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WTF  is going on with the freakin’ gas prices?  It is getting absolutely ridiculous once again.  The freakin’ middle east is on fire and the price of oil is once again above $100/barrel.  When Obambi came in office oil was under $36/barrel.

Do you remember this?

He clearly wants oil and energy prices to be high.  He has done everything possible to raise the price of gas.  Any good President would have been out front during the Egyptian revolution – it took Obambi 6 days to say anything.  A good President would have been out front during the Libyan revolution – Obambi took 9 days to say anything.  Jordan, Bahrain, Tunisia – and on March 11th – Saudi Arabia are currently in the middle of civil uprisings – all affecting the price of oil.

We import 63% of all of our oil from foreign countries. Here’s where that oil comes from:

America is the 3rd largest oil producer in the world at 8.7mbl/day.  America consumes 21mbl/day. It is estimated we have 150 years worth of oil in reserves. America has 21bbl in proven reserves – which if we produced ALL of our own oil – would last about 10 years.  However, there is an estimated 100bbl/d in unproven reserves.  These are the ones where geologists believe there is oil – but our government refuses to allow us to do any exploratory drilling.  Technically we have about 50 years in reserves if our freakin’ government would just open it up.

This government has done absolutely nothing for 40 years! I remember sitting in the long gas lines with my parents  in 1973. It was ridiculous then and it is even MORE ridiculous now that prices are up.  That idiot Carter created the Department of Energy that was supposed to lead us to energy independence using ALL of our resources.  Instead – we have a multi-billion dollar boondoggle federal government department that has lead us down a path of energy dependence on foreign countries. I was living in Pennsylvania when we had the 3 Mile Island scare – which subsequently resulted in the U.S. halting production of any new nuclear facilities. There hasn’t been a new reactor built in the U.S. in over 30 years. We only have 104 in the entire country and they expect only 2-4 new ones to be on line in 2018. Only 20% of our total energy production is from nuclear. Hell, even France has 75% of their energy coming from nuclear power.

Obambi and the rest of those eco-nutjobs would have us believe that we should shut down ALL coal-fired plants, ALL nuclear powered plants, and shut down ALL oil production and we should only use hydro, wind, and solar power.  Well, that is all fine and good – but – at this time NONE OF THEM are a viable source of energy.  Hydro power 3% of our total energy in this country. Every location that has strong enough currents to generate hydropower are already in production.  9% is the best we’ll get from that source.  Rather than explain it all – check out this chart:

ONLY 8% of our total energy production comes from those renewable sources.  Of that 8% only 1% of that is Solar and 9% is wind. If you do the math – that means that only .008% of our entire energy production comes from solar and .072% of our total energy production is wind.  These ARE NOT viable options yet this freakin administration is pushing solar and wind.  Why?  Even those who are experts and pro-wind power says it is not viable. Just check out the Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center in Nolan, Texas.  It spans 47,000 acres and only produces 210mw of power.  That only provides power for 2500 hours of full load. This is THE largest wind farm in the world and it hardly produces anything.  It costs about $1,2 – 2.6 Million per 1mw of power produced. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, 47,000 acres is 74 square miles.  Talk about a waste of money, time, and land.

Could someone please explain why this administration insists on playing “Where’s Obama” when it comes to doing what is right for this country?  Why is Obambi and this administration so hellbent on destroying our economy?  When gas gets to $4/gal again – we’re going to see this economy tank even further – yet – Obambi does nothing, nothing to alleviate the problem.  He WANTS oil prices to skyrocket – and I think it is so he can FORCE this alternative energy crap down our throats.

That alternative energy ain’t going to mean shit when people out in the real world can’t afford to get to work and can’t afford to buy food to feed themselves and their families.  We are decades away from alternative energy to ever being a viable means of energy production.  What needs to be done is to start drilling everything we got and to start putting nuclear facilities online immediately.  Once we are energy stable in this country – THEN start investing in these technologies.

Just saying

Okay – one last effort to educate the masses here – There was a helluva lot more dirt that came out this weekend regarding The Obamessiah – so – in case you didn’t hear any of it – I’m just going to direct you to those stories – and I got other stuff for those 8% who remain undecided!

