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Happy belated Valentine’s day everyone.  I hope you all had a great day yesterday!  So sorry for the late posting on this.  I had an unbelievable amount of submissions this past week.  It took a long time to get through them.  I hope you enjoy them all as much as I did.


Selkirk presents Question of the Week: President Obama’s Honeymoon Over So Soon? posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America, saying, “Political Castaway answers a reader’s question as part of its its weekly feature. This week’s question focuses on an assessment of the honeymoon period of the Obama Presidency.”

Between your response, Pitcairn’s response, and Hytholoday’s response to the question – I have very little to add.  I say you all hit the main points.  But, given the way the MSM completely glossed over this pork filled bill and did not hold Obama or Congress’s feet to the fire on it – I would say their lovefest with Obama is still going on.

Michael Haltman presents Cheerleader In Chief – Or Not? [] posted at The Political and Financial Markets Commentator, saying, “Nobody is looking for the President to get up in front of the country and spin the current crisis into a peaches and cream scenario. What we do look for, or at least I look for, is some semblance of hope that the administration is on track to address and solve the problem.”

Hey Michael – Obama is taking his plays directly out of FDR’s playbook of putting fear the in the people and telling them the only way to fix it is to turn to the government for help.  He’s a socialist through and through and is advancing the agenda of big government by pointing the fingers at capitalism and big business.  Regarding Geithner – we saw how Wall Street reacted to his bogus plan.  Obama’s mistake there was letting a cheat takeover and try to tell the rest of the cheats how to run their businesses!

Selkirk presents Question of the Week: After Stimulus, What’s Next? posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America.

Ummm…socialism!  Well, I simplified it – but – I think you guys nailed it all!  Where have you been before now?  I really enjoy reading your take on the current issues.  Great post again! I’ve read all the other posts that follow this one – and – rather than comment on each of the other ones individually – I’ll just say – for all my readers – please do go check out the rest of these yourself.  These guys are really spot on with their assessments (well, if you lean Conservative or Libertarian that is).  You guys must drive the lefties as loonies as I do!

Selkirk presents Support For the Stimulus Must Be Based On Ideology Because It Surely Is Not Based on Economics or History posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America.

Selkirk presents Employee Free Choice Act: An Insult to American Workers posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America.

Selkirk presents Obama: Having His Cake and Making Us Choke On It posted at Political Castaway Blog: Broadcasting Conservatism to Rescue America.


nickel presents $15,000 Homebuyer Tax Credit posted at

Welcome, Nickel – just out of curiousity – just how is that tax credit applied?  Most homebuyers pay their taxes through escrow and when you buy a home – you only pay the outstanding amount of property taxes through the rest of the year.  The actual purchase of the home isn’t taxed – at least here in Florida its not – you only pay property taxes.  If the purchase price of a house was taxed at local rates – who the hell could ever afford to buy a home?  Any down payment made would only be paying for the sales tax.  For example – a $300,000 home taxed at our local 7% rate would be $21,000.  So – do you know exactly how this tax credit is applied?  My annual property taxes are $2,200.  Would that credit be extended over a 4 year period?  Does the Federal Government give that tax money to the cities and counties then if it’s not coming from the homebuyer?

American Packet presents Dems Must Be Absolutely Plastered on Absolute Power posted at American Packet.

Welcome to the Carnival Packet – you are so right on track here!  Sure, the Dems may be out of their minds crazy with power – and I believe you appropriately pointed out the hypocrisy of the Republicans.  Those freakin’ idiots passed that TARP unquestioningly – and now they grow a pair?  Great post.  I hope you come back again with another great submission like this.

lsm presents A Fork in a Very Dark Road. posted at awaken the elephants blog.

“Which path will we choose?” – Well, I believe the good news is that there are many more Americans now opposing these policies of Congress and Obama (based on the outcry from this stimulus package) and that more and more people are starting to wake up and pay attention.  The politicians have been keeping Americans divided and the idiot box and American Idol have been keeping them pacified.  Unfortunately, the path I see is taking is leading either to another civil war or a complete revolution.  I see some good days coming again in the future, but, we the people are going to have to go to battle against our own government to get there.  My hopes are that enough people get to the ballot box on 2010 and vote all those idiots out this time around which will avoid the revolution.  Time will tell.

Michael Haltman presents Tim Geithner Speaks posted at The Political and Financial Markets Commentator, saying, “I Heard A Lot Of Noise, But I Didn’t Hear Anything

I just listened to the Geithner speech, and to tell you the truth I did not hear anything along the lines of firm direction, but to be honest it sounded like more of the same.”

Bwahahaha!  That’s what I got out of it also!  Blah blah blah, we’re not calling it TARP anymore, blah blah blah, but we’re going to do the same thing that we proposed to do in the first place blahdity blah blah.

Sarah Scrafford presents The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Blackberry (Obama’s) posted at Masters in Criminal Justice.

