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Welcome to Superbowl Sunday and yet another great edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics. You will notice we have some new submitters as well as some of the regulars. Please do stop by and let these bloggers know your thoughts regarding their posts.

lsm presents Obama?s New Constitution. posted at awaken the elephants blog.

Kinda scary, isn’t it LSM?  Spot on analysis of his speech there.  But, I’m not surprised.  Michelle Obama herself said it last summer when she was on The View – she said Obama wants to remake this country and to change our culture.  The problem is that too many people just glossed it over and didn’t really pay attention to that statement.  Likewise, other than your analysis – I really haven’t heard anybody else pointing it out as poignantly as you have.  Keep up the great fight!

Nayano Taylor-Neumann presents End racist violence -ban Australia Day? posted at A possie in Aussie.

Wow!  I didn’t realize you guys had such troubles going on down under.  None of that was reported over here.  Seems a shame that a group of racists have hijacked a national holiday.  Seems to me that banning Australia Day would be equivalent to banning our Independence Day.  Do you think that would happen?


seth1492 presents Republican Future posted at Wait Wait… Do Tell Me!.

A post I can agree with.  However, don’t mistake Republicans for Conservatives – two different things.  What you detailed as a plan of action are Conservative principles.  Unfortunately, we have too many RINO’s in the party that are liberal or moderate-left. In addition to Republicans returning to Conservative principles – we need to get the RINO’s out of he party since they are diluting it.

Michael Haltman presents Barack Obama: The Great American Apologist [] posted at The Political and Financial Markets Commentator, saying, “Al-Arabiya Gets The First T.V. Interview With President Obama”

Michael – excellent analysis on that interview – a must see by all my readers in case they did not see/hear the interview themselves.  When I first heard it I just hung my head.  This guy just does not get the full grasp of his position and what it means in the world.  The rest of the world, and especially the muslims, will interpret his words just as you and I have.  America is bad and everything is our fault.  This just gives those islamofascists more ammunition for recruiting more jihadists to do more damage to Americans and American interests.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Obama is an idiot and he is too inexperienced to be our President.

Steve Simbeck presents A definitive work on the state of current affairs posted at No Mato mi Pavo, saying, “The slant of this blog is not hard to define.”

Hey, Steve – welcome back.  I’m glad you posted this up.  I first heard about this last month, just before Christmas, and had intended on doing a post about it – but completely forgot about it.  After reading the deleted words – it all came rushing back again.  I think you are absolutely correct – there is a definite agenda there and you don’t need to be a rocket surgeon to recognize it.

Steve Simbeck presents 4 out of 5 experts agree that 4 out of 5 experts are experts posted at No Mato mi Pavo, saying, “Written just before the inauguration but I think it still resonates.”

Hmmm…very interesting.  I guess I would have to say I’m an expert on superheroes since I watch cartoons!  Silly ain’t it?


Madeleine Begun Kane presents No Quid? No Quo! posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Hi MadKane – welcome back.  Sure – there were concessions – but – this is a bloated spending bill and has absolutely nothing to do with stimulating the economy.  It will only increase the size of government.  This bill could be widdled down to $80Billion if it were truly just an economic stimulus bill.  I stand firm with those who opposed it – including the smart 11 Democrats who opposed it.  Not all the Dems were on “Stretch” Pelosi’s side on it either.


seth1492 presents Gaza Conflict: Tunneling to Egypt posted at Wait Wait… Do Tell Me!.

Hey Seth – I like the visuals.  Good discussion regarding the tunnels and the bombing of them.  Let’s hope Israel gets them shut down completely!

Silicon Valley Blogger presents No 2009 Economic Stimulus Check? How Obama’s Stimulus Plan Affects The Middle Class posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thanks!”

Nice summary of the stimulus plan – if you can actually call it that.  I’ll be posting up a detailed look at it here shortly.  One other thing you might point out regarding that $500 tax credit – other than you are correct – it’s not much – is that the $500 credit will be broken up incrementally over multiple paychecks – and therefore will have very little effect at all.  I don’t think those boneheads up in D.C. ever took a economics class or ever ran their own businesses.  If they did, they wouldn’t be putting stupid crap like what you pointed out in this plan.


Josh presents Government Reform: Oxymoron or Can It Happen? posted at Inside Government.

A great post looking at reform in Indiana.  This could possibly be a microcosmic look at how we can reshape the Federal government.  Great post, Josh.

Greg presents » Blog Archive » Terror shouldn’t be treated like other crimes. posted at

Right on, Greg!  Those idiots on the left who want to treat terrorists like regular criminals just don’t get it.  These guys are considered enemy combatants when captured outside of U.S. territory – so – therefore – they should have not access to our courts as our constitution does not pertain to them.  The article you linked to is very eye-opening.  This is exactly what happens when you treat a terrorist like a regular criminal.

seth1492 presents Livni (Israel) says Bad Idea Barack posted at Wait Wait… Do Tell Me!.

