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I stole this from Texas Fred.  While he asks you to join  his TEA Party in Rowlett, Texas – this applies to everyone and all TEA Parties.  If you haven’t already – please find your local TEA Party and join.

The views and opinions presented in this post are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Rowlett Texas TEA Party or any other TEA Party organization.

If the founders of this nation had been as negative regarding the Declaration of Independence or standing up to the British as some of the so-called Republicans I have seen lately, we would ALL still be subjects of the British Empire.

The founders of this nation were brave men, they risked their lives and freedom to build this nation. They endangered themselves, their homes and property, their families, everything they had, everything they owned, they placed it on the line so that WE could stand and speak our minds!

This post is NOT directed at anyone in particular, it is being written simply to express the utter frustration I am feeling after having read so many negative comments, and what I perceive to be a defeatist attitude on my blog, and several other blogs, and in response to some folks that are advocating the *straight ticket* vote come November.

I have seen many comments made by those that say the RNC and the DNC are too deeply embedded to ever be displaced, those that say it’s going to be too difficult to make a 3rd party successful. Comments made by those that just run off at the mouth simply because that’s all they can do, or are afraid of losing their job if a REAL 3rd Party were to become a viable option.

To those that automatically say, “It can’t be done”, I have to ask this, why not?

Are you going to sit back and do nothing? Are you going to write a blog post crying and moaning about Obama, Bush, every president of the 20th century?? Are you going to sit there crying in your beer and allow the totalitarian government that is taking shape to come after you?? Are you going to sit there and just TAKE IT?

Are you going to wait until it’s all over, and then say something to the effect of, “Well, I would have helped, you know, I wrote a post about this, but I didn’t think these guys had a real chance so I just sat back on my apathetic butt and did nothing. If only I had listened before the government turned on us…

No one ever said this was going to be easy. If it was easy, anyone could do it. No one ever said it was going to happen over night. This will be a time consuming effort. No one ever said that victory was a guaranteed outcome either. I already know that part, I don’t need to hear it from folks that are afraid of their own shadows!

There WILL be conflicts. Those that avoid conflict at all costs have NO place within The TEA Party, or any other REAL patriots organization.

Sometimes you simply must be confrontational. Once in a while, confrontation is the only way to be heard over the din of the TALKERS! Those that can’t, or won’t act, and DO nothing other than talk, and postpone, and bury, and table the issue.

The folks that speak nothing but negatives may be right. We may fall flat on our faces. We may be branded as anarchists, radicals, revolutionaries, criminals, God only knows what else our oppressors will tag us with. The Democrats hate us and the GOP wants to co-opt us.

I do know this, some of us use our real names and our real pictures on our blogs. We attend very public events. We speak our minds on our blogs and in person.

Anything I write about a person on this blog, I WILL say to their face. You see, I am unafraid, because the words I speak are the truth. If you kill me for speaking the truth, I win, and many will know that I won.

If I speak the truth, if I attempt to get people to stand up and be PATRIOTS, and if by doing so I am taken down by the powers that be, I WIN! And again, many people will KNOW that I won, and they will always say, “He tried, he wasn’t afraid to go after that hope of REAL freedom! He was one of those crazy guys that tried to save this nation. He stood with the spirits of our founding fathers.”

We can’t rebuild the Republican party, that idea is simply nothing more than sheer lunacy. The GOP has been taken over by RINOs. The GOP has become DEM Lite.

The Democratic party has been beyond redemption for many years and now the RNC has joined them.

The good Lord hates a coward, I will NEVER be accused of cowardice.

Here and now I make this solemn promise to all; I will fight in every way I know how to fight, I will help build a REAL Conservative party, The TEA Party, a party that follows the Constitution as it was written all those many years ago, a Conservative TEA Party! An American TEA Party!

If you have the guts to sign on for this fight, a fight that is certain to be a long, hard and difficult fight, a fight that is fraught with dangers, but a fight, that if won, will restore this nation to greatness, then by God it’s time to get on board.

If you have nothing good to say, if you have nothing positive to offer, get out of the way because we’re coming through, and all your negative words are going to do is get you run over and squashed like a bug.

Liberals and gutless RINOs have ruined this nation! It’s time for the true patriots, real American Conservatives and TEA Party Patriots, to take her back from the brink of collapse!