Howdy again Sarah.  The only real thing that I like about Obama is his ability to utilize today’s technology in a very cogent and effective manner.  I would say that his ability to grasp today’s technology is really what helped him to win this election.  However, regarding his use of a Blackberry – I only see some major problems coming down the road.  While I did take note of the points you made regarding the security of his blackberry – the fact that hackers can still get in to the Pentagon computers and other government computers – I have no doubt that they will eventuall get in to his blackberry.  This is a very dangerous tool for him to be using as the President.  I think he needs to give this up for at least the next 4 years.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Hey Republicans, Go Filibuster Yourselves! posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Surely, Mad Kane, you must see just how dangerous this stimulus bill is?  Neat little poem – but – I wish the Dems would call their “bluff.”  I believe this time the Repubs would actually have gone through with it given the fact that every nobel winning, nobel laureate, and well respected economist in this country said this bill is doomed to fail and will cause this country more harm than good.  Whether the Repubs did it for political gain or not – standing against this bill was the right thing to do for this country and for the people.

steven germain presents “There Is No Such Thing As Raw, Analloyed, Agendaless Kindness” – David Foster Wallace posted at Rough Fractals, saying, “I hope you will consider posting this, thank you.”

Amen, Steven!  You are absolutely correct in that a stimulus package should be based on only measures that would actually stimulate the economy – including the infrastructure projects.  Obama was able to claim there were no earmarks in this bill because there was no one identified specifically that would receive any of the money.  Sure, that is one way to get around saying that giving money specifically to the city of San Francisco for saving a swamp rat isn’t an earmark because Nancy Pelosi wasn’t specifically identified as the benefactor – but -we all know its an earmark.  The problem is as you identified – there is no one identified in the bill as the “banker” to control how the money is spent or who will be responsible for overseeing that spending to make sure it goes only for waht it was intended.  Great post.

Nayano Taylor-Neumann presents Who will take Australian refugees? posted at A possie in Aussie.

Hi Nayano – my sympathies go out to you Aussies in the wake of that horrible firestorm you had going on over there.  But, climate change refugees?  Pretty funny.  It’s being reported over here that the fires were started due to arsons and they have been caught.  I don’t see how this is related to “climate change” myself.  Besides – we know that “climate change” is just another made up term so they don’t have to say “global warming” and embarass themselves given the fact that the science has proven we’ve been in a 7 year cooling period.


The Smarter Wallet presents Will The Obama Economic Stimulus Check and 2009 Stimulus Plan Save The Economy? posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Thanks!”

Well, the I certainly believe the points you indicated in your discussion will probably help stimulate the economy in a relatively minor way – except for the fact the CBO states that very little of that money will be spent within the first year.  The problem with the stimulus package in its current form is that only 38% of it is actually stimulus.  The remaining is all pork-barrel spending.  Good post!

Piotr Stepien presents Be Mass Media Free posted at we overstep, saying, “Improve your awareness and mental health. Stop addiction to news, television shows and any low level mass media. Be mass media free and turn your time into something productive.”

Howdy Piotr – there have been many studies out there that absolutely prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the amount of hours a kid spends in front of the TV is directly proportional to their grades and knowledge.  However, there has also been a revolution with TV these days compared to when we were kids.  There are now educational channels on TV that I find very fascinating and I have learned much from them and I encourage my kids to watch them as well – Discovery Network, Science Channel, National Geographic Channel, Sprout TV, etc.  Sure, we might be getting information from the boob tube – but – at least it is more educational than watching American Idol and all those other stupid reality shows.  However, I still feel it is better to get your education through reading and hands on experience.  When you read you improve your comprehension and you have to use the little pictures in your mind to get to an understanding.  It helps to improve creativity as well.  I’m with ya on this one!

Silicon Valley Blogger presents 2009 Economic Stimulus Package: Obama’s Plan For Your Money? Tax Cuts and Spending posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thanks!”

“My Biggest Concerns: if you look at the charts above, it shows how the big money is going to general spending, with a large chunk reserved for “federal and state government”. And if you look into the details more carefully, you’ll see funding going to things that don’t necessarily promote economic revival.”

Well – it has been pointed out everywhere that the only thing this bill truly does is expand government and does very little at all to stimulate this economy.  As with all your posts – this ranks right up there with the best.  This is a great look at the stimulus package and what we can expect as a result.  I like your analogy of the comatose patient.


Jon Chambers presents Blind Loyalty (Article) posted at The Mind Of Jon.

Hey Jon – welcome to The Carnival!  This was a very refreshing article, Jon.  Too often I come across other bloggers and other people in my day-to-day life that are blindly supporting Obama without question.  The fact this stimulus bill passed is a great example.  While 63% of Americans opposed this bill in its form, it passed along party lines in Congress.  Congress is blindly following Obama rather than do what they are supposed to be doing – checks and balance.  Don’t get me wrong – when Congress was under Republican control – they did the same thing for Bush.  I agree that people need to get over their infatuation with Obama and start questioning him.  As a conservative, I will always be questioning his ideas and policies.  I did the same when Bush was in office.  I’m glad to see someone from the “other” side will be paying close attention as well.

Bob O presents Just What Is A Bill and How Does It Become Law? posted at Inside Government, saying, “A very detailed look at how ideas become a bill and gets put in to law – this goes beyond our elementary education from School House Rock.”

Yeah – I know – I wrote this myself and I’m tooting my own horn!  But, its still a good educational piece.

Bill Brown presents Cargo Cult Capitalism posted at The New Clarion, saying, “Why does the Third World have such trouble adopting capitalism? I use the metaphor of the post-WWII cargo cults to explain.”

