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Now – on to the good stuff.  So – a couple days ago – I put up this – Obama finally got something right which was a response to Obama finally growing a pair and authorizing force against those somali pirates terrorists that hijacked an American ship and kidnapped its Captain.  In that post – I also pointed out despite this one moment of strength – all of his previous actions in the face of other threats from around the world – he has backed down and shown weakness.  Well – one blogger decided to put together an entire post to tell me just how wrong I am!  Bwahahaha!  You can read his full post here.  So – let’s get down to this response:

As to why Obama did not choose to blow North Korea’s lauchpad up; Our President, unlike his predecessor, has shown great restraint, choosing to act in concert with our allies, and other countries, in condemning Kim and his hostile actions. To escalate any conflict in our present state is pure foolishness. Even the clowns on the right know this kind of talk is absurd, and have silenced those within their own party with such radical agressiveness. Bobo, you have been “left out” on your own on this one.

Um – really?  Could you please cite your sources regarding “have silenced those within their own party…”?  All I have heard coming from D.C. and the rest of us on the right is that he should have reacted.  You can see those reactions here, here, here, and here – just to point out a few.  When you are talking about allies – do you mean the U.N.?  The U.N. is absolutely useless.  Are you talking about allies like China and Russia?  That’s laughable.  In case you weren’t aware of it – there were 17 Iranian officials on hand there to witness the launch.  Hmmm…do you think that perhaps Iran has an ulterior motive as well?  Since when should America EVER have to rely on our allies to take care of the security of this country?  You are very naive to think that the likes of the U.N., Russia, China, France, or Germany will ever support us.  They have defied the U.S. in absolutely every military maneuver or show of force over the last 50 years.  They are not about to support us with NK sending nuclear missiles in to Japan, South Korea, and Alaska.  Yes – that missile can reach Alaska.  Obama was not showing restraint – he was showing that he has no balls and won’t do what is necessary to protect this country.  As for being “left out” on my own on this one – the last link up there is to the Rasmussen report that says 57% of this country – including 53% of the Democrats polled believe we should have shot down that missile.  Looks like I’m in the majority on this one again.

As to Iran’s nuclear production plant and why Obama didn’t bomb Natanz; Obama has chosen to the way of the U.N, much like Bush did, to enforce sanctions, while still attempting to reach out in a peaceful way. It seems Obama has sought the way of multilateral sanctions, and becoming part of a team for the US, instead of being the team and making all the decisions for that team. For too long now, The United States has been the aggressor in conflicts the world over, causing anti American sentiment to brew to new proportions. We voted for change and this is what we expected. The majority of Americans do not seek military solutions to diplomatic problems. It hasn’t worked in the past, and it is going to work now. Israel, who has way more to lose by Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, has also shown great restraint, so far. If any country should be concerned, it should be them. I am sure if the diplomatic process breaks down and peace is no longer a viable option, a military response will be carried out by Israel, rather than the U.S. The American people found out when Bush was president, to be cautious when a commander in chief claims someone has WMD. We do not need another Iraq. Bobo, you are “left out” again with your way out reasoning.

Man – I really can’t believe you are that naive and don’t understand our enemy – well – neither does Obama for that matter.  Do you not understand that the leaders of Iran want to annihilate both Israel and the U.S. and will stop at nothing to do it?  They are extreme religious zealots that want to “hasten the return of the 12th Imam.”  In order to do this – they have to either convert all non-believers of Islam or destroy them.  Israel to them is “the little Satan” and the U.S. is “the big satan.”  In this case – the sword is mightier than the pen.  All they know is the sword and we should strike back with bigger swords.  Bush was wrong to defer to the Useless Nitwits as well.  Where have those “sanctions” gotten us?  They have already opened their first nuke plant and they are committed to building a nuclear bomb now.  There is no diplomatic process with Iran.  Have you not heard of tafiq?  It is written in the Koran that it is okay to lie to an infidel in order to destroy them.  That is just what Iran is doing.  They will pretend to come to the table – but – they will never stop their nuclear program.  This administration does not understand that and Obama is an idiot for even believing we can ever “talk” Iran out of it.  The experts are saying Iran will have a nuke within 6 – 9 months.  If Obama had any balls at all – we would have taken out the nuke site already rather than force Israel to do it.  A nuclear Iran is a danger for the entire world – not just Israel and the U.S.  Is it necessary for me to repeat again that there were 17 Iranian officials at the North Korean launch?  Why do you think that was?

The missile defense shield you speak of on Russian borders has always been nothing more than a diplomatic tool the US has used to get Russia to bend in to some other foreign policy concerns. Now it seems Russia is willing to come to the table for talks on Nuclear weapons, and re-establishing a better friendship. To build a senseless missile shield is only to provoke hostilities. After all, if Russia wanted to dominate their neighbors, they could, as in times past, overrun their opponents borders with men, not missiles. The U.S. military already has the capability to shoot down long range missiles the world over. What’s the point in building a shield, except to make more enemies?

What?  Nothing more than a diplomatic tool?  Man – where do you get your news from?  This missile defense shield is to protect Europe.  In case you don’t know – the Iranian missiles are capable of reaching Europe – and that is the purpose of it.  It would be based in Poland – which is as far east as necessary in order to knock down any Iranian missiles sent that way.  Russia has been providing both financial and material support to the Iranians and have been assisting them in building their nuke plants and centrifuges.  Russia is an ally of Iran’s – not the U.S.  They have an interest in making sure there is no protection for our European allies and the former states of the USSR.

Russia is willing to come to the table?  Bwahahaha!  No – Medvedev is willing.  Medvedev is a puppet.  Putin is still pulling the strings in Russia.  Medvedev can say all he wants – but – in the background Putin is still increasing the size of their military, putting a military unit together to put on the border near Alaska, and continues to build up their nuclear arsenal.

