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U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Considering Stepping Down

Oh – please say it aint so!  This would put our entire government under progressive control if Obama gets to pick the next judge – and especially the Chief Justice.  There will be absolutely NOTHING to stop these people up in D.C. except for a freakin’ civil war.  If he steps down – there will be absolutely NO Checks and Balances left – and we still have 3 years left of OBozo.

If he does indeed step down – the 2010 and 2012 elections will have more meaning that ever for us to have the ability to restore this country. Otherwise, the progressives will have complete control to shred our constitution once and for all.

If it seems like I’m beating a dead horse – well – its because that horse isn’t dead yet.  Apparently, the Wrotnowski vs Bysiewicz case is actually being referred for a full hearing.

h/t to HumbledInfidel for this one.  You can go read the full thing for yourself at her place:

Cort Wrotnowski’s Emergency Application … Dec 12 “Natural Born Citizen”

In case you don’t understand the full extent of this one – you can also read a full analysis of it at The Right Wing.  I provided that link in a previous post as well – but – here it is again: The “Natural Born Citizen” Case Explained.

The premise here is that even if Obama were born in Hawaii – the fact that his father is Kenyan means that Obama is not a natural born citizen in this country as is required in the 14th Amendment.  He would be considered a naturalized citizen or just citizen – not a natural born citizen.  Both of his parents would need to be natural born citizens in order to be eligible to be the President.  Considering this latest case is getting a full  court review means there is something there.

Additional Update: h/t to Jasper for alerting me to this story – Apparently, Representative Diana Fessler has proposed a resolution that requires the Electoral College to verify Obama’s citizenship before they cast their vote.

Well – I have been following this pretty closely – but – it looks like someone else has been following it also – The Axis of Stevil has this posted up: Supreme Court To Have Closed Meeting On Obama’s Citizenship

So – to you guys on the left that think it’s a ruse – apparently, this does have merit considering its all the way up to the SCOTUS – AND – there are just as many Democrats pushing this as there are Republicans.

Then – there’s this report coming out today from the Chicago Tribune:
Suit contesting Barack Obama’s citizenship heads to U.S. Supreme Court Friday
Justices will decide whether to consider the case

So – stay tuned tomorrow people – we should have a decision whether or not this will at least be heard.  Considering its made it up that far – there is still a good chance they will force Obama to release his birth certificate for actual inspection considering all the ones floating around on the Internet have proven to be fakes.  Also, considering the electoral college convenes next week on the 13th to cast their votes – lets hope this gets resolved prior to then.

The fact of the matter is that it has not been absolutely 100% proven yet that he is indeed an American citizen.  His school records from Indonesia have surfaced that indicates he’s an Indonesian citizen.  You can’t have dual citizenship in Indonesia.  For him to be an Indonesian citizen, he would have to denounce his American citizenship – which as a minor – his step-father had the authority to do so.  There have been no official documents produced stating he has renounced his Indonesian citizenship.  For those of you who think this is just semantics – this is a constitutional issue that must be resolved by the Supreme Court.

First – I can’t wait for this damned thing to be over already!  While I absolutely loathe the possibility of an Obama administration – I will actually be breathing a very big sigh of relief next Wednesday!  For political junkies like me – even an election cycle that lasts 2 freakin’ years is too long!

Before I get on to why I’m not voting for Obama – just a little housekeeping here – I’ve been notified by Blog Carnival that my site/carnival will be featured next week!  Notice – I haven’t provided a submission link – they’ve been down for the past couple days.  Hopefully, they’ll be up again REALLY soon.  As soon as they do – I will post a call for submissions here.  This will be a great opportunity for all you political bloggers to get some more traffic since this will be featured on their front page.

Now – on to MY reasons for NOT voting for Obama (in no particular order)