Excellent post Bill – and welcome to The Carnival.  I’m glad you took the time to mention that our government’s newly found adoption of Keynesian doctrine is leading this country down the wrong path.  Capitalism only works when governments get out of the way.  Unfortunately, those third-world nations, such as Ethiopia, will never be able to recreate our success until their governments are reformed as well.  It’s just sad to see that our “great experiment” may be dying now with socialism creeping in to the government.

U.S. Common Sense presents Response to Glenn Hall: Chevron’s Big Oil Find posted at U.S. Common Sense, saying, “I know I owe you some articles. :) This article discusses the frustration related to our dependence on oil and the President’s/media’s constant practice of ignoring hydrogen power. A hydrogen economy is not only a great “stimulus/job creation” plan but it also gives us a new growth market in the future that provides a return on investment.”

U.S. – another great post as usual!  If I’m not mistaken, I believe there are already fully functional hydrogen fueled cars in South America and hydrogen fueling stations as well.  In fact, I remember reading somewhere that there are at least 50 different models that have been produced, some of them by our auto manufacturers.  Hydrogen is most definitely a cheap renewable fuel – I don’t see why we haven’t moved closer to it now!

vjack presents Investing in Infrastructure is a Matter of National Security posted at Atheist Revolution.

Hey there again, VJack – Actually, the GOP wasn’t against the infrastructure spending as it does help to stimulate the economy by providing jobs.  The GOP was standing up against things that did not actually belong in a stimulus bill like giving money for public health, saving a rat in a swamp, increasing government employee pay, and buying golf carts for federal employees in D.C.  When you look at the CBO breakdown of the bill – all infrastructure spending was placed in the stimulus side of the pie.  I do agree with you that infrastructure is a matter of national security.  Giving amnesty to illegals and providing them healthcare is not.

Piotr Stepien presents Money Free World posted at we overstep, saying, “Will politicians ever support this idea?”

Hmmm…don’t see how it could ever work.  Any form of trade and barter in an economy will have a value placed on it.  Money as we know it today would just be replaced with another system of value.  I get you are talking about a form of exchange – but – a value would have to be placed on each item to be exchanged.  At this time, it’s based on monetary values.  Nice thought though.

SpkTruth2Pwr presents New Age Curse of the Cabinet Secretary posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “Another Obama appointment falls by the wayside, this time on policy differences. Is acting in a post-Bush cabinet position a political curse?”

Nice to see ya again.  Just wanted to point out that Gregg didn’t withdraw his nomination because of irresolvable conflicts stemming from the stimulus package.  It has everything to do with Obama’s wishes to move the Census in to the hands of the Chief of Staff this is counter to the constitution.  According to the Constitution the Census is done at the control of Congress.  The President should not have anything to do with the census as it is a conflict.  By giving the census to Rahm Emanuel it is putting it under the President’s control.

Ron McKie presents This is awesome posted at Phuck Politics.

I’d vote for her!  She’s more than qualified than any dickhead that is currently serving in Congress.  At least she already has experience taking it in the ass!

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As always – we have yet another great carnival this week.  You will see some very familiar “faces” as well as some new ones.  There are 17 to read this week.  Still hasn’t beaten our record of 23 yet!  But, we’re getting close.  Also, considering all the crap that happened this past week with Blogajogawhatever – you’ll notice there are very few submissions related to him.  Which is great considering I’ve had enough of that coverage!


Steve Simbeck presents If you aren’t solid as a rock you will sink like a stone posted at No Mato mi Pavo, saying, “With the potential filibuster by Republicans of the Auto Industry Bailout, this post takes on some additional meaning”

I think your last line says it all!  I think this country would be better off if Congress would just take a permanent vacation!  Excellent post, btw, on a filibuster and what it is.  Personally, I think it’s just a waste of time.  Robert KKK Byrd holds the record for the longest filibuster in history – yet – they still passed the Civil Rights Act despite his racist rant.  It’s just a delay tactic anyway, it doesn’t necessarily change the votes.


Ben Connor Barrie presents Stop Asking, Start Taking posted at Grown Ass People, saying, “A socialist leaning rant decrying workers being left out of the recovery.”

Welcome, Ben!  I probably don’t even have to tell you that I disagree with your proposal and to model it after Argentina.  First – I still don’t understand why you guys are blaming Bank of America for the failure of the company?  The people in that company got screwed by their management – not by the bank.  Also, considering it was a union shop – I can guarantee you the biggest problem that led to the downfall of that plant was the unions and the concessions the company’s management had to make in order to stay in business.  Unions are holding capitalism hostage.  Unions are the epitome of anti-progress in a capitalist system.  In order to operate in a free-market, business owners need to be able to make decisions that move a business forward.  Unions help to keep businesses from progressing by denying management the ability to make the hard decisions that are required on a day-to-day basis.  When unions force management to give them things they don’t deserve and can’t be supported under normal market forces, those businesses are doomed to fail.  While you make your case well, I just can’t see it ever happening here in the U.S.


Wenchypoo presents Interstate 5: The Road to Serfdom (L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket, saying, “Originally written back in 2006, so keep that in mind when you read. Also, I’m doing my best to help Bobo drive the Loony Left loonier!”

I certainly appreciate the assistance Wenchypoo!  BTW – I assume you were a Bugaloos fan as a kid?  Our younger readers may not understand that reference! LOL.  I lived in Monterey for a year while I was in the USAF.  While it was a great party state – man – the locals could drive you crazy!  I’m glad you grew up and came to your senses.  This post is just as relevant today as it was 2 years ago when you wrote it.