Where did you come up with the idea that we have the capability “around the world” to shoot down long range missiles?  There are still major gaps everywhere – including Europe – that we can’t protect – therefore the need for the shield in Poland.  I used to be part of that intelligence community when I served in the USAF.  I know what our capabilities are and I know how our missile defense shields work and I know how they are supported.  In case you weren’t aware – Russia already is our enemy.  They were never our friends.

Your response regarding the U.S. Mexican border is just too long to cross-post here – so – I’ll just synopsise a few of the main points and answer them:

Bobo, it seems you have chosen to make this Obama’s problem solely, when this stuff has been plagueing the US for decades, not just two months.

Obama is the President now – so – yes – it is his problem solely.  When Bush was the President – it was his problem solely and I was pissed off at him also for not doing anything – and Clinton before him – Bush 41 before him – and I was extremely pissed when Reagan granted amnesty to millions then.  That is when we started seeing the huge surge.  Obama needs to do something.  We don’t need to cross the border when they drug cartel soldiers and runners don’t have a problem crossing the border themselves and firing on our soldiers and citizens.  What Obama needs to do is build that fence and then post sentries or increase the size of our border patrols and give them more broad powers to defend that border.

Hmmm. Even if the weapons are coming from here, which is of high debate, how would sending troops to the border address that concern?

I guess you missed this article.  There is no debate. According to that article -

Alberto Islas, a security consultant who advises the Mexican government, says the drug cartels are using the Guatemalan border to move black market weapons. Some are left over from the Central American wars the United States helped fight; others, like the grenades and launchers, are South Korean, Israeli and Spanish. Some were legally supplied to the Mexican government; others were sold by corrupt military officers or officials.

We need to send the troops to the border – not to stop the weapons – which are not actually coming from America – but to stop them from kidnapping and killing American citizens.  Did you not read that Phoenix, Arizona is the Number 2 place in the ENTIRE world for kidnappings?  The Mexican Cartel backed soldiers and drug lords are coming in to this country at will and kidnapping people off our American streets.  366 in 2008 and 359 in 2007 – JUST from Phoenix.

I can’t argue with your statement regarding American dependence on drugs.  You can blame that on the liberal and libertarian agendas who actively promote wanting to legalize drugs and telling our children for the past 30 years that doing drugs are okay.  I’ve already published a paper on adolescent substance abuse in America and it keeps pointing back to the liberal school systems.  The Monitoring the Future Report states that by the time our kids graduate from High School more than 55% of them are current users and abusers and that 90% of them get their drugs on campus.  If our schools were truly against drugs – they would make it impossible for the kids to get them there.

Here’s a Fox News article that debunks your claims about the money given to a terrorists organization.
“Obama administration officials had indicated last week that the U.S. was preparing to pledge $900 million in assistance for Gaza, but Wood’s description of the plan Sunday indicated that the only portion going directly to rebuilding Gaza was the $300 million.

Wood said that while all of the money is subject to approval by Congress, the intent is to provide about $200 million to help the Palestinian Authority shore up a budget shortfall and another $400 million to assist Palestinian institutional reforms and economic development. Wood said some of the $400 million might wind up aiding Gaza, but he said that would depend on the Palestinian Authority.

Some portion of the $900 million total U.S. pledge had already been budgeted for 2009, Wood said, adding that he could not immediately provide a breakdown.

Getting U.S. humanitarian aid quickly to Gaza is complicated by the U.S. refusal to funnel it through the Hamas militant movement that rules Gaza. The U.S. considers Hamas a terrorist organization. Wood said the U.S. aid that does not go directly to the Palestinian Authority would be funneled to Gaza through international organizations and agencies.”

Bobo, it seems, once again, you have put the cart before the horses. No money will be given to Hamas. Congressional approval is required in order for the deal to go through anyway. My only thought about this one is; I wouldn’t pledge a dime to rebuild Gaza. Food and humanitarian aid is one thing, building Gaza is another. Our road map to peace, which has always been a goal of the US, is ridiculous. It will never work as long as those two sides have fundamental differences over the whose right it is to be on the land. The other side is, if you dont rebuild Gaza, Gaza will have no economy and we will be forced to keep feeding people rather than them sustaining themselves. You pick.

Umm – Hamas is the ruling authority in Gaza.  Who do you think controls the Palestinean Authority?  The U.S. government does not consider Hamas to be a terrorist organization.  In fact – our government recognizes them as a legitimate organization.  They only thing preventing the U.S. government from dealing directly with the Hamas leadership is the need for Hamas to recognize Israel.  Other than that one point – our very left leaning government does indeed recognize them.  That article does not debunk anything of what I said.  It actually helps to support my statement.  The only people who should be providing aide and feeding Gaza are the Gazans themselves.  It is not our job to continue to protect a people who use terrorism as a bargaining tool.

On Cuba: What is the point to impose sanctions on the Cuban People? For over forty years, people in Cuba have suffered from the U.S. policies. At one time, these policies may have been necessary, but that was during the Bay of Pigs. Way outdated, and way useless. Let the people of Cuba get a taste of western life, and eventually the seeds of democracy will sprout itself. We do not need to force anything on anyone. These sanctions havent done anything but make other countries better trade partners with Cuba. We could use the revenue that trade would open up. The Cuban people could use the money to better their lives. Anyway, why would we sit back and let Russia establish better relations with a place that is 50 miles off our border? Be sensible, lest we see Russian warships docked on the coasts of Cuba. Americans are tired of the past Cuba policies. Look at the Polls. Now we have a President that is in touch with the will of the people, and willing to change idiotic policies that no longer serve any purpose.