First up – You know I don’t generally subscribe to conspiracy theories – however – there have been some real solid arguments regarding Obama’s citizenship and whether or not he is qualified to serve as President according to our constitution – Reference previous post here and here.

Phil Berg filed a lawsuit challenging Obama’s citizenship.  It was tossed out 10/27/08 by Judge Surrick in PA saying Berg did not have standing and subsequently appealed to the Supreme Court – well – guess what – there has been a new lawsuit filed – and there is no way you can say these guys don’t have standing – A Vice Presidential Candidate and 24 Electoral College Electors.  Read that here.

If that isn’t enough – Obama has promised to bankrupt the coal industry. Is he really trying to sabotage his chances in PA, VA, WV, and OH?  Actually, this is a tape that the SF Chronicle has been holding on to since January.  Kinda makes you wonder why this wasn’t released during the primaries!  Watch and listen closely – even if you are not a union worker or have anything to do with the coal industry – the fact is that 49% of our energy in the U.S. comes from coal – he promises that under his plan – our electric bills will “skyrocket.”

h/t to Vulcan Hammer for alerting us to this over at Shaving Leviathan – Obama Contra Coal, Contra Industrial Power – probably one of the best commentaries with pretty little pictures and graphs that you will find out there regarding Obama’s disdain for both coal and nuclear power.

Next up – Our great friend to the south – Hugo Chavez – has come out and endorsed “the black man” in the white house.  Chavez is the one who openly called Bush the Great Satan while speaking at the U.N. and then derided our country.

This made the rounds in Miami – but – for whatever reason never really circulated through the rest of the country.  Apparently, Castro aided many of Ayers’ Weather Underground “friends” that were on the lam. In fact – it has been reported by UniVision that there is a very recent connection between Obama, Castro, and FARC (the pro-communist terrorists in Columbia).

And – finally – if you haven’t seen the video yet – there are people out there that really believe that Obama is going to pay for their gas and mortgages.

If you think my take has been partisan here – WHICH OF COURSE IT HAS BEEN – here is a very non-partisan voting guide for you to use and figure it out for yourself. 20 issues, side-by-side and the positions each candidate has – you decide which one you are closer to.

NOW – Get out there tomorrow and VOTE!  If you’re pro-McCain – don’t let the early polls worry you – don’t let them discourage you from getting out there and casting your vote.  Every vote counts this time around!  Remember – in 2004 they called the election for Kerry in the early afternoon based on exit polls.  The polls can be wrong and have been proven consistently to be wrong.  The media machine will keep drilling it all day long that Obama is on his way to a blow-out.  That is the furthest thing from the truth.  This race is so close it could be a repeat of 2000 in which a difference of only 527 votes gave the presidency to Bush.

So – don’t listen to the pollsters – go with your own guts and VOTE!

First – I can’t wait for this damned thing to be over already!  While I absolutely loathe the possibility of an Obama administration – I will actually be breathing a very big sigh of relief next Wednesday!  For political junkies like me – even an election cycle that lasts 2 freakin’ years is too long!

Before I get on to why I’m not voting for Obama – just a little housekeeping here – I’ve been notified by Blog Carnival that my site/carnival will be featured next week!  Notice – I haven’t provided a submission link – they’ve been down for the past couple days.  Hopefully, they’ll be up again REALLY soon.  As soon as they do – I will post a call for submissions here.  This will be a great opportunity for all you political bloggers to get some more traffic since this will be featured on their front page.

Now – on to MY reasons for NOT voting for Obama (in no particular order)

