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h/t to Roger who provided a link to this in response to a comment I left on Breitbart.  I had completely forgotten about this.  If you want to understand why P-BO still can’t make a decision regarding Afghanistan – or why it took three months to respond to General McChrystal’s request – this says  it all.


P-BO isn’t interested in winning this war in Afghanistan. If he were, he wouldn’t be sending over JUST 34,000 troops over a year’s period. If he were serious about winning either war in Afghanistan or Iraq – he would send everything we have and put the full force of American military might on those terrorists. We could be completely done with both countries and both wars if he would just unleash the American war machine. We have the most technologically advanced weaponry in the world – yet – our soldiers are left wondering from house-to-house searching for these islamofascist scumbags. This is war for crying out loud. Send in the freakin’ heavy artillery and just wipe them out. Nope – instead – we have three honorable Navy Seals being sent to court martial because a terrorist scumbag got a bloody lip (well, not just any terrorist scumbag – a high priority Al-Qaeda leader scumbag).

Grow some balls P-BO and quit playing politics with our soldiers.  Even Britain is now calling you a dithering idiot for waiting too long.  Finish this damned war the right way, with VICTORY, or bring them home already.  This could be ended by Christmas for sure if you just went all in.

Welcome to Superbowl Sunday and yet another great edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics. You will notice we have some new submitters as well as some of the regulars. Please do stop by and let these bloggers know your thoughts regarding their posts.

lsm presents Obama?s New Constitution. posted at awaken the elephants blog.

Kinda scary, isn’t it LSM?  Spot on analysis of his speech there.  But, I’m not surprised.  Michelle Obama herself said it last summer when she was on The View – she said Obama wants to remake this country and to change our culture.  The problem is that too many people just glossed it over and didn’t really pay attention to that statement.  Likewise, other than your analysis – I really haven’t heard anybody else pointing it out as poignantly as you have.  Keep up the great fight!

Nayano Taylor-Neumann presents End racist violence -ban Australia Day? posted at A possie in Aussie.

Wow!  I didn’t realize you guys had such troubles going on down under.  None of that was reported over here.  Seems a shame that a group of racists have hijacked a national holiday.  Seems to me that banning Australia Day would be equivalent to banning our Independence Day.  Do you think that would happen?


seth1492 presents Republican Future posted at Wait Wait… Do Tell Me!.

A post I can agree with.  However, don’t mistake Republicans for Conservatives – two different things.  What you detailed as a plan of action are Conservative principles.  Unfortunately, we have too many RINO’s in the party that are liberal or moderate-left. In addition to Republicans returning to Conservative principles – we need to get the RINO’s out of he party since they are diluting it.

Michael Haltman presents Barack Obama: The Great American Apologist [] posted at The Political and Financial Markets Commentator, saying, “Al-Arabiya Gets The First T.V. Interview With President Obama”

Michael – excellent analysis on that interview – a must see by all my readers in case they did not see/hear the interview themselves.  When I first heard it I just hung my head.  This guy just does not get the full grasp of his position and what it means in the world.  The rest of the world, and especially the muslims, will interpret his words just as you and I have.  America is bad and everything is our fault.  This just gives those islamofascists more ammunition for recruiting more jihadists to do more damage to Americans and American interests.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Obama is an idiot and he is too inexperienced to be our President.

Steve Simbeck presents A definitive work on the state of current affairs posted at No Mato mi Pavo, saying, “The slant of this blog is not hard to define.”

Hey, Steve – welcome back.  I’m glad you posted this up.  I first heard about this last month, just before Christmas, and had intended on doing a post about it – but completely forgot about it.  After reading the deleted words – it all came rushing back again.  I think you are absolutely correct – there is a definite agenda there and you don’t need to be a rocket surgeon to recognize it.

Steve Simbeck presents 4 out of 5 experts agree that 4 out of 5 experts are experts posted at No Mato mi Pavo, saying, “Written just before the inauguration but I think it still resonates.”

Hmmm…very interesting.  I guess I would have to say I’m an expert on superheroes since I watch cartoons!  Silly ain’t it?


