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And…so it begins!

Found this over at Young Americans for Liberty.  Apparently, a Louisiana man was pulled over and detained by the local Ball, LA police department because he had a Gadsden Flag bumper sticker.  So – I googled it and found more on this story:

from Free Republic – Louisiana Citizen detained for Displaying “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper sticker that leads to an article from

The American Vision – Man Detained for Displaying “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper sticker – a little more detail than the link above.

and from The World Net Daily – Suspect detained over “extremist” bumper sticker – a little more detail here.  Apparently, the police officer warned him about his “subversive survivalist bumper sticker” and that it sends a “subversive message.”  He was detained on the side of the road for 30 minutes while this officer ran a background check to see if he was part of an extremist group.

While I don’t generally link back to any articles from the WND since they do sometimes go over the top – this is not a story that originated with them.  However, they did some follow-up and was able to add more detail than the other stories.

People – the crackdown on our freedoms is starting.  Since when is one of the greatest symbols of American independence now considered to be “extremist?”  While Gadsden designed the flag – Benjamin Franklin was very instrumental in getting the message out.  Apparently, according to this administration – it is subversive and extremist to believe in individual liberty and freedom.  I guess not wanting the government to take care of us from cradle to grave amounts to being a domestic terrorist.

There are several measures running through Congress right now that could potentially limit many of the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution.  The Fairness Doctrine is coming back – but – it’s not being called that – and the government is trying to use a backdoor approach to it.  Here is one story from the LA Times and this one from Human Events and this one from Judicial Watch.  If these new FCC rules get implemented – you can kiss Conservative Talk-radio good-bye.  This would be a direct violation of our First Amendment rights – but – the government controls the airwaves – so – they get to regulate them using the commerce clause in the 10th Amendment.  Funny how they don’t attempt to regulate the print media or TV news to ensure “balance.”

The Blair Holt Act that has been introduced by Bobby Rush in Congress would effectively strip away our 2nd Amendment rights using a backdoor approach as well and then there is this international Treaty that would effectively take all guns out of American hands.  The good news about this is that Montana has just signed in a law that challenges the Federal Government and exerts its sovereignty as a state.  Following closely behind them are Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee.  We need to get all of the states involved in this one and tell the Federal Government to get the hell out of our business.

I am urging everyone to do a couple things here – 1.) call all of your state representatives and tell them you want them to introduce and pass legislation similar to that of Montana’s, 2.) call all of your Senators and Congressmen and tell them to vote against any proposals such as the one’s I’ve outlined above that would infringe upon the 2nd Amendment in any way, and 3.) Joine a 9.12 Project group in your area or some other meet-up group in your area and become active and stay on top of what is going on in D.C.  If WE THE PEOPLE stay vigilant and educate ourselves – big government can’t trample on our rights.

The Federal Government is moving at the speed of light right now on this road to Socialism.  It’s almost impossible to try to keep up with absolutely everything they are doing.  The only way we can stop this is to join together and to talk about it, educate everyone, and keep your eyes on the ball.  This administration is a master of distraction – they get you looking one way while they sneak something in the other way.  While our attention is on the little stuff – they start introducing the big stuff that affects us all…and…by the time we see what has happened behind our backs – it is too late.

This isn’t a Republican versus Democrat thing or a Liberal versus Conservative thing – this is an American thing.  I know our Liberal brothers and sisters out there don’t want their freedoms taken away either – but – unless some of them come to their senses – they will be right there in the same boat with us Conservatives.  Big Government means everything is controlled and regulated – even for you Libs out there that say you espouse your personal liberties and Freedoms.  While we Conservatives may have a different view point on some of the social issues – the fact of the matter is that what it boils down to is that we all want the same thing – Freedom from interference by our Government.

What I don’t understand – since it is an oxymoron – is why you Liberals who so want your freedom to do as you please – also want big government.  That makes no sense to me.  For the last 8 years all you did was complain about every single law passed under the Bush administration shouting that it is an infringement on your rights.  Yet, you elect a President who has just now committed the largest power grab in the history of this country and has nationalized our financial system, our auto industry, and is looking to nationalize our press and energy sectors.  Do you not see what is happening?  You have elected a President that believes in Fascism and Socialism – things that you guys are supposed to be against.  Things that go directly against our personal freedom to choose as individuals our own fate.

Don’t get me wrong here – if McCain had gotten in – we’d still be in the same boat – and – I would still be having the same discussions with you guys.  This two-party system will be the demise of this country – and – Obama is taking us there on a rocket.  If you’re interested – there is another way – The American Conservative Party.  I’m still looking in to this group as well.  As some of you know – I joined the Constitution Party as they were closer in line to my values than any other party thus far.  However – this emerging party could be my final resting place.  Take a look for yourselves.  We can thank Texas Fred for bringing this new party to our attention.