  1. I’m a racist, hate-mongering, warmongering, global warming, neo-con. And I think that any individual who looks down on our military as baby-killers who raid innocent homes in the darkness of night should not be the Commander-in-Chief over those fine service members.
  2. I believe that the unborn have rights and should not be treated as a mistake that can be just tossed out.
  3. I’m a greedy rich, white bastard that just hoards my earnings. You peons that make less than me just aren’t trying hard enough!
  4. I cling to my religion and my guns and I hate anybody who is different than me.
  5. I actually believe that if you hang around with domestic terrorists, known socialists, known marxist professors, convicted criminals, and racists – you are un-American and don’t deserve to be the President.
  6. I believe health insurance is a luxury and a personal responsibility.  Affordable health insurance is NOT the answer.  Access to affordable health care is the answer.
  7. I truly believe that I can make it on my own without government interference.
  8. I don’t want government handouts and anybody that does get a government handout and lives on welfare rolls and the taxpayers’ money are just lazy.
  9. I think that anybody who is good friends and gives a toast to P.L.O. leaders are anti-semites and racist and should not be in the Whitehouse.
  10. I’m an evil conservative clown whose sole purpose is to drive those guys on the left nuts.  Apparently, from some comments and e-mails I’ve received – I’ve been doing a good job!
  11. The guys who gave me my white hood made me promise to never vote for a black guy.
  12. God told me that the Obamessiah is a false prophet – in fact – I think He told me that Obama is actually the Anti-Christ and a Muslim.  Either that or he said I needed more anti-freeze in my car and to get a new muffler.  Couldn’t really hear that last part over all the racket at the firing range.
  13. Fox news told me not to vote for that black guy.
  14. Sarah Palin is hot!
  15. Mrs. BoBo wants a hummer – wait – that’s what I said to her – nevermind! ;)
  16. No…now I remember…Mrs. BoBo says she wants another SUV to match the diamond ear rings I bought for her birthday.  I want low taxes so she can remain a kept woman (must be that hummer thing!)
  17. I want to keep the money I put in my 401k.  I’ve been contributing to it for close to 20 years now – I think I deserve to keep it and do with it as I wish…and…if I don’t spend it all before I die…I would like for my wife and children to have access to ALL of what is remaining without having to give half of it to the government.
  18. I think we should have a President that actually will uphold our constitution as it is written – not try to change it by putting in liberal activist judges who want to hold it up to scrutiny of foreign opinion.
  19. I believe that the constitution says a President has to be a natural born citizen – he hasn’t given proof of that yet considering his own grandmother says he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, and that he was adopted by his Indonesian step-father.
  20. And…lastly…I want lower gas prices – it takes a lot of gas to fill up Mrs. BoBo’s fleet of SUV’s.  We need to drill the HELL out of all known sources of oil and natural gas.

Well – that just about does it for now!  See you all tomorrow!  And..remember this list next Tuesday when you’re at the voting booth and trying to figure out who to vote for.  I’m sure some of you have this EXACT same list!

And..when you’re done here – Check this out at AmyOops’ place – too funny! Notice to All Employees

And..And…if you aren’t too impressed with MY list – Check out Angel’sBarack Obama is a Third World Despot Wannabe.

As one of my astute readers mentioned – the media is definitely in the tank for Obama.  If you look at all the headlines today – they say Obama won it.  I watched that debate intently last night – in my opinion – no one won that debate last night – and the rest of us lost!  Here’s my take on it:

The debate was essentially broken up in to two parts – Economic policy and foreign policy.  I would have to say that Obama just slightly edged out McCain on the economics side -NOT because I agree with Obama on his plans – but – because he was indeed more poised, more collected, and more prepared.  He attacked McCain and he Bush administration consistently and McCain stood there like an idiot through the whole thing.  He never once made an attempt to put the blame where it really lies – on government and administrations of the past and present.  McCain allowed Obama to get away with some serious lies as it relates to this economic mess.  Obama’s plans actually scare the hell out of me – but – because McCain did nothing to support conservative economic principles and could not clearly demonstrate he has a grasp of economics and his energy plan absolutely sucks – I have to give that one to Obama.

However, once they turned to foreign policy, Iraq, Iran, and Russia – Obama was clearly outclassed.  McCain came on really strong and consistently talked over Obama – wouldn’t let him get a word in edgewise.  McCain proved that Obama is weak on war strategy, foreign policy, and not ready to be the Commander in Chief.  Obama made a huge mistake invoking Henry Kissinger.  I did the google search myself – couldn’t find it anywhere that Kissinger ever said he was in favor of heads of states coming together unconditionally.  McCain’s age and experience was his strongpoint here – and – the fact that he actually knows Kissinger.  I get what Obama was trying to say – but – as McCain pointed out – he is just flat out wrong.  Obama started to spew some of the loony anti-war lefty lies – and McCain shot him down immediately.  I only wish McCain would have done the same during the economic portion of the debate.

Here’s what I learned from this debate:

Obama is very dangerous.  He speaks very well and he knows how to prepare for a debate.  He also knows how to control the language of a debate.  If you don’t shut him down immediately, he can dominate it.