Madeleine Begun Kane presents No Quid? No Quo! posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Hi MadKane – welcome back.  Sure – there were concessions – but – this is a bloated spending bill and has absolutely nothing to do with stimulating the economy.  It will only increase the size of government.  This bill could be widdled down to $80Billion if it were truly just an economic stimulus bill.  I stand firm with those who opposed it – including the smart 11 Democrats who opposed it.  Not all the Dems were on “Stretch” Pelosi’s side on it either.


seth1492 presents Gaza Conflict: Tunneling to Egypt posted at Wait Wait… Do Tell Me!.

Hey Seth – I like the visuals.  Good discussion regarding the tunnels and the bombing of them.  Let’s hope Israel gets them shut down completely!

Silicon Valley Blogger presents No 2009 Economic Stimulus Check? How Obama’s Stimulus Plan Affects The Middle Class posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thanks!”

Nice summary of the stimulus plan – if you can actually call it that.  I’ll be posting up a detailed look at it here shortly.  One other thing you might point out regarding that $500 tax credit – other than you are correct – it’s not much – is that the $500 credit will be broken up incrementally over multiple paychecks – and therefore will have very little effect at all.  I don’t think those boneheads up in D.C. ever took a economics class or ever ran their own businesses.  If they did, they wouldn’t be putting stupid crap like what you pointed out in this plan.


Josh presents Government Reform: Oxymoron or Can It Happen? posted at Inside Government.

A great post looking at reform in Indiana.  This could possibly be a microcosmic look at how we can reshape the Federal government.  Great post, Josh.

Greg presents » Blog Archive » Terror shouldn’t be treated like other crimes. posted at

Right on, Greg!  Those idiots on the left who want to treat terrorists like regular criminals just don’t get it.  These guys are considered enemy combatants when captured outside of U.S. territory – so – therefore – they should have not access to our courts as our constitution does not pertain to them.  The article you linked to is very eye-opening.  This is exactly what happens when you treat a terrorist like a regular criminal.

seth1492 presents Livni (Israel) says Bad Idea Barack posted at Wait Wait… Do Tell Me!.

Sorry, Seth – gonna have to agree with Livni on this one.  No head of any state should have open dialogue with rogue and terrorist leaders without preconditions.  Obama is drafting a letter in order to open up direct dialogue with Iran.  This goes against decades of foreign policy.  Not even past Democrat Presidents have ever dealt directly with rogue heads of states without preconditions.  What Obama is doing is very dangerous, and as Livni pointed out, shows weakness in the minds of the Arab world.  Your examples are incomplete.  Reagan never had direct conversations with Gorbachev until all the preconditions were met and only after other delegate teams met with the Russians first.  Obama needs to do the same thing.  Send Shillary or some other delegates first with the preconditions that have to be met first before we open dialogue.  Obama’s letter to Imanutjob will mean that Iran will surely see this as an opening to attack Israel openly.

Buck Says presents Pelosi In Charge: How can That Happen in a Sane World? posted at Buck Says, saying, “Nancy Pilosi and Harry Reed in charge?–We are in real trouble now.”

Hey Buck – I don’t know if you heard the interview with Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor – but – apparently, Obama pretty much said the same thing to him.  When Cantor pointed out to Mr. Obama that the people elected him because he promised change in government and to help the economy they needed tax cuts – Obama told him “I won. I will trump you on that.”  Obama and Pelosi are on the same page there.  I don’t think we will see any real change in government other than to see it get bigger.

Alexander Woods presents Rod Blagojevich: Crooked Politician or Machiavellian Hero? posted at The Daily Destiny.

Howdy Alexander – I guess it depends on how one looks at Machiavelli.  I personally did not see Machiavelli as a hero – I saw him as a crook who would say anything to get what he wants – a smooth talker.  For me – crooked politician and Machiavellian are one and the same.  But, you do justice by pointing out Blago’s absurdity.  Great post!

Allen Scott presents Give me, Give me, and then give me Some More posted at Journey Across the Sky.

Excellent use of scripture for backing up your points there Allen.  I would just change one thing – you say “We do not need bailouts or handouts.  We need repentence.”  Based on what you have written, I can see why you might say we need repentence.  However, I would say we need to take responsibility for our actions and to fix what we screwed up.  Sure, it might be Wall Street’s fault, in concert with our Fed, for the huge economic mess – but – each and every one of us have some responsibility for that downfall as well (part of which you point out.)  Rather than blame government and Wall Street – we need to accept the part we played in it and do what we need to do to fix it so that we can be responsible “parents” and not leave this burden to our children and their children.