H/T to Greg over at for the heads-up on this!

From an editorial by Ted Nugent over at Human Events: Make sure you pass this on to others – we need to get the word out.  While our Republican Representatives are making a stand up on the hill – there are five sell-outs joining with five Dems to thwart their efforts.  These five are:

Graham, Thune, Chambliss, Corker, and Isakson – All of them RINO assholes!  They’re offering up an energy policy that fits right in to Obama’s gameplan!  These are the same Eleven Ten that used to include McCain.

According to Kimberly Strassel’s August 8th article in The Wall Street Journal, the Gang of Ten’s energy policy is to allow four states to determine whether or not to allow drilling for oil on offshore federal land and deny drilling within 50 miles of our coasts and any drilling in ANWR. Oil companies would be allowed to explore for oil off Florida’s coasts. You know, like those stalwarts of environmentalism China, Cuba and India are planning to do in the next couple of years.

Additionally, the Gang of Ten would provide over $80 billion in tax credits for alternative fuels by eliminating $30 billion in tax breaks for oil companies, which of course ultimately comes out of American consumer’s pockets. That’s right: raise taxes on the very companies that would invest in finding more real energy to help make America energy independent, while propping up more Fedzilla hoaxes like ethanol. The Emperor not only has no clothes, he’s fat, wart-riddled and ugly

You gotta love the way Mr. Wango Tango writes!  But take careful notice of the areas I highlighted up there…proof positive these RINO’s are deep in the pockets of the Dems.  Why don’t they just freakin change parties already?  I don’t know what pisses me off more – the fact that these guys are trying to undermine the effort to increase oil supplies or the fact they want to increase taxes on us!

The first rule of Republican economic politics must always be to never cut deals with the Tax Devil. The second economic maxim is that America can not tax and spend its way to prosperity. These two fundamental rules should be burned into the doors of all Republican senators and congressmen’s offices. Even tattooed onto their foreheads.

Unable to drill within 50 miles of our coasts, we will not be able to tap into the rich energy reserves that lay just off of our coasts.

The Gang of Ten’s proposal would restrict us from this energy — energy that would help make America more energy independent. Thanks for nothing, Gang of Sellouts.

So – not only do they want to let 4 out of the 50 states make this decision, but, they want to completely cut us off from 86 billion barrels of oil and 420 TRILLION cubic feet of natural gas!

Go read the rest of that yourself….I don’t dare take away from The Nugent’s artful ways of the written word!

Also – on the same lines – we have this:  A letter to Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) from one of his Tennessee Constituents.  I won’t paste the entire thing over here – just a couple of the main points.  This is a must read as well:

Senator, here are the facts:

1. The Democrats do not want us to drill for our own oil.

2. Increasing the supply of oil is crucial to bringing down the price.

3. Taxing the oil companies will not produce a single drop of oil.

4. Inflating our tires will not produce a drop of oil.

5. The 2000 acres of drilling land (out of 19 million) in ANWR is a frozen waste where the sun doesn’t shine for 56 days out of the year.

6. The prosperity of this country is due in part to our use of fossil fuels. Our continued prosperity will require fossil fuels. There is no replacement for oil in the foreseeable future.

7. Man made global warming is a hoax perpetuated by Al Gore and his left wing nuts. Conservatives need to stand tall and say, “Not one more dime shall be spent on this nonsense!”

I would say this Doctor nailed that on the head!  This is just snippet of the whole thing.  This guy knows how to write.

I really don’t know what the hell these Senators are thinking.  Everything they are proposing will just continue our independence on foreign oil while increasing our taxes and making the government even larger – while leaving the decision of millions up to 4 state Governors.  Who the hell do these people think they are?  The latest Rasmussen poll clearly indicates that 64% of Americans WANT to drill and 55% want to build more Nukes.  Everything these RINO dickheads want to do is completely the opposite of the MAJORITY of Americans.

Apparently, our voices are mute up in D.C. – I say – now is the time to raise our voices and make damned sure we’re heard!

First - See my previous post Operation Drill Bit – let’s send as many freakin’ drill bits as we can to Nancy Pelosi.

Second - Contact your Representatives and Senators and let them know how you feel.  You can find your representatives here:  Senators and Congressman

and Third - Let’s reset this whole damned thing!  Vote out all the freakin incumbents in November!  I’ve started a new blogroll – No More Incumbents – send me an e-mail at  nomoreincumbents at gmail dot com and I will send you the code to put on your blog.  Once you’ve placed the code on your blog – send me a follow-up e-mail with the URL where the blogroll is located and I will add your blog to it.  Here’s what it looks like:

Throw The Assholes Out!


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