God Bless America, and pray that She can be saved. If not, God Bless Texas, and may we once again stand as a FREE Republic!

In the immortal words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

The gauntlet has been thrown! Who will answer the challenge?

Will YOU join us? The Rowlett TEA Party

Come and join with us on Tuesday, August 10th · 6:30pm – 7:30pm

The Cotton Mill Learning Center
5413 Chiesa Rd
Rowlett, TX 75088

I’m TexasFred, I am a proud TEA Party member and I approve of this message!

We have a great carnival this week folks! Lot’s of really lively submissions to comment on. Make sure you stop by the blogs of my contributors and let them know your opinions about their submissions.


Phil B. presents End All Foreign Aid posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “In 2008, the United States gave an estimated 26 billion dollars in foreign aid to other countries. For free… Yup, the U.S. government continues giving away your hard earned tax dollars.”

100% in agreement Phil.  In today’s economy, it makes absolutely no sense that we continue to send $billions to other countries when we could use it here.  Obama has plans to nearly double that with a price tag of $50 Billion!!  He’s gonna bankrupt this country. Seems he cares more about other countries than he does America.

Rich Bordner presents Epic Fail: Planned Parenthood Shows its True Colors…Again « The Pugnacious Irishman posted at The Pugnacious Irishman, saying, “Planned Parenthood has it backwards–rather than being angry at Lila Rose for exposing wickedness in their ranks, why aren’t they angry at the PP workers who would fail to protect girls by turning a blind eye to sex abuse?”

I saw that report a month ago on the Glenn Beck show when he interviewed Lila Rose.  Planned Parenthood has only one agenda – to increase the number of abortions in this country.  They don’t counsel young girls on pregnancy prevention and they certainly won’t bring law enforcement in to their midst even when it is mandated by law.  Great post.  I completely forgot about this.

Scott Spiegel presents If At First You Don’t Succeed, Fail, Fail Again! posted at Scott Spiegel.

Scott – a great compilation of Obama’s “accomplishments” in the last 5 months.  While I am a believer that success comes out of learning from failure – I’m afraid there won’t be any success from these failures.  Good post.

Phil B. presents Why Conservatives are typically not Conservationists too? « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “Have you wondered why most conservatives are not conservationists?”

Do you really believe that?  I believe in conservation – and I guess this goes to one of your other points – because it conserves my money.  I have solar panels on my roof, all energy star rated products, I recycle, I installed low-flow toilets, and low flow water regulators on my faucets, and I had my energy company put the governors on my meter to regulate and turn off the power during low peak hours.  As a result, I’m saving a considerable amount of money every month.  I think if more conservatives knew just how much money they could “conserve” more would jump on the bandwagon.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents 12 Ways To Beat Inflation: Don’t Let Rising Prices Get You Down posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “I offer several ways to beat inflation. It’s in the horizon, don’t you think? Find out how to address it before it comes.”

Great list!  As I commented on your site, some of these tips I’m already following, or doing, others were good common sense ideas that I hadn’t even thought about.  Thanks for being a regular contibutor and for providing such valuable tips and pointers given today’s economy.  I would recommend my readers to do as I did, check out this post and then print it off for future reference – or at a minimum – bookmark the page.

The Smarter Wallet presents Find Business Success In A Bad Economy: Managing A Failing Business posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Is it still possible to find business success in a troubled economy? I investigate how business owners can survive the slowdown by keeping tabs on the bigger picture.”

I was considering buying in to a franchise (I won’t detail who and what here) and have been having some serious second thoughts about it.  While I realize this post was primarily tips for staying above water if you already own a business, I found that these tips also are helping to work through my decision.  As always, another great resources for my readers.


Linda Jones presents 25 Shocking Facts About Chinese Censorship posted at Online

Hi Linda.  I’m not so sure of your age, but, these aren’t really shocking.  These are pretty well known.  It’s because of these basic human rights issues that many of we Conservatives opposed Clinton giving them “favored nation status” back in the ’90′s.  They are our biggest trading partner – yet – we don’t do anything to have them address things like this.  This list is minor compared to what they are physically doing to their people.

Holly presents Obama’s Excuse for Not Overturning “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – “It’s a Generational Issue” posted at Menstrual Poetry.