Allen Scott presents Inauguration Day posted at Journey Across the Sky.

I actually read this after I responded to your previous submission.  An excellent discussion on taking responsibility rather than looking for that hand out!  Yes we can!  LOL.

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Talk about being wishy-washy!  Is this the kind of “change” you guys on the left voted for?

Obama to Issue Order Closing Gitmo During First Week in Office

Oh, sure that sounds great on the surface to you leftards don’t it?  You’ve been dying to get those terrorists put back on the streets in order to continue to kill innocent Americans and any other infidels because somehow you think it’s unconstitutional to hold non-uniformed enemy combatants indefinitely.  There is nothing in our U.S. Constitution that says you have to allow foreign enemies of this country access to our court system.  Morons.  In any case – you have to read what he actually says -

President-elect Barack Obama plans to issue an executive order during his first week in office to close the military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, a source familiar with the decision told FOX News.

Hmmm…an Executive Order?  Awesome – so – you will actually close it down?

The order will not set a deadline for shuttering the controversial prison, the source said. Rather, Obama will order the facility to be closed as quickly as possible while leaving room for national security implications to be considered.

Fucking pussy!  Although – I guess if you had enough brain-dead idiots out there to vote for you simply on a message of “hope and change” I guess you can snow them with this bullshit too!  He’s talking out both sides of his ass.

Let’s just say he does actually manage to close it down – do you think those terrorists will go and become peaceful and useful citizens?  Nope -

Pentagon: 61 ex-Guantanamo inmates return to terrorism

Oh – I feel safe now knowing that dipshit taking office next week wants to release those 250 known and 15 “high risk” terrorists back in to the wilds!

We’re kicking off 2009 the right way here with this first collection of 2009.  Make sure you stop by each of these blogs and leave a comment.  These are all some worthwhile posts.


Doug Ragan presents How YOU Can Help Save The Economy posted at I’m A Pundit Too, saying, “Who’s going to save us from our failing economy? Do you really think that Congress can save both big business and you at the same time? It is obvious to everyone that the economy is in big time trouble. But what everyone doesn’t understand is how to put it back together. There is much debate about fixing the economy, bank bailouts (thanks Paulson), auto manufacturer bailouts (thanks Bush), freezing foreclosures (thanks Fannie), expansion of government programs that take jobs from the private sector(thanks Obama), the list goes on. One of the interesting things about this very long list is that it mostly seems to be about what the government can do to fix the economy, instead of what the individual can do. The government has a habit of trying to tell business what to do, then trying to prop business up to keep it from failing. This has created problems that won’t be fixed by more of the same. If you really want to talk about “Change” then you need to talk about what individuals can do to put the US economy back on track instead of what the government is going to attempt to do.”

You have some excellent ideas there Doug – great visuals by the way.  Also – 11%?  Holy shit – those people are really behind the ball.  They should have modified their loan years ago!

lsm presents There must have been a Deal posted at awaken the elephants blog.

Excellent summary of GWB’s last 4 years.  I’ve been scratching my head as well.  I recently had a similar rant regarding his auto industry bailout.  Everyone has to make concessions but the UAW.  You’re right – he bailed out the UAW – not the auto industry itself.

Cmblake presents Just got done with CNN Politics. *AHEM*! posted at Cmblake6′s Weblog.

Nice little rant there Chris – I don’t get it either.


U.S. Common Sense presents Blagojevich and Democrats on Collision Course posted at U.S. Common Sense, saying, “Both Blagojevich and the Senate Democrats have made up their minds. Blagojevich has nominated Burris, and the Senate Democrats are planning to block him from being seated. Who will win?”

Hey U.S. – thanks for the submission.  When I heard that Reid already stated he will refuse to seat Burris – I knew the shit was gonna hit the fan given they have no constitutional authority to deny seating him.  As I stated in an earlier comment to a related post – Blago just spit in the face of the Democrats and Obama.  That guy is as defiant as ever.  I appreciate the fact you also provided some historical reference in your post.  I had not realized the Dems attempted this very thing and failed several years ago.  Did you know that Charlie Rangel is now holding Powell’s old seat?