Wenchypoo presents Updated: Will The REAL Economy Please Stand Up? (L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket, saying, “Originally written back in January, then updated in September.”

Boy – you do like those long posts don’t you?  But, again – this is great.  I don’t see how you could have stated any of that in a shorter post. Your first paragraph is pretty ironic if you wrote that in September.  Barney Frank just answered that question on Friday – he said the economy is made up of individuals and there are no corporations!  Freakin Idiot.  This is a very detailed and well written post detailing just what our economy is and how it is measured in case anyone needs to be schooled about it if they’ve forgotten any of the ECON-101 classes!


The Mayor presents Mitchieville » Blog Archive » The joy of homelessness, part 4 posted at Mitchieville, saying, “Homelessness-it’s all it’s cracked up to be”

Wow!  I don’t even have any words for that post!  Good one, mate!

DWSUWF presents If they take the bailout – boycott GM and Chrysler. Buy a Ford. posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “In my dreams, Americans vote with their car buying dollars and stop buying products from any company that solicit government bailouts. This might be tough to do with the banking industry which has effectively been nationalized, leaving few choices. But it is certainly something that Americans can do when choosing to buy a car between Ford, Chrysler, and GM. If Ford declines the taxpayer money , Ford deserves the support of American car buyers. If GM and Chrysler take taxpayer money, they do not deserve the support of American car buyers.”

Nothing more to add here DWSUWF – well said!  But, until they kick those unions out – I’ll just keep my Toyotas!


Alvaro Fernandez presents Grand Rounds 5:12 – Healthcare Reform Q&A posted at SharpBrains, saying, “A virtual conversation between Obama and the healthcare blogosphere.”

Very creative!  Those are all great ideas as long as it is not under a national socialized healthcare program.  I think your first round on health insurance nailed it on the head.

Jim presents Obama’s 21st Century New Deal: An Economic Stimulus posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Ummm..hasn’t it been proven that FDR’s “New Deal” actually prolonged the Great Depression and because he delayed the economic recovery he was able to institute those socialist programs?  I fear that Obama will do the same thing.  Personally, I don’t see any prosperity in his plans.  What I see is more out of control spending during a major economic downturn leading to another major depression.  If we want economic and financial prosperity – he needs to reduce the size of government and NOT promote more spending.  He should be making cuts.  These sound like good ideas – but – I only hope he waits until the economy has recovered before he spends money we don’t have.  Bushco has screwed us with his spending – we don’t need more of it right now.

C.G. Salgado presents PUERTO RICO IS ABOUT TO EXPERIENCE THE DOWNSIDE OF A LOCAL BAILOUT posted at UP TO THE MINUTE, with C.G. Salgado!!!, saying, “Our local government tried a bailout, but in the long run, failed to provide the help to people who needed it the most.”

Great post C.G. – our own government could learn from this.  But then again – when have they ever learned from failure?  We’re letting the same people who screwed us be in charge of fixing it! Go figure!

Ron McKie presents Tell me again how people take Sean Hannity serious? posted at Phuck Politics.

Yup – that was funny the first time I read this and saw that video at your place.  I don’t know – do you think he was trying to capitalize on Emo week or something?


debergerac78 presents Rendell’s apology for Napolitano comment is a flop! posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, “How NOT to apologize for a gaffe–by pretending it isn’t one.”

I still don’t really see what he had to apologize about! ;)

Super Saver presents Political Ironies from the Financial Crisis posted at My Wealth Builder.

I like all three you mention here.  However, it is the very first one that I like the most.  I’ve been wondering the same thing myself.  Why is one of the main culprits of our economic turmoil now in charge of fixing it?

Edmund Harriss presents Responsibility of Mathematicians posted at Maxwell’s Demon, saying, “How mathematicians should become involved in politics and the wider world.”

Edmund – welcome to the carnival.  Excellent essay on mathematics and the way our world uses it.  Personally, I love math.  I’m one of those linear thinking people that needs logic.  You briefly touched on financial mathematical modelling and how it relates to the mess we’re in and the fact that real mathematicians are not actually involved in those models.  I totally believe that.  What we have now are politicians, accountants, and corporate leaders building these models to suit their needs.  I’m actually a stats geek and I know how numbers can be manipulated to say what you want.  Well, those financial models certainly said what the politicians wanted didn’t they – nevermind what it meant to the people.  I don’t see anything wrong with classical mathematics.  It’s pure in its form when used appropriately and not muddied by politics and greed.  I hope you do find some solutions to some of our world’s problems with your math talents!

Archvillain presents Get Over It! posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, “Will you people PLEASE give it a rest?”

Archvillain – not all of those cases against Obama headed to the supreme court are meritless…and…not all of us are crazy for thinking that the constitution should be upheld, especially as it comes to the status of the individual running for president.  This is an issue that needs to be heard and put to rest by SCOTUS. In fact, the Wrotnowski case went for full review on Friday and the decision is due out tomorrow morning (December 15th, 2008) at 10:00am.  Other than that – sure – I agree.  It’s time to move forward and to kick this bum out of office as soon as possible.  He’s making things worse every day.

Howard Ditkoff presents Publicizing The Threat of Personality Disorders Among Those in Positions of Power posted at Blog, saying, “Recent political scandals – including those involving ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich – awaken us to the dangers posed when sociopaths or those with serious personality disorders use their charm and persuasion to attain positions of power.”