Sorry, Seth – gonna have to agree with Livni on this one.  No head of any state should have open dialogue with rogue and terrorist leaders without preconditions.  Obama is drafting a letter in order to open up direct dialogue with Iran.  This goes against decades of foreign policy.  Not even past Democrat Presidents have ever dealt directly with rogue heads of states without preconditions.  What Obama is doing is very dangerous, and as Livni pointed out, shows weakness in the minds of the Arab world.  Your examples are incomplete.  Reagan never had direct conversations with Gorbachev until all the preconditions were met and only after other delegate teams met with the Russians first.  Obama needs to do the same thing.  Send Shillary or some other delegates first with the preconditions that have to be met first before we open dialogue.  Obama’s letter to Imanutjob will mean that Iran will surely see this as an opening to attack Israel openly.

Buck Says presents Pelosi In Charge: How can That Happen in a Sane World? posted at Buck Says, saying, “Nancy Pilosi and Harry Reed in charge?–We are in real trouble now.”

Hey Buck – I don’t know if you heard the interview with Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor – but – apparently, Obama pretty much said the same thing to him.  When Cantor pointed out to Mr. Obama that the people elected him because he promised change in government and to help the economy they needed tax cuts – Obama told him “I won. I will trump you on that.”  Obama and Pelosi are on the same page there.  I don’t think we will see any real change in government other than to see it get bigger.

Alexander Woods presents Rod Blagojevich: Crooked Politician or Machiavellian Hero? posted at The Daily Destiny.

Howdy Alexander – I guess it depends on how one looks at Machiavelli.  I personally did not see Machiavelli as a hero – I saw him as a crook who would say anything to get what he wants – a smooth talker.  For me – crooked politician and Machiavellian are one and the same.  But, you do justice by pointing out Blago’s absurdity.  Great post!

Allen Scott presents Give me, Give me, and then give me Some More posted at Journey Across the Sky.

Excellent use of scripture for backing up your points there Allen.  I would just change one thing – you say “We do not need bailouts or handouts.  We need repentence.”  Based on what you have written, I can see why you might say we need repentence.  However, I would say we need to take responsibility for our actions and to fix what we screwed up.  Sure, it might be Wall Street’s fault, in concert with our Fed, for the huge economic mess – but – each and every one of us have some responsibility for that downfall as well (part of which you point out.)  Rather than blame government and Wall Street – we need to accept the part we played in it and do what we need to do to fix it so that we can be responsible “parents” and not leave this burden to our children and their children.

Allen Scott presents Inauguration Day posted at Journey Across the Sky.

I actually read this after I responded to your previous submission.  An excellent discussion on taking responsibility rather than looking for that hand out!  Yes we can!  LOL.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Okay – so I watched the inauguration today.  I really didn’t have any interest in watching the overblown and overpriced festivities – but – what the heck – I got a free lunch out of the deal!  While the festivities still continue today – I am most certainly glad this is over.  I’m hoping this Obamamania shit will start to cool down soon.  I wonder just how many idiots out there are buying all this so-called memorabilia?  Have you seen it?  A one dollar bill with a gold-leaf image of Obama painted on it – for $19.95.  A one dollar coin with Obama’s image silk-screened on it for $19.95.  Come on people – you’re spending $20.00 for $1.00!!!!  As a serious pneumismatist – I can tell you that those coins and bills will NEVER be worth the price you’re paying for them.  As a matter of fact, by painting on those coins and bills they are now forever “damaged” in the pneumismatist world.  They have no re-sell value.  Anyway, enough of that.

I think what got me the most during the inauguration was that once again he proved that he is a bumbler when it comes to speaking without a teleprompter – even when he was fed the words – he stumbled on the oath of office.  Not only did he stumble, so did his vice president.

In addition to his stumbling – the stock markets today fell 4% – below the 8,000 mark since November.  It is anticipated that it is going to continue to fall throughout the rest of the week.  If Obama is supposed to be so good for the economy and for business – then can someone please tell me why there is no confidence in the market?

I see both of these as omens of what is to come for this country.  Obama is trying to triangulate and move to the middle and in doing so – he’s already pissed off his far-left-loony followers.  But, his socialist tendencies to spread the wealth and his tax and spend policy is already affecting confidence in the business sector and he just started his job today.

