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Hey All – welcome to the Halloween edition of the BoBo Carnival of Politics.  Given the freakin’ state of the country – it is very appropriate to have such a scary edition.  Make sure you check out all the submissions this week – there are some good ones.  Check out Jodie Reed’s post – a Brit’s take on our American politics. And remember – GET OUT AND VOTE on November 2nd.




Scott Spiegel presents Obama Misquoted: “I Looked Fierce on the Cover of The Advocate!” posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “President Barack Obama demonstrated his pro-gay credentials last week by having Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett renounce comments she had made that 15-year-old gay suicide victim Justin Aaberg had been bullied because of a “lifestyle choice” he had made.”

The Expert presents The Party of No! posted at the Expert’s blog.

Scott Spiegel presents Don’t Let the Statehouse Door Hit You on the Way Out posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “Amidst the embarras de richesses of House and Senate seat pickups Republicans anticipate this midterm election cycle, one plum reward they shouldn’t forget is their likely aggressive gains in gubernatorial contests across the country.”

Michael Cohen presents We Need Some States and Countries To Default posted at Double Dip Recession, saying, “Long-term, it is better if the Democrats win in California, since they will almost surely drive the state to bankruptcy. This may teach the rest of the country a lesson.”


harygarfield presents Research conclusion on beginning thoughts posted at Let’s Think, saying, “Land rights”

Dividist presents Defending Divided Government posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “The Democrats biggest erosion of support from ’08 to ’10 is from the independent, moderate, centrist, libertarian vote. For the most part, these voters are not choosing to vote Republican in 2010 because they like the Republican candidates or because they suddenly have embraced GOP values. They are voting Republican to divide the government in the hope of reining in the Democratic agenda and restoring some semblance of fiscal rationality. The only surprise is that it has taken this long for the left to understand that their core problem was not ennui in the base. Their core problem is they have lost the center.”


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Open Limerick To The Anti-Government Crowd posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Yet Another Limerick Ode To Christine O’Donnell posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.


Steven and Debra presents If God Says Civil Government is Oppressive, Haughty, and Abusive; Why Do Religious Institutions Promote It Anyway? posted at The END TIMES Hoax, saying, “Civil government is not divine.”

Jacob Tree presents Are Social Security and Medicare Ponzi Schemes? posted at Ponzi Schemes 101, saying, “Many younger voters do not realize that the are being taxed at higher rates to support a ponzi scheme that benefits retirees at the expense of younger workers.”

Rick Sincere presents NEA cites Charlottesville Libertarian Examiner in pro-Perriello TV ad – Charlottesville Libertarian | posted at Examiner, saying, “I think the headline speaks for itself …”


theo smith presents Obama’s Nobel posted at Theophillus Smith, saying, “Neutral commentary on the Nobel institution. -Theophillus Smith”

Wenchypoo presents Britain’s Budget Cuts–Two Lessons for America posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

June Tree presents Where Are The High Paying Jobs? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “A look at the job front and where the high paying jobs are today.”

Mike @ jammer(six) presents Early Voting Locations: When, Where, and How? posted at jammer(six).

Mike Tye presents Technical jargon and lies posted at Mikes Simple Blog, saying, “How technical jargon is a huge part of our lives nowadays, including in politics”

Ben Harack presents How the common explanations for poverty are incorrect posted at Vision Of Earth, saying, “Extreme poverty in Africa is often blamed on a ‘democracy deficit’, or the idea that rich nations have stolen the wealth of the poor countries. It turns out that neither of these plays a major role in the persistence of extreme poverty.”

June Tree presents Planning To Roll Over Your 401K To A Rollover IRA? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Some commentary on corporate America. Here’s what’s going on with employee sponsored benefit plans.”

Scott Spiegel presents Banksy Gets Bankrolled by “The Simpsons” posted at Scott Spiegel.

Jodie Reed presents Fall-ing Mama Grizzlies posted at Teadrinking Mom, saying, “The new mom politics is very eye-catching but about as substantial as a toffee apple. A UK mom’s take on US politics.”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Alpha-Political Verse: Election 2010 posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.