SpkTruth2Pwr presents Leading Within Democracies posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “The beauty of democracy for the people is that everyone’s voice matters. The problem of democracy for people is that everyone’s voice matters. This is what confuses our leaders when it comes to making decisions in the interest of the people. A look at public policy, and how to always make the most efficient or fair decision.”

Hmmm..sorry..can’t comment on this one.  When I went out there – there was no post – just a void where there should be a post.  I’ll leave the link here in case it gets fixed – or in case it’s just me! Although – based on your statement with the submission – our constitution set Congressional decisions based on majority rule.  If they need a majority to pass any bills – then – it only goes to follow that their votes should be based on the majority in their states..that is the only fair decision.


BH presents Israeli Gaza Operation effective in Military and Propaganda Wars posted at Bangladeshi Hindu, saying, “Analysis of the recent Israel-Palestine conflict”

BH – thanks for submitting this most detailed, un-biased, and historical post regarding the current conflict.  I think your conclusion may be correct – Egypt mislead Hamas on this one!

Megan Casto presents Ignorance Combined with Arrogance and Hatred posted at Amid Clutter, saying, “It’s not perfect and there are so many more details needed but I figure it’s the best post I’ve written so far that would qualify for your carnival. :) Keep up the great work!”

Hi Megan – welcome to the carnival!  Based on what I’ve read previously at your *new* site there – I would say that any one of those other posts are worthy for submission.

But – you are correct – this is a most excellent post regarding the recent conflict in Israel.  However, my understanding is that the Palestineans of today are the “Phillistines” mentioned in the bible.  They are nomadic Arabs – essentially – gypsies without a country.  As far as I’m concerned, Israel never should have given back the West Bank or Gaza.  As for bombing the tunnels to Egypt – it was well known they smuggled contraband and weapons in and out of those tunnels.

I highly recommend this post to others and to read BH’s post which is related to this same topic.  Together, they both add some perspective on the conflict that the MSM won’t provide.


Ron McKie presents Happy Birthday posted at Phuck Politics.

My my Ron!  That’s quite a list.  I do have to agree with you on The Real World/Road Rules one..but..what do you have against the Cyrus’s?  Oh, you kill my achey breaky heart with that one!

Lisa Spinelli presents Bush Signs Gay Rights Bill Protecting Retirement Benefits for Gay Couples posted at Greener Pastures: Personal Finance.

Wow..I didn’t even hear any of this on the news anywhere.  I think you might be right – he didn’t know that provision was in there and didn’t know what he was signing.  Personally, I just think it’s more government interference in to private business.  I don’t see how you can force banks and other financial institutions to change their rules.  Besides, there is a beneficiary provision to all private 401k’s where gay couples could pass it on to another.  If this is in reference to government employees – then – I say – not on my tax dollar!  If it has to do with private businesses that still offer retirement programs – again – it should be up to the businesses to make this decision – not have the government force it on them. I’m going to look in to this a little further – but – I don’t even think I as a married man have the ability to choose to roll my 401k into an IRA for my spouse for her to avoid taxes if I pass on.


Isaac Yassar presents Never Trust 100% posted at Isaac Yassar .com, saying, “Politics are full of dirty tricks. You’ve got to make friends with the right ones. But still, be careful, prepare for the worst. You should never trust 100%”

Okay – I’ll let you have this one!  Not entirely related to politics – but given the news of recent weeks regarding all the crooks in government – I’ll let this one go.

GrrlScientist presents Farewell to The Worst President in History posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “Read the fine print, if you can (and you really aren’t expected to be able to read it), then tell me what you think of the current resident of the White House.”

Welcome back GrrlScientist.  However, as history goes – they’re already saying that in years to come he will be looked upon as one of the better Pres’s.  Besides – there is no one that could be worse than Carter.  As for one of your responses listing scientific reasons why you think he’s one of the worst – global warming denial – I would say you are in denial as it has been proven we have been in a cooling spell for the past 7 years and we will continue to cool for another 3 at minimum.  You’re the scientist – you know that this is all natural and cyclical.  The top scientists and meteorologists in this country have all come out saying man-made global warming is a hoax.  Sorry – can’t give you that one.

Stem Cell Research – again – no proof.  All the research on that one is strictly theoretical.  There are still several samples remaining that can be studied.  No use in killing more babies or cloning human cells to advance research that is still in it’s theoretical stage.  Once you guys can prove that stem cells do everything you think they can – then I’m sure it will open up some more.

