spew some of the loony anti-war lefty lies – and McCain shot him down immediately.  I only wish McCain would have done the same during the economic portion of the debate.

Here’s what I learned from this debate:

Obama is very dangerous.  He speaks very well and he knows how to prepare for a debate.  He also knows how to control the language of a debate.  If you don’t shut him down immediately, he can dominate it.

Obama’s economic policy is wrong for this country.  He refused to concede that he will not increase spending even after Lehrer kept prodding.  He will advance socialist policies and entitlements at our expense.

Obama’s energy policy is also wrong for this country.  He is still sticking to a 10 year blueprint – that will be absolutely impossible without nuclear power and without increasing drilling.  He said that the U.S. only has 3% of the entire world’s energy resources.  I don’t know why McCain didn’t shoot him down on this.  Congress has imposed this on us.  We currently only PRODUCE 3% of the energy resources.  In fact, what we have in natural un-tapped gas, coal, and oil far surpasses any other nations on this planet (with the exception of Russia).  The fact is our government refuses to allow us to extract it.

Obama is not ready to be the CINC.  He clearly does not understand military strategy or our military.  When McCain pointed out that Obama said he would attack Pakistan and said it openly – how did Obama respond?  This is too funny – He said that he did not say he would attack Pakistan – he said that if Pakistan wouldn’t help out the U.S.  even if we knew exactly where in Pakistan Osama Bin Laden was – he would attack Pakistan.  Hmmm?  Just gotta scratch my head on that one.  Obama also proved he doesn’t get it when they were talking about national security.  McCain really did not elaborate exactly what needs to be done – but – he pointed out we have a long way to go.  What did Obama do?  He told the terrorists where our weaknesses are.  Gee thanks Mr. Obama – good going!

McCain – His policies scare the hell out of me as well.  He’s a global warmonger himself and would continue to advance that agenda at our expense.  He will tax that $5,000 health care benefit.  First – the inherent problem here is that he’s giving out $5,000 to people to get their own insurance.  Still sounds like an entitlement program to me.  While he is still leaving healthcare to the private sector – he’s using government and taxpayer money to advance it.

McCain does not have a grasp on economics at all.  He did not clearly lay out a solid plan or even solid conservative ideas regarding the bail out.  He’s really weak here.  It showed in that he could not provide a good counter to all of Obama’s attacks on him.  It almost looked as if he agreed with Obama on much of what he said.

McCain has a good energy policy – except – he needs to expand that plan to include drilling and natural gas extraction in Alaska.  I agree, we need to take away the subsidies from the ethanol producers.  Ethanol does not work as promised.  The only thing it is doing is reducing our food supply.  The price of gas continues to rise even though ethanol is being forced on to we consumers at the expense of our engines.  Ethanol is going to cost us in more ways than one.  But, he’s a global warming hoaxster – I fear he will push this agenda at our expense.

McCain is indeed a good choice for CINC and would be a good leader as far as the GWOT goes and as long as our enemies are concerned.  I liked the idea of a coalition of democratic countries handling Iran.  He wants to sidestep the U.N. because of the interference coming from Russia and China.  Obama wants to include Russia and China and continue working through that failed organization called The Useless Nitwits.  This proved to me that Obama is beholden to a global community as far as our national security is concerned.

So – who won this debate?  No one.  It was a tie.  Regardless of what the media says – we the people are smart enough to see through that smokescreen.  If we take an honest look at what happened during that debate – neither candidate actually lost that debate – only portions of it.  Based on both of their proposed ideas and their ideologies – regardless of who becomes president – we the people will lose out one way or another.  Obama proved he’s a socialist and McCain proved he’s a liberal.

So, they’ve come up with a $700 Billion bail out for the banking, insurance, and mortgage industry!  Just wonderful.  Let’s put this in perspective – let’s see what that really looks like:  $700,000,000,000.00.  That is a butt load of ZEROES!  But, here’s the real deal – it’s really gonna cost us about $1.4 Trillion to bail them all out.  In addition to the mortgage, they’ve also proposed to add auto loans and credit cards.  Essentially, the government is about to buy up ALL of their debt.  Now – let’s see what that really looks like:  $1,400,000,000,000.00.

Here’s something else to think about – Back when Ronald Reagan was president – the entire budget was only $700 Billion.  In order to work out this buy-out – Bush has also asked to increase the debt ceiling to $11 Trillion!  What the hell are these people thinking?  This is a VERY VERY short term fix.  Just before the Great Depression – the government did the same thing – they bought up all the debt from private business then screwed everything up.