Wenchypoo presents South Korea to Send First Food Aid to N. Korea Since 2008 posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket, saying, “North Korea’s falling down…falling down…falling down!”


Ben Harack presents Media speed’s negative effect on politics posted at Vision Of Earth, saying, “It seems that the rampant speed of our news media today is having a deleterious effect on our politics. This article is an attempt to briefly touch on some of these issues.”

DJ Harris presents If I Were President Transparency Page posted at DJ6ual: An Irish Girl’s Blog, saying, “Do you vote? Has the voting process become confusing? Do you really know who you are voting for? Have you ever elected a candidate only to regret your choice later? Most candidates, fearing their opponents might use their positions in attack ads, refuse or only respond to a few questions that their consultants stamp as safe. Each candidate is repeatedly confronted with these issue questions but few to none are willing to tell the truth. These cowardly acts seem to apply to all major parties.”

Michael Wolf presents Letter 2 America for October 20, 2010 posted at letters2america, saying, “What will the Republicans do to us next? It looks like we’re going to find out November 2.”

Preity Smith presents 50 Best Books for Presidential History Buffs posted at

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Hi All – here is this week’s requisite carnival – If you read yesterday’s post – you’ll understand that I didn’t take much time at all to read through all of these.  I apologize to my contributors – I generally try to read everyone’s submissions.

As always – I hope you enjoy them.  If you do, please head on over to the contributor’s blogs’ and let them know.


Scott Spiegel presents Easy But Impossible posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently characterized the likelihood of a resolution from upcoming U.S.-force-fed peace talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as “difficult but possible.” He has it exactly backwards—it is easy but impossible.”

Jason Hammond presents Dismantling of America?s Military posted at FreeOrBound.

Buck Says presents More Economic Bad News posted at Buck Says, saying, “Obama is making progress on his economic plans for America”


Andrew Syrios presents America: It?s Time To Stand Up And Scream ?We Want New Leadership? posted at


Ron Delfs presents Biggest Lessons Learned from the Gulf Spill posted at Environmental Science Degrees.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents My Dream For Glenn Beck … And America posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

vjack presents “Bigotry” is to the Left as “un-American” is to the Right posted at Red State Progressive.


Woman Tribune presents Blogging is Activism — 6 Blogging Events to Get Involved In posted at Woman Tribune.

Jay Smith presents 5 Biggest US Drug Busts posted at Criminal Justice University.

Madoline Hatter presents 25 Fascinating Historical Facts About Beer posted at College Crunch.

Brenda Chapman presents 10 Types of Shelters for Natural Disasters posted at Construction Management Schools.

Jena Ellis presents 10 Ways to Alleviate Road Rage posted at Online Certificate Programs.

Carla presents The State of Fear | Sacred Witness posted at Sacred Witness.

Glowing Face Man presents Questions on Work posted at, saying, “I’m trying to get people to ask some questions about labor/work. Question which I think people really ought to be a little more concerned with, but somehow slip right past everyone.”

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Historical Gas Prices: Economic Indicator? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thanks!”


Michael Wolf presents Letter 2 America for August 23, 2010 posted at letters2america, saying, “When will we ever learn…about tolerance or what works and what doesn’t in geo-political affairs?”

Roger Elmore presents 10 Tell-Tale Signs You?re a Tourist posted at Hospitality Management Schools.

Todd Jensen presents 5 Biggest US Human Smuggling Busts posted at Forensic Colleges.

CreditShout Kevin presents Final Provisions From The CARD Act of 2009 In Place posted at CreditShout.


AndrosenDsouza presents Top 25 Up and Coming Think Tanks in the US posted at Masters in Public Policy, saying, “Political thought and concern for the public agenda is central to many think tanks. This is a list of 25 such organizations you may be hearing more about.”