No Child Left Behind – I agree with you 100%.  That’s pure bullshit.  I’ve ranted on that one myself.

Healthcare for all? – We are a democratic Republic – not a socialist state.  Our constitution does not grant the government power to provide healthcare for all.

Forcing NASA scientists to change/alter reports? – Actually – that was only stated by one disgruntled ex-NASA/Government employee.  There was no proof other than a he said/he said that it actually occurred.

ID versus Evolution – If theory can be taught in public schools as fact even though it is simply a theory – why not teach the other side and let the kids decide for themselves?  Besides, being a Catholic myself – both fit together.  If it weren’t for ID – there would be no plant or animal life to evolve – doncha think? ;)

SpkTruth2Pwr presents I’m Blago…I Can Do What I Want posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “Corruption, ethics, politics, selfishness. Is this what Blagojevich is about? In spite of laying low and waiting for the castigation to blow over or prove his innocence, he is continuing his job like it is business as usual in Illinois. The announcement of an appointment is selfish and places Burris in an uncomfortable position.”

Go figure!  Sure, he’s innocent until proven guilty – but – he just spit in the face of Obama and the entire DNC with this appointment.  You’re also right regarding Burris – even if he is a stand-up guy with no blemishes – his appointment is tainted.  Burris would be an idiot right now to even consider accepting the position.

Greg presents Feds coming after ?clunkers??time to take action!! posted at, saying, “More feel good claptrap by the Donks that will do more harm to the economy thy are “saving” Hey BoBo..Do I get credit for the “Foist” submission of 2009 ??!? ;-p”

Sorry, Greg – there were 3 others submitted before yours – although – you do get credit for being one of the FOIST to submit on the FOIST!

Pelosi is an idiot!  She obviously has never been to a classic car exhibition otherwise she would know that there is huge money in the scrap and aftermarket business.  But, then again, she does come from San Fran. I don’t think they have classic car exhibitions there…only exhibitionists!

Raymond presents My Stock Market and Real Estate Predictions For Year 2009 posted at Money Blue Book.

Raymond – I think I would have to agree that part of the downfall of the economy has to do both with the government interfering in private industry as well as overzealous consumers.  I also agree with all of your predictions except for 1 – #3.  Based on what I’m seeing – even though the government is saying we are in a recession headed towards a depression – people are still out spending like crazy.  I live in the Tampa area and I can tell you – having been to the zoo, Busch Gardens, and Disney these past two weeks – the parks were still as crowded these past two weeks as they ever have been in the most recent years.  People are still travelling from around the country to visit these places.  I saw crowded malls and stores before, during, and after Christmas.  It sure didn’t look like people are hurting!

RE Ausetkmt presents Yow, The Liecentric Posse deh bout; somebody call the Drop Squad posted at BadGalsRadio Daily Blog, saying, “this blog is a part of five blogs about Different Posses’. this particular piece is about a leopard who pretends to change his spots; but alas the spots are his skin.”

Hey! Welcome back! Hmmm…interesting – are you actually promoting support for the Black Panthers in this post?  It also sounds like perhaps you are proving that Kwanzaa is just a made up sham and should not be a recognized holiday – if it ever is.  Although quite a long post – I learned quite a bit.

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Okay – I’m back!  What a crazy two weeks that was!  I apologize for the really long delay – and – I owe quite a few of you some serious responses to some other posts out there.  I promise you all – The BoBo is back and ready for 2009!

Christmas was great – Santa brought me a Wii – so – blogging took backseat to Wii for a bit there while I got over it by staying up and playing for like 10 hours straight every day!

Also – I got to meet Matt Urdan from Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta and Inside Government.  What an interesting individual he is!  He came down to visit with his father over the holiday so I met him for lunch down on Longboat Key.  After a little confusion – I sent him to a restaurant that was closed for lunch – we finally found a nice little Italian place for lunch.  He has quite the story to tell – and – I’m quite jealous of the job he has.  He actually gets to have some serious fun doing what he loves while he works.  Anyway – it was great meeting him and putting a face to the name.