Do you honestly believe that Blogodgdvjsch really is psychotic?  Is it possible they are just trying to set this guy up to make him irrelevant in case he tries to point his finger at Obama?  Hmmm.  Great post!  Hey, if it worked for Hitler, Jim Jones, and Obama Castro – why not for these guys?

Bob O presents Separation of Church and State – Part I posted at Inside Government, say, “A historical look at the First Amendment and the origins of the idea behind the “wall of separation.”

I know – I wrote this one – but – it was my turn in the queue.  Anyway – if you didn’t know, there is nothing in the constitution that says there should be a separation between church and state.  This is a non-partisan look at the origins.  More to follow on this issue.  If not by myself – then one of the other contributors will follow up.

Quisani presents The Disgrace of American Politics posted at The Quisani League.

Agreed, Quisani – I already did my rant on this so I won’t go in to it again!

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Again! I have the great pleasure of hosting some really great posts from this past week from some really great bloggers. Bet you can’t figure what a lot of them are about?


ChristianPF presents McCain/Obama – Who is better for your money? posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, “A debate over which candidate is better for your wallet”

Actually – that’s the question posed over at this blog.  It’s up to you as the commenters to debate the issue.

Hairy Swede presents Doing My Civic Duty in Sweden posted at A Swedish American in Sweden, saying, “An American abroad votes conservative. From a very non-conservative country.”

Having grown up in the military and serving myself – I found myself abroad on two occasions in which I had to vote absentee as well.  I commend you for doing your civic duty – and from so far away at that!  When I was reading your first paragraph – I had to chuckle – as that was NEVER my experience when I was in Europe!  Then I got to your follow-up – good one!

Steve Parry presents Congratulations To Barack Obama posted at The Axis, saying, “Setting the record straight.”

Excellent post, Steve.  While I am not predicting doom and gloom myself – I will agree that Obama will most definitely weaken the U.S.  The Republicans lost this election because a.) McCain was a very poor choice of candidate, and b.) The Republicans forgot who they were and lost their way.  They kinda forgot they were supposed to be AGAINST big government, didn’t they? This is an excellent call to conservatives and to D.C. Republicans to return to their roots.

Curry Kenworthy presents Conservatives don’t really understand elections posted at Curry Kenworthy, saying, “Conservatives are brilliant on the issues, but liberals know how to get out the vote–and change the culture.”

Eh! I sorta agree.  There was a huge turnout during the Reagan years to get people involved.  However, for the most part, I would agree with a lot of the rest of what you have to say.  In fact, Obama used technology brilliantly as compared to the McCain campaign.  You wouldn’t believe how many “MyObamaSpace” pages I came across.  Apparently, they set up their own Obama campaign social network.  Additionally, they collected millions of cell phone numbers and were sending out texts messages regularly on election day to get those young’ns out there to vote.  The turnout was the same as in 2004 – but – they pulled the youth vote in that wasn’t there before.  I think a lot of Republicans and Conservatives stayed home this year.


The Hip Hop Democrat presents Jay-Z running for Mayor of New York City in 2009? posted at The Hip Hop DEMOCRAT.

Now that is funny!  But, let me also remind you of a few other celebrity politicians – mostly from the past: Ronald Reagan, Sonny Bono, Al Franken, Fred Grandy, P.T. Barnum (yes, THAT P.T. Barnum), Bill Bradley (former basketball player), Clint Eastwood (I lived in Monterey when he was the Mayor of Carmel), and John Glenn (former astronaut) just to name a few.  The most recent ones we have are Al Franken and Jerry Springer.  But, you’re right – I can’t see Jay-Z being the Mayor of NYC either.  I can’t see him filling the same shoes as Bloomberg, Giuliani, Koch, and LaGuardia, just to name a few of the great ones!


Sarah Scrafford presents Obama vs. McCain: What the Next President Will Mean for Day Traders posted at Currency

Well, I personally don’t know much about day trading.  I’m in it for the long haul.  But – if I have any day traders who read this blog – there is some good info over there.  While this is initially a comparison of both candidates – now that Obama has been elected – this is a good primer to follow up and see how Obama fares in the economy and what happens with the market.

TheMoneyHawk presents Reality Check: The President Can’t Save Us, Nor Should He posted at The Money Hawk, saying, “Everyone in the country needs to read this article, period.”

Ahh, yes!  A financial blogger after my own heart!  I’m a firm believer in personal responsibility!  Most excellent post – a good read for everyone!

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Celebratory Limerick posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

We’ll see! This freakin’ two year election cycle put a world of hurt on this country!


Sam Douglas presents Mandatory Internet Censorship and our Right to Choose posted at Philosophy Hurts Your Head.

You know, I read about this and heard about this on the news.  I sure as hell hope they don’t try to pull this kinda shit here in the U.S.  I feel bad for you Aussies.  You’d think your government was being led by the Chinese or something!

Hortois presents Pumpkin for President posted at The Compost Heap, saying, “light hearted”

Um – okay – we’ll let it slide by THIS time!  If it weren’t for that little pun at the end there – I probably would have nixed this one.  And..considering Thanksgiving is up next here in the U.S. – and – I just LOVE pumpkin pi ;) – these are good tips for pumpkin growers and gardners.

Ron McKie presents Hide the children posted at Phuck Politics.

