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This is utterly amazing:

She’s such a fucking idiot if she thinks we’re going to believe that this is what “they” are trying to do for Americans.  Bullshit!  If that were true – should would not have opted out of it now would she?  Obamacare does not provide the entire population of Americans with “a tremendous array of choices.”  There is only 1choice – government sponsored healthcare that is not tailored to the individual needs.  It is whatever they give you.  Don’t buy this load of bullshit.  Like I said – if it were as great as her own – she would have chosen to sign up for it herself.

Now we have Pelosi and Hoyer out there in a USA Today op-ed piece calling all of us un-American for protesting against the government. I sure as hell hope there are enough smart people in your districts that will vote your asses out. You guys are a disgrace to this country and by implying that protesting against this country is un-American – well – you’ve just proven that you are jackbooted socialists

Let me leave you idiots on the left with this from the comments section of that USA Today op-ed:


ObamaCare is to the American people, as a “nose ring” is to farm animals.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Because tissue inside their noses is very sensitive, farm animals become very compliant and easily led once fitted with a nose ring. Understandably, grabbing animals by their “nose rings” makes control and handling of them much easier!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ObamaCare is a “nose ring” and its purpose is control!

and this

“I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration…We are Americans, We have the right to participate and debate any administration.” – Hillary Clinton

…and that would not be a pretty sight at all!  Is there anybody else out there that is having an extremely hard time trying to keep up with everything that Obama and those Dems are doing up in D.C.?  Every time I come across a news article, see something on the T.V. or hear something on the radio – I get an excellent idea for a blog discussion.  But…no more than 10 minutes later something else comes up..and again and again and again.

I’m almost quite convinced that the White House is throwing all of this out there at one time just to keep our minds so totally boggled that we can’t possibly figure it all out.  When you really start putting it all together it just absolutely makes my head want to explode because I just can’t keep track.  I’m not even going to attempt to put all the links up to this list – because it could take me almost a freakin’ month alone to liste everything that Obama has thrown at us:

$787 Billion Spending Bill completely loaded with pork

$410 Billion Omnibus Bill completely loaded with pork

Secret videotaped messages to the AFL-CIO meeting declaring Congress WILL pass the “Employee Free Choice Act” doing away with secret ballots – a complete erosion of the constitution and violation of our privacy.

Healthcare Reform Summit stating that the debate is settled and there is nothing anybody can do about it – Universal Healthcare is coming to America.

Economic Reform Summit held where the end outcome is that there is not one smart individual in all of D.C. that can figure out that smaller government and lower taxes is the appropriate way to heal this economy.

Hillary Clinton, on behalf of Obama, delivering $900 Million to a terrorist organization so they can rearm themselves to lob more missiles in to Israel – and criticizing Israel while she handed them the check.

Iran is less than one month away from a nuclear bomb and Obama has not said one word about it.

Hillary Clinton, on behalf of Obama, goes to China to beg for money. Essentially, China is propping up this economy right.  We will all be speaking Chinese shortly if they decided to call in our debt.

Obama sends a letter to Russia opening up dialog with them and hinting the U.S. might back down from the missile defense shield (a great sign of weakness).

John Kerry, on behalf of Obama, goes and visits with Asshat Bashir in Syria opening dialogs with another state sponsorer of terrorism.

Obama openly tells our enemies exactly what date we are withdrawing from Iraq – another great sign of weakness and inexperience.

Gordon Brown comes to visit Obama talking about a Global New World Order and it appears Obama is open to this socialist notion and giving up American sovereignty.

Four cabinet nominees are tax cheaters – and one of them actually gets appointed to oversee the very organization he cheated.

Several Anti-gun measures (in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment) being introduced in Congress.

FDIC in threat of going insolvent – you know – the agency that guarantees funds in your bank up to $250,000.00 to the point now they get a $500 Billion bailout.

Honest homeowners all around this country are bailing out other homeowners against their will.

Several Congress persons ready to introduce the Fairness Doctrine again – only they’re gonna call it something else.

Obama introduces proposal for bogus Cap and Trade scheme that would ensure inflation and increased energy prices.

Obama set to increase taxes on the upper-middleclass income earners making more than $250,000 which would effectively shut down small businesses across this country.

Obama set to reduce charitable benefit deductions whereby forcing charities to take money from the government – meaning the government would control which charities should live and which should die.

The government now owns 80% of AIG and 40% of Citi-bank.

Every time Obama opens his mouth the Dow tanks.

Tax cheater Geithner chastises tax cheating individuals and files suit against UBS for “secret” offshore account information.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

That racist attorney general calls all Americans cowards because we won’t talk about race!  For crying out loud man – the freakin’ POTUS is black!  Isn’t that enough for you?  Isn’t that proof that we have pretty much broken that barrier?  The only one’s continuing this race issue are black racists like yourself.

Nancy Pelosi takes a trip to Rome and forces Congress to vote on the spending bill without giving them time to read it – then Obama signs it immediately not giving the American people the 5 days he promised us.

No Republicans were allowed to provide input on the spending bill and no republican amendments were allowed – but – they fully expect republicans to vote for it?

The Govenor of Arizona is made the Director of Homeland Security – yet – she couldn’t even protect her own state from the invasion of illegal aliens.  Phoenix, Arizona is the number 2 city in the ENTIRE world for kidnappings – over 400 reported last year – note – that is REPORTED.

The Governor of Kansas has been named as the Director of HHS – this is the same individual who has given free tuition, free healthcare, and amnesty to illegal aliens in her own state.  She also shut down the building of new coal-fueled plants in her state.  If she did it in her state – What do you think will happen to America?

Obama signs an executive order closing GITMO and starts releasing terrorists.

Obama signs an executive order reversing offshore drilling again.

Obama signs an executive order reversing the Mexico City Policy that stated America would not provide funding to foreign countries that have state-sponsored abortion.  Well – now apparently we American taxpayers are now paying for abortions in other countries.

Obama reversed all of the welfare reform policies that Clinton had in place – back to giving free handouts to free-loaders.  We’re back to generational welfare recipients.

Expanded the SCHIP program to include “kids” up to age 25.  Excuse me!  If you are not a full-time student in college – if you are 18 years old – you better be out there looking for a job taking care of yourself and getting your own insurance.  Last time I looked – 25 is not a kid.  I had two kids of my own by the time I was 25.

Obama’s Director of Labor is extremely pro-union and pro-amnesty for illegal aliens.  Do you think we’ll be rounding up illegal aliens and deporting them under an Obama presidency?  Illegal aliens cost this country $80 Billion a year for crying out loud.

Obama’s Director of the EPA is a known socialist and was a leader within the socialist environmental global warming movement.  She was extremely proud of that and even had her profile on the website – until they took it down after she was nominated to the EPA position.  BTW – she’s one of those global warmongerers that also believe the “science is settled” and the “debate is over” despite all the evidence that has come out showing we have been in a cooling state for the last decade.  Where do you think she’s going to lead this country?

His spending bill gives $500 tax rebate to those who don’t pay taxes at all.  Sounds like wealth-redistribution to me – which I believe is a Marxist philosophy – but – oh noes – he ain’t no socialist is he?

Newly AddedThen there’s the Freedom of Choice Act that has been reintroduced that if enacted makes it illegal for medical practitioners to refuse to do abortions on moral grounds and also makes it illegal for pharmacists to refuse to dispense Plan-B and birth control pills on moral grounds.  This would be an assault on their First Amendment rights to Freedom of Religion.  Additionally, the Hippocratic oath taken by physicians say they will do no harm.  Some physicians view abortion as doing harm.  This essentially will cause the 600+ Catholic hospitals around this country to be shut down.

Good lord people!  And those are just the stories that are coming off the top of my head that I KNOW of!!!  How can one man do so much damage in less than 60 days?  There wasn’t this much freakin’ activity in the whole 8 years Bush was in office!!!  There are a helluva lot more stories out there that I have forgotten about and I’m sure there are even more that I don’t KNOW about – with much much more to come given we still have 3 Years and 10 months to go in this first term.

Is it any wonder this economy is tanking?  Individually, these all seem harmful in their own right.  But – collectively – my God people – look at all of this!!!  For those of you on the left that think Obama is not a socialist – just look at all the stories.  Every one of them lead us down that path.  You guys on the left who so cherish your liberties are about to get a very rude awakening.  All of Obama’s policies thus far lead to more government intrusion of your privacy and giving you less control of your own decisions.  Where is the ACLU on this?  Perhaps they haven’t fully understood it yet either.

Come on people – wake up!  WE ALL heard these stories throughout the past 2 months – but – have you ever seen them all just listed out yet?  Where do you think all of these stories and the actions of Obama and his administration are leading us?  If you can think of some stories that I forgot or don’t know about – please post them here in the comments – I’ll drag them up in to the main discussion for all to see and ponder.

UPDATE: Looks like Texas Fred – is thinking along the same lines today – go check this out:  Barack Obama and the Death of America.

I’m sure I’m not the first to blog this today – however – if you haven’t heard it yet – Governor Blagojevich of Illinois has been arrested for conspiracy as it relates to the senate seat vacated by Obama.  Other charges include using a so-called “favors” list – those people who have given contributions in exchange for lucrative contracts.

As it relates to the Senate seat – this idiot was actually caught on tape making the following statement:

It “is a fucking valuable thing, you just don’t give it away for nothing.” Unless “I get something real good, I’m going to keep this Senate option for me a real possibility, you know, and therefore I can drive a hard bargain. You hear what I’m saying. And if I don’t get what I want and I’m not satisfied with it, then I’ll just take the Senate seat myself.”

Isn’t this kind of shit EXACTLY what is wrong with our government and country today?  Those damned weasels are using the highest offices of this land for their own personal gain.  They’re supposed to be upholding the constitution with the sole intent of ensuring the life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness for each and every American.  Instead – assholes like this are out trying to cut deals to gain political power.

This also begs the question – if he’s going to jail – why haven’t Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Jamie Gorelick, Charlie Rangel, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi been hauled off yet?  Every one of these thieving crooks have been caught with their hands in the taxpayer cookie jar (so to speak) and yet – they continue on.  Each and every one of these assholes are complicit in Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, shady real estate deals, and having their own “favor lists.”

What the hell is it going to take to get these people out of office?  All those damned politicians are corrupt and we need to get them the hell out of Washington before this country is totally kaput.  It’s bad enough we are in the throes of an economic disaster – now they’re taking 20% of the American auto industry as well.  They totally fucked up our financial system – now they want to fuck up our auto industry too?  I contend they are also the biggest reason our auto industry is failing as well because of all the damned regulations and fucking support of the unions.

Government is the reason why private businesses are failing and capitalism has been turned up on its head.  Government IS the problem.  Government is NEVER the solution.  Our government is just as freakin corrupt as all those third-world nations that we seem to point our fingers at.  We continue to demand that we kick out the U.N. because they are a corrupt and anti-American, anti-semitic organization – yet – all we have to do is look in our own back yard.

Our damned politicians are raping America and we’re all just taking it and asking for more.  It’s time to wake up people.  Start DEMANDING accountability from the politicians.  Yes – it’s your senators and representatives in your states just as it is my represenatives and senators in my state.  Somehow these freakin thieves keep getting re-elected so they can continue to steal from us and ignore us.  How the hell did Pelosi get re-elected?  It makes no sense to me.  She’s the worst House Leader in history and presides over the lowest rated Congress in history.  What the fuck people?

Chris Dodd and Barney Frank have their hands in the whole Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac deal.  Chris Dodd even received favors from Countrywide – and he refuses to turn over any of the paperwork from the deals – yet – he’s still there?

What about fat ass John Murtha who defamed and slurred our troops and essentially convicted them publicly?  What the fuck is wrong with you people in Western Pennsylvania?  How the hell do you re-elect an asshole like that over a military hero?

I know this is a rant – and I apologize for it – but – when we get news of yet another corrupt politician trying to use his office as a means to benefit himself – it really burns my ass.  THIS is exactly the same people that Obama associates with on a regular basis.  These are the very same people he conducted business with as a state Senator and as U.S. Senator.  You don’t think he’s wrapped himself with corruption either?  Do we need to bring up Ayers, Wright, Rezko, ACORN, etc?

I’m watching my country go to hell in a handbasket and it’s quite disturbing.  I don’t know what else to say. Those idiots on the left think that Bush trampled on the constitution – well – we’ve seen nothing yet.  Obama will not only trample on the constitution – he’s going to just tear the damned thing up altogether.  He’s already started it with his appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.  According to the Constitution – that is illegal – OUTRIGHT illegal.  You cannot have one seat in the U.S. Government and then move to another while you are still holding that seat.  She cannot give up her Senate seat to take the S.O.S. job – yet – the Obama administration will somehow work around it – won’t they?  If they manage to “work around” the Constitution to appoint her – what else do you think they will try to work around in order to beat that pesky thing called the U.S. Constitution.

Welcome to yet another great edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics – and Happy December.  There are only 18 days left before Christmas – if any of you are actually keeping track.  As with weeks prior – another great grouping of article submissions yet again!  We have 18 great posts to read this week – so – grab another soda or coffee or whatever your quaffage of choice is while you blog cruise and check each of these out.


Steve Simbeck presents I just ran over a pig-footed bandicoot with my Edsel so where is my bailout? posted at No Mato mi Pavo.

That’s some pretty funny stuff over there. I’ll have to admit it took me a moment to realize where you were going with it – but – I like the analogies.  pig-footed bandicoots and ambersnails – good one!

Steve Parry presents Change We Can Believe In; Judging A Book By Its Cover posted at The Axis, saying, “It’s mostly humor, but pretty much on the money.”

Steve – thanks for the submission, buddy!  I didn’t recognize a single one of those names myself! ;)

Jon Swift presents Conservatives Need a Bailout posted at Jon Swift, saying, “No one has been hit harder by this financial turmoil than conservatives. Although conservatives generally support self-reliance when it comes to others, the situation is so dire that the only thing that will save our conservative institutions at this point is a quick infusion of government aid.”

If none of you have ever been to Jon’s place before – this guy is a must read!  I don’t know about you other conservative bloggers – but – with the economy the way it is and with the fear in the market over an Obama administration – I’ve been hit pretty hard.  I’m now to the point where I’m taking money from my kids’ piggy banks just to pay for the hosting service (oh..wait..I don’t pay for it) – nevermind.  In any case – Mr. Swift’s post is a satirical look at conservatives in the economic downturn.


Lisa Spinelli presents Warren Buffett’s Secretary Pays More in Tax Than Warren Buffett | Greener Pastures: Personal Finance posted at Greener Pastures: Personal Finance.

Welcome back, Lisa.  Just one question – who is doing his secretary’s taxes?  If she paid 30% on $60k either she has absolutely no deductions to itemize (which is very unusual) or her tax preparer is an idiot. Also, if he’s paying HIS personal secretary only $60k a year – he’s a cheapskate.  Executive secretaries today make in the $80K – $100K+  range nowadays.


SpkTruth2Pwr presents Silence is NOT Golden. posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “When NOT speaking up goes wrong? A look at ethical behavior and personal responsibility in leadership, decision-making, organizational structure. Whistleblowers stand up!”

Nice to see ya again!  This is a great post.  In my past life – I used to be a litigation consultant regarding Qui Tam and False Claim lawsuits in healthcare organizations.  You are absolutely right – you should never stand idly by if you know there is wrong doing.  Part of the economic problem we are facing today is because TOO MANY people sat idly by just watching these things take shape knowing it was wrong.  There is a federal whistleblower law on the books that states employers are not allowed to retaliate against any employees who file a whistleblower complaint.  I’ll echo it here as well – stand up and be heard if you know something is wrong.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Irony Has At Least Seven More Lives posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Ahh..but with satirists such as yourself – I’m sure it will be resurrected – most certainly with an Obama presidency!


BH presents Is Mumbai really anything new? posted at Bangladeshi Hindu, saying, “A detailed analysis of Islamic terrorism in India by Dr. Richard Benkin.”

BH – thank you so much for submitting this post.  What happened in Mumbai is indeed a tragedy and I believe Dr. Benkin nailed it on the head there.  This was totally preventable – and – unfortunately as with the Indian leaders – I think many of our American leaders aren’t paying attention either or taking the threats seriously.  This is a must read article.

Sarah Scrafford presents Top 50 Constitutional Law Blogs posted at Masters in Criminal Justice.

Thank you Sarah for another great resource.  I’m adding this to my favorites as I did the other list.

John Kaduk presents A Russian-Iranian Alliance? Part I: Russia posted at The Right Wing.

Excellent analysis John.  Looking forward to parts II and III.  I’ve suspected such links and alliances with Iran going back to 2003 when Russia first sided against us when we wanted to move in to Iraq.  I believed then that Russia was playing both sides between Iraq and Iran.  Likewise, with Russia building the “nuclear power plants” for Iran – I’m sure there is much more going on there than just energy swapping!


Archvillain presents Unintended Consequences posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, “Evil has deep roots, and the innocent suffer for the sins of those long past.”

Very creative, Archvillain!  It’s plausible – that damned Henry VIII  – I don’t know what to say!

Bradley Hankins presents Let’s Not Fail Our Students, Let’s Help Them posted at Kayloo.

Hey Bradley – thanks for the submission.  While I like the title – for whatever reason – at the time I went to read the article before publishing – all of your pages are gone!  Hopefully, you’ll have them up soon for the rest of the readers to enjoy.


Woodward Friend presents this is why we can’t have nice things #1: citigroup posted at detroitist.

Hey Woodward Friend – thanks for this post.  Corporate American may not like it – but – the majority of Americans are all for true free-market capitalism.  I say screw CitiGroup and all those other companies looking for a handout from we the people.  I still don’t understand if we the people have told our representatives NO BAILOUT – then why the hell are they still handing out our money to those bastards.  Let capitalism work the way it’s supposed to – no government interference either in good or bad times.  If they fail – they fail – screw them.

SpkTruth2Pwr presents Pre-Reqs for Taking the State Sec’y Job posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “Does Hillary stack up on the job requirements that really counts in order to be a great Secretary of State? Or is this one job she will NOT be good at?”

Well – I don’t share your same optimism.  I wouldn’t have given her a check in any of the categories you used.  Oh well, but then again – I’m one of those evil conservatives!  I just don’t trust either of the Clintons.

Jeremy R. Shown presents This Time Will Be Different. No Really, I Mean It. posted at Rhymes With Clown, saying, “Do we really want to double down on government intervention and regulation?”

“Rhymes With Clown” – a man after this clown’s heart!! I like the way you think Jeremy.  I’m still trying to figure out how those Dems and anti-capitalist can sincerely state that our corporations (any corporation) in this country is unregulated.  I too believe we are seeing the problems we are due largely because of too much government regulation and intervention.

Mike Cavin presents George “Quacking” Bush – Lame Duck?, posted at Inside Government.

A most excellent analysis and explanation of just what a “lame duck” is as it relates to our government.  I must agree with your opinion about GWB as well.  He essentially has already turned over the office to Obama.