Hi Holly – thanks for allowing me to post this up in the carnival.  We’ll take this one piece at a time.  First – you stated “Obama knows that about 75% of the American public supports the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” It would have been nice if you sourced that.  I searched everywhere and could not find a poll that stated that. Actually the latest gallup poll shows that 69% of Americans would support gays in the military.  However, what this poll doesn’t do is ask those in the military, or those who would consider military service, what their opinion is. Also – based on the tone of your post – it almost sounds like you are finally waking up to the fraud that Obama is that we on the right tried to warn you guys about.  Now to speak to the issue – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  First of all, I was against this legislation to begin with.  I was serving in the USAF when this was instituted.  The way our military was set up should have been left alone to begin with.  Sodomy is a UCMJ offense and homosexuals were run out immediately – as it should be.  There is no room for gays serving “openly” in our military.  Here’s why:

1. Have you ever heard of “blanket parties” – they exist.  Anyone who “openly” serves in our military will repeatedly find themselves on the receiving end of a blanket party.  They’ll be run out by our service members.

2. You would have to change the UCMJ to punish those who have a religious belief that being gay is abnormal and an abomination to God.  This would be against the First Amendment.

3. Machismo is alive and well in our military.  Anyone serving “openly” in the military would be treated as a pariah. No one will want to serve with that individual and it would be well known to that individual.  You would be putting that individual in harms way and putting undue stress on him/her.

4. It would kill the morale of our military members.

5. You would have to redesign all of the military barracks or make separate “shower times” for the openly gay.  In case you did not know – barrack living means communal showers.  It is not a matter of being a homophobe or anything like that – neither straight women nor straight men in the military want to be in the showers with someone that is openly gay.  YOU might find this ridiculous – but – it is the truth.

6. If you openly allow gays in the military and start punishing those in the military who oppose it, it will destroy our military.  Straight people won’t be signing up and those who are in won’t re-enlist.

If they do repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – it needs to be back to what it was before Clinton put it in.  Gays are not welcome to openly serve in the military.


Chris presents Senate Proposes “Health Tax” on Fittest Americans posted at Martial Development, saying, “Does the government know how to best manage everyone’s health? It sure seems to think so…”

Given the choice – I would say hell no!  The government needs to stay out of our lives and stop “forcing” Americans to make choices.  This is America – the land of the free where we get to decide our own fates.  It is not the government’s job to take care of the people nor is it their job to make other people take care of those who refuse to take care of themselves.  Universal Health Insurance is not the answer.  Making access to affordable healthcare is the key.  The government plan just benefits the government and the insurance companies.

Martin Russell presents “Conspiracy of the Rich”- A Review posted at Word of Mouth Marketing.

Martin, I’ve been a big fan of Kiyosaki ever since I bought his first book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” I didn’t even know he had this new book out. Based on your review of this book, it is very relevant today and a must read – especially for those of us who have been buying his other books.  This guy has been right on for quite some time.


debergerac78 presents Make sure your entire company knows your ethics policies! posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, “The Washington Post’s business division appears to be offering lobbyists and association executives an exclusive chance to meet key Obama administration officials and members of Congress–for a considerable fee. The Post seems to have gone from newspaper to match-maker.”

Debergerac – thanks for bringing this to our attention.  Just further proof of the erosion and decline of journalism.

Archvillain presents I Apologize to the Gnats posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, “By comparison with the American public, the attention span of gnats spans centuries … and they’re less likely to get distracted by celebutainment.”

Archvillain – as always – your observations and comparisons are spot on. In case it wasn’t made painfully obvious with Honduras, with Obama siding with despots and dictators, his policy on non-intervention in Iran becomes oh so clear – he is more comfortable with those who oppose democracy.  You are right – the majority of the people in this country aren’t paying attention.  Our Iranian friends were crying out to America for help, and Obama turned his back on them in favor of supporting their leaders.  You gotta wonder where this country his headed with leadership like that.

Jared Rhoads presents Tea Party posted at The Lucidicus Project, saying, “The July 4th Tea Party protests in Boston were a success. Here is a brief report, with photos.”