Again – this just shows how naive you are and how out of touch you are.  I live in Florida.  There are almost no Cuban here who support lifting the sanctions.  They know how oppressive Castro is and what he has done to them and their families.  Again – just like a liberal – you blame the Cuban suffering on American policies.  The Cuban people are suffering because of Castro’s policies to keep them all down.  How can you blame the actions of a dictator who steals from his people in order to further his own agenda and lifestyle on America?  That’s ridiculous.  Do you know any Cubans?  I do.  They hate Castro.  Even though some of them still have family in Cuba – they don’t want the restrictions lifted.  Our state senator Mel Martinez is a first generation Cuban immigrant.  He came here with his family when he was a child.  He opposes the sanctions being lifted as well.  If Obama were really in touch with the people – then he would actually listen to the Cuban refugees and not lift any of the restrictions.

Regarding your reference to Russia – seriously?  Russia and Cuba are already allies.  Who do you think does the most trade with Cuba now?  Who do you think provides the weapons to Cuba?  Who do you think has been supplying them with their energy needs (besides Chavez?).  Again, you’re out of touch on this one as well.  Also – you do know where GITMO is right?  We have a very large military and naval presence in Cuba already.  I don’t think we’ll be seeing any Russian warships or bombers there any time soon.

The socialists talk you speak of is just more rightwing rhetoric that carries no weight in dealing with real world issues. All the military solutions you suggest, only serve the interests of the past empire, not a team player in the world of international relations.

And a special thank you to Bobo for providing my fire with the necessary kindling.

It’s only you guys on the left that keep your heads buried that think the “socialist talk” is just right-wing rhetoric.  Please read your history.  I don’t know how old you are – but – they actually used to teach the history of WWII, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Mussolini, Hitler, and Lenin when I was in school.  This country at one time was heading down the path towards socialism.  Obama is repeating that exact history again with the increasing the size of government, the absolutely largest amout of government spending EVER in history, government interference in private business, government takeover of the banking system, and the like.  These are indeed socialist and fascist ideologies.  It is historical fact.  I wrote a very lengthy and detailed piece on the “isms” over at Inside Government that you should read.  I give you the entire history and the individuals involved that brought about socialism, fascism, marxism, communism, and capitalism.  If you really open your eyes, you will see that Obama and this administration are leading this country down the wrong path.  George Bush started us down the road to Socialism and Obama is just speeding it up.

Regarding your last statement and “not a team player in the world of international relations” – WTF man?  This country always has been and always will be the single most largest contributor to foreign aide in the entire world.  Despite this country’s generosity for decades – we are still seen as evil.  Even when those bastards are taking our money – they are still cursing us.  Why the hell should we really care about “the world of international relations?”  We are Americans.  We are not Europeans.  We are not Russians.  We are not Afrikaans.  We are a nation of all nations and we are Americans and we have the absolute right to defend ourselves and our sovereignty from anyone who opposes us.  We should NEVER look to the international community to decide what is right for us.

Your turn.

So sorry for the delay – it’s been a very long day and I had a lot of posts to get through.  I’m quite sure you will all enjoy these – Wenchypoo dominated the Carnival this week with 6 submissions – WTG Wenchypoo!’s one to start with – it wasn’t submitted to the Carnival – but – our good friend Irate-Nate sent me to this – you have to see this!  Obamalism


Wenchypoo presents A Faith-Based Nation (L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket, saying, “Helping you drive the loony left loonier since 1963.”

Really?  A L-O-N-G post from you? Who wulda thunk it! ;)   Actually, it wasn’t any longer than many other posts I’ve seen around.  Besides – I think you are right on the “money” with this one.  People are no longer putting faith in God – they are putting their faith in the government to do what they should be doing for themselves.  Excellent post.  And…I appreciate you helping me to drive them loony.

Wenchypoo presents The Law of Unintended Consequences Part 4 posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Ah yes – the sequel.  You brought up some excellent points in this one.  Many of them I myself had not realized yet.  Been too busy to get through all of the other stuff in there.  I was not aware that the welfare benefits only last as long as the funding in this bill.  There will be some seriously pissed off people.  However, what I see this as is a setup come the next election cycle.  “I promise of you vote for TEH ONE, I will extend those welfare benefits in my next term.  My opponent plans on cutting those benefits.”

Wenchypoo presents The Pelosi-tariat and the Totalitarian Temptation posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

You got that right on the money.  Obama is the puppet and Pelosi is the puppetmaster.  She proved that with the spending stimulus bill – she pretty much told Obey to put everything in there that can stick – and forced the vote by going on vacation.  Obama is just following her lead.  Great post.

Selkirk presents Why Are We Funding This Stuff? posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America.

You got me there, Selkirk. I’ve been asking myself the same thing.  But, in case you missed it in the carnival a couple weeks ago – Jason Zuckerman submitted this post:  Stimulating Art Stimulates the Economy. He made some good points – but – I’m not entirely buying it.

Selkirk presents Question of the Week: All About Failure posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America.

I believe you nailed that one on the head Selkirk.  Indeed, Obama’s success will lead to America’s failure.  I would like to see him fail as well.

Curry Kenworthy presents Never give in posted at Curry Kenworthy, saying, “Remember who you are: a free citizen of the American Republic, not a slave and worshipper of a liberal empire.”

I couldn’t have stated any of this better myself!  As for your suggestion to seek out like-minded individuals – Glenn Beck has a “We Surround Them” event going on that will culminate this coming Friday, 3/13/09 in which he is gathering millions around this country and getting people together who share the same values and principles.  The point is to show the politicians that WE have the power and we won’t give in.

Chris presents This person points to intellectual inadequacy of TEH ONE post at Cmblake6′s Weblog.


Joe Manausa presents First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit | Tallahassee Real Estate Blog posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, “In case you did not hear the good news, the American Recovery And Reinvestment Act of 2009 (which President Obama signed into law last week) included significant improvements to the temporary First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit. While many might view this as a great benefit aimed only at the first-time homebuyer, the reality is that it will help stabilize the housing market by bringing more buyers into an inventory-laden problem in need of more demand.”