OMG!  Too funny – and yet – at the same time – so sad!  Is this the next generation to lead our country! Lord help us.

GrrlScientist presents Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Election Eve 2008 Celebration in NYC’s Times Square posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “One of the nice things about living in NYC is the fact that there are often fun things happening that are both spontaneous and free-of-charge. One of those events occurred last evening and continued through the wee hours of today, when I spent election eve in NYC’s Times Square, along with half a million other people.”

You know – when I first read this – the first thing that came to mind was the last South Park episode with half the town celebrating, getting drunk, tipping cars, and puking everywhere (especially after seeing the picture of the guy hanging on the streetlight – that’s EXACTLY what Stan’s dad did, LOL) – while the other half of the town were either hiding in bunkers or killing themselves.

Those are some great pix you have up there.  My favorite is the close-up of the police officer.  Excellent blend of pix to illustrate your content.  I enjoyed your journey!

John Kaduk presents Russia Starts Taking Advantage Of Obama posted at The Right Wing.

THIS must be what Biden was talking about!  We’ll see, John!  I see the cold war starting all over again under an Obama Presidency.  I’m sure his weak ass will back off.  After all, he’d rather TALK – which won’t mean shit to Putin!

Ron McKie presents Fuck this day posted at Phuck Politics.

Had a bad day did we Ron? I wish I had done as you and watched some movies instead of torturing myself through the evening watching all of that.  My sentiments exactly!


David Lamb presents Riding the Wave of Recession: A history of economic depression in presidential politics posted at Killer Buffalo, saying, “I didn’t realize you did the carnival so often. I’m glad I didn’t miss my chance!”

One of my fellow bloggers from Inside Government! But – oh, David – how dare you try to tell us that Clinton left Bush with a higher debt than he started with!  Don’t you know that he left office with a surplus! Rubbish!  I guess all those I.O.U.’s in the Social Security till didn’t count!  But, with hindsight being 20/20 – I would say that you were spot on with regards to the economic downturn being blamed on Bush as the primary reason McCain lost.  Personally, I see Obama doing the same thing as Carter.  While he is surrounding himself with Clinton era staff – we already know how that turned out – I think he’s going to make even worse mistakes than Clinton did.  I still don’t see how those libs are able to seriously say that we had prosperity during Clinton’s reign.  I guess they will always re-write history to slant their way.

Joe Hayes presents Political Jokes posted at Restoring Your Finances and Your Faith, saying, “Some really funny politically oriented jokes, just in time for the Election! Includes Barack Obama and John McCain related humor, and quotes from famous people too.”

I‘ve seen some of these before – others are new!  Good one!

PicktheBrain presents Obama, McCain Education Plans Compared posted at Ace Online Schools.

Well – since we don’t really have to worry about McCain’s plans – we’ll just have to see what kind of damage Obama can do to our education system.  Personally, the first thing I would do is get rid of that No Child Left Behind crap!  The fact of the matter is – that program is designed to leave kids behind.  They force low performing kids to drop out of high school and encourage them to go for their G.E.D.s instead which gets those from bringing their scores down.  Not only that – but rather than teach the kids the basics – the schools are teaching to the test instead.

I think his most dangerous plan is to force ALL student loans through the government – just growing Government again!  We know what his unflinching support for Fannie & Freddie did.

Raymond presents My Vote Does Not Matter Because I Do Not Live In A Swing State posted at Money Blue Book.

Personally, I think every vote counts.  However, I do agree with you that our Electoral College system of voting needs to either be changed or completely eradicated.  But – while you might think your vote doesn’t matter nationally – it DOES matter locally – and – does have an impact nationally when voting for your Representatives and Senators!

GrrlScientist presents Sarah Palin: In her own words posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “Sarah Palin’s greatest hits: Proof that all a woman needs to succeed in America is a pretty face and a tight ass.”

I think you guys are being WAAY to hard on Sarah.  She’s a lot more intelligent than you guys realize.  The problem is that the McCain camp scripted her.  I’ve seen her in action prior to her being selected as VEEP.  When she’s not scripted – she comes off real classy.  There’s a reason why she has a 90% approval rating in her state – and it’s not because she’s hot!

What you may not know is that during the entire election cycle – she held a security clearance higher than both Obama and McCain.  She’s briefed daily on the National Security Intelligence because of Alaska’s proximity to Russia.  She had inside knowledge that neither Obama or McCain had.  Obama is just now getting those daily briefings that she receives every day as the Alaskan governor.  The Alaskan National Guard and the U.S. Air Force in Alaska are on 24/7 alert because of Russia.  She knows the compliment and capabilities of the entire military forces at her disposal.  Russia is a real threat – and – she’s 100% correct when she was talking about Russia in American/Alaskan air space every time the take off.  (I have inside knowledge on that as well).

Regarding her comments regarding the job of the VP – according to the U.S. Constitution – she’s 100% correct about that as well!  You might want to go back and read that document.

Her biggest problem regarding all those other interviews was that she got caught up in the talking points that she was required to stay on.  I hope one day you get an opportunity to see her in action without the cue cards.  You might change your opinion about her.

Alli presents Rahm Emanuel Advocates Compulsory Civil Service posted at The Smoking Argus, saying, “As previously reported, then Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama while speaking in Colorado this past July, stated:

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objective that we’ve set. We’ve gotta have a “Civilian National Security Force” that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.””