Obama’s economic policy is wrong for this country.  He refused to concede that he will not increase spending even after Lehrer kept prodding.  He will advance socialist policies and entitlements at our expense.

Obama’s energy policy is also wrong for this country.  He is still sticking to a 10 year blueprint – that will be absolutely impossible without nuclear power and without increasing drilling.  He said that the U.S. only has 3% of the entire world’s energy resources.  I don’t know why McCain didn’t shoot him down on this.  Congress has imposed this on us.  We currently only PRODUCE 3% of the energy resources.  In fact, what we have in natural un-tapped gas, coal, and oil far surpasses any other nations on this planet (with the exception of Russia).  The fact is our government refuses to allow us to extract it.

Obama is not ready to be the CINC.  He clearly does not understand military strategy or our military.  When McCain pointed out that Obama said he would attack Pakistan and said it openly – how did Obama respond?  This is too funny – He said that he did not say he would attack Pakistan – he said that if Pakistan wouldn’t help out the U.S.  even if we knew exactly where in Pakistan Osama Bin Laden was – he would attack Pakistan.  Hmmm?  Just gotta scratch my head on that one.  Obama also proved he doesn’t get it when they were talking about national security.  McCain really did not elaborate exactly what needs to be done – but – he pointed out we have a long way to go.  What did Obama do?  He told the terrorists where our weaknesses are.  Gee thanks Mr. Obama – good going!

McCain – His policies scare the hell out of me as well.  He’s a global warmonger himself and would continue to advance that agenda at our expense.  He will tax that $5,000 health care benefit.  First – the inherent problem here is that he’s giving out $5,000 to people to get their own insurance.  Still sounds like an entitlement program to me.  While he is still leaving healthcare to the private sector – he’s using government and taxpayer money to advance it.

McCain does not have a grasp on economics at all.  He did not clearly lay out a solid plan or even solid conservative ideas regarding the bail out.  He’s really weak here.  It showed in that he could not provide a good counter to all of Obama’s attacks on him.  It almost looked as if he agreed with Obama on much of what he said.

McCain has a good energy policy – except – he needs to expand that plan to include drilling and natural gas extraction in Alaska.  I agree, we need to take away the subsidies from the ethanol producers.  Ethanol does not work as promised.  The only thing it is doing is reducing our food supply.  The price of gas continues to rise even though ethanol is being forced on to we consumers at the expense of our engines.  Ethanol is going to cost us in more ways than one.  But, he’s a global warming hoaxster – I fear he will push this agenda at our expense.

McCain is indeed a good choice for CINC and would be a good leader as far as the GWOT goes and as long as our enemies are concerned.  I liked the idea of a coalition of democratic countries handling Iran.  He wants to sidestep the U.N. because of the interference coming from Russia and China.  Obama wants to include Russia and China and continue working through that failed organization called The Useless Nitwits.  This proved to me that Obama is beholden to a global community as far as our national security is concerned.

So – who won this debate?  No one.  It was a tie.  Regardless of what the media says – we the people are smart enough to see through that smokescreen.  If we take an honest look at what happened during that debate – neither candidate actually lost that debate – only portions of it.  Based on both of their proposed ideas and their ideologies – regardless of who becomes president – we the people will lose out one way or another.  Obama proved he’s a socialist and McCain proved he’s a liberal.

Please watch the whole thing. This guy makes so much sense – pretty much what we all have been saying. A little message to both sides of the aisle. Please pass this on…everyone needs to see this.

Well, even though about 80% of this country is telling Congress to drill for more oil to help increase the supply whereby lowering costs, and after they plan on voting against the Federal gas-tax holiday (which in my opinion was a gimmick to begin with) we now have Dems that are going to propose a gas-tax hike! And – not by just a little bit either! Two Dem Representatives are currently toying with the idea of a 55% increase in the Federal Gas Tax to make up for shortfalls (due to their economic policies) in transportation and highway budgets.

Lawmakers Could Consider Gas Tax Hike After Gas Tax Holiday Fails

The chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Rep. James Oberstar, and the chairman of the highway subcommittee, Rep. Peter DeFazio, presented fellow lawmakers with a list of how many jobs and how much money each state would lose. It ranged from $30 million and 1,000 jobs in Vermont to $664 million and 23,000 jobs in California.