  1. I’m a racist, hate-mongering, warmongering, global warming, neo-con. And I think that any individual who looks down on our military as baby-killers who raid innocent homes in the darkness of night should not be the Commander-in-Chief over those fine service members.
  2. I believe that the unborn have rights and should not be treated as a mistake that can be just tossed out.
  3. I’m a greedy rich, white bastard that just hoards my earnings. You peons that make less than me just aren’t trying hard enough!
  4. I cling to my religion and my guns and I hate anybody who is different than me.
  5. I actually believe that if you hang around with domestic terrorists, known socialists, known marxist professors, convicted criminals, and racists – you are un-American and don’t deserve to be the President.
  6. I believe health insurance is a luxury and a personal responsibility.  Affordable health insurance is NOT the answer.  Access to affordable health care is the answer.
  7. I truly believe that I can make it on my own without government interference.
  8. I don’t want government handouts and anybody that does get a government handout and lives on welfare rolls and the taxpayers’ money are just lazy.
  9. I think that anybody who is good friends and gives a toast to P.L.O. leaders are anti-semites and racist and should not be in the Whitehouse.
  10. I’m an evil conservative clown whose sole purpose is to drive those guys on the left nuts.  Apparently, from some comments and e-mails I’ve received – I’ve been doing a good job!
  11. The guys who gave me my white hood made me promise to never vote for a black guy.
  12. God told me that the Obamessiah is a false prophet – in fact – I think He told me that Obama is actually the Anti-Christ and a Muslim.  Either that or he said I needed more anti-freeze in my car and to get a new muffler.  Couldn’t really hear that last part over all the racket at the firing range.
  13. Fox news told me not to vote for that black guy.
  14. Sarah Palin is hot!
  15. Mrs. BoBo wants a hummer – wait – that’s what I said to her – nevermind! ;)
  16. No…now I remember…Mrs. BoBo says she wants another SUV to match the diamond ear rings I bought for her birthday.  I want low taxes so she can remain a kept woman (must be that hummer thing!)
  17. I want to keep the money I put in my 401k.  I’ve been contributing to it for close to 20 years now – I think I deserve to keep it and do with it as I wish…and…if I don’t spend it all before I die…I would like for my wife and children to have access to ALL of what is remaining without having to give half of it to the government.
  18. I think we should have a President that actually will uphold our constitution as it is written – not try to change it by putting in liberal activist judges who want to hold it up to scrutiny of foreign opinion.
  19. I believe that the constitution says a President has to be a natural born citizen – he hasn’t given proof of that yet considering his own grandmother says he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, and that he was adopted by his Indonesian step-father.
  20. And…lastly…I want lower gas prices – it takes a lot of gas to fill up Mrs. BoBo’s fleet of SUV’s.  We need to drill the HELL out of all known sources of oil and natural gas.

Well – that just about does it for now!  See you all tomorrow!  And..remember this list next Tuesday when you’re at the voting booth and trying to figure out who to vote for.  I’m sure some of you have this EXACT same list!

And..when you’re done here – Check this out at AmyOops’ place – too funny! Notice to All Employees

And..And…if you aren’t too impressed with MY list – Check out Angel’sBarack Obama is a Third World Despot Wannabe.

Some of you may have heard this on Rush Limbaugh today – someone linked the audio to a youtube video. Listen to this yourselves. If you think Obama isn’t all about redistribution of wealth and socialism – you are sadly mistaken. For those of you who have friends and family that don’t listen to Rush or conservative talk radio – send them here to listen to it themselves – straight out of the socialist’s mouth!

Listen to this very closely my friends – he thinks that our constitution is flawed because it LIMITS government from interfering in your daily lives. He wants the government to be bigger and to be able to force things on the people as a whole. He sees our constitution as a negative in that it “tells you what the states CAN’T do to you. It tells you what the government CAN’T do to you.” Emphasis there is mine!

Notice – he wants the government to be able TO DO things TO YOU! Don’t buy in to his lies folks. He’s as socialist and redistributionist as they come!  He is saddened that the courts CAN’T force redistribution of wealth.  He will do it legislatively if he gets the Democratic super-majority and if he wins the election.  He will put in judges that will attempt to force this on you through laws!

I also found a link to the full story here.  He thinks the Warren Court decision wasn’t radical enough in that it didn’t provide for redistributive properties – he wants to be able to take your hard earned dollars and give it to “the dispossessed” as he calls it. His only agenda is to take from “the rich white folk” and give it to black Americans.

Hey, if that isn’t reverse racism I don’t know what is. Don’t get me wrong – despite the fact that those on the left will automatically label me as racist just because I won’t vote for Obama – the fact is I am very charitable with MY OWN money. I don’t need Obama and the Dummicrats to take it from me and give it out to whomever they want. I give to ministries around here that don’t discriminate and will take care of ALL the poor in the area regardless of sex, race, etc. Obama’s policies ONLY benefit the poor black Americans. Remember – he attended a church for 20 years that preached white-hate.

If I’m a racist because I think we should give charity non-discriminately of our own accord rather than have the government take our money to give to the poor black-Americans – then so be it! I guess I’m a racist. But, please take heed and listen closely to his words.  He has not changed!

How many of you out there were aware of that?  Today is a day when we should reflect on the U.S. Constitution and what it means to each of us and the FREEDOM that it provides.  You know there are some nutjobs on the left that will take the opportunity to try to say that The Bush Administration has stripped our constitutional rights away from us – and there will be those nutjobs that continue to push the ‘ol “Separation of Church and State” thing that is found nowhere in the constitution.

But – I have provided here for all a copy of the constitution as well as a link to the Cornell Law School (I find they have the best laid out details).  So – with this election cycle coming up – let’s look at our constitution again and decide – of the two – who do you think will actually put Judges in office that will read and uphold the constitution as it is written rather than compare it to world opinion!


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