Jared – awesome – thanks for sharing.  Did you notice how there was absolutely no coverage of any of these T.E.A. Parties in the MSM?  You stated “10′s of thousands” showed up on April 15th.  Actually, it was estimated to be about 250,000 across the country.  On July 4th there were about 1,500 protests across the country (compared to April’s 750) with some of those reaching in the 10′s of thousands themselves. It’s really hard to find solid numbers because the MSM refuses to report on them.

Rick Foreman presents Universal Health Care: It Just Makes Sense posted at Waiting for the Singularity.

Wow, Rick.  You obviously are basing your ideas on emotion versus fact.  Considering I am starting my dissertation in August earning my Ph.D. in Public Health – I can give you many factually based responses why Universal Health care is not the way to go.  However, I will limit it to just one main factor – if I started raising all the issues – it will turn my response in to a separate post (which I think I will do in response to your proposition) – the main reason against Universal Health care is:  Rationing.  The entire universal healthcare system is based on rationing of health care – something our current system does not do. Here are a list of resources you should read:

Cookson, R. & Dolan, P. (1999). Public views on health care rationing: a group discussion study. Health Policy, 49(1), (63-74).

Cookson, R. & Dolan, P. (2000). Principles of Justice in Health Care Rationing. British Medical Journal, 26, (323-329).

Strosberg, M.A., Wiener, J.M., & Baker, R. (1993). Rationing America’s Medical Care: The Oregon Plan and Beyond. Critical Care Medicine. Washington D.C.: Brookings Institute Publishers.

Schut, F.T., & Van de Ven, W.P.M.M. (2005). Rationing and competion in the Dutch health-care system. Health Economics, 14(S1), (S59-S75).

Once you understand this – we’ll talk again.  The bottom line is that the government makes the decisions on who is allowed access to health care based on a cost-benefit analysis – not on what is right for you.  They look at your age and current state of health compared to the costs to the state for the care required.  Do you really want the government to make decisions about your health care needs based on their fiscal budgets?


Super Saver presents A Crisis Wasted posted at My Wealth Builder.

Yup – saw that one coming!  At some point he’s gonna have to stop blaming Bush for his own failures.  He still uses the excuse that he inherited this problem.  Well, he inherited a $750 Billion deficit.  He has already tripled that in 5 months with it anticipated to quadruple by the end of the year.  He clearly let everyone know exactly how his administration was going to be run when he said “We won.”  Now, Pelosi and Reid are repeating that mantra.  Sure, the Dems won, but America lost.  I hope we can find some way of turning this around before we hit that point of no return.  Unless the administration and Obama start letting in some common sense, they will continue to spend this country out of control.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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A HUGE h/t to Chris from Cmblake’s Weblog for sending me this e-mail. This is a very interesting read. The following link is to a PDF – feel free to save the file and load it up on your site – or – just link back to here. According to this – all of us conservative bloggers that are against illegal immigration, pro-American sovereignty, and anti-big government are potentially radical right wing extremists!


He had the file up on his site – and it disappeared 20 minutes later. Wonder WTF is up with that? We’ll see if we can keep this up on this site. If not – if it disappears from here and you want a copy – just e-mail me or leave a comment here and I can send it to ya.

Also – I will be attending my local Tea Party tomorrow. If you haven’t already committed yourself – please go to the one nearest you. I am providing the table here again if you want to find out where the nearest Tea Party Protest is from/in your town.  If you’re still not sure – Texas Fred has a great post explaining why we should all attend.

Choose a state…

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California
Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia
Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
Washington D.C.

I created this table from the links off the official Tax Day Tea Party website. Let others know about this video and how to find where the tea parties are in their states. Please Buzz, Stumble, Digg, Tweet, and share this post with others. We’re only a couple weeks away now. Or – if you are able to – try to copy/paste that table in to your blogs.

I came across this over at The 9.12 Project – This is probably the best video ever!

Also – so maybe you’re asking yourself where can I find out where a tea party is in my area? well – if you want to find out where the nearest Tea Party is in your area – you can:

Choose a state…

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California
Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia
Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
Washington D.C.

I created this table from the links off the official Tax Day Tea Party website. Let others know about this video and how to find where the tea parties are in their states. Please Buzz, Stumble, Digg, Tweet, and share this post with others. We’re only a couple weeks away now. Or – if you are able to – try to copy/paste that table in to your blogs.


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