Why do you think these people might be losing their jobs? Surely, it can’t have anything to do with the increased prices in oil and gas could it?

Just three years ago, that trust fund enjoyed a surplus of $10 billion. Even without a tax freeze, the fund is projected to finish 2009 with a deficit of $3 billion. That that could grow as Americans drive less and buy less gas because of higher pump prices.

Oh – I guess it does! So – because the increased price of gas, Americans are actually conserving and using less – so – your idea to fix the problem is what? To raise the price of gasoline even further? You guys really are morons! Gee – don’t you think that would just force people to cut back even further leaving greater shortfalls? It doesn’t take an economic genius to figure that out!

If they do raise taxes on gas, forcing more people to use less and less gasoline, we’ll just be put in to a never-ending tax cycle – prices go up, people use less, the Feds want more, so they tax more – which means prices go up, people use less, the Feds want more, so they tax more – which means……

That message carried the day this summer. But now Congress has the bigger task of dealing with the short-term deficit crisis in the fund and coming up with a new spending plan, including revisiting the gas tax issue, when the current six-year, $286 billion highway-transit act expires in September 2009.

Senate Democrats in May tried to add $5 billion to an aviation overhaul bill to replenish the highway trust fund next year; Republicans objected. Democrats tried again in June, but this time for $8 billion; Republicans objected to that, too.

Congress should first reduce spending on pet projects, known as earmarks, argued Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C. “I’m not going to let the Senate spend all this money when nobody is looking, especially when we refuse to stop wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on earmarks.”

Well – at least we have one smart individual up there that actually thinks these things through!

Oberstar, D-Minn., said his committee is working on the next long-term highway bill. He estimated it will take between $450 billion and $500 billion over six years to address safety and congestion issues with highways, bridges and transit systems.

“We’ll put all things on the table,” Oberstar said, but the gas tax “is the cornerstone. Nothing else will work without the underpinning of the higher user fee gas tax.”

BUT the gas tax “is the cornerstone…” He used that as a BUT? He said it was the cornerstone – you know – the foundation builder – essentially – he is saying that nothing else they do up there in Congress will work unless they increase the gas tax. Idiots! No, wait – FREAKIN IDIOTS!

At the very least, the gas tax should be indexed to construction cost inflation, DeFazio said

Gee – what do you think is at the root of the increased construction costs? Could it be transportation and delivery costs of materials? Could it be production costs for those materials? Don’t you think any of that is tied to the increased prices in oil and gas?  The article claims it is increased demand by China for construction supplies.  Oh, really?  And, China only recently has increased their demand?  I don’t think so!  We’re not that stupid!

Again – you freakin idiots don’t get it! Drop the price of the oil by increasing supply and all the associated costs go down with it! Again – this puts it in an unending tax cycle – increase the gas tax – which increases contruction costs – which if the tax is indexed to the increase in construction costs – means we increase the gas tax – which increases construction costs – which if the tax is indexed to the increase in construction costs – mans we increase the gas tax – which means……see..get the point?

Including state and local levies, people in the U.S. pay about 47 cents on average in taxes for a gallon of gasoline. Fuel in many European countries costs $8 to $9 a gallon, with half or more of that going to taxes.

Ummm…so freakin what? Do you really think we Americans really give a rat’s ass how much those Europeans are paying at the pump? Why should anything they do over there have anything to do at all with our policies? Freakin’ lib dems always looking overseas to dictate American policy. Again – so freakin what!

Other ideas that will be on the table when lawmakers write a bill next year including more toll roads and public-private partnerships, congestion pricing and user fees where drivers pay a tax based on how many miles they drive.

So -not only would they increase the gas tax, they want to charge each of us a user fee for driving our damned cars? If that’s the case, what incentive is that for anyone to switch to those “eco-friendly” cars? Any savings they get from the gas pump by purchasing less gas will be eaten up by that stupid-assed user fee.

Seriously – we need to kick all those idiots out of Congress. They sure as hell don’t care about we little people who actually have to pay for our own gas!

UPDATE – Guess I wasn’t the only one posting about this today – Here’s Bradley’s take on it: Lawmakers Want Higher Gas Tax


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