Think about this – how do banks and other financial institutions make their money?  From loaning money to others, right?  But, what is that premium called for loaning money out?  Yes, you guys are so smart!  It’s INTEREST RATES.  So, in order for these institutions to fully recover to the point where they are able to buy back their debt from the government later down the road – what do you think needs to happen?  See, right on target again – INTEREST RATES will go up!

Who controls those INTEREST RATES?  Again – Bingo!  That private organization of world bankers known as The Fed or Federal Reserve.  So, essentially, here’s what we have going on – (Conspiracy theory alert!!!) – Since 1977 when Jimmy Cahtah instituted the Community Reinvestment Act – banks have been forced to take on a little more risk with their loans – thus was born the Adjustable Rate Mortgage.  Then, again in 1995 – Clinton pushed it even further and said mortgage lenders needed to increase the number of high risk home loans to the disadvantaged or risk going out of business – The Feds came up with a brilliant loan vehicle – The Sub-Prime loan.  The worst thing about the way the CRA was written this time around was that it would be discriminatory to request proof of income and verification of employment.  If I was a lender back then, I think I would have rather risked lack of growth to my company than take on loans that I wasn’t allowed to verify could be repaid!!!

Then, in 2006 the Democratic Congress worked that CRA some more and presented it to Bush – and that idiot signed it.  Now, no down payments were required in addition to no income verification and no verification of employment!!!  You can see the freakin bubble just growing and growing now just waiting for someone to come by and pop that thing in our faces.

So – we have Democrats over a 30 year period forcing private businesses to take bad loans – The Feds playing around with interest rates keeping them unnaturally low, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac going completely unregulated and unchecked for a 40 year period.  Since 2001 when Bush came in to office – there have been 22 requests to force oversight on these Democrat controlled golden parachutes.  In 2004 McCain began pushing to get oversight and more regulation on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

As Billions of dollars worth of bad loans were being written by banks and mortgage industries, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were buying them up as well as guaranteeing many of them.  Then, there were large business insurance organizations – such as AIG – that were insuring these banks and mortgage companies for potential losses they might face as a result of these bad loans.

So – what was the trigger?  Who popped the bubble?  That’s right – the  one’s who control the INTEREST RATES – The Fed.  The groundwork was laid.  If you remember, in 2006 when Bernanke came in – what was the first thing he did?  He started raising interest rates.  These people holding sub-prime loans and ARMs suddenly found out they couldn’t afford their homes.  But, that didn’t stop Bernanke – oh – no – he continued to raise interest rates until the market fell out completely!  Only then, did he ease back – just a little.

Now – here’s the real conspiracy part – Ben Bernanke is an expert on the Great Depression.  It was the damage done during the Great Depression that created The Fed in the first place.  Now – we’re full circle – you don’t think an expert of the Great Depression knew exactly what he was doing?  Remember, this is a private organization controlled by the most powerful world bankers.  This is going to turn out to be another power grab by The Fed and those bankers.  We now have our government bailing out those very bankers that control our money and the economy.  Those bankers are about to turn over ALL of their debt to WE THE TAXPAYERS – and start fresh – where – they are now free to raise interest rates through the roof for all forms of loans and credit cards.

Here’s another thing that is about to happen that you need to think about – where the hell is all of this money coming from?  In addition to the U.S. Government getting loans (funny isn’t it?) from the world banks, The Fed has authorized the mint to print more money.  At this time, since we are no longer on the gold standard, the more money we print, the more our dollar becomes devalued.  As our dollar becomes deflated and interest rates go up – so does inflation.  A quick history lesson – after WWI, in the 1920′s the new Chancellor figured the best way to build up the post-war economy was to continue printing money.  The Deutschmark became so devalued they were printing 10,000 and 100,000 DM bills that were worthless on the world market.  It was due to their depression that prompted the people to vote in Hitler as the Chancellor in 1933. Now – put that in perspective today – The world’s oil market is valued on the dollar.  What happens when the dollar becomes so devalued that it becomes nearly worthless?  Again – right on target – either they value oil on a stronger currency or the price of oil goes through the roof.  Just today, oil gained an additional $25 a barrel.  That’s the largest single-day increase on oil in market history.  Are you seeing the signs yet?