Excellent post Alli.  I’ve lived overseas where military service is compulsory.  I would hate to see this happen in this country – even in a Civilian National Security Force.  Sounds kinda like Hitler’s Brown Shirts to me.  Also – wasn’t it JFK that instituted the draft?  It seems to me those loony liberals who are supposed to be all about civil liberties and freedom are the first ones to push FORCED service to the country.

Steve Faber presents How Will President Barack Obama Change What You Drive? posted at super gas saver, saying, “One thing about Obama, he has ambition. He also has an agenda to go along with it. A part of that will definitely have an impact on your choice of vehicle in the future.”

Bwahahaha!  That’s some pretty funny shit! Oh – wait – you were serious!  Hey, I’m all for getting better mileage to the gallon and all – but – not at the expense of our economy.  These are some pretty lofty plans that you have outlined over at your place.  But, I don’t see it happening – especially the plug-in hybrids.  We are sooooo far away from having an efficient fuel-cell battery that 2015 is not even foreseeable.  We could have more oil and natural gas in production to fuel this country economically before that would ever happen.

Also – that use it or lose it lease program – in case you aren’t aware – the oil companies would LOVE to lose those leases they have.  There’s no oil in them – but – the government forces them to continue to hold on to them and pay them for these bad leases.  They’ve been explored and have been found to be empty.  The problem is – the government won’t lease the areas that HAVE the oil in them because they don’t want the oil companies drilling.  As a consumer – I would LOVE for those oil companies to lose those bad leases as well – it would help to bring down the price of gas.

Anyway – for those of you who don’t know Obama’s plans – this is a great place to find out!  See if you agree with it.

DWSUWF presents President Barack Obama – Let the healing begin. posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “Barack Obama will indeed unify the left with the far left, pull in the moderate left, and be the President that speaks clearly for the entire sweeping 52% mandate they represent. Congratulations to the moderate, centrist, libertarian, and conservative blogging brethren who embraced Obama’s rhetoric of change and hope. You got what you hoped for!”

Oh how correct you are! BTW – I watched that South Park episode the other night.  If you haven’t seen the whole thing – it’s freakin hilarious!  Now – back to the regularly schedule program.  Don’t you just love the way the left is throwing out their olive branches and embracing EVERYONE in this country!  You have some great examples there of just how much love the left has and how they will do what they need to do to help unify and bring everyone together for the good of this country!  Oh, I sure HOPE when they realize the CHANGE Obama has in mind is not the CHANGE they HOPED for – they don’t start blaming it on we Conservatives – considering we’re the minority now and have absolutely no power in D.C.!

U.S. Common Sense presents Open letter to Barack Obama posted at U.S. Common Sense, saying, “This one has already been picked up by Reuters and Palm Beach Post. It is a letter welcoming and warning Obama on his entrance into the White House.”

Excellent letter!  How the heck do you get picked up by Reuters?  This is a great read for all.

Kevin presents How to Deal With Election Withdrawal posted at The Red Stapler Chronicles.

Funny stuff – I’d like to add lucky #13 here – Start off everyone one of your statements to your co-workers with “My friend,” and then make sure to reference all other co-workers as “that one.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the bobo carnival of politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Wow!  We have a lot of submissions this week – and some very excellent one’s I might add.  I am amazed at the quality of submissions I’m getting here.  Please check all of these out – I’ve learned quite a bit from these – as I am sure you will also.


Pauly T. Kal presents Could This Be The “October Surprise” That Does Obama In? posted at Political Rants from the Right. Saying – There is a new report out now from the African Press International that says they plan on releasing a taped telephone conversation they had with Michelle Obama. Apparently, she thinks they are above the law!

Okay – this is pretty good “Pauly.” I wonder why this hasn’t hit the media either? I think you’re right – even if the API does release this before the election – it won’t get ANY play in the MSM over here!

Matt presents A Message to Undecided Voters posted at Matt-Speak.

Matt didn’t actually submit this to my carnival this week. While I was cruising by his place I saw this posted up. If you haven’t already been there and seen it – please do – even if you are not an independent trying to figure out who to vote for. Some great quotes from Ronald Reagan and Matt’s interpretation as it relates to this election. These are some good talking points for those times you get in a conversation with someone you know who is pro-Obama or independent.


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Ode To John “Air-Quotes” McCain posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

(quote) eh – not bad (un quote) ;)

The Traveler presents Statue of Liberty – history posted at Ellis Island – Statue of Liberty. Saying – Some history about the statue of liberty.

Stuff we learned in middle-school – but – for many of us – it’s always a good thing to refresh our memories regarding the symbol of our liberty.

Wenchypoo presents Updated: The Law of Unintended Consequences Part III—Something for Nothing (Really L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

She’s right – it is really L-O-N-G but well worth the read.  Perhaps you might find out of you are one of those “something for nothing” people!  There is a dire warning in this post!  Oh..and..are you sure you intended for this to be under the Liberal category? ;)


Peter Midnight presents Should Pornography be Banned from the Internet? by Peter Midnight posted at Official Home of the Real Mr. Controversy Peter Midnight “The Black Horse”.

If you’re like me – you’re probably trying to figure out how this is related to politics – once you read the response to the question – you’ll get it.  Whether you like or dislike pornography – the answer is spot on!

My Journey presents Socialism is not a Good Idea Regardless of Angry and Incoherent Comments | My Journey to Millions posted at My Journey to Millions. Saying – My Discussion with a very special commenter from another blog.