Considering this is actually Clinton’s third term – well – all of the Clinton administration’s third term and the damage they caused this country – we will be in a full blown depression before Obama can finish out his first term.  If there is anything to learn from the Bush administration – it is you can’t spend your way out of a problem.  Bush started this bullshit wheel rolling with the damned bailouts – and now Obama will just continue pushing that wheel down the hill and taking this country down with him.

While I am not looking forward to the socialist Obama agenda – I am most certainly looking forward to breaking down every lame brained scheme he comes up with.  For, as I see it, he will be his own undoing come 2012.  Obama will be a one-term President with his socialist tendencies and with the worst Congress in history being led by the two worst house and senate leaders in history.

Bring it on, bub!

First, the outgoing idiot declares a state of emergency in order to have we the taxpayers foot the $150 Million inauguration for the Obamessiah, now they’re pulling in troops, police, and security forces from around the country too?  This report says this security force will number up to 42,500!!!  Holy freakin’ shit already!  That’s almost half the size of the troop count in Iraq.

I thought we were in the middle of the worst economic crisis in history?  If so, then why the hell are we the people paying for this bullshit?  Why can’t he just take the damned oath inside and simply have it televised?  If we have 7.6% unemployment – how the hell can you justify to all of those out of work people that American taxpayers should support this troop mobilization and pay for all the security and the inauguration ball?  Shouldn’t this man who is all about hope and change decide to change how the inauguration should be done this year if we’re in such economic turmoil?

He’s already started talking about $1 Trillion in new spending!  This guy isn’t about change – he’s all about the same old politics of tax and spend.  If he really wanted to change something, he should start with this exhorbitant inauguration.  These leftards complain about not having enough troops for state emergencies due to Iraq and Afghanistan – yet – we can mobilize 42,500 national guardsmen, soldiers, and police officers for Obama?  What freakin’ bullshit!  Do you realize this is the equivalent of 30 battalions, or 9 regiments, or 5 brigades, or 2 divisions?

Well, given the way his Presidency is starting – there is no doubt in my mind that we will be in a full-blown depression during his entire tenure with the way he plans on spending more money that we don’t have.  It’s time people to start breaking out the pitchforks and sharpening the tines!

Side Note:  I am effectively cut off from the Internet at home right now (having construction done on the house.)  As such, this weekend’s carnival may be late by a few hours.  But, have no fear, it will still be published on Sunday as always.  So far we have 15 submissions.  It’s not too late to get yours in…just click on the link up in the right corner to get yours in.

I can definitely tell many have already moved in to “holiday” mode!  There were only 13 submissions this week.  Still not too shabby, but expected.  Also, I received word this weekend that The BoBo Carnival of Politics will be the featured Carnival again over at Blog Carnival on Monday, December 29th.  So, make sure you guys get your submissions in this week for the December 28th edition as that will be the one seen by everyone that comes by and checks it out.  That will be the last carnival of 2008!  I’m not expecting too many at all that edition anyway considering it’s right in between Christmas and New Years.  Hopefully, there will be enough bloggers out there that have a real life and will be on vacation – unlike this BoBo!

So, without further adieu – here is this week’s edition:


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Why Caroline Kennedy? posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

I’m still wondering just what exactly her qualifications are for being a Senator considering she has no experience in politics at all.  I too am in agreement with Kuby.


ANTHONY PHIRI presents Leaders And Commentators:Views Of A Maverick Intellectual posted at AS Online Journal & Top 10 Website Rankings Index, saying, “It’s all about free speech and meaningful argument, nothing else.”

Interesting blog you have there Anthony.  You might want to check the page you linked to.  Your adsense banner ad cuts right through the middle of your last post, your page bottom banner actually cuts right through the following post, and it appears that something is missing from the top of same article.  Other than that, I enjoyed your discussion on Caroline Kennedy.  But, I would have to disagree with your conclusion – she is in no way prepared to be a Senator in THIS country.

David Lamb presents Mr. Keynes Finds a New Home: The exportation of American economic policy posted at Inside Government.

Another excellent post by those guys over at Inside Government (no, I’m not biased or anything).  Looks like other nations who were against lowering rates during a recession and increasing deficit spending just might be seriously considering it.  David lays it out very well in this discussion.


debergerac78 presents Was Governor Blagojevich really that stupid? posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, “The Illinois governor’s attempt to peddle a Senate seat for money or favors would have Lincoln spinning in his grave.”

I wouldn’t say he is that stupid – I would say that he’s that brazen.  Given he grew up in Chicago politics where corruption is the norm – to him he truly believes he didn’t do anything wrong. Hell, he even challenged the FBI just days before he was arrested. Fortunately for the rest of us and Illinois – this politician is about to find out just how wrong he is and just how wrong and fraudulent those Chicago politicians – like Obama – really are!

Bradley Hankins presents In Response To Part 1 posted at Kayloo.