The only up side to this?  If you are a cash investor (like I am) once all the dust is settled – you’ll start seeing your savings account, CD’s, and money market interest rates increase as well.  The bad side is – you’re going to need all of that because the cost of regular consumer goods are going to go up.  Like I said folks, better start holding on to your money now – cuz – it’s not going to be worth much in the not so distant future.  Now is not the time to start buying new stuff or investing in anything other than cash or gold.  (legal speak – I am not a professional financial advisor and this is not professional financial advise – if you take investing advice from a clown – what does that say about you!) ;)

So – what does this mean with regards to these elections?  Listen to what the liberals and Obama are saying – they are trying to blame this crash on capitalism, George Bush, and the Republicans.  What they aren’t saying is that it is liberal policies forcing a liberal agenda of giving homes to those who can’t afford it on to private businesses that actually is the basis for bottom falling out of the market.  The Republicans and John McCain have been demanding oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for years.  The Republicans and business leaders have been demanding these liberal loan policies be revoked.  Obama says we need more regulations.  The fact of the matter is that the mortgage industry is one of the most heavily regulated as a result of these liberal policies.  The problem is, it is the WRONG type of regulatory oversight that has brought this problem upon us.  People like Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Jamie Gorelic, Jim Johnson, and Fred Wraines should all be in jail.  We have CEO’s from the private sector in jail for 10 – 20 for doing the exact same thing as the aforementioned individuals.  I am renewing my call to kick all of these people out of Washington.  Come November – vote out all of the incumbents!

The Best Choice for this Country

The Best Choice for this Country

Figured I would do something a little different – bloggin’ while watching the convention speeches.  I chose tonight specifically because Sarah Palin is speaking tonight.  The lineup is as follows:

Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Sarah Palin.  I’m only going to highlight Rudy and Palin since they are the first 2 up.  So – the idea is to comment about each individual as they speak:

Rudy:  First, I’m not really surprised he would support McCain – they’re both pretty liberal!  But, do we really need to hear McCain’s military history again?  I’m sorry but, he was a P.O.W. 40 years ago.  Yes, that was heroic that he survived that whole ordeal.  But, it’s been played out and really has no bearing on this election.  What has he done since then?

Okay – good one Rudy – comparing McCain’s history of fighting earmark and pork-barrel spending in the Senate to the “Ivy League community organizer!”  That’s actually a good zinger.  I like the idea that he brought up the 130 “present” votes because a “yes” or “no” decision was “too tough!”  Excellent!

“It’s not good enough to vote present when you’re the President of the United States.  You have to make a decision!”

That will probably be the best line of the entire convention!  Oh – and that was pretty awesome that he uses Biden’s own words about it not being a position for “On the job training” as well as using Hillary’s own words about the 3:00am phone call.  Actually, Rudy is doing a find job of using the Dem’s own words against their candidate to make a point in support of McCain.

Awesome!  “Change is not a destination just as Hope is not a strategy!”  He makes a pretty good point that the Dems are trying to “change” the facts in the debate here.  But, when he moves on to talking about energy independence – he didn’t go far enough.  He only talks about offshore drilling, not including ANWR, which is McCain’s position.  McCain has taken ANWR off the table right now.  At least he’s staying on the McCain talking points!

“Islamic Terrorism” – Who are the dems insulting if they use this phrase?!?!?  Just the Islamic terrorists!  Man, Rudy is on a role tonight.  He also points out that the Dems didn’t bring up 9/11 or terrorism the entire convention.  He really highlights McCain’s strength here and the fact that he supported the troops, their mission, and Iraq whereas the Dems had given up – then quoted Reid “This war is lost.”

Ah – the Obama broken promises – public financing, un-divided Jerusalem, FISA.  He brings up some of the more well-known Obama flip-flops here, Including his changing positions on Russia and the fact that all of his foreign policy advisors were wrong.  Wow!  Another great one!  “If I were Joe Biden, I would get that V.P. thing in writing!”

Oh Rudy, Rudy, Rudy – don’t even try to compare McCain to Reagan!  That’s blasphemy!  McCain is the furthest from Reagan than any other Republican up there on the hill!  Shame on you!

Rudy on Palin!  Excellent descriptions!  Oh..and hitting Obama again regarding his views on Palin being a mayor of a small town not be “cosmopolitan enough,” “not flashy enough,” or “perhaps they cling to their guns there.”  He rightfully points out that Palin has more executive experience than both Dems on the ticket.  He’s doing an excellent job of showing his support for Sarah Palin and pointing out all of her strong points, including how she reformed Alaska and fought corruption in her state.

Okay – he has a point here that I hadn’t thought of – he says it was wrong for them to question her regarding her ability to raise her children if she’s also the Vice President.  My initial thoughts were that it is a valid question.  Then he asks – when have they ever asked a man that same question!  Hmmm…interesting.  If she’s supposed to be thought of as equal – then – we really shouldn’t be asking that her that question either!

Excellent speech Rudy!  Good job!

Click the link to Read on regarding Sarah Palin’s speech
Read the rest of this entry »


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