Joe – thanks for this resource and the summary page.  However, I have a problem with one of the definitions – “First-time home buyer” – seems to me that would be self explanatory.  How can one qualify as a “first-time” buyer if they’ve owned a home before?  How can they possibly call someone who owned a home for twenty years – sales their home – rents for 3 years – then buys a new home as a first-time buyer? Hmmm.


Sam Swinton presents My Take on the Stimulus Plan: Jobs posted at Tru US Politics.

Welcome to the Carnival Sam.  Very interesting blog you have there. You’re right – if it weren’t for the fact you submitted this post to the carnival – I might have clicked the “X” – I’m glad I didn’t.  Just a little piece of advise – the U.S. government is a great propaganda machine…I wouldn’t necessarily believe they will be creating or saving 3 – 4 million jobs.  We’ve lost just a little over 1 million since Obama took over.  We’ll see how it goes.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Ode To GOP Grovelers (Song Parody) posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Damnit Mad Kane – now I got that freakin’ Mickey Mouse tune stuck in my head! M-I-C, See you real soon! K-E-Y, Why? Because we love you! M-O-U-S-E.  Freakin’ hell!


Wenchypoo presents Is Libertarianism a Sign of Mental Illness? Harvard Says YES posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Great link to the Cato Institute.  Those guys in Harvard are just elitists that think the rest of us don’t know how to take care of ourselves.  Idiots.

Rick Sincere presents Trends of the New Economy posted at Rick Sincere News and Thoughts, saying, “Who knew there was a link between Ayn Rand and cube steak?”

Good one, Rick.  Actually, I bought a copy of Atlas Shrugged : New Edition myself a few months back.  Well worth the read and the parallels today are very eerie.  As for the cube steak – that would seem to make sense as we continue to contract – it’s a very cheap and versatile cut! LOL.

DWSUWF presents Dear Libertarians, We’re just not that into you. Love, Democrats posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “You don’t need a political synthesis, if you think you are holding all the cards. This is where Brink, Will, Mark and other “Liberaltarians” are kidding themselves. Today there is no one in the Democratic Party or the left that are even vaguely interested. There are no allies… There is no synthesis… There is no relationship… They are just not that into you. As it stands today, the “liberaltarians” are just libertarians playing with themselves.”

Bwahahaha!  That’s a good one DWSUWF.  Libertarian Democrats – is that what Kos classifies himself as?  That’s a good one.  Having been a Libertarian myself at one point and going to the weekly meetings here in my county – can’t say I ever heard about that “marriage of convenience.”  Perhaps it was just in Kos’ little head cuz I sure didn’t see it.  This is a very detailed and indepth discussion regarding all of the players – I had no idea. Great post.

Travis presents I think what we?re all looking for here is some logic posted at News Today.

Travis – welcome to the Carnival – and – congrats again on you being lined from The Washington Post.  Good on ya, Mate.  Regarding your discussion – most excellent.  I disagree on a few little points – but – for the main premise – I give you an A+ and couldn’t disagree with you on it.  We are indeed at a crossroads – and I think Obama is heading us in the wrong direction.  I don’t think leaving a message at the website is going to help any.  Obama has his own power grabbing agenda and he’s just following along with whatever Pelosi and Reid want.  He may have campaigned on change – but – what we’re all getting is the same old tax and spend Democrats shafting America.


Wenchypoo presents Using Your Own Money Against You posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket, saying, “Has to do with money more than politics, but Obama’s causing it.”

Your assertions follow right along with the Kondratieff model of capitalism.  It works on a 60 year cycle broken up in to four parts that he labels using the season.  Recession and Depression are part of capitalism.  Deflation works along with Recession and Depression and the money supply grows with it.  We’re only at the beginning of a possible 30 year cycle.  When we hit inflation again – we’re actually back on the upswing.  Great analysis.

Erika Collin presents 50 Best Blogs for Gun Enthusiasts posted at Criminal Justice Degrees Guide.

Once again, Erika – another great list and resource for my readers.  Your lists are always welcome here! I’ve actually been to a few of those blogs on the list.

nickel presents When Will the Recession End? posted at

Hi Nickel.  IMHO – I think the recession has already ended and that we’re actually at the beginnings of a depression.  I wouldn’t listen to those economists or the Fed – they were wrong for the last 2 years.  Not only has the public lost confidence in our economy – they’ve also lost confidence in those so called economist “experts.”

Wenchypoo presents The Origins of Congressional Pork posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Ahhh! <shakes head in disbelief> Didn’t even know about those projects.  Those few are just as bad as the studies on porn funded by taxpayers.


steven germain presents social policy in a financial crisis posted at Rough Fractals, saying, “Enacting social policy during financial crisis…”

Welcome back to the Carnival Steven – I’m not inclined to think that his funding the banks is noble.  My gut does say let them fail.  We’re supposed to be living in a free-market capitalist society where greed is punished through failure and shuttering the business.  You can’t bail out the banks and push a progressive agenda at the same time.  It will bankrupt this nation.  He needs to choose.  We can’t sustain both.

steven germain presents Rough Fractals: AIG – Behind The Scenes… posted at Rough Fractals, saying, “An inside view and analysis of what went wrong at AIG.”

Very detailed and in depth analysis there Steven.  Did you put all that together yourself or is there really someone named Dan Lowman?  Actually, your analysis flows with what Paul Muolo says in his book $700 Billion Bailout: The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and What It Means to You, Your Money, Your Mortgage and Your Taxes If you haven’t read it yet – I highly recommend it.  Also, were you aware that the government now owns a 80% stake in AIG?  Wonderful.

Len Penzo presents Be Fiscally Irresponsible…Get $5000! posted at Len Penzo . Com, saying, “The dirty details of the Obama administration’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan this week finally went public, and after looking it over I have no choice but to conclude that our President has officially gone “full retard.”"