Dividist presents Ten in Ten Wherein we explore the prospects for restoring divided government by means of the GOP winning the Senate posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “The Dividist 2010 election prediction: The GOP wins 8 or 9 more Senate seats outright, then takes majority control by flipping Lieberman and/or Nelson. They fall a few seats short in the House and Nancy Pelosi continues as Speaker of the House.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you undoubtedly have heard today that Gallup came out with a new poll today.

Conservatives are the largest group in the country at 40%, Moderates at 35%, and Liberals at a measly 21%.  Is it any wonder that the MSM tries so hard to portray this country as Left – Center?  It’s because they know that if you tell a lie enough times it may eventually become the truth.

Next – you’re probably asking why Obama won the election then?  For that, you have to look at the May 19 Gallup Poll that says the GOP losses span nearly all demographics.  Obama didn’t win because the country is moving left – Obama won because the Republicans as a party are moving left.  The poll shows that more people abandoned the Republican party and moved either to Independent or Democrat.  This does not mean that individuals moved from Conservatism to Liberalism.  Obama promised “change.”  While those of us political junkies know and understand we got the change he promised – those who just watch liberal MSM TV news or read regular MSM liberal newspapers never got the full truth.

Conservatism is still alive and is a fundamentally sound principle.  What the results of this poll means for Obama is that come 2010 – with the right Conservative candidate – not some stupid RINOs – the Dems will no longer be in control of Congress and we’ll be able to slow down this madness that Obama has unleashed upon this country.  Come 2012 – the right Conservative candidate will dethrone Teh Messiah.  The thing is, it doesn’t need to be a Republican – it just needs to be someone who believes in Conservative values.  Forget this stupid 2-party system – it doesn’t work.  If you are looking for true Conservative values – check out The American Conservative Party.

I promised Rick Sincere I would post these up last week – things got a little busy here and I didn’t do much posting…so…these are some long videos – but – if you didn’t see these in last week’s carnival – these are a must watch.  This is Adnan Barqawi, a U.S. citizen as of April 17, 2009.  He gave this speech at the Republican Party of Virginia.  This man knows what it means to be an American and he reminds the Republicans of what that means – and it means Conservative values.  While I think the RINOs applauded this fine young man and his words, I don’t believe it resonated enough to make any changes.  Personally, I think the GOP is dead – but – who really cares.  Listen to this speech – it’ll knock your socks off.  If you like it – make sure you post it up at your place as well.

Part 1

Part 2


I received word that The BoBo Carnival of Politics will be featured at Blog Carnival on their front page beginning Monday, November 3rd.  So – in anticipation – I’m posting up this open call to all political bloggers to submit your best of the week.  If you’re not a political blogger but have written something related to politics – this call is open to you as well.

With the carnival being featured, there will be many people coming to this blog to check it out – so – this is your opportunity to strut your stuff and help bring traffic to your places as well.  As I’ve said before – I’m all for helping to promote the blogging community regardless of which part of the political spectrum you fall.  With it being featured on Monday – I suspect I’ll get a lot more submissions for next week’s edition as well.

The submission deadline for this Sunday’s edition is Saturday, November 1 at 10:00pm EST.  Below is the form that will bring you to the submission page. Make sure you provide your trackback URL in your submission!

That’s exactly how I feel right now! Kinda like those dudes from that movie. It seems like things were going swimmingly in the 80′s. I was having a great time. The economy was booming, the music was great, Russia tore down the Berlin Wall, The Soviet Union disintegrated, I had pac-man fever, you name it – it was great.

Then came the 90′s and the Clintons. Apparently, I must have partied my way through it, self-medicating all the way to forget the woes that befell myself and my family. I was on the unemployment line twice during that period. One time for 6 months and another for 2 months. I came close to losing my home to foreclosure, had a car repossessed, had a 2d child born during that time on Medicaid because I couldn’t afford insurance (since I was freakin’ unemployed!) and was struggling just to put food on the table. I was robbing Peter to pay Paul! But, hey! At least I found out that oral SEX wasn’t really SEX!! So – dazed, confused, and self-medicating all the way through the 90′s, I apparently passed out along the way.