So – here’s my resolutions for 2009

  1. To be the best BoBo a BoBo can be!
  2. To continue to drive the loony left as loony as possible.
  3. To respond to all comments as quickly as possible.
  4. To stay away from anything that sounds like a conspiracy theory (yes, I had a couple of those posts in 2008).
  5. To bring my readers fresh and new stories as often as possible.
  6. To link back to as many bloggers as possible.
  7. To find new and inspiring bloggers and bring them to your attention as often as possible.
  8. To drive the loony left as loony as possible (I know – it’s worth mentioning a second time)!

Anyway – that’s it for 2009.  I’m really looking forward to it with the Obamessiah and everything that I am expecting he will try to do to bring this country closer to the edge on socialism.

Lastly – my best wishes go out to our Israeli friends over there – don’t take any shit from those terrorist scumbags – they started it – you should finish it despite what those idiots at the U.N. and Achmynutshurt say or threaten to do.

Welcome to yet another great edition of The BoBo Carnival of Politics – and Happy December.  There are only 18 days left before Christmas – if any of you are actually keeping track.  As with weeks prior – another great grouping of article submissions yet again!  We have 18 great posts to read this week – so – grab another soda or coffee or whatever your quaffage of choice is while you blog cruise and check each of these out.


Steve Simbeck presents I just ran over a pig-footed bandicoot with my Edsel so where is my bailout? posted at No Mato mi Pavo.

That’s some pretty funny stuff over there. I’ll have to admit it took me a moment to realize where you were going with it – but – I like the analogies.  pig-footed bandicoots and ambersnails – good one!

Steve Parry presents Change We Can Believe In; Judging A Book By Its Cover posted at The Axis, saying, “It’s mostly humor, but pretty much on the money.”

Steve – thanks for the submission, buddy!  I didn’t recognize a single one of those names myself! ;)

Jon Swift presents Conservatives Need a Bailout posted at Jon Swift, saying, “No one has been hit harder by this financial turmoil than conservatives. Although conservatives generally support self-reliance when it comes to others, the situation is so dire that the only thing that will save our conservative institutions at this point is a quick infusion of government aid.”

If none of you have ever been to Jon’s place before – this guy is a must read!  I don’t know about you other conservative bloggers – but – with the economy the way it is and with the fear in the market over an Obama administration – I’ve been hit pretty hard.  I’m now to the point where I’m taking money from my kids’ piggy banks just to pay for the hosting service (oh..wait..I don’t pay for it) – nevermind.  In any case – Mr. Swift’s post is a satirical look at conservatives in the economic downturn.


Lisa Spinelli presents Warren Buffett’s Secretary Pays More in Tax Than Warren Buffett | Greener Pastures: Personal Finance posted at Greener Pastures: Personal Finance.

Welcome back, Lisa.  Just one question – who is doing his secretary’s taxes?  If she paid 30% on $60k either she has absolutely no deductions to itemize (which is very unusual) or her tax preparer is an idiot. Also, if he’s paying HIS personal secretary only $60k a year – he’s a cheapskate.  Executive secretaries today make in the $80K – $100K+  range nowadays.


SpkTruth2Pwr presents Silence is NOT Golden. posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “When NOT speaking up goes wrong? A look at ethical behavior and personal responsibility in leadership, decision-making, organizational structure. Whistleblowers stand up!”

Nice to see ya again!  This is a great post.  In my past life – I used to be a litigation consultant regarding Qui Tam and False Claim lawsuits in healthcare organizations.  You are absolutely right – you should never stand idly by if you know there is wrong doing.  Part of the economic problem we are facing today is because TOO MANY people sat idly by just watching these things take shape knowing it was wrong.  There is a federal whistleblower law on the books that states employers are not allowed to retaliate against any employees who file a whistleblower complaint.  I’ll echo it here as well – stand up and be heard if you know something is wrong.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Irony Has At Least Seven More Lives posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Ahh..but with satirists such as yourself – I’m sure it will be resurrected – most certainly with an Obama presidency!


BH presents Is Mumbai really anything new? posted at Bangladeshi Hindu, saying, “A detailed analysis of Islamic terrorism in India by Dr. Richard Benkin.”

BH – thank you so much for submitting this post.  What happened in Mumbai is indeed a tragedy and I believe Dr. Benkin nailed it on the head there.  This was totally preventable – and – unfortunately as with the Indian leaders – I think many of our American leaders aren’t paying attention either or taking the threats seriously.  This is a must read article.