Welcome back Len – it’s always a pleasure! I watched those same Jerry Lewis movies – they would either follow or precede the Abbot & Costello or Three Stooges movies.  All I could say after reading this article was – No freakin’ way!  I want my $5,000 also then.  Should I risk going in to foreclosure briefly – just long enough to qualify for this incentive payment?  Good lord, man – what the hell is this country coming to?

Matt Urdan presents WSJ Reports Travel Industry Slams Obama for Limits on Business Travel post at Inside Government.

Some more of those unintended consequences of Obama policies.  Seems to be a lot of that happening lately if you ask me.

Brian McKay presents What’s in the Stimulus Bill for You? posted at, saying, “President Obama’s stimulus package is making it’s way through the House, through the Senate, back through the House and through the Senate for a final vote. The final stimulus bill will probably end up costing $787 billion dollars, pushing the nation’s debt level higher.”

Howdy Brian – and welcome.  Thanks for providing this list for all to see.  Personally, when I saw this – being the conservative that I am – I just shook my head.  I see everything there as enslaving the people to the government and making them dependent on the government.  Too bad this bill passed.

Pauly presents So, I wonder how the Jewish Obama voters feel now? posted at Pauly’s Political Rants from The Right.

Some very interesting comments on that post, Pauly.  I’m with ya on this one myself.  This is just further proof that Obama is sympathetic to the Palestinians and that he is prepared to turn his back on our strongest ally in the middle-east.  Given, as you said, Gaza is only 125 square miles – unless they plan on building palaces in that small region – there is absolutely no reason to give those terrorists $900 million to rebuild.  I think you’re right – they’re going to use the majority of that money to rearm.  Not only just to rearm – but – to get bigger and longer range missiles to lob in to Israel – probably from Iran.


Mar Matthias Darin presents Stimulus, Omnibus, and related thoughts posted at The Matthias Chronicles, saying, “My commentary about the Stimulus, Omnibus, and gov’t spending”

Howdy Mar Matthias – thanks for the submission.  I saw this coming a couple years ago as well.  We spent down our debt – moved everything in my 401k to a fixed rate account, bought some gold, and moved our cash accounts in to CD’s back in December ’06.  I haven’t lost anything in this downturn – I’ve actually been gaining.  I don’t understand it either how our government thinks going in to more debt could possibly turn this economy around. A recall election would be fine with me.

Learned Genius presents Why You Should Quit Your Political Party and Become an Independent posted at Learned Genius.

I became an Independent during the course of the election.  I was originally a registered Republican – but – after they named McCain as the nominee – it was at that point I realized the party had forever turned its back on the conservative principles that I follow.  I have, however, registered with the Constitution Party recently as they actually do seem to meet and follow the same principles as I.  Given your history, I can see why you remain Independent – and – given the five reason you listed – it certainly makes sense.  This is a great read for those out there still searching for their political identity.  Good one!

Tampa Pirate presents Why Won’t You Listen? posted at Tampa Pirate.

Hey TP – great visual.  I posted up something similar myself.  I have seen way too many lefty bloggers out there trying to say that none of it is Obama’s fault and that the tanking of wall street when he talks is just coincidence.  I hope someone else out there does start listening, soon! Psshh.

Obadiah Shoher presents Politicians vs IDF posted at Samson BLinded.

Welcome to the Carnival Obadiah – you know – I will never understand why the Israeli’s gave the Palestineans a warning to leave before they bombed them.  Israel used to be a very strong and proud country and would defend themselves as they saw fit without worries from the International community.  I think that is part of their weakness now – worrying about what the International community has to say rather than worry about their sovereignty.  Hopefully, with Netanyahu back in there – we might see them go back to being a strong force in the Middle East again.  Great post on the conflict.

Aetius Romulous presents Shock and Awe in Mudville posted at ScreamBucket.

I was actually going along with you pretty good until I came across this: “Americans need health care to the standards of the rest of the industrialized peoples of the world.” What?  Our healthcare system and standards far exceed those of any country in this world.  If you’re referring to socialized medicine like Cuba, Canada, England, etc – it’s a dismal failure in all of those countries – that’s why their political elite come to this country for their healthcare needs.  I’m not real sure what you were getting at with that one. Other than that one little hiccup (IMHO) everything else was spot on.  I think Naomi Kline was right and your linking analysis is spot on.

Mike presents Great Depression Myths posted at Great Depression Version 2: Bear Market and Economic Depression, saying, “With all the comparisons between our current financial and the Great Depression, it is time to dispel some basic myths about the Great Depression”

Thanks for clearing the air on a few of those myths there Mike.  Given the title there says “Version 2″ is there a version 1 of your blog?  Also – I was unaware of the Mexican Repatriation program.  Very interesting.  Given the propensity of our current dimbulbs in D.C. to be pro-Illegal aliens and pro-amnesty – I don’t see that program being resurrected.  It does make sense though.

Mark Couturier presents Osama Bin Limbaugh Calls for a Rightwing Jihad to Take Back America – THE POLITICAL ANIMAL posted at THE POLITICAL ANIMAL.

Mark – welcome to the Carnival and thanks for this submission.  I already stated my piece in your comments section – and – Oldfart is still wrong! ;)

Mark Couturier presents Welcome to Bush Country, Mr. Governor! posted at THE POLITICAL ANIMAL.

This was a really good post here, Mark.  I think the only difference is that despite Bush’s low ratings at the end of his Presidency – history is going to look back on him favorably.  I don’t think Patterson stands a chance of recovery.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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I know – I’m running a little late in getting this thing out today. Sorry – had some term papers and power point presentations to pull together – you know – priorities! In any case – here it is – another great edition with some great stuff from your usual submitters as well as some new guys. All in all, I think this is going to be one of the best ones by far. We have something for everyone in this one.  Seems there are a lot of people out there pissed off about this stimulus/spending/pork bill and the tax evader friends of Obama!