The Millenium passed without a hitch – the Y2K global computer crash never came to pass and I woke up – somewhat still dazed – but got up on my feet again. Bush was elected in to office. It started off okay. I was still limping a bit from the 90′s and somewhat skittish to commit to full engagement with the world – then I was dragged in to it kicking and screaming on September 11, 2001. For about a month – our country was united! Everyone had a common goal – to get those bastards that attacked us. Then – everyone else fell asleep – but I was wide awake. Here I am now – looking out the world’s window and I see something so different than it was before. All I can say is, Dude! Where’s my country?

I received this e-mail from one of my e-mail subscribers – we’ll call him Mr. Ed (no, not the talking horse) – he knows who he is – I won’t use his last name to protect him – we wouldn’t want others to know he’s associated himself with a nutty clown!

President Bush did make a bad mistake in the war on terrorism. But the mistake was not his decision to go to war in Iraq. Bush’s mistake came in his belief that this country is the same one his father fought for in WWII. It is not. Back then, they had just come out of a vicious depression. The country was steeled by the hardship of that depression, but they still believed fervently in this country. They knew that the people had elected their leaders, so it was the people’s duty to back those leaders.

Therefore, when the war broke out the people came together, rallied behind, and stuck with their leaders, whether they had voted for them or not or whether the war was going badly or not. And war was just as distasteful and the anguish just as great then as it is today. Often there were more casualties in one day in WWII than we have had in the entire Iraq war. But that did not matter. The people stuck with the President because it was their patriotic duty. Americans put aside their differences in WWII and worked together to win that war. Everyone from every strata of society, from young to old pitched in. Small children pulled little wagons around to gather scrap metal for the war effort. Grade school students saved their pennies to buy stamps for war bonds to help the effort.

Men who were too old or medically 4F lied about their age or condition trying their best to join the military. Women doubled their work to keep things going at home. Harsh rationing of everything from gasoline to soap, to butter was imposed, yet there was very little complaining. You never heard prominent people on the radio belittling the President. Interestingly enough in those days there were no fat cat actors and entertainers who ran off to visit and fawn over dictators of hostile countries and complain to them about our President. Instead, they made upbeat films and entertained our troops to help the troops’ morale. And a bunch of those actors even enlisted.

And imagine this: Teachers in schools actually started the day off with a Pledge of Allegiance, and with prayers for our country and our troops! Back then, no newspaper would have dared point out certain weak spots in our cities where bombs could be set off to cause the maximum damage. No newspaper would have dared complain about what we were doing to catch spies. A newspaper would have been laughed out of existence if it had complained that German or Japanese soldiers were being ‘tortured’ by being forced to wear women’s underwear, or subjected to interrogation by a woman, or being scared by a dog or did not have air conditioning.

There were a lot of things different back then. We were not subjected to a constant bombardment of pornography, perversion and promiscuity in movies or on radio. We did not have legions of crack heads, dope pushers and armed gangs roaming our streets.

No, President Bush did not make a mistake in his handling of terrorism. He made the mistake of believing that we still had the courage and fortitude of our fathers. He believed that this was still the country that our fathers fought so dearly to preserve.

It is not the same country. It is now a cross between Sodom and Gomorra and the land of Oz. We did unite for a short while after 9/11, but our attitude changed when we found out that defending our country would require some sacrifices. We are in great danger. The terrorists are fanatic Muslims. They believe that it is okay, even their duty, to kill anyone who will not convert to Islam. It has been estimated that about one third or over three hundred million Muslims are sympathetic to the terrorists cause… Hitler and Tojo combined did not have nearly that many potential recruits. So… We either win it – or lose it – and you ain’t gonna like losing.

America is not at war.
The military is at war.
America is at the mall.

Unfortunately, this is so sadly true. I listen to the news and radio talk show to and from work – and all I can do is shake my head and wonder what the hell happened to this great country. It was reported today that yet again the New York Times is spilling secrets! This time they announced our plans for hunting down Obama Osama Bin Laden.  Go figure!