Sarah Scrafford presents Top 50 Constitutional Law Blogs posted at Masters in Criminal Justice.

Thank you Sarah for another great resource.  I’m adding this to my favorites as I did the other list.

John Kaduk presents A Russian-Iranian Alliance? Part I: Russia posted at The Right Wing.

Excellent analysis John.  Looking forward to parts II and III.  I’ve suspected such links and alliances with Iran going back to 2003 when Russia first sided against us when we wanted to move in to Iraq.  I believed then that Russia was playing both sides between Iraq and Iran.  Likewise, with Russia building the “nuclear power plants” for Iran – I’m sure there is much more going on there than just energy swapping!


Archvillain presents Unintended Consequences posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, “Evil has deep roots, and the innocent suffer for the sins of those long past.”

Very creative, Archvillain!  It’s plausible – that damned Henry VIII  – I don’t know what to say!

Bradley Hankins presents Let’s Not Fail Our Students, Let’s Help Them posted at Kayloo.

Hey Bradley – thanks for the submission.  While I like the title – for whatever reason – at the time I went to read the article before publishing – all of your pages are gone!  Hopefully, you’ll have them up soon for the rest of the readers to enjoy.


Woodward Friend presents this is why we can’t have nice things #1: citigroup posted at detroitist.

Hey Woodward Friend – thanks for this post.  Corporate American may not like it – but – the majority of Americans are all for true free-market capitalism.  I say screw CitiGroup and all those other companies looking for a handout from we the people.  I still don’t understand if we the people have told our representatives NO BAILOUT – then why the hell are they still handing out our money to those bastards.  Let capitalism work the way it’s supposed to – no government interference either in good or bad times.  If they fail – they fail – screw them.

SpkTruth2Pwr presents Pre-Reqs for Taking the State Sec’y Job posted at The Apathy Remedy, saying, “Does Hillary stack up on the job requirements that really counts in order to be a great Secretary of State? Or is this one job she will NOT be good at?”

Well – I don’t share your same optimism.  I wouldn’t have given her a check in any of the categories you used.  Oh well, but then again – I’m one of those evil conservatives!  I just don’t trust either of the Clintons.

Jeremy R. Shown presents This Time Will Be Different. No Really, I Mean It. posted at Rhymes With Clown, saying, “Do we really want to double down on government intervention and regulation?”

“Rhymes With Clown” – a man after this clown’s heart!! I like the way you think Jeremy.  I’m still trying to figure out how those Dems and anti-capitalist can sincerely state that our corporations (any corporation) in this country is unregulated.  I too believe we are seeing the problems we are due largely because of too much government regulation and intervention.

Mike Cavin presents George “Quacking” Bush – Lame Duck?, posted at Inside Government.

A most excellent analysis and explanation of just what a “lame duck” is as it relates to our government.  I must agree with your opinion about GWB as well.  He essentially has already turned over the office to Obama.

Alli presents How to Save the Republic – Part 3 – Repeal the Direct Election of Senators posted at The Smoking Argus, saying, “We must understand that the Central Bankers who sought to regain control over our money supply and monetary policy at the beginning of the 20th century did indeed learn a precious lesson from the demise of the 2nd Central Bank of the United States…”

This is a very long post – but well worth the read.  If anyone is interested in how the Federal Reserve came to pass and how our Senators are complicit with removing the banking powers from our government – this is a very detailed historical account.  Only one thing though – I was under the impression that Senators were still subject to recall by state Governors if the people of the state so choose.  But, I’m in agreement – we need to do away with career politicians.


Wenchypoo presents The Truth About the Economy and Job Creation (L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Hey Wenchypoo – nice to see you again – it’s been a while! You weren’t kidding when you said this was a long post.  But, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  You were right on target with all of your points with regards to our economy being a bunch of individuals conducting transactions.  I too fear what will happen to this economy when Obama gets in and starts adding barriers to business.  If they try to start this “green” business bullshit – we’re REALLY in trouble.  Global warming is a hoax and all the reports coming out have said the earth has actually been cooling the last 7 years and they expect 2009 to be even cooler.  With these types of reports coming out – no investor or venture capitalist would be willing to sink their money in a losing business.  While the rest of the world is coming around and realizing “green” is not the way to go – our government is going to screw us with all these “green” mandates.  Excellent post – your last paragraph is an excellent conclusion.

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