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Only Peons Have To Pay Taxes posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Good one!  I see we’re both on the same side of this issue! I’m just happy that Daschle withdrew.  Now, if Obama really wants to do the right thing and prove to the country that he really is about change – he needs to fire Geithner.

Buck Says presents Pilosi & Reid- An Economic Tsunami posted at Buck Says, saying, “Neither Pilosi or Reid have a clue about the depression and the congressional actions that deepened it’s effect. Smoot and Hawley are obviously unknown to them.”

Buck – when I saw that provision in there – my initial thought was – okay, cool.  That might help American businesses.  But, then after longer reflection I came to my senses and the same realization as you – that we would effectively cut off America from the rest of the world and this would continue this recession/depression even longer.  I had not heard of the Smoot-Hawley Act until recently myself.  Good post.

David Gross presents Reflections on the coronation posted at The Picket Line, saying, “I am embarrassed for my friends and my country that we still enthusiastically install royalty at such great expense at this late date after the success of our revolution. And unlike the former monarchies which have devolved into republics and divested their crowns of significant power, we seem largely determined to attach all of our hopes and most of our sovereignty onto our king (or even, as the last eight years showed, some court jester).

The people have spoken. If the people had any sense of shame or any self-awareness, they’d shut the fuck up. They’ve been speaking for a long time now and casting terrible, hateful imprecations that have called forth demons that they refuse to accept responsibility for or attempt to control.”

Nicely said David – I got nothing to add.


Len Penzo presents If Arnold Schwarzenegger Was My Household CEO… posted at Len Penzo . Com, saying, “The Bobo, I hope you find this to be a fun read. Regards, Len”

Len – a very humorous look at a household budget in the hands of the Ahnold!  Considering the guy’s a RINO I saw this coming myself.  What I don’t get is, considering that California is very much a conservative state (with the exception of LA County and the San Francisco Bay area) I just can’t see how the hell you guys got in that mess out there.  Are there really THAT many people in those two areas that drown out your voices?  I quite enjoyed the way you tied in his movie quotes to household budgeting!  Good one!

lsm presents Madame Speaker?Rocket Scientist posted at awaken the elephants blog.

Bwahahaha.  That’s some pretty funny stuff.  This lady truly is an idiot.  Being a good Catholic boy myself – I can tell you that she is definitely lying on the abortion issue.  As for all those other little nuances that you pointed out are classics!  So, the guy she called an idiot is now the one she falls back on when trying to explain why we should give money to people who don’t pay taxes?  Good one.

DWSUWF presents Carnival of Divided Government XXX Special Chinese Year of the Ox Edition posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying,

Man, sorry I missed that Carnival.  I’ll have to stop by more often.  BTW – I was in the year of the Dragon as well.

DWSUWF presents Yo. Barack. Stimulate this. posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “Bobo – please ignore that last submission. screwed up the link. This is the right one.

Did we learn nothing from the hastily passed $700 Billion Wall Street bailout last year? You remember – when we witnessed the rampant stupidity of a craven congress rolling over to an executive demand for fast action on the basis of economic fear mongering – and as a result – were treated to the spectacle of our representatives wasting massive amounts of taxpayer resources without really understanding what they are passing or having any idea where the money will go or how it will be used.

Apparently we learned nothing. This is exactly what is happening with the Stimulus package. Unable to pass a $900 Billion massive pork-laden stimulus spending package that will do nothing except spend money we do not have on stuff we do not need, wildly increase the debt burden on future generations, and ultimately require devaluation of the dollar – the Democrats are in the process of paying off a couple of Republican Senators with a share of the pork, and will likely pass a $800 Billion massive pork-laden spending package that will do nothing except spend money we do not have on stuff we do not need, increase the debt burden on future generations, and ultimately require devaluation of the dollar.”

Thanks DWS – I don’t need to do my rant on this now.  You’ve said much of what I thought and much of what I hadn’t thought of.


Steve Faber presents Obama in 2012 » The Obama Administration’s Tax Problems – Aren’t We Supposed to be Better? posted at Obama in 2012.

Finally, a breath of fresh air – a Democrat that doesn’t drink the kool-aid.  Well said, Steve.  I’m glad you can recognize that had any of these appointees been Republicans you would be demanding their heads – so – why should you not be doing the same for these appointees of Obama’s?  Like I said to Mad Kane up there – if Obama really wants to do the right thing – he now needs to fire Geithner


debergerac78 presents Is Blagojevich blameless … or a blowhard? posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, “The Senate may have jumped the gun impeaching Blagojevich before his corruption trial has concluded–now the governer is trying to get public sympathy on his side.”

Thanks for this submission Debergerac – I think Lauren is on target – but – we already know the outcome as not only did the Senate listen to the “snippets” that we in the general public heard – but, from what I understand – they also listened to some detailed conversations from other wire tapped tapes.  I saw him on Letterman last week – this guy is a freakin’ joke.  Good riddance.

Joe Manausa presents Tallahassee Foreclosure Report | Tallahassee Real Estate Blog posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, “There is plenty of news in the national media about foreclosures. From everything that I have read, I suspect for every 100 foreclosures that have and will hit the real estate market during our current housing crisis, we have only seen 2 or 3. The bulk of the foreclosures have yet to hit the market.”

Okay, Joe – I think I can let this one slip buy given the fact that foreclosures are in the news and it is a big part of the economic mess we’re in.  Should you submit any more – just be sure to get some more political stuff in the posts as well.  I personally learned a little more about the foreclosure market by reading this post and the fact we may not be getting the whole story from the media.

Lisa Spinelli presents Spawns of Madoff posted at Greener Pastures: Personal Finance, saying, “Is my anger showing? Thanks for hosting.”

Yes! LOL.  It just goes to show ya – even those people will millions are idiots too!

Raymond presents Second Stimulus Check For Obama 2009 Economic Stimulus Package? posted at Money Blue Book.