I also have to sit back and wonder why are there so many people so willing to listen to a snake oil salesman pushing nothing but “Hope and Change” and they’re all buying it hook, line, and sinker!  This country was once a great democracy and republic where men and women worked hard to get ahead and accepted responsibility for their actions.  Blood, sweat, and toil built this country – and – no – I’m not referring to slavery.  I’m talking about the great expansion westward.  We were industrialists, farmers, and Americans!  We used our hands and skills to build everything and did not look to the government to help us.  Now, a majority of this country seems to be so willing to move towards socialism!  Political correctness has taken over the language.  Hell, we can’t even pass a bill to formerly make English the national language because it’s discriminatory!

Too many people out there have become fat, lazy, and complacent willing to just sit around that idiot box and complain that Corporate America owns this country and the government needs to fix it.  The only way the government can fix this country is to GET THE HELL OUTTA THE WAY!  The problems we are having are BECAUSE of the government.  They have created so many laws, rules, regulations, codes, etc – that we can’t advance this great nation any longer.  We have people supporting Obama because he will “change” the way they do business in Washington.  They WANT the government to take care of them.  They WANT the government to give them free healthcare (but, it ain’t free is it – we hardworking taxpayers are actually paying for it).  They WANT the government to take over the oil companies.  They WANT the government to bail them out of their mortgages even though it was their fault for buying a home they knew the couldn’t afford on terms they knew they couldn’t meet.  They WANT the government to create and enforce “Green Laws.”

Again, I have to ask – Dude, Where’s my country?  This is not what our founding fathers saw for our future.  They envisioned a nation of free-thinkers, independent from Government control and rule.  They escaped from England for the sole purpose of being able to live freely without interference from the King.  They created a constitution that limited the powers of the Government and gave all that power to the people.  So, why and how is it the Government now has ALL the power?  If you don’t think so, try to not pay your taxes one year.  Try to cut down a tree in front of your house without a permit.  Try to go hunting without a license.  Try saying a prayer out loud in a public school.  Try displaying any symbol of Christianity in any public venue.  It seems the only ones in this country who can break the laws and not be punished are those who are here illegally sapping up all of our resources and living off the American taxpayer.

We have given over the national security of this country to foreignors.  We are wildly dependent on Mexico, Canada, and the Middle East for our energy needs when we have all the resources to be 100% independent in our own country!  Our national landmarks and major corporate buildings are being bought out by foreign investors from Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the Netherlands.  The majority of our consumer goods are now being manufactured in China.  Our mainstay convenience stores are owned by the Japanese and supplying gasoline made from Venezuelan oil.

Almost every single independently owned gas station in this country is owned either by Indians (no, not the natives) or Middle-easterners.  Local hair & nail salons are owned by the Koreans.  I think all the food court kiosks are owned by the same chinese people.  Have you ever noticed that regardless of what kiosk it is (other than Chic-fil-A, BK, or McDonald’s) there are chinese people behind the counter?  The top spots of some of our finest higher education institutions are going to foreignors on student visas and 100% paid American taxpayer funded grants – yet – we can’t seem to get our own students in to community colleges because they’ve been so dumbed down by an inept liberal education system they can’t get the necessary SAT scores to qualify for the better schools. It looks like the only one’s living the American Dream are the foreignors.

I haven’t been living on this planet for very long.  However, I do read books, I listen to the radio, I study history, I read the newspapers, and I stay in touch with the latest advancements in technology.  What I see today is not a country that I recognize any longer.  We are already on a path towards socialism.  The Democrats should just change their party to the Socialists and the Republicans can be the Democrats now.  Those of us on the right who still live with conservative values and morals are becoming a small bunch.  It seems more people are left-leaning than ever.  What is confusing is that recent Rasmussen poll stated that 62% of this country want less social services and lower taxes – yet they are so willing to vote in a socialist who admittedly associated himself with Marxist professors in college.  If they vote in Obama, we will undoubtedly become a socialist nation while the rest of the world is moving towards independence and capitalism.  It’s been proven that socialism, communism, and marxism does not work.  The only one’s who have the power and the money under those systems are the elite politicians.  The little people suffer greatly – yet – that’s the way this country is headed!

Dude, Where’s my country?


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