A view of socialism from a Finance Planner and Libertarian perspective – pretty good if I say so myself given she rarely delves in to the political stuff on her blog! Beware – a self-professed socialist has already commented on her blog!


Jeffrey Stingerstein presents Perhaps It Is Time for the US to Create a Sovereign Wealth Fund posted at Disillusioned Words.

Wow! Actually sounds like a pretty good idea.  Something I would have to really think about – but – it is a convincing argument.  The Indian Tribes in the U.S. also operate under this principle.

Phil for Humanity presents Why the Republican Party needs to Split << Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity. Saying – Traditionally, conservative meant fiscal responsibility, small government, support of old fashion values, and support of small businesses.

I could buy in to that idea there Phil!  After all, it was for many of those very reasons that I myself left the Republican party and became an Independent – after I joined the Libertarian party for a while there.

Jeffrey Stingerstein presents A Reality Check For the Wall Street Journal About the Bush-McCain Tax Cuts posted at Disillusioned Words.

Those are some very interesting correlations there Jeffrey.  However, I do disagree in that the reason for the collapse was because of the last 8 years under the Bush administration.  Yes, while the Republicans are complicit – it really does go back to the CRA in 1977 with the 1995 Clinton revision and again with the 2003 Bush revision.  But, with regards to everything else you have going on there – very interesting.  What I don’t see anywhere are the correlations with Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac over those same years and what was happening in the housing markets and derivatives during those same periods.  That might be another variable you should consider adding.


debergerac78 presents Congressman Mahoney’s apology falls flat posted at The Business Ethics Blog. Saying – …after failing to mention that he had a second affair at about the same time as the first.

Oh I so agree!  Being a Florida constituent – I remember the way he blasted Foley!  What a hypocrite this guy is.  Thanks for adding this to the carnival! Note to readers:  This is actually a post written by Lauren Bloom – a Business Ethics consultant.  I don’t know – maybe Lauren Bloom and Debergerac are the same person?!?!

Ron McKie presents Big Surprise posted at Phuck Politics.

I’m not ruining the surprise – you’re just gonna have to go and see for yourself!

Babak presents American Satisfaction At Record Low posted at Trader’s Narrative. Saying – When Americans are unhappy around election time, they vote against the incumbent party. Guess what? They are very very unhappy right now.

You need to check out the graph on this page – a tale tell sign if you ask me!

Jed Norwood presents Why You May Fail Going From Demo to Real posted at Forex Strategy Talk. Saying – Forex is a unique way to take advantage of what the economy is doing. Learn some very powerful beginners tips that will help you understand how and when to trade better.

Well – not really related to a political discussion – however, given today’s economy – great financial advise is always good.  This is the look at the potential downfalls of trying to trade on the real market the same way you do on a demo account.


Lisa Spinelli presents Who Would You Want Handling Your Money? posted at Greener Pastures: Personal Finance. Saying – Check out this chart published in a recent New York Times article “Bulls, Bears, Donkeys and Elephants.”

Very interesting graphic Lisa – but – where’s the supporting documentation?  I clicked the link you provided – but – it only links to the same graphic in the NYT.  I would like to know how they come to that conclusion considering I’ve always made money during a republican administration and lost money during a democratic administration.  Here’s 2 pointers – 1 – don’t take anything from the NYT as the truth – their stocks were just downgraded to junk status on Friday and 2 – if you post up graphics – ALWAYS provide the supporting documentation – where did those numbers come from?  I always like to go back to the source data to see if it has been skewed or manipulated in any way. Also this is only in the S&P market. Most people diversify and have their monies in many markets and many investing vehicles.

Rich Dansereau presents Sexist Arguments and Sarah Palin posted at Rich’s Blog.

Well, Rich – I do believe she is qualified.  In fact, I believe she is more qualified than Obama, McCain, and Biden together.  She is a threat to “progressive” women on the left and an even bigger threat to the males in the campaign because she is so much smarter and has 10 years of executive experience – which is what is needed for a President.  None of those other guys have any kind of budgeting experience – all they know how to do is write spending bills.  Oh – and she’s hot!! LOL.  You know..funny thing that you used “rug” as an example in your discussion there — intentional or freudian slip? ;)

Jon Swift presents Pro-America vs. Anti-America posted at Jon Swift. Saying – Many Americans are still unclear as to what is pro-America and what is anti-America, so I have made a handy chart that will give you some examples.

I like the cut of your jib there Jon! Very interesting chart – if there are any libs who saw that – I’m sure it pisses them off!

U.S. Common Sense presents Racism two weeks before the election posted at U.S. Common Sense.

Very good!  While there have been some mentions of racism at some of the McCain rallies – you are so correct that the majority of the “racist” comments or “race” being injected in to the race is coming from the so-called tolerant left.

taucan62 presents Candidates In The Pocket Of Wall Street posted at rjjrdq’s America. Saying – The politicians are going to crack down on those greedy Wall Street tycoons. Yeah, sure they are…

You are so right!  I was against that bailout from the beginning – and still am!  That $700 Billion bailout has now increased to $2 trillion as I predicted in a previous post.  I was so disappointed in McCain for signing on to that thing, especially with all the pork.  But – I will have to agree – follow the money.  Have I mentioned lately how much I hate politicians?

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the bobo carnival of politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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