Hey Raymond – It was that “Low Income Tax Credit” that got me when I saw that.  That’s no tax credit – that’s taking my money that I paid in taxes and giving it to those lower income individuals who paid no taxes – wait – isn’t that the socialist wealth redistribution plan he was talking about before he got elected that he tried to deny he wasn’t talking about?

jim presents American Recovery & Reinvestment Plan Details posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, saying, “A recap of the stimulus package, highlighting the parts of the package likely to directly affect consumers.”

Jim – I consider this a must read for my readers here.  There are many other “summaries” out there regarding this pork bill  – but – yours has some real constructive information out there for all of us.  Great post.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Wall Street Jobs Pay Out Big Bonuses: The Investment Banker Defends His Salary posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “I was hoping this discussion would fit your carnival. People are debating on the issue of Wall Street’s pay.”

I think this fits – considering Obama is trying to stick his foot in the private sector by telling business owners and CEO’s how much they are allowed to make in salaries.  Now, while I agree with much of what you have stated and that those banks and other corporations that took the bailouts on our dime should not in any way receive bonuses, and I believe they should take pay cuts – that is not up to the government to decide.  These are decisions that should be made by the boards of those corporations.  We need to let the free-market capitalist system work.  When those big companies continue to pay those CEO’s the big bucks – Joe America will be outraged and will stop using their services.  The boards will either cut their pay in order to stay in business or they will fail.  I still say we need to let Wall Street fail and reset the economy.  At least this way we can keep our banks from being nationalized since the government won’t have a piece of it.  But, alas – we’re too late for that aren’t we.  Those greedy bankers sold their souls to the government.  We’re now in a catch 22 methinks!  If those banks fail now – we the people lose our money and the government takes over.  Still, I think we need to put public pressure on those financiers instead of letting the government do it.

Ron McKie presents Timothy Geithner thinks you?re fucking stupid posted at Phuck Politics.

Ron – don’t mince words now!  He and Obama just pulled one of the biggest con jobs on the American public.  I know if I was $34k behind in my taxes for a couple years I would probably be in jail by now.  They’ve just set the new standards for the next 4 years – them and us.  They have their own rules and we have to follow other rules.  There is absolutely nothing about “change” in this Obama administration.  It’s the same old Democratic tax and spend, Republican good ol’ boy network, Washington politics as usual.


Tamir Birk presents Israel Threatens a Disproportionate Attack on Hamas posted at Informed Vote | Keeping Canadian Voters Informed.

Excellent analysis and commentary Tamir.  Given the fact that Hamas is about the size of a pimple on the ass of Israel – any response would be considered “disproportionate.”  But, I am in full agreement – they need to eliminate the source once and for all.

Nayano Taylor-Neumann presents Anti-Semitism in the slip stream of the Gaza conflict posted at A possie in Aussie.

The world has gone mad Nayano.  It would be great if we could truly have world peace – but – there are just too many idiots out there that love the chaos and will just continue to fuel the fires of hate.  This is a great post and a good attempt at getting people to see the world around them and reflect about how these things make you feel.  Prejudice and racism suck!

Michael Haltman presents This Is A Stickup America [] posted at The Political and Financial Markets Commentator, saying, “What Do Politicians Love More Than A Drop Dead Deadline For The Passage Of Legislation”

Let’s hope they actually slow this damned thing down.  I know the Republicans are making an attempt to make sure every line is read and anything that does not stimulate the economy is addressed – the problem is that the Dems and Obama are trying to sell the public a bill of goods stating the Republicans are just being obstructionists.  Funny how they keep forgetting to mention there are several from their side that are opposed to all the pork and earmarks in there!


Michael Haltman presents An Open Letter To Nancy Pelosi [] posted at The Political and Financial Markets Commentator, saying, “End the verbal platitudes, end the blame game, end the endless politicking, put the country first and your career second, stop looking for what is in it for you and instead look for what is in it for all of us, understand that what you in Washington think is a big card game is peoples lives that are at stake.”

Awesome, Michael – you took the words right out of my mouth and then some.  I’m not sure you’re going to get a response back from those other guys either!

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the bobo carnival of politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Welcome to Superbowl Sunday and yet another great edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics. You will notice we have some new submitters as well as some of the regulars. Please do stop by and let these bloggers know your thoughts regarding their posts.

lsm presents Obama?s New Constitution. posted at awaken the elephants blog.

Kinda scary, isn’t it LSM?  Spot on analysis of his speech there.  But, I’m not surprised.  Michelle Obama herself said it last summer when she was on The View – she said Obama wants to remake this country and to change our culture.  The problem is that too many people just glossed it over and didn’t really pay attention to that statement.  Likewise, other than your analysis – I really haven’t heard anybody else pointing it out as poignantly as you have.  Keep up the great fight!

Nayano Taylor-Neumann presents End racist violence -ban Australia Day? posted at A possie in Aussie.

Wow!  I didn’t realize you guys had such troubles going on down under.  None of that was reported over here.  Seems a shame that a group of racists have hijacked a national holiday.  Seems to me that banning Australia Day would be equivalent to banning our Independence Day.  Do you think that would happen?


seth1492 presents Republican Future posted at Wait Wait… Do Tell Me!.

A post I can agree with.  However, don’t mistake Republicans for Conservatives – two different things.  What you detailed as a plan of action are Conservative principles.  Unfortunately, we have too many RINO’s in the party that are liberal or moderate-left. In addition to Republicans returning to Conservative principles – we need to get the RINO’s out of he party since they are diluting it.

Michael Haltman presents Barack Obama: The Great American Apologist [] posted at The Political and Financial Markets Commentator, saying, “Al-Arabiya Gets The First T.V. Interview With President Obama”

Michael – excellent analysis on that interview – a must see by all my readers in case they did not see/hear the interview themselves.  When I first heard it I just hung my head.  This guy just does not get the full grasp of his position and what it means in the world.  The rest of the world, and especially the muslims, will interpret his words just as you and I have.  America is bad and everything is our fault.  This just gives those islamofascists more ammunition for recruiting more jihadists to do more damage to Americans and American interests.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Obama is an idiot and he is too inexperienced to be our President.

Steve Simbeck presents A definitive work on the state of current affairs posted at No Mato mi Pavo, saying, “The slant of this blog is not hard to define.”

Hey, Steve – welcome back.  I’m glad you posted this up.  I first heard about this last month, just before Christmas, and had intended on doing a post about it – but completely forgot about it.  After reading the deleted words – it all came rushing back again.  I think you are absolutely correct – there is a definite agenda there and you don’t need to be a rocket surgeon to recognize it.

Steve Simbeck presents 4 out of 5 experts agree that 4 out of 5 experts are experts posted at No Mato mi Pavo, saying, “Written just before the inauguration but I think it still resonates.”

Hmmm…very interesting.  I guess I would have to say I’m an expert on superheroes since I watch cartoons!  Silly ain’t it?


Madeleine Begun Kane presents No Quid? No Quo! posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Hi MadKane – welcome back.  Sure – there were concessions – but – this is a bloated spending bill and has absolutely nothing to do with stimulating the economy.  It will only increase the size of government.  This bill could be widdled down to $80Billion if it were truly just an economic stimulus bill.  I stand firm with those who opposed it – including the smart 11 Democrats who opposed it.  Not all the Dems were on “Stretch” Pelosi’s side on it either.


seth1492 presents Gaza Conflict: Tunneling to Egypt posted at Wait Wait… Do Tell Me!.

Hey Seth – I like the visuals.  Good discussion regarding the tunnels and the bombing of them.  Let’s hope Israel gets them shut down completely!

Silicon Valley Blogger presents No 2009 Economic Stimulus Check? How Obama’s Stimulus Plan Affects The Middle Class posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thanks!”

Nice summary of the stimulus plan – if you can actually call it that.  I’ll be posting up a detailed look at it here shortly.  One other thing you might point out regarding that $500 tax credit – other than you are correct – it’s not much – is that the $500 credit will be broken up incrementally over multiple paychecks – and therefore will have very little effect at all.  I don’t think those boneheads up in D.C. ever took a economics class or ever ran their own businesses.  If they did, they wouldn’t be putting stupid crap like what you pointed out in this plan.


Josh presents Government Reform: Oxymoron or Can It Happen? posted at Inside Government.

A great post looking at reform in Indiana.  This could possibly be a microcosmic look at how we can reshape the Federal government.  Great post, Josh.

Greg presents » Blog Archive » Terror shouldn’t be treated like other crimes. posted at

Right on, Greg!  Those idiots on the left who want to treat terrorists like regular criminals just don’t get it.  These guys are considered enemy combatants when captured outside of U.S. territory – so – therefore – they should have not access to our courts as our constitution does not pertain to them.  The article you linked to is very eye-opening.  This is exactly what happens when you treat a terrorist like a regular criminal.

seth1492 presents Livni (Israel) says Bad Idea Barack posted at Wait Wait… Do Tell Me!.

Sorry, Seth – gonna have to agree with Livni on this one.  No head of any state should have open dialogue with rogue and terrorist leaders without preconditions.  Obama is drafting a letter in order to open up direct dialogue with Iran.  This goes against decades of foreign policy.  Not even past Democrat Presidents have ever dealt directly with rogue heads of states without preconditions.  What Obama is doing is very dangerous, and as Livni pointed out, shows weakness in the minds of the Arab world.  Your examples are incomplete.  Reagan never had direct conversations with Gorbachev until all the preconditions were met and only after other delegate teams met with the Russians first.  Obama needs to do the same thing.  Send Shillary or some other delegates first with the preconditions that have to be met first before we open dialogue.  Obama’s letter to Imanutjob will mean that Iran will surely see this as an opening to attack Israel openly.

Buck Says presents Pelosi In Charge: How can That Happen in a Sane World? posted at Buck Says, saying, “Nancy Pilosi and Harry Reed in charge?–We are in real trouble now.”

Hey Buck – I don’t know if you heard the interview with Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor – but – apparently, Obama pretty much said the same thing to him.  When Cantor pointed out to Mr. Obama that the people elected him because he promised change in government and to help the economy they needed tax cuts – Obama told him “I won. I will trump you on that.”  Obama and Pelosi are on the same page there.  I don’t think we will see any real change in government other than to see it get bigger.

Alexander Woods presents Rod Blagojevich: Crooked Politician or Machiavellian Hero? posted at The Daily Destiny.

Howdy Alexander – I guess it depends on how one looks at Machiavelli.  I personally did not see Machiavelli as a hero – I saw him as a crook who would say anything to get what he wants – a smooth talker.  For me – crooked politician and Machiavellian are one and the same.  But, you do justice by pointing out Blago’s absurdity.  Great post!

Allen Scott presents Give me, Give me, and then give me Some More posted at Journey Across the Sky.

Excellent use of scripture for backing up your points there Allen.  I would just change one thing – you say “We do not need bailouts or handouts.  We need repentence.”  Based on what you have written, I can see why you might say we need repentence.  However, I would say we need to take responsibility for our actions and to fix what we screwed up.  Sure, it might be Wall Street’s fault, in concert with our Fed, for the huge economic mess – but – each and every one of us have some responsibility for that downfall as well (part of which you point out.)  Rather than blame government and Wall Street – we need to accept the part we played in it and do what we need to do to fix it so that we can be responsible “parents” and not leave this burden to our children and their children.

Allen Scott presents Inauguration Day posted at Journey Across the Sky.

I actually read this after I responded to your previous submission.  An excellent discussion on taking responsibility rather than looking for that hand out!  Yes we can!  LOL.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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