Alli presents How to Save the Republic – Part 3 – Repeal the Direct Election of Senators posted at The Smoking Argus, saying, “We must understand that the Central Bankers who sought to regain control over our money supply and monetary policy at the beginning of the 20th century did indeed learn a precious lesson from the demise of the 2nd Central Bank of the United States…”

This is a very long post – but well worth the read.  If anyone is interested in how the Federal Reserve came to pass and how our Senators are complicit with removing the banking powers from our government – this is a very detailed historical account.  Only one thing though – I was under the impression that Senators were still subject to recall by state Governors if the people of the state so choose.  But, I’m in agreement – we need to do away with career politicians.


Wenchypoo presents The Truth About the Economy and Job Creation (L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Hey Wenchypoo – nice to see you again – it’s been a while! You weren’t kidding when you said this was a long post.  But, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  You were right on target with all of your points with regards to our economy being a bunch of individuals conducting transactions.  I too fear what will happen to this economy when Obama gets in and starts adding barriers to business.  If they try to start this “green” business bullshit – we’re REALLY in trouble.  Global warming is a hoax and all the reports coming out have said the earth has actually been cooling the last 7 years and they expect 2009 to be even cooler.  With these types of reports coming out – no investor or venture capitalist would be willing to sink their money in a losing business.  While the rest of the world is coming around and realizing “green” is not the way to go – our government is going to screw us with all these “green” mandates.  Excellent post – your last paragraph is an excellent conclusion.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Has there been any reporting lately of whether or not the Clintons have paid off their campaign debts yet?  Last we heard, Obama had asked his supporters to help out.  Funny thing is – with that $650 million that he raised – surely he could have helped out!

I also understand that none of his supporters came to the Clinton’s aide!

So – we now have headines reporting today of some bailout money being doled out or requested:

Bush wants $25B in loans released to carmakers

I sure as hell hope that doesn’t happen!  Again, being the true capitalist that I am, I say – let them fail!  Plus, considering Barney Frank is asking for a government stake in these companies should we bail them out – I say HELL NO!  We don’t need a nationalized auto-industry.  Part of the reason they are failing is because of government regulation and interference.  If you really want to help out the auto-makers – 1.) get rid of all those stifling regulations you have, 2.) Move them out of Detroit, and 3.) Get the damned unions out of there – union costs and forced benefits make up a little over 30% of the total cost of the car!

Mayors of Philadephia and Phoenix seek bailout share

Holy freakin’ shit already?  They want part of the $700B bailout package because:

“The mayors sought help with their pension costs, infrastructure investment and cash-flow problems stemming from the global financial crisis”

I got a little tip for you guys – CUT YOUR SPENDING!  CUT BACK on the waste in your city budgets!

And, this next one – all I can say it – You gotta be outta your freakin’ mind.  They really have the balls to ask.

Freddie seeks government aid after $25.3B loss

Go to freakin’ hell!  It was partly the fault of this organization run by Democrat insiders that we’re in this freakin’ mess to begin with!  I say, fuck you!  I can’t even believe you have the nerve coming to the American people asking for a damned handout!  Knowing Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and Obama who have been the largest recipients of their charity – I’m sure somehow there will be some arm-twisting to make sure they get some!

Good lord!  Next thing you know. Mexico is going to ask for some of that bailout money!  What? You don’t think it could happen?  It already did – once before – under Clinton.

And..NOW – NOW – Bush comes out saying we need to keep government out of private business?  You idiot! What the hell do you think just happened with that $700B bailout package you approved?  You put government right smack dab in the middle of private business!

Seriously, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Clinton’s didn’t ask for a slice.  You know, considering Hillary is a possible candidate for Secretary of State now!  Is that freakin’ hillyarious or what?  Surely, she can’t have debt like that hanging over her head if she’s to be the representative of this country abroad.  That is a huge national security risk.  So – like I said – it wouldn’t surprise me if the government bails her out of her debt!

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The Tampa Pirate has a good post up about the bailout issue: The Fix Is In!

From MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: It Starts

B.C. over at the Rottie weighed in too:  Who Would Have Seen This Coming?

Vulcan’s Hammer: GM Gets On Line For Some of Our Money

Dave Lamb at Killer Buffalo: General Motors and the Free Market: Why bankruptcy is in order.


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