Ah yes.  I referenced this in a previous post this week related to the bailouts.  Bradley actually has 3 parts to this series with an expected 4th.  There is some idiot out there calling for a boycott of the state of Alabama because of the foreign auto manufacturers there.  These are various responses from Bradley to some of the most ridiculous crap found on that other site.

Aahz presents Parenting And Politics Don?t Always Mix posted at Philaahzophy, saying, “Passionate political beliefs and proper parenting often clash. But these folx took things WAY too far…”

Welcome back Aahz.  When I read this article on Drudge earlier in the week I was absolutely floored.  Those parents are idiots.  Do you really thinks he believes his own bullshit explanations? I feel bad for those kids.  Once they hit mainstream schools their lives are going to be miserable.  Kids can be cruel to one another. It wouldn’t surprise me if teachers begin to refuse to accept or teach them because they will refuse to call them by there names.

Sammy Benoit presents Governor Patterson PICK ME, Not Kennedy posted at YID With LID.

Hey Yid! Shalom. Mashlomech! You got my vote.  I love that line “Jewish by insemination”  Sure to be a classic. :D

Sammy Benoit presents New York Senator Update-Media Bias posted at YID With LID.

Dude – that really sucks.  If they are going to follow her and Al Sharpton – they should have given you equal time as well.  But, I do have to agree – you are more unqualified that Pamela Geller.  You still have my vote. I also have to point out – an inside curve is practically a guaranteed homerun.

SpkTruth2Pwr presents Blago’s Free Market of Political Representation posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “Corruption and free market goes hand in hand in Blago’s Book. Read on!”

Ain’t that the truth!  It’s just the corrupt politics of the Chicago machine.  As stated earlier – he probably really believes he did nothing wrong since this is business as usual in Illinois.  It still amazes me that anybody would think that Obama isn’t corrupt considering he learned his politics by these same people.  But – I still want to hear Bloggy’s side.  It will make for some great entertainment and interesting blogging!

Ron McKie presents White people win again posted at Phuck Politics.

Well – I’m just going to reiterate something I said in a previous post – GWB is a freakin’ idiot.  The good news is that our representatives listened to us this time.  The bad news is – the President is a freakin’ idiot.  I don’t really buy in to your idea that we’re a nation of pussies.  I think what is happening is that a lot of us out here are trying to figure out what we can do short of a complete pillage and takeover of D.C.


Buck Says presents Auto Bailout: A Horse With Two Ends posted at Buck Says, saying, “The Auto Bailout has politicians lining up left and right with little attention to the possible scary results of their actions”

Welcome, Buck!  Well, as we all know – the good news is our representatives heard us.  The bad news is, President Bush is an idiot. One of the other aspects that you failed to mention is that almost $2,000 of any American built car goes directly to those union organized legacy costs.  The foreign automakers are able to put a heckuva lot of cool stuff in their cars for that extra $2000 which is why they are more attractive and affordable.  I agree with your assessment there – bankruptcy never should have been taken off the table.  It would have forced the UAW to make concessions.  Unfortunately, Bush gave the automakers $17.4B with now strings attached.  They just have to submit a plan by viability plan by March otherwise the loan comes due.  My only question is – what if the plans aren’t worth shit and Congress and Obama reject them – how the heck are we taxpayers going to get $17.4B back from the automakers when they won’t have it?

vjack presents Obama’s Inaugural Blunder: Rick Warren posted at Atheist Revolution.

I thought his choice of Warren was pretty odd myself given Obama’s politics and promises to you guys on the left.  Looks like we right-wingers aren’t the only one’s who will be watching now!  But, what surprises me is that it surprises you guys.  He clearly stated in a debate that he is opposed to gay marriage.  Why wouldn’t he invite a pastor who opposes gay marriage to give the invocation?  The reason why I thought it odd that he invited Warren is the fact that Obama is a follower of Black Liberation Theology – why would he invite an Evangelical?  But, still – we on the right were warning you guys on the left for the last year that he’s not showing his true face.  He was only saying what he needed to say to get the power.  He has lied about his entire history and denied his relationships with far-left radicals.  It doesn’t surprise me that he has done an about face.  It looks like you guys will be left without hope because he has changed.  Is this the change you were expecting?

U.S. Common Sense presents Political Blog Listing posted at U.S. Common Sense, saying, “I still need at least four bloggers to volunteer for a free blog review. Anyone who just wants their site listed is more than welcomed to participate.”

Everyone should take him up on this.  It’s a great opportunity to get your site listed and to get some good advise regarding your blog.  He gave me some good pointers – which I haven’t implemented yet – but plan on it.  Sometimes its a good thing